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Everlasting Party - Mystic Messenger Time Loop AU (pt 10)

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Summary: You’re caught in a time loop during the 11 days leading up to the RFA’s party unless you can do… what, exactly?

10+ Tiny spoilers for Day 7 of Zen’s route.

Note: In this fic, all of the characters are Korean (as they are in canon). Therefore they are in South Korea and speak Korean as their first language (even though the fic is written in English). TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) is a standardized test that measures how capable an individual is in reading, writing, and speaking English.


Snip, snip. Brown locks fall to the floor. It’s been a long time since you last cut your hair. It’s been even longer since you tried cutting your own hair. But, well, you’ve got a lot of room for error now.

A long braid sits on the bathroom counter in front of you, the first casualty of your scissors. It was much harder than you’d thought it would be to hack through the thick bundle of hair, and your cuts were extremely choppy. In trying to straighten it, your hair has been getting shorter and shorter – you could probably consider it a pixie cut at this point.

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Seungcheol + 53 ❇

Ty for requesting, hope you like it! I wasn’t 100% satisfied with the ending but I’m happy I finally finished it XD @dimplecoups here you go, a week late lmao

53. Soulmate!AU

You didn’t know quite where you were, or how you’d gotten there. Stood before two large ebony doors, you faltered, looking down at the purple satin that wrapped tight around your torso and panned out at your waist. Your eyes scanned the silver jewels on your wrists and neck and you frowned, looking around to see the large hall behind you completely empty. With a light sigh you found yourself extending an arm to the door before you could stop it, wrapping your fingers around the polished handle but hesitating yet again. You raised an eyebrow at the faint sound of an EDM beat behind the doors and pulled the one in front of you open before you could change your mind. You reeled slightly at how loud the music actually was yet your lips curled into a smile as you stepped into the room, heels clacking on the laminate beneath you as you made your way through the crowds of people who were all dressed up in an attire as formal as yours and standing with their backs turned. They moved in unison to the music, which was slightly eerie, but you weren’t focused on them as you headed to the back of the room. You had to find him.

This was the third night you’d been here, yet you still didn’t know why. Sometimes you controlled your actions and other times you didn’t, sometimes you’d see people you recognised but other times you didn’t. But every night, without fail, you’d seen him. And you wanted to know just who he was.

It didn’t take you long to find him, laughing with an unfamiliar pink haired boy whose face was obscured by a large white and red volto mask. You moved closer and he whirled around at the sound of your shoes. Lips suddenly pulling back to reveal pearly white teeth he smiled widely at you, leaving his friend to dance with the faceless mass on the outer edges of the room. He made his way towards you, ruffling his bleached hair as he did with his smile still present.

“We meet again,” he spoke quietly, reaching for your hand which you happily gave him. As with every other night he acted like a gentleman, movements careful as he brought your hand to his lips and pressed them to your knuckles ever so lightly. Your eyes were drinking him in as they always did; despite him wearing the same figure defining suit every time you couldn’t help but feel oddly starstruck. His appearance was clean, toned biceps and thighs filling out the black clothing in the best way. You brought your gaze up to his own after a short while to find him wearing a mask similar to the one his friend had been wearing, only white and gold. The first night you’d only seen him from the back and the second he constantly hid his face with his hands no matter how much you begged him to show you his face, oddly enough, and so it was getting frustrating how you couldn’t even form a picture of his face in your mind. Though the mask he currently donned was ever so slightly more revealing, at least. It covered most of his face but you couldn’t miss the kind yet mischievous glint in his dark brown eyes, which scanned your form as yours did his. You frowned a little in wonder and brought your hand slowly to your face, finding yourself to be wearing a mask too. When you brought your hand down again you had specks of silver glitter over your fingertips, making you gasp slightly. “You seem confused.” he spoke again, voice louder as the song changed and the music grew louder. His voice was deep and smooth, rather calming and very nice to listen to. You nodded and reached for the mask covering your face again as to remove it but he gently hit your hand away, shaking his head at you. “Where’s the fun in that?” he hummed, moving closer to your ear before pulling away and winking at you.

