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So if you're staying in one of the houses that makes you move all of your stuff out for winter break, is there anywhere on campus where we can store it? If so, would it cost money?

Y e s, storage. N o, money.

So, the deal: if you live in a 70s house or new house, you’ll have to move out of your room for Field Work Term. There’s storage in the 70s houses for those students, and storage in the basement of one of the colonial houses. Each student gets a shelf to store their goodies. 

A lesser known and unofficial pro-tip though: anything bigger than your boxes of books and clothes and cute decor, like personal furniture or your hefty concrete sculpture from last term, could easily be plopped into a friend’s room in a colonial house. Their room will just be a dead space for the winter, so it might as well be storage. If your friend is a [good] friend of course.

 - Sam ‘16

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Hey I'm an incoming freshman and I was wondering if we get a dresser in our dorm room or closet space or WAHT? Thanks! You guys are awesome!

According to the Princeton Review, Bennington is super high up on their DORMS LIKE PALACES list. All our rooms look like this:

Very palace


Ya, every room has a desk, a bed, a dresser and either a closet or a standing wardrobe for each student. I’ve always had plenty of room to store my clothes and objects and things. But REMEMBER, don’t overpack! You will accumulate piles of who-knows-what during the school year to fill all these fancy storage spaces.

 - Sam ‘16

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Hello, im an incoming freshman and curious abt a rumored yoga class that happens every monday... is that still going on? I also heard that there were tennis classes offered, but idk if thats relevant either !

Hello soon-to-be-Here future student

1. Congratulations, you are coming to Here, which is exciting!

2. Pretty much every term some kind of yoga class is happening, and last year it was a pretty well attended class taught on campus by a local lady with a sweet kind voice, very calm, very Om. I am not sure if she’ll be doing it next year but I would say with some sureness that someone will be doing it - and it’s usually free. I also know many fellow students who are certified instructors, or have their own yoga practice. We luv yoga Here

3. The Bennington Tennis Center is believed to have tennis lessons on our tennis courts, which are open to students. Us non-tennis Joes in the office don’t know too much about it, but I’ve definitely seen the posters around. Tennis is too fancy for me - I don’t have the cute shoes! 

ready for my tennis debut

Sam ‘16


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