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Furry, feisty, paw-erful—Otter Girl! For Sea Otter Awareness Week, let’s meet Abby! Rescued as a newborn in July ‘07 by the Santa Barbara Marine Mammal Rescue Center, Abby was raised at SeaWorld Sand Diego. In June '12, she joined our sea otter program, and became a surrogate mother to her first pup, Sina, in January 2013!

To spot Abby, look for the all-brown otter who loves to stick out her tongue—she also likes playing with artificial kelp, taking ice baths and eating frozen clam pops. 

