i did the cover art for PLR’s new song ‘milestones’ btw today’s his bday!


Jungle Inferno’s New Maps!

With only Day 1 out of 4 for the Jungle Inferno update, we’ve had a lovely introduction to Saxton Hale and his theme park - which is actually also a map packaged in this update. 

But that’s not the only map that’s shipping with this update. Let’s also talk about not one, but FIVE more maps that were brought out of the workshop and brought over to the jungle, complete with some words from their authors about what we can expect from each map!

1. Mercenary Park


After a decade of dustbowls and gravel pits, it’s time to pack your snorkel, find your flip-flops, and endure a series of painful yellow fever vaccinations to your abdomen, because Team Fortress is heading to the tropics! Introducing Mercenary Park, a new jungle-themed disease-ridden 3-control point map, made in-house by us!

2. Lazarus


Lazarus is a compact 90-degree mirrored symmetry King of the Hill map designed for consideration for the upcoming Jungle Update. Lazarus is a Jungle map set on a volcanic island in Southeast Asia, revolving around RED & BLU’s island bases and the archaeological dig site they’re fighting over in search of the Fountain of Youth! 

3. Mossrock


Mossrock is a 2CP Attack/Defend map (Gorge-Like) jungle map, with deathpits, trains and mind-controlling radio broadcast stations.

4. Banana Bay


A chaotic payload race taking place along the cliffs of a tropical cove. This is a rotationally symmetrical map designed around a rail bridge with a train that acts as a hazard, flow redirector, and finale. Think last stage of Cactus Canyon, but PLR. Also more vertical. 

5. Enclosure


Welcome, to Charles Darling’s Triassic Preserve! The past - today! Enclosure is a three-stage payload map inspired by your favorite dinosaur movie.

6. Brazil


Koth_brazil, a King of the Hill map that takes place in a secret base in the jungle, where players fight for radar control.  

Congratulations to all the mappers, asset designers, art pass artists, coffee lackeys, and any additional roles we missed out who were involved in the creation of these maps and had them accepted into the game! Which map are you most excited to play for Jungle Inferno? 

Past Life Regression! This is probably very scattered but i felt like sharing anyways, mostly for myself so i’ll have a record of it, also cause it’s fucking fascinating to me how everything is so connected, and because i always enjoy hearing about other people’s experiences so i thought fuck it i’ll share mine lol. Tw: suicide.

So last week i had a past life regression session and i feel like a different person now. Life is crazy man. Some background: my main goal was figuring out why my dad and i have such a chaotic relationship (i was almost certain he and i are karmic partners because i did a decent amount of research and it just FIT more than anything else…i moved out in October and since then life has been flowing a lot smoother and it’s just. Different. without him). When i moved out i was set on ending our relationship for the sake of my mental health (when i say that some things are just not meant to be…i literally agonized over our relationship for YEARS, going back and forth between thinking about cutting him out of my life because he made me fucking miserable and i was tired of being unhappy and keeping him in my life because he’s my DAD. We’d be good for awhile and then he’d be back to being an asshole and that time of my life i was constantly on edge, waiting for things to be bad again when i was happy and things were good, which by the way is Not a way to live, also not to mention the only panic attack i’ve had in my life was because of my dad…i was Convinced that the only way for everything to finally STOP with him was if i killed myself and afterwards i remember thinking yo what the fuck!) and when things finally aligned, i started writing him a letter as a goodbye. I stayed at my parent’s house for a few days with my sister to see my friends and doggies, and the day my sister and i were leaving i was fumbling around with some old stuff of mine i left in my old room and came across an old ass fortune that said: it is time to write a letter to someone who is distant. I was so floored and i started crying, finished the letter and left it on the kitchen counter with a picture of him and i. It was exactly what i needed in that moment and i knew in my heart that by ending things with him, i was giving to myself, as sad as it made me.

So i worked with a lightworker named Kat and she’s a twinflame which means she’s a direct channel for energy & portals (don’t quote me on that part i may be a little off) and so she cleans your chakras and then your house after connecting with you and your energy (if it’s in your highest good!!) and then gets into the past life part. It’s actually really fuckin neat. I found her through my sister on tiktok and i haaad to get a reading because she had videos on the salem witch trials and i was like uuuuh….that resonates a little too much.

