clovercatlove  asked:

When editing a video of Jack playing a scary game, do the scares ever get you? I dunno if you’ve ever been asked this before, but I’m just curious haha

Nope! Because I can see the future (the timeline).

You can be really excited about Cloak, buy something, and be proud of Mark and Jack.

You can love the idea of Cloak and still not buy anything because it’s too expensive and still be a legitimate member of the community.

You can not really care either way and still care about Mark and Jack and you’d still be a valid part of the community.

What you shouldn’t ever do is bully others for their opinions or lack thereof. Cruelty does not belong in this community.

This is ridiculous. Be good to each other. Not everyone agrees with you and that’s okay.

Inktober 19! Also announcing that Ill be selling all of my original inktober drawings alongside a book of them and prints of my favorites during November! I will make an announcement post when it launches!

(4/4)  “I managed to escape that day, but things had grown desperate.  In the end there were two thousand of us trying to survive.  We’d begun to run out of food.  The militia was losing on the battlefield and began to grow frustrated.  Two days before our rescue, they came to the church for a final big attack.   They were going in every room.  They were finding everyone.  Some of the mothers were lying on mattresses over their sons, trying to hide them.  But it was no use.  I’d managed to climb into the ceiling.  I’d poked holes in the exterior wall so I could breathe.  Through those holes I could see everything that was happening outside.  They tied every boy up, two-by-two.  They brought them to this exact spot and began to beat them.  Their mothers were screaming and crying from inside the building.  One group of boys was pulled to the center.  These were my friends.  We played soccer together.  We studied together.  Sebajura.  Galindo.  Muyoboke. Jean Bosco, he was a believer.  They walked up to Jean Bosco and kicked him in the head.  They told him: ‘We know you are a friend of Masengo. Tell us where he is.’  And Jean Bosco knew.  He knew where I was.  He’d seen me climb into the ceiling.  But he didn’t say a word.  So they beat him harder.  They kept saying: ‘Tell us, tell us, tell us.’  But he kept silent.  He kept silent until his last breath.  And then they shot him.  Jean Bosco died because of me.  He died for me.  Seventy-two young men died that day.  The crowd screamed the entire time.  But that night when I finally climbed down from the ceiling, everyone was silent.  Nobody was saying a word.”
(Kigali, Rwanda)