two pairs of shorts

From what I’ve seen from their sequence at the end of episode 12, I’d say what Yuuri and Victor are doing is more akin to a sport known as “Ice Dancing” rather than “Pairs Skating.” They might sound similar but they’re actually almost completely different.

Pairs Skating is just as it sounds; figure skating but in pairs. As such, the focus is on spirals, high-flying jumps, throws, and simple footwork. Also similar to singles, pairs skating has two components: short and free. Both short and free have a set list of requirements but everyone generally skates a different routine from the other teams.

On the other hand, throws and jumps are not done in Ice Dancing. Similarly, Yuuri and Victor don’t perform a single throw or jump in their entire routine. Another main difference is that lifts where one person levels the other above their head are allowed in Pairs Skating but not in Ice Dancing.

Of course, in exchange for the absence of a lot of elements that you usually see in Pairs Skating, Ice Dancing has bigger restrictions like that all spins must be done in-sync and that the pair can never be more than two arm-lengths apart, something that Victor and Yuuri do very well in their routine. In fact, performance marks are generally higher the closer you stay to your partner (which increases the risk of messing up due to interference).

The footwork is also expected to be much more advanced and inspired by ballroom dancing. This is harder than it sounds as that means that you have to maintain the same momentum, line of direction, position, and acceleration as your partner all while staying about a meter away from them. As such, the score is much more dependent on precision of step sequence and staying in-synch rather than technical difficulty. In other words, Yuuri would most likely excel scarily well in it.

The best way to describe it is to see it yourself. Thankfully, I’ve been a huge fangirl of the World Record Holders for the highest free and compulsory Ice Dance programs since before even watching YOI. And they skated something similar to Yuuri’s Eros during the 2010 Olympics.

And just to emphasize how differently the two sports are, the way they’re judged is completely different from singles or pairs. Instead of only having two components (the short and the free), in Ice Dancing, they have three components (the compulsory, the original, and the free). In the compulsory program, the competition provides a fixed routine and everyone skates that same exact routine and are all scored based on how well they perform it. The relationship between the Original and Free Skates are much more familiar to what the Short and Free Skates are for pairs and singles. It was only recently that the ISU changed it into a Short and a Free by enforcing the rules of the Compulsory to some aspects of the Short.

I just wanted to put it out there that there are many types of competitive sports in skating. Plus, Ice Dancing is less taxing on older skaters so it’s common to see ice dancers stay competitive well into their thirties. I like it being a possibility for Yuuri and Victor to do past their prime as singles or pairs figure skaters. Sadly, not a lot of people know about Ice Dancing.

Jack hides Bitty’s clothes around the house to try and stop him going back to Samwell after he visits…

“Jack, have you seen my sweater?”

“No, sorry.” Jack put it underneath his bed this morning.

“What about my black jeans. I can’t find them anywhere.”

“I haven’t seen them either.” Jack put them and two other pairs up high in his pantry this morning.

Bitty comes out of the bedroom and walks over to Jack on the couch.

“I’m also missing my Falconers hat, a pair of lace up boots, two singlets, and my red shorts. You wouldn’t know anything about that, would you, sweetheart?”

Jack shakes his head at Bitty and tries his best to look innocent.

Bitty sighs and sits down, straddling Jack’s lap. Jack’s hands come up automatically to his hips.

“So if I was to look, say, in the pantry, or under your bed, or in the trunk of your car, or in your washing machine… I wouldn’t find any of my misplaced articles of clothing.”

Jack doesn’t know how to answer that, so it comes out as a question. “No?”

Bitty laughs and kisses his forehead. “Jack.”

“I just don’t want you to go,” he admits.

“I know.”

“Good.” Jack tilts his head up and Bitty obliges by leaning down to kiss him. He gets as caught in it as he always does.

Eventually Bitty pulls back, and Jack moves his hands out from where they’d wormed their way under Bitty’s shirt.

“Can we go gather my clothes now?”