You woke with a start, immediately sitting upright at a loud thud coming from the room opposite yours. Looking down, you found yourself in your pyjamas - no sign of loud music or people or… him. You still hadn’t managed to get his name. You let out a loud groan and got out of bed, headed for your roommate’s bedroom to see just why he’d woken you up. You pushed the door open carefully,  peeking around the door to find Jeonghan somehow still peacefully sleeping despite lying sprawled in a pile of blankets in a rather uncomfortable looking position on the floor. You rolled your eyes and caught a glimpse of his clock - and that’s when you realised you had a class in around ten minutes.

“Jeonghan!” you yelled, shaking him by the shoulder until he awoke just as startled as you had. He blinked up at you and furrowed his brow in confusion, looking around him.

“Why am I on the floor?” he mumbled groggily, yawning and rubbing his eyes. You grabbed his arm and pulled him up to stand, making him yelp slightly in surprise.

“I think you fell out of bed. But never mind that, we have to be in Mr Kim’s lecture in, like, ten minutes!” you pointed out the clock and he chuckled slightly, shrugging and grabbing a pair of jeans from his floor.

“Stop stressing, we’re right near the hall. We’ll get there in time.”

Jeonghan was right, both of you making it just before it started. You both headed for the row at the back and sat beside each other, Jeonghan wriggling his eyebrows somewhat smugly as he pulled his notebook from his bag. Time seemed to slow as your professor droned on, and you found your mind drifting to the dream you’d had the previous night. Why couldn’t you see the man’s face in any of your dreams? You’d only spoken a little but you felt inexplicably drawn to him and his enigmatic aura, possible ways he could look running through your head as Jeonghan scribbled a few notes down in his book. He was one of the smartest in the class, though, and probably didn’t need them. From the looks of things, he was just trying to stay awake.

He noticed your far off expression and raised an eyebrow, turning to a page at the back of his notebook and writing quickly:

–Is something wrong?

You stole a quick glance at him as he slid the book towards you and you shrugged, taking the lid off of your own pen and responding:

–I had that dream again, only this time my soulmate wore a mask covering most of his face.

Jeonghan gave you a knowing look and a sympathetic pout before taking the book back. You were both people with a special trait not many had and not many believed in. You had soulmates, yes. But everyone did. Your soulmate appeared in your dreams until you found them, but it was hard for you when all you knew was the colour of his hair and his body type. Jeonghan had found his two years ago but he currently studied abroad, meaning he wasn’t around. Even so, he and Jeonghan were happy - and you felt like you were the only one who hadn’t found your soulmate.

–You’ll find him eventually. Didn’t you say you imagined him at a party?

–Yeah, I think so

–I mean. This may sound weird but my friend’s holding a party tonight and he wouldn’t tell me the reason why. Wanna come along?

You looked at Jeonghan, befuddled, and he sighed before going back to the page.

–He likes to throw parties anyway, but usually they have a reason or occasion. You know, exams ending, birthdays, Christmas, whatever. This time he “just felt it”. I don’t know if you’ll find someone there but it can’t hurt to try?

You both jumped as you were called out for not paying attention and Jeonghan snatched his notebook back, looking at you expectantly. You shrugged and shot him a thumbs up, mouthing the word “okay” to him before going back to fantasising about your anonymous soulmate.

After a day of not paying attention in lectures and anticipating the upcoming evening, you returned to your dorm at around six, Jeonghan already in and ironing a white shirt over the kitchen island rather precariously. He looked up once you entered, setting the iron down and turning it off before grinning in your direction.

