"mini mini con"


Here’s a great 90-second overview of Mini-Mini Con 2018 by TigerShark Media. We hope you’re now hyped for San Japan XI (2018).


Mini mini con was so much fun! I loved being Deuce with all these lovely monsters, they made it hella fun! thank you for the invite guys you’re amazing.
I’m deuce,
From instagram:
Kawai_shark_cosplay is Frankie and goth_kid_cosplay is Lagoona, corrinabug is my Cleo 💚
I’m sorry I don’t know everyone else’s!
Photos by Graces_photography_ business


also pics from after the con when i got to play around a bit (and then i got to play around even more with some filters- but OBVIOUSLY im a gal who knows the meaning of the word ‘moderation’ )

but my favorite thing about cosplaying carrot was definitely the silly props that i found for her (like those awesome, awesome glasses)
least favorite was definitely the SPANDEX)


Vintage Loser is so excited to attend this year’s Mini-Mini Con! 💖 Come by the Wonderland of Americas in San Antonio, TX on Saturday, May 6th to see local artists, cosplay, panels, & more. I’ll have new items, rings, hair clips, necklaces, crystals, earrings, & goodie bags! I can’t wait to see everyone again~

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