I lost my graphic tablet stylus, broke down, cried myself to sleep, watched Servamp, felt better and then found my stylus the next day on the bus.

So I’m very happy now so I made this mini-comic. Thank you Servamp for cheering me up.

Based on @enchantingnanami ‘s incorrect Servamp quote! (x)

thededleadragoria  asked:

If you haven't already could you write something about Tony reading some of the letters Howard sent? Thnx.

Hi! Sorry my reply is late here. But, I don’t think I’ll be writing a specific story with the letters, but the letters will come up, and we’ll probably see excerpts. So, yes, eventually, my plan is there will be such a thing as you are requesting. Just, not quite yet, for reasons. ;)

It might be something like this:

The Garage was empty.

Well, the main floor of the garage was empty, anyway. Except for two cars, three motorcycles, a desk, three chairs, a pair of short, wooden filing cabinets, and a long row of metal shelves. There was a large tool kit for working on the cars, and one of the metal shelves had been repurposed to hold parts.

So, okay, it wasn’t exactly, perfectly empty. But, with the decades of crates moved out, the space felt a little cavernous.

Darcy sat at the desk, her feet up on the cracked leather blotter, kicking her toes together in an absent rhythm.

There was something heavier in the Garage, though, despite its apparent emptiness. And she didn’t mean the super-secret base beneath.

The below-ground base was sort of rectangular, stretching out back away from the street side, to under a grassy lot behind the building. Operations, the elevators and stairs of the main entrance, along with a handful of side offices were the front third. Labs and workshops occupied the middle third, and the far end were a few bunkrooms and the stairs to yet another, lower level. The main engineering works of the base were down there — water, sanitation, air, plus storage, and an emergency exit out to tunnel to a hidden, fake water pipe in an alley four blocks away.

It wasn’t a facility meant for a big crew. Maybe it could house 12 to 15 people all together for a few weeks. If they really, really liked each other.

She and Tony spent a number of daddy/daughter date nights upgrading, tearing out and replacing environmental systems, rewiring for a proper network, pulling fiber, and in general, making the secret base operational. For what, who knew.

While Darcy questioned the degree of her own paranoia at having a double secret hidey-hole, it was also really cool. Like a private treehouse. She and Rico always planned to have one, but neither of them had yards with trees big enough. It was a crushing realization to their 10-year old selves. Now … all this.

She’d have to actually remember to tell Rico, though.

Nobody knew the Garage existed except Tony, Bucky, Steve, and Peggy. And only Tony knew where it was. He liked that part.  

So, he didn’t need to know she invited Bucky by today. But, her invitation had a purpose and she wasn’t sure how he’d take it. Not that it was bad, necessarily. Maybe.

It might not have been a big, elaborate structure, like the Playground, but there was still plenty to explore. When going through some of the side rooms, Darcy came across one full of furniture. Just desks, chairs, and some bunks, really. But off to one side was a footlocker and a large canvas bag. Atop the footlocker sat a folded piece of paper with her name on it; Darcy recognized Howard’s handwriting immediately.

April 29, 1970

My darling D,

I had the strangest conversation with Peggy a few weeks ago.

Maria was out at some art luncheon, the nanny was off sick, and I got stuck with Tony. I hope he grows out of it, but if you didn’t know, your father is a screamer. Peg was trying to distract him with a truck, and out of the blue, she asked if I knew what happened to Bucky Barnes’s things. If we’d given them to his sister, or what.

Well, I recall trying to pass them on to Miss Barnes years ago. She took a few things, small keepsakes — one of his watches, his brass compass, his flag, a medal or two, I think — but his old uniforms and such, that hurt too much, she said and she didn’t have the space to treat them right. She asked me to keep it all with Steve’s things, thinking maybe some day we’d put it all together in a display.