“So I told my friend Seungcheol you’d be coming,” he began, turning away from you and heading for his bedroom. You followed curiously and slowly, unsure as to whether you were meant to go into the bedroom or wait outside. He returned before you could decide, holding a rather large white garment bag and a smaller, round black bag in his hands. He outstretched them to you and smirked, waiting for you to open one of them at least. You hesitantly reached for the small silver zip of the white one, pulling it carefully and gasping when you saw the royal purple dress revealing itself the further down you went. The sweetheart neckline, the billowing tulle skirt, the small jewel details - it was exactly as it appeared in the dream. “And I described you to him.” Jeonghan continued what he had previously been saying, making you realise your jaw had dropped as you looked up at your roommate. “And so he asked me to give you these. I’m not sure why but he seemed to think you would like them. I don’t even know where they came from.” You let out a shaky sigh just as he let out a hearty laugh, looking at the dress again in awe before going to open the black bag next. Jeonghan looked at it somewhat inquisitively, though from his previous smirk you guessed he’d already looked inside. Besides, he knew all of your dreams in vivid detail anyway. You gasped again, louder at the sparkling silver that met your eyes, reaching in and feeling the cold porcelain against the back of your hand. The thick ribbon tickled your little finger and you blinked quickly, heart rate increasing. They were the exact same. Now you were certain; you’d find your soulmate at this party. You couldn’t dwell on it much further, though, as Jeonghan waved his large hand in front of your face with a small chuckle. “Hurry up and get dressed, then. We don’t have long.”

You had later discovered that in the bottom of the black bag, which was larger than you had realised, were a few expensive items of jewelry - glimmering silver of course - and some pumps that one again matched the ones you had envisioned the past few nights. You set about doing your hair, eyes locking with your reflections as you sighed lightly. Needless to say, you felt somewhat nervous. Would you meet the mystery man there? It couldn’t have been mere coincidence; you looked precisely as you did in your dreams, the picture of you unchanging all three nights. You gave yourself a reassuring smile as you finished your mascara, grabbing your purse and joining Jeonghan where he waited for you at the door. He handed you the mask which you had set on the table, winking at you before slipping his own on. “How weird of him, throwing a masquerade ball,” he mumbled as he did, adjusting it on his face and looking over at you.

“I thought you said he always throws parties.” you stated, placing your hand upon the arm he offered to you. “You’re always out with him.”

“Yes,” Jeonghan nodded, leading you out and shutting the door behind him. He was all dressed up in a tuxedo and suit, making you frown a little. He usually just wore jeans and a tee. “I said he likes to throw parties. But a masquerade? At his parent’s mansion? Unheard of. This seems way too sophisticated.” Jeonghan was frowning too now, cocking his head to the side and striding by you as you headed for his car outside. “I want to know what’s happening. Or rather if my suspicions are correct.” Once again you looked at your dress as you got into the passenger side seat and buckled up, folding your hands in your lap afterwards.

“I want to know too. This is all a little scary, somehow.”

“Why? Because you might meet your soulmate there?” You nodded in response, fiddling with your hands. He laughed gently under his breath, stealing one quick glance at you as he drove away from campus. “It’s meant to be exciting. I mean, I met Jisoo during study hall. Yet you get a fucking ball?” he laughed again, louder, and patted your arm encouragingly. “You should be happy,”

“I guess so,” you hummed, lolling your head against the headrest as Jeonghan sped up and casting your gaze upon the stars beginning to twinkle in the darkening sky. You now kind of hoped you would find your soulmate. You had a feeling it’d be… wonderful.

You arrived at your destination within minutes and you felt your jaw slacken and eyes widen as you exited the car and looked up at the building. It was huge. A very old-fashioned mansion, it was completely white, a marble fountain outside calming you with it’s sound and fairy lights strung on just about everything surrounding the place made you feel like you were in a fairytale. Like you were dreaming yet again.

Jeonghan noticed how you froze and tugged lightly on your upper arm, leading you to the front door and pushing it open without any hesitation. He pulled you after him as you seemed too busy examining your surroundings. You stumbled slightly in your heels as you tried to keep up but you were still amazed - you were a hall just as empty as you remembered. The white wallpaper and red carpet were all too familiar to you, and even the paintings on the wall were correct to every detail. Soon you found yourself in front of a set of dark oak doors, Jeonghan’s hand resting on the cool metal of the handle as he sent you a small smile. “Look familiar at all?” You nodded, a strange mix of excitement and fear washing over you in waves that rendered you slightly aquiver. He raised his eyebrows and opened the door, pushing you inside and following after you. You stood planted on the spot, Jeonghan leaving you to talk to a significantly smaller brown haired boy as you looked over the room. Dark, with strobe lights painting the walls and floor in every colour of the rainbow. Many people stood at the edges of the room, dancing to the music, drinking and chatting - and almost no-one with their back to you. You nodded resolutely to yourself and started towards the back of the room. You had to find him.

