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This guy is Kudo Shinichi.

This little guy is Edogawa Conan, also Kudo Shinichi.

This guy is Kuroba Kaito

This guy is Kaito Kid, also Kuroba Kaito.

This girl is Miyano Shiho.

This little girl is Haibara Ai, also Miyano Shiho.

This guy is Hattori Heiji.

This guy is Hattori Heiji.

He is not Kudo Shinichi. He is Hattori Heiji.

This guy is also Hattori Heiji. 

This guy is Kaito Kid/Kuroba Kaito. No, Kaito Kid/Kuroba Kaito is not Kudo Shinichi.

This guy is NOT Kudo Shinichi.

This little “guy” is not Edogawa Conan/Kudo Shinichi. This is Haibara Ai/Miyano Shiho.

This little “girl” is not Haibara Ai/Miyano Shiho. This is Edogawa Conan/Kudo Shinichi.

This guy is Kudo Shinichi. Not Hattori Heiji. Kudo Shinichi.


Told you so.


If Shinichi and Conan were brothers…

With how caring Shinichi is, despite his usually acerbic and aloof manner - typical tsundere, I’d say - he’d simply adore Conan. Play with him, tease him, take care of him, let him exercise his strengths and intelligence in a practical manner in day-to-day life while keeping a careful watch over him. Always have his back.

He’d always be “Big Brother” Shinichi when Conan was around; the cool person Conan would always look up to and go to with any problem. The smart older sibling who’d have solutions to all your problems. The one who would always love you, no matter what. That would be what Conan would see in Shinichi.

Also, did anyone notice the Kaitou Kid doll in the first pane? XD

He’d be the one magician Shinichi would allow his brother to be enamoured with - the others have only sub-par skills after all.

Disclaimer: Not my art. Credits to the original artist: ずさ

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zoerussle  asked:

These crossovers are amazing! I think kid also disguises as women sometimes, would he ever be bridgette?

(previous installment; 2DPV Ladybug/Magic Kaito crossover)

KID very much does disguise as women! bridgette might be trickier for him because of her height, but i’m sure he’d find some way around that (stealthily putting lifts in everyone else’s shoes?)

felix doesn’t kick the suspicious bridgette in the face like bri did to the fake felix, but he gets a heavy sense of unease when she turns down spending time with him (after being his diligent stalker for the entire school year so far)

he brushes it off and welcomes the reprieve - bridgette can do whatever she wants, right? so what if she’s suddenly decided she isn’t interested in felix any more; isn’t that a good thing? - but deep down in his chat noir bones he knows something weird is going on.