I told Peggy that and she insisted I pull Sgt. Barnes’s locker and duffle and set them aside for you; that you’d appreciate it. She wouldn’t say why, but she was pretty damned pushy about it; you know how she gets. I suppose maybe you two talked about him all those years ago. I’m sorry you didn’t get a chance to know him; he was a good fellow and a hell of a shot. I was working on a rifle for him when we lost him. Damned shame.

I hope you appreciate these, and just so you know, I’m breaking up the collection here. But since the collection’s all going to you anyway, I guess you can get this where it belongs.

Make sure people remember, sweetheart. I’ve done my best to keep their memories alive, and now I’m trusting them to you. Don’t let them be forgotten.

All my love,

As ever, when she found one of these messages from Howard, she had to take a few minutes to breathe through it. She really did miss him.

Then she growled a little, because, he loved to issue his orders. It was sweet at first, but then every subsequent letter had some sort of little command or directive in it, and now she kind of wanted to throw things at him. But, of course, he was dead, so she couldn’t, and he’d probably known that, and basically, even after death, he was kind of a jerk.

Do this, do that, family legacy, blah blah blah. “I love you Howard, but shut up.”

Once she got past that little emotional whirlwind, she lugged the trunk and the bag out of the room and up to the ground floor. Then she called Bucky and gave him directions to the garage. And now she was waiting and staring at the trunk.

She was very tempted to open it all up. What would she find? Dirty laundry? Hopefully not — 70 years of stank? Gross, pass. Girlie mags? That would be hilarious, and she would give him so much crap. Would there be books? The trunk was heavy enough. Old letters from a sweetheart or two? He was popular with the ladies, back in the day, everybody knew that. Did they send him little notes with lipstick kisses and a spritz of perfume?

What would Bucky Barnes carry off to war with him? And what would he keep once there?

Two pairs of workout shorts and another pair of kicks coming in the mail from fags! This is what its all about! i dont ask, i just receive! I will say this everytime, this is how it should be fags, take notes! Now hit me up on here or skype fags! Your master is waiting!

Breathe Underwater

Pairing: Antonin Dolohov x Pansy Parkinson

Setting: Modern, non-magical AU

Word Count: 1,013

It’s a hot, humid night in late July.

“Why are we here,” Pansy bleats. She glances around the interior of the bar—which had looked like a fucking barn from the outside—and sees thick reels of obviously fake rope coiled like snail shells along the walls, as well as a pleather-saddled mechanical bull lurking in the far corner. “Daphne. Daphne. Why are we here.”

Daphne blinks. “Like…here? Existentially? Or—”

“No,” Pansy interrupts, sneering at a girl who’s wearing a tacky red bandana as a dress. “Like, here, here. Specifically, this dumpster fire of a fucking drinking establishment in the fucking 909.

Oh,” Daphne coos, nodding sagely. “You mean here. I just—I thought it would be fun to do something different tonight, you know? Like. Pansy. They have square dancing here. Look at all the cowboy boots.”

Pansy pointedly inspects Daphne’s twelve-hundred dollar Louboutins. “Fun,” she repeats, acidly. “Right. Super fun. Flannel shirts and illegally lifted pick-up trucks. Bathrooms that smell like Bud Light and cough syrup. Remember that scene? In that weird Reese Witherspoon movie with the Alabama people? Where she’s, like, you brought your baby to a bar—”

Pansy’s cut off by an elbow—large, leather-clad, masculine—catching her in the ribs.

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get -to-know-me-tag

I was tagged by @em-is-studying, thank u!! (I’ve already been tagged but I love doing these hehe)