So first life we try to see a life i had with my dad. When she started asking me questions i couldn’t feel or sense anything and kinda started to worry that i was blocking it somehow and after a little she realized what was going on and asked if i was in salem. Yep. And then she explained how she was basically the Hitler of that time and was responsible for my death and that all the souls she basically killed have been coming to her for readings so that she can ask for forgiveness and change it (so she’s actually gone back in history and changed it so that not everyone died, which is apart of the Mandela Effect, and so if you were a salem witch you remember a lot of people dying (she told me a soul doesn’t forget dying) because it happened to you even though if you look it up, only 20 people died (i may be a little off with that number but still)). I‘ve been thinking how it’s crazy we met again in this life where I’m a firm believer in forgiveness.

We actually had another life together in Pompeii, although i didn’t see/sense more than her soul’s presence in that period in time! So this was the next life we looked into and as soon as we asked to see a life with my dad i felt like i was in a jungle. This life is where the birthmarks (on my right wrist and thigh) are from and also quite possibly my hemangioma on my right shoulder (i also had one on the back of my neck when i was born but it was removed). I felt almost like i was brainwashed by his soul because i couldn’t really tell a lot about that life and some things were very fuzzy. But i was in a basement or a cellar and the person who was my dad literally tortured me to death (also fun fact from Kat: your birthmarks are tied to past lives but they’re not always the last life you lived, they’re typically tied to your most intense karmic partner and are from your most traumatic past life).

Next life with my dad was a life i had seen a little bit of from a PLR i did with a hypnotherapist (which wasn’t the way to go for me because it made me so doubtful of what i was sensing and I’m still working on tackling self doubt tbh!). I got a different gender each time so i don’t really think it matters too much.., but the important part i did get from it was that i was gay! And the part i didn’t get the first session were the connections i made after i realized i was gay. I ended up being gay for my dad’s soul’s kid in that life. He didn’t like that and shot me in the back of the head. (Also side note: as a kid i was obsessed with rainbows… i was that bitch drawing rainbows on EVERYTHING. Also was super into advocating for gay rights as a tweenager and people being homophobic IRKED the SHIT out of me…)

Next life we went to the root of why he’s killed me multiple times for what seems like no reason. We were business partners and i basically stabbed him in the back by betraying him (i didn’t literally stab him lol) and he was so furious he basically made either a promise or vow (maybe both tbh she said we had a lot of contracts) to hate me for the rest of his existence. He ended up pushing me and down into a body of water and i drowned. It got played off as an accident and my soul didn’t feel vindicated and i didn’t go through the light portal (fyi those things have an expiration date lol) and it closed and basically that part of my soul has been trapped on earth since that life. So thankfully, she opened the portal and i imagined walking through and that part of my soul is no longer trapped!!

Next life was with my mom. We were in a field of flowers (picking flowers and fruit which is SO CUTE because we literally just planted flowers together when she was here for my bday). We were sisters and she was older. We ran away from our parents because they were brutal (who are my current grandparents I’m living with now 😳) and while we were escaping i actually think my mom’s soul got taken/kidnapped. After she was taken i was on my own for a while and then eventually met my sister’s soul. Kat said her left arm was on fiiiire and that it wasn’t usable after whatever happened to it. She felt like it was stuck and i was having trouble figuring out what happened because that life was a lil confusing & blurry. I think i bled out and died from having a huge ass rock basically crush my left arm. Cause i felt like i was screaming and crying and that’s most of what i could make out. Eventually i kinda pieced together that my dad’s soul was the one that pushed that rock on me.

Next life was with my mom again and was probably the most recent life. We were siblings again and her mom was also our sibling. We fought a decent amount because i had cancer in my teens (the kind you can’t get rid of) and she was NOT ready to loose me yet and i was kind of okay with dying and kinda accepted it. I got that there was some resentment from her end…she resented that i was okay with dying and how she’d be alone when i was gone. At first i didn’t understand the relevance of this life until i was thinking about our dynamic now. She has a HUGE fear of loosing my sister and i (also doesn’t help her dad passed from cancer when she was relatively young) and it makes SO MUCH sense now. Whenever i’d want to go out and do shit when i lived with my parents she would always immediately shut me down and if i even stood a chance at going out i’d have to sit down with her and be like “mom. It’s okay. I will be okay i promise” which is like a direct parallel to that life….