You pushed your way through the crowd, rounding a corner and heading towards the very back near the drinks table. Your eyes flickered over all of the room they could see (which, admittedly, wasn’t much due to the heavy mask secured to your face), and upon seeing a head of bleached blonde hair you stopped, once again fiddling with your fingers as you thought about whether you wanted to proceed. Of course you wanted to meet your soulmate, and of course you knew he was the one, but something made you feel worried. You looked over again and took in his chiselled looking face behind the mask that perfectly framed it. His body perfectly filled his dark suit and his appearance was. Clean. He was definitely the one. As you scanned his being you caught your reflection in a mirror on the nearby wall. You looked brilliant. And you couldn’t stay curious anymore. With yet another gentle sigh, you made your way towards him and tapped on his broad shoulder, making him slowly turn away from a conversation he was having with a rather tall and tanned guy. He inhaled sharply upon seeing you and, from what you could tell from the shift in his eyes, smiled.

“You came,” he murmured, however you couldn’t hear him over the loud music pounding in the background. Your brow furrowed and he paused momentarily before gesturing with his finger for you to follow him and made his way towards another set of double doors, smaller and ivory, near the opposite wall. He walked in long strides and so you struggled to keep up in your tall heels but you managed, waiting for him to open the door and allow you out. You walked through and found yourself stood in the cool night, another smaller fountain and some softer pink fairy lights creating a calmer atmosphere as you waited for the blonde man to follow you out. He placed a hand on your shoulder, making you turn around in surprise. It was considerably quieter out here as the only other people were two guys sat lip-locked on a bench at the further end, one of whom you recognized from earlier when you’d arrived. You paid them no mind, however, a fond glint in your guys eyes making your knees feeling somehow weak. “I said,” he began, bringing you out of your trance. “You came,”

“Of course I did,” you breathed, reaching for the ribbon of your mask. “May I?” he nodded after a small hesitation, his breath clearly hitching when you removed the large mask and breathed in relief. You brushed your hair from your face and looked up hopefully, suddenly shy. He didn’t move for a moment before wordlessly reaching for his own mask, discarding it to the edge of the fountain and gently taking yours from your hands as to do the same. He came closer, eyes never leaving your face.

“Beautiful… just as I had imagined.” he whispered, and whilst you’d have liked to thank him and return the awe you found yourself speechless. His eyes were large and kind and his face as a whole was defined, plump lips puckering slightly in astonishment. “When I started having those dreams,” he began to explain, bringing you back to focus on his words as he placed his hands lightly on your arms. “I knew you’d be stunning. I realised I had to meet you, and I realised only I could make that meeting happen.”

“I mean, you could have just come and said hello. You are Jeonghan’s best friend.” you chuckled, feeling a lot more at ease now you knew just who your soulmate was. Handsome, mild, and seemingly very kind. ‘You really hit the jackpot’, you thought.

“But, my dear,” he moved one hand up to cup at your cheek, warm and soft against your skin, and looked you in the eye. A thousand emotions jumbled together you couldn’t quite tell just what he was feeling, yet you saw the enamoured hint to them and realised it wasn’t just your heart beating furiously hard. He bit his lip and you felt your face heat up immediately, his lips forming a smirk as he opened his mouth to speak again. “Where’s the fun in that?”

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“I promised to look after his daughter. So I recruited her into the super secret super dangerous government program that I could have lost control of at any time, had people figured out I was an alien, rather than just calling her on the phone and saying ‘hey, your dad was pretty cool wanna go have a coffee’”

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