zack and hope

Power Rangers Playing Mario Kart Headcanon

This was requested by @seriouslyslippingoutofcontrol

  •  They play every Saturday in Billy’s basement. His mom makes like a full seven layer dip and everything.
  • They order a pizza each and billy’s mom doesn’t even bat an eye.
  • Jason never gets to play the first round. So he makes it a point to lay across the whole couch. The group just sits on top of him. Except Jasons head will be in Billy’s lap…… with his permission of course  
  • Trini no matter how hard she tries can never break past 5th place, except for once on a rare occasion. She doesn’t like to talk about it. 
  • Zack always comes in last Place and blames Trini for it. This usually ends in a wrestling match on the floor. Trini usually coming out on top until Kim joins the mess and wins the battle.
  • Billy almost always wins. He studied the game far too much to lose to these simpletons.
  • Kim plays to screw up other peoples games. She is the one to consistently  send out the blue shell on Billy. “I can’t even be mad cause thats my color”
  • One time Trini was actually in first place then Kim kissed her as a distraction. it was a simple peck, but she was a mess. Billy won the match not understanding why his fellow rangers roared with laughter as Trini sat there in shock.
  • Jason got so into the game once that he knocked the 7 layer dip clear across the room. it took them hours to clean it up “how did this shit end up OUTSIDE of the window?!?!?”
  • Whenever Jason gets close to winning zack is there to slap his remote out of his hand, resulting in another wrestling match.
  • The night usually ends with them in a pile sleeping on the floor with the game menu playing on loop, Until Billy’s mom comes downstairs Turns off the television then lays blankets over the bunch of them

“I have twenty-three tiny wishes, but you probably won’t remember them all, so I put them all together into one…

                                                      …I’d like to spend more time with you.”

I don’t remember exactly what I had expected when I went to see the Reboot of the Power Rangers, but I was certainly not expecting to adopt five adorable puppies within the first ten minutes, who I can gladly say, now control my life, I but I can’t say I’m disappointed. 1000000000/10 recommend

you know what no

i’m just done, i’m done with this hypocritical bullshit and i’m done with antis in general i’m just fucking done

entertaining that batman v superman was objectively a bad movie or, as i’ve heard it described, “the worst CBM ever” is so fucking ridiculous and arrogant and condescending it’s not even funny

pretending it’s in the same league as the first Daredevil, who even i though i love it for sentimental reasons will say it’s not good, or as bad as like the Covenant, or any other terrible movie or fucking Sausage Party or any other actual shit movie is fucking mind blowing

can you just for a second suspend your own sense of self importance and accept the fact that a shit ton of people loved it, liked it, or at least thought it wasn’t that bad and didn’t deserve the vitriol? like you are not the center of the universe and maybe your Opinion is isn’t the end all be all

i fucking hated several beloved and well liked m*rvel movies

do you see me sitting around attacking every goddamn post i come across and saying Actually that Movie Is Bad and You Are Stupid and Delusional for Liking It


you don’t

zack snyder poured his heart and soul into batman v superman, and those of us who took the fucking time to pay attention and open our minds saw what he was trying to give us: an emotional, socially charged movie that reflects exactly where we are in the world and how we would react to the idea of superman. to batman. to wonder woman. to a changing world and an alien invasion. he gave us an emotional arc about heroes and heroes who become villains and how grief can become madness and how hope, real tangible hope, isn’t jokes to lighten the mood, it’s dragging yourself to the shore after almost drowning

and maybe you don’t see that and fine whatever i don’t give a fuck

but stop pretending like someone else couldn’t

stop being mortally wounded and offended that this movie exists and we love it

stop pretending that zack snyder is the scum of the earth because he’s not

he is a stranger to you who does a job

just a job

and you come after him, his livelihood, his family, and his fans

you come after him during the greatest tragedy of his life

you tell him he must have hated his mother, even though her death inspired him to make a movie about the strength of motherhood in a genre dominated by fathers and masculinity

you tell him you’re grateful someone he love died so someone else could finish his work

you shout and you shout and you shout so you can ruin something that other people love just because it didn’t appeal to you instead of being a decent fucking human being and just saying “eh not for everyone”

not everything is about you you arrogant self important piece of shit

batman v superman was a good movie and you can kiss my ass

me: *takes a deep breath* I lo-

anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever: yes, you love all time low, we know, you love all time low so much, they’re the light of your life, you love them so much, you just love all time low, we KNOW, you love all time low you fucking love all time low ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE ALL TIME LOW. WE GET IT.

I just wanna say that despite everything wrong with JL, absolutely none of it falls on Zack. He is still my favorite director and even if he is done with the DCEU I will still support whatever he does next. 

WB fucked up big time, they never supported Zack and his vision and they are experiencing some serious karma right now. Zack deserved better, and even though I still find enjoyment in Justice League it’s so hard for me to call it a conclusion to Zack’s vision. I just hope that Zack is happy and will continue to make amazing films whether they’re apart of the DCEU or not.