The last life we saw was interesting to say the least. I wanted to see a life with my sister and i got that it was her and i on our own for most of our lives. It was hot and there were elephants and rhinos. It felt like we were being thrown in jail and as soon as i said it aloud i was like nah…we were slaves. We were held in captivity with each other for a while but when we got separated i never saw her again (as i was saying it i was CHOKING TF up and almost started crying….also it makes a whole lot of fucking sense with some trauma i have in this life). Take a wild guess who i was sold to…lmfao. My dad. While i was a slave i met someone and they basically helped me stay alive and i had a lot of trouble figuring out who it was, but it turned out to be one of my best friends (she’s pretty much been my friend longer than anyone else, we’ve been homies since 7th grade….holy fuck… that was coincidently the worst year of my life… because of my father who was a raging drunk at the time and i had very low self esteem and i basically let all his verbal abuse get to me and i was wildly suicidal). I couldn’t tell if we were lovers or just had a strong bond. I died from malnutrition. After we figured that stuff out Kat had me visualize the contract of the slavery and light it on fire, then swallow the ashes. Which is funny because a few days after i felt a WEIRD ass pain that was similar to period cramps but not my period because i just got off it days before. It was like STABBING and i was honestly kinda worried. Now i’m thinking it was the ashes i swallowed earlier that were fucking me up, cause once i started thinking about all this shit with my dad and i and cried about it, it didn’t come back.

Kat said that our relationship wasn’t going to instantly be fixed BUT i cleared all the energy and put a stop to the obligation our souls had for this shit. After the session was over i can’t even explain how i felt but holy fuck it was like there was a quality to life that i didn’t even know was there….i guess i felt free (which is funny since my soul literally was freed from earth in the life it was trapped in). At the end of the session she said “okay. You can go now” and then immediately after was like “what the fuck i’ve never said that before..does that mean anything to you?” And at first it didn’t but when she had me rebuke all curses and contracts and vows she said a door unlocked/opened on my back and on my chest and like bro…bro… I’m free. That’s what that meant. I’m free now. I’m free from being tormented by my father’s soul. It’s OVER baby! Even before the reading i was desperately seeking closure because he has put me through HELL in this life and i wanted to just end the fucking cycle of abuse and even though i technically had closure from the letter i wrote him, in the back of my mind i always knew there was some wild shit going on and my soul needed to see it to actually be able to move on….oh how right i was without even knowing. He still is my dad and i will always have love for him, but this affirmed we aren’t meant to be and we’re better away from each other. My soul finally said ENOUGH! And you know what….it’s so crazy to me how this all played out. For YEARS i have been praying for our relationship, for me, for him, all of it. Also all the intentions i set around the situation manifested. I intended to take back my power and boy did i!! Okay so side note: the other day i looked up the volcano eruption because she said i died before the eruption (this is from the life in Pompeii) and that shit was 79 AD……i can’t tell you how long it took to process that. I think i’m still tryna process it. 79 AD! His soul LITERALLY followed me and tortured me for CENTURIES! Also think i forgot to add that my sister was in that life (as my sibling OR she was my dad’s kid, still dunno about the brainwashing thing)….which like 🥺🥺🥺 I love that bitch and it’s comforting to know she’ll be with me in future lives too. In the first PLR i had i figured out that she was my sister in this life to make me laugh and like, I’m so grateful for her soul 💖 I guess we’re soul sisters or somethinnn (every life we had together that i saw she’s been my sibling lmao).

Past lives

Past lives are something that really intrigue me. I have two know past lives, but I’m not quite sure what they are about. I know people who I believe I knew in past lives, I know people that are soul partners to me.

I am currently talking to someone I believe I may have shared a past life with. I found her completely by chance, and their are many signs showing my intuituon is correct. I suppose now my only choice is to see how things progress and where the universe takes me.

I want to try more plr’s but I am so horrible at concentrating. Maybe the first step is more regularly meditating.

A lot on my mind!

bumper sticker for my parents that is one of those “my child is an honors student” but it says “my child is on level 3 in the psych ward and now has extended calling privileges”