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nickname: hmm i’d say that my name is too short for a nickname ahaha
star sign: Scorpio
mbti: INFP
height: 5 ft. ish
last thing you googled: how to apply feng shui in your bedroom 
fave music artist: i have heaps! to name some: drake, jhene aiko, j. cole, arctic monkeys and sticky fingers 
song stuck in your head: gangsta -  kat dahlia 
last movie you watched: the corpse bride 
last TV show you watched: the mentalist and now im up to season 3 of grey’s anatomy and i love it!!
what are you wearing right now: a flowery top and a pair of denim shorts that are like two sizes bigger than my actual size 
when did you create your blog: november 2016
what kind of stuff do you post: studyblr things mostly
do you have any other blogs: yup!! @d-esaison
do you get asks regularly: nope but asks and messages are always welcome!!
why did you choose your url: ‘beya’ is how you pronounce my name 
Hogwarts house: hogwarts apparently! i’ve never read the books but i’ve always wanted to 
Pokemon team: -
favorite color: red
average hours of sleep: around 6-10? depending on whether i have an exam the next day or if it’s a weekend
lucky number: 26, 8
fave characters: the main six characters from friends, patrick jane from the mentalist, cristina yang from grey’s anatomy 
how many blankets do you sleep with: just 1
dream job: doctor but i’ve only just recently decided on this career path so hopefully i can make it 
tracked tag: beyastudies

I’ll tag @pardonmystudies, @yangstudies, @academyc, @tigerstudies, @smartstudies and anyone else who would like to do it :)

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i just said this at the dinner table since we were talking about that my dad died mu mom just like "im fucking out fuck it."

ok so here’s the context:

my dad came into my room to get my dirty laundry right

well, on really cold days, i wear two pairs of socks—a tall sock, and a short sock on top of the tall one

well, he found a few of those pairs, and as he pulled one sock out of the other, he exclaimed loudly, “No sock sex!!”

you would not BELIEVE how hard i laughed

so, i felt it necessary to quote him on here without any context

i dont regret it

Cat Boy!Hoseok

Its finally time for cat boy!hobi and also before I start, I just want to say a huge thank you for 1 thousand followers I’m so ?!?!?! but I can’t thank you all enough

  • Okay but does everyone remember this bangtan bomb
  • It literally features cat boy!hobi this is basically canon
  • Fluffy haired hobi will be a thing and he’ll have his lil ears and his lil fluffy tail and it’s just all the fluff
  • We all know how graceful Hobi is but can we imagine him dancing with his lil tail I need this to be a thing
  • Like you know those “Hope on the street” videos lets just combine that with a tail and you have my new favorite concept 10/10
  • Similar to yoon, he does love his sweatpants but he’s a l o t easier to get to dress up
  • He actually enjoys wearing suits but he’s often in shorts or a pair of sweats
  • You two met when you were just 10 and he kinda just instantly bonded with you tbh
  • You two met on the playground
  • He was so lil and he had a cold bc he’d been out in the rain the night before but he was still so so energetic when the kids arrived
  • He just ran around with all of them and let them play with his ears bc he loved the attention
  • You were having fun watching the kids run around with him and you were kinda curious about why he had a tail bc you’d heard of hybrids but had never seen one before
  • One of the kids runs by and ends up knocking your ice cream out of your hands
  • You’re kinda upset bc hey man you just lost your ice cream but Hobi is s o quick to run straight over to you
  • He just grabs your hand and starts running and you have no idea where you’re going but you keep following him and tbh you find yourself giggling bc his smile is so wide and you can tell he just enjoys running and his happiness spreads to others so you’re automatically happy
  • You don’t realize bc you’re so busy giggling that he’s actually leading you over to the ice cream stand
  • He buys you a replacement ice cream and apologizes for the other kid who made you drop your first one and you’re kinda shocked bc how did he even notice that
  • You just smile at him and ask him where his family is bc he doesn’t have the mark that most owned hybrids do
  • His smile kinda just drops and he sits next to you
  • “I was too energetic, they wanted a calm pet and I broke one of their vases so they left me here”
  • Your heart kinda breaks a bit bc who could just leave precious lil hobi in a park all by himself
  • You immediately hug him and you two kinda just chill there and hug until your parents come over to tell you its time to go
  • They see a lone hybrid and the mark forming on his cheek and they just know there’s a new member of the family
  • You two spend every second you can together
  • He teaches you all of the dance moves he’d learned from his previous family and he’s always patient when he’s teaching you
  • If you’re ever having a bad day, he’s just right by your side and he does anything and everything to make you happy again
  • Want him to dress up in some ridiculous costume? done. Want him to make funny faces and talk in weird voices? he’s got that in the bag. Want him to just cuddle with you and let you vent about why you’re upset? he’s there
  • He l o v e s cuddles
  • Any time, any place
  • He’ll totally let you pet his ears whenever you want bc they’re honestly so soft
  • They tend to twitch in his sleep too which just adds to his overall cuteness
  • He’s s o social
  • He loves meeting new people and making friends and honestly anyone that meets hobi just loves him instantly
  • Honestly cat boy!hobi is just a necessary thing and it needs to officially be a thing
sebastian’s wardrobe

