We asked some students to tell us about the moment they decided to go to Bennington. This is what they shared.

Rebecca ’13 has already amassed more work experience than most graduate students in her field. She has helped NASA scientists refine an experiment to fix repeatability problems. She has written a computer program to help astronomers studying dim galaxies identify giant and dwarf stars. She built an irrigation system for a farm in the south of France, researched and published articles for a travel website, presented at two conferences, and for her final Field Work Term, she’s looking for stars—to be more precise, she’s looking at star formation rates in nearby galaxies. And she’s doing that right here on campus, at the College’s Stickney Observatory.


I was using up my role of film by taking photos of people in VAPA one night, when I came across this lovely lady. I took a photo of her (developed the photo later) and asked her what she was doing. 

“I’m working on a coming of age puppet show that explores the human experience through personal life, supported by excerpts of Herman Melville’s book, Moby Dick." 

"What are you doing it for?”

“Animation class… and for fun.”

Photo 1 - the photo I developed. Photo 2 - another puppet she’s making for the show.