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how easy is it to work with tiny music labels during FWT? Would I just emailing them saying "what's up can I like help you with anything you need for some time?" I am just really confused how to go about asking when it's a place so small that doesn't normally take on interns (likely)


It’s always worth emailing a place to see if they’d be interested in having an intern for seven weeks. (Maybe be a bit more formal than “hey what’s up?”) You may be rejected a few times, and that’s okay. For both of my FWTs, I’ve worked with places that wouldn’t normally take on interns for such a short period of time, but I would say that they both worked well for both me and the organizations. My advice would be to start early. Maybe send out a few emails in late August or early in the fall to feel out if any organizations are interested in taking on an intern. Also, making an appointment with the FWT office can be helpful in figuring out the best way to reach out to potential employers (i.e. email or phone call). Hope this helps!

~Varney ‘17

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Hey! I'm moving from LA to Bennington, everyone who asks me what school in going to says, "hope you have a winter coat" so my question is what are the clothing essentials that I'm gonna need for the winter? What are the rain boots, snow shoes, winter coats and sweaters of choice that I'm going to need?!??

Hi featheringfreedom!

Definitely a warm winter coat and lots of sweaters. I actually wouldn’t say that snow boats are essential. I have a pair, but don’t wear them except when I go hiking because the roads and paths on campus are well cleared. Definitely do bring a solid pair of warm shoes though. I’m all about layering in the winter, so I would recommend having a few warm long sleeve shirts, good sweaters, and a good-quality winter coat. Also hats, hats, hats! Gotta keep that noggin warm!

~Varney ‘17

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How much stuff should I limit myself too bringing? A suitcase or two?

Like I said in the answer below, questions from incoming freshman are better directed towards the 2019 Facebook page. I would recommend packing light. One or two suitcases may be too light, but I would just try to stick to the essentials plus some comforts from home. If you have more specific questions about what to bring feel free to email me at varneyg@bennington.edu or call the office at 802-440-4312.

~Varney ‘17

Sean-Patrick O'Brien '14 named a 2015-16 Core Apprentice for the Playwrights' Center
The Core Apprentice program, which pairs student playwrights with a mentor and offers a full play development workshop at the Center, welcomes 2015-16 apprentices Raquel Almazan (Columbia University), Abbey Fenbert (Boston University), and Sean-Patrick O’Brien (Bennington College).

A sincere congratulations to Sean-Patrick O”Brien ’14 for being named a Core Apprentice fellow for the prestigious Playwrights’ Center in Minneapolis, MN!

Bennington College's 'Incarceration in America' conference addresses mental health in jails
NORTH BENNINGTON; Last Friday, the Center for the Advancement of Public Action at Bennington College hosted a panel discussion that explored the treatment of incarcerated individuals with mental and public health issues and discussed alternative solutions to such treatment. Part of the center's second "Incarceration in America" conference, Friday's discussion featured five women who

Take a moment to read this article that summarizes the issues discussed during last weekend’s Incarceration in America Conference in CAPA. This conference was the third installment in a series of Incarceration in America Conferences that addresses the current state of the criminal justice system in this country. 

Last weekend, panelists from throughout the Northeast came back to Bennington to discuss mental health in the prison system. 


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