-short sleeve nike hoodie
-short sleeve nike hoodie
-short sleeve nike hoodie
-two pairs of plain white crew cut socks
-20 pairs of black skinny jeans, maybe 3 of which are faux leather, five pairs are jeggings
-has like 10 hair scrunchies but will not be caught dead wearing them unless hes alone 
-multiple pairs of nike sandals
-some black t shirts (unironically has a t shirt of the three wolves howling at the moon, other shirts with wolves on them, maybe some of them juvenile shirts with silly sayings on them “one man wolf pack” etc. maybe ONE “ironic” zazzle t shirt like that one that says “guess who decided to make brownies before checking the fridge for (the word weed is crossed out) eggs” 
-absolutely has at least one pair of fingerless gloves but gets picked on for wearing them
-probably has another pair of arthritis gloves 

casual clothes headcanons (karasuno)

because i am a slut for these


suga: a slut for sweaters and ripped skinny jeans (likes to borrow daichi’s cardigans too)

noya: probably owns like two shirts and a pair of shorts and never washes them

asahi: wears sweater vests unironically

kags: swageyama is as good as it gets

hinata: a hoodies and gym shorts kinda guy. ALSO WEARS CUTE PATTERNED TANK TOPS IN THE SUMMER!!!

yams: i think he’d like that kinda OF skater look. with the cuffed pants and brightly colored socks and hoodies with baseball caps n stuff (THIN KABOU T IT!!)

tsukki: probably won’t go anywhere near a pair of skinny jeans but i can dream



shimizu: i feel like even outside of games she usually just likes wearing sweatpants and t-shirts

I work at a well known clothing store.

Some older woman: Will you check the price of these shorts for me please?
Unless someone missed an item when we did markdowns, the sticker on clearance items is what they cost. But I check it anyway.
Me: it’s *some reasonable clearance amount like half off the original price or something*
Customer: what?? That’s not a clearance price!
Me: alright. (Uh ok whatever?)
I walk away and she continues to mumble and be mad about how it’s not really clearance, and then I watch her stick the shorts on a rack of girls clothes where it doesn’t belong (rude). She did this when I just started to walk away so I went back and picked it up and put it in clearance.
Ok but later, like an hour or two later, she comes back and tries the same pair of shorts on in the fitting room where I’m working. No idea btw why you’d come back after all that time for one pair of clearance shorts.
Then after she tries them on she comes up to me and rudely asks if there’s a size two (the size she originally had. The size she has now are a four) I look through clearance and they’re no where to be found so I say no.
Lady: But I set them down up front earlier!!
Me: (yes, in the wrong place??? Why the fuck would that matter? Dozens of people set stuff down in this store a day) I know maam, you left them in the wrong place so I put them back in clearance, and someone bought them.
Lady: *stupid face* Hughgggggg
Lady: SURE WISH YOU HAD THEN SIZE 2’S. *looking at me with an irritated face*
Then, she just continues to hold them up at different angles and even try them on again moaning, with different sentence structure, about how she “wished” we had the size twos. (Aka I’m suppose to magically produce them out of thin air and apologize for cleaning up the mess she made, HOURS AGO, and God forbid, someone buying it.)
I just ignored her til she left but she was so loud that my coworker came up and asked what her problem was.


