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Power Rangers Playing Mario Kart Headcanon

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  •  They play every Saturday in Billy’s basement. His mom makes like a full seven layer dip and everything.
  • They order a pizza each and billy’s mom doesn’t even bat an eye.
  • Jason never gets to play the first round. So he makes it a point to lay across the whole couch. The group just sits on top of him. Except Jasons head will be in Billy’s lap…… with his permission of course  
  • Trini no matter how hard she tries can never break past 5th place, except for once on a rare occasion. She doesn’t like to talk about it. 
  • Zack always comes in last Place and blames Trini for it. This usually ends in a wrestling match on the floor. Trini usually coming out on top until Kim joins the mess and wins the battle.
  • Billy almost always wins. He studied the game far too much to lose to these simpletons.
  • Kim plays to screw up other peoples games. She is the one to consistently  send out the blue shell on Billy. “I can’t even be mad cause thats my color”
  • One time Trini was actually in first place then Kim kissed her as a distraction. it was a simple peck, but she was a mess. Billy won the match not understanding why his fellow rangers roared with laughter as Trini sat there in shock.
  • Jason got so into the game once that he knocked the 7 layer dip clear across the room. it took them hours to clean it up “how did this shit end up OUTSIDE of the window?!?!?”
  • Whenever Jason gets close to winning zack is there to slap his remote out of his hand, resulting in another wrestling match.
  • The night usually ends with them in a pile sleeping on the floor with the game menu playing on loop, Until Billy’s mom comes downstairs Turns off the television then lays blankets over the bunch of them

“I have twenty-three tiny wishes, but you probably won’t remember them all, so I put them all together into one…

                                                      …I’d like to spend more time with you.”

I don’t remember exactly what I had expected when I went to see the Reboot of the Power Rangers, but I was certainly not expecting to adopt five adorable puppies within the first ten minutes, who I can gladly say, now control my life, I but I can’t say I’m disappointed. 1000000000/10 recommend

me: *takes a deep breath* I lo-

anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever: yes, you love all time low, we know, you love all time low so much, they’re the light of your life, you love them so much, you just love all time low, we KNOW, you love all time low you fucking love all time low ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE ALL TIME LOW. WE GET IT.


BONES TEAM | comes and goes
my latest bones video! :)

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I'm kind of concerned by how inspiring I found Wonder Woman. I didn't realize how much I was missing this in my life.

Think about how great little girls are going to feel watching this!!! Like I’m a grown ass 20 year old and I’m like, genuinely so inspired by seeing a woman leading her own superhero movie - and it’s a damn good movie! But imagine the little girls that go and see it, the films we see when we’re younger have such an effect on us, they’re going to be the personification of !!!!!!! when they come out of this film and I’m so happy. I can’t believe I’m a DC stan now, but they Did That!!! They actually went and Did That. They out here living in 2017 whilst Marvel still in 1956.

I asked Jack how his hand feels after signing his name so many times and he said “I’ve been masturbating a lot recently so it’s fine” and if that ain’t the most Jack Barakat thing I’ve ever heard…

Zack Snyder’s work gives me hope that people can be better.
People, however, give me no hope.

I hope that the people celebrating this news and making disgusting comments never have to experience this kind of tragedy. But I hope they can find it in themselves to be understanding.

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hello aaa i really enjoy your imagines and headcanons!! <3 do you think you could do some sort of soulmate au imagine with zack, and what it was like to meet each other at first at the mines? thank you :))

An: So I love reading Soulmate AU’s, but I’ve never wrote one myself- so I hope you like it! (I decided to do the au where the world turns from Grey to color when they touch) Sorry it’s so short!

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This was insane, absolutely and completely whacked. 

You shook your head, this had to be a dream right? I mean- sure you had heard the stories, never ending retellings from adults who had met their soulmates about what it was like….

You had just never realized it would actually happen to you, nevertheless in your current situation. 

It was commonplace, at Weddings the couple would speak of how their world had changed from a simple touch. 

Your parents had constantly told you, just wait for the color. Their story was practically ingrained in your head- a chance meeting, a chance touch, a chance that had changed their lives: always a chance. 

When you were younger you had loved the idea of it, even dreamed of how it would occur. 

This had definitely not been what you had in mind. 

Scrambling backwards from his hand, you turned upwards in awe. Before your very eyes, color seemed to bloom from the dull shades of black and grey that had been the norm. 

Glancing at the coin held in your hand, the color seemed to pop into your head- green. 

It was as if you had known it all your life. 

After you had taken in your surroundings in shock, Your wide eyes locked with the very boy that had caused this… your soulmate. 

He was cute, no doubt. He was tan, with black hair and dark brown eyes. 

“Woah,” he croaked, and he seemed just as taken aback as you. 

The truth was, Zack couldn’t believe his eyes.  

He had simply reached down to pick up the coin he had just broken from the stone, but his hand had brushed against yours- and everything had changed. 

He could have stared at the colors in the sky forever, but he forced his eyes back down to you- probably the most breathtaking human in existence. 

Everything about you- the color just seemed to add to your beauty and he couldn’t stop staring until Jason interrupted. 

“Look, I don’t know what’s going on with the two of you-” He scoffed. “But I’m getting out of here. Come on, Billy.”

You were still in shock, was he really your soulmate? That sort of thing was… was… she didn’t really know. But it had finally happened. Sure, not in the way You had dreamed up when you were a child- your knight in shining armor scooping in to save you as the world morphed around the two of you.
Colors were different as well, yet familiar. 

To think this had all sprung from your hands brushing together while reaching to pick up the coin. 

“I’m Zack, Zack Taylor,” he held out his hand with a lopsided Grin. 

“I’m (Y/N) (L/N),” you responded, biting back a smile and shaking his hand in return. 

“(Y/N),” he announced. “I could get used to saying that- I think we have a lot to talk about.”

And truth be told, you couldn’t wait.