A slightly rushed story, apologies. The jeans in the pictures are some of the best I’ve found for pants pooping. They’re by Very; South Ella supersoft high rise stretch skinny Jeans in 12’s. I’d bought two pairs and cut one of them into shorts. Not too expensive and very durable with a lot of stretch so they can usually take whatever I throw at them. They’re not denim with a more jeggings-style cotton material but are assembled like Jeans. This happened last Autumn at a similar time to the misty mission and is one of the reasons why I’m possibly considering some sort of incontinence style pants or a not too poofy diapery appendage. 

It was a day off and I’d done all the correct planning in terms of diet. I’d felt full from the previous morning and it was uncomfortable to resist while trying not to let a wave take hold as it can be a slippery slope. I’ve had to give in and forfeit an event before when the need is too great on the previous day. 

Underneath I’d wore some standard cheap full brief white underwear and reinforced them with folded up cut tights under an outer layer of silky pink pants with frilling which were my favourites for a few months. I’d set off mid-morning and found a private area after walking around for half an hour while stopping occasionally to ride a wave of resistance, but after one of them I started to wee myself quite badly. I regained control but my front was clearly wet as were the inside of my thighs and slightly on my bottom. 

Then it was the poops turn to take command and the area I chose had a fallen tree which came in useful. The poop itself felt fairly solid as I could ride the waves with a definite feeling of movement back and forth. I still get a nervous feeling sometimes even with the hundreds of times I’ve messed myself but I’m not sure how attributable it was to my need to wee as well as poop. Either way things were about to go from bad to worse. The final wave of convulsions were very powerful and I gave up, uncrossing my legs and letting my body take over as I uncontrollably pushed. As is quite common for me it was coming out fairly solid to start with but then it changes and gets messier and noisier. It was the sort of poop that makes all the planning worth it and felt large piling out down there. Not solid but not super messy yet. After around 10 seconds though it was getting messier and came out more quickly and noisily and it suddenly went everywhere. I had to put my hand on my front so it didn’t go up too high. But as the poop relief was taking hold the wee just started on its own accord. I had to lean backwards crouching against the fallen tree and weed for about 20 seconds. The manner and the angle in which I did it meant that it didn’t go all the way down my legs and collected in the seat. I had to stay there for a good few minutes while the worst of it drained out of my clothes. I also used one of the J cloths in my bag to badly dry the worst areas that may have still leaked all the way down to my boots.

It was bad, even with a cardigan tied around my waist the front would have been totally obvious and the walk back to the car didn’t go without incident. A brunette teenager appeared behind me walking her dog after I’d been taking a picture or two on a long tree lined path. She would have definitely seen my state as I hadn’t tied the cardigan around my waist yet. I took a detour through some woodland that I knew about and thought I’d lost her after doubling back on myself but she must have turned around as well and walked back on herself along the same path. She must have been following me down before the bluff and returned to her course when I’d disappeared. The distance between us was now sufficient but then she started calling! “Excuse mee.. the lady with the white handbag..” Again and again. “ Excuse meee” I didn’t run but I certainly didn’t look back and just ignored her totally whilst seriously increasing my pace. She must have been able to see I’d clearly wet myself and my bum was bulgy and stained so why would she have called me? The last thing I’d want is to have a chat with someone at a time like that. I took another secret short cut and doubled back again behind her and lost her. My heart was really pounding, it was the first time that someone was trying to confront me for whatever reason. Or even worse maybe she needed my help with something and I just bolted. I’ll never know. 

Its a problem; I envisage a person’s direction on a walk to remain constant without any back tracking and plan my detours around that faulty premise. Maybe I should stop caring so much but this parkland was local to me and I can’t risk being seen by someone I know when I’m in a state. I also wouldn’t have usually minded being seen by someone like her but when they follow you, no! The journey back was less eventful but I got out of there quite quickly as that scared me a little. But still, it was more of a rush than I’d expected for a plain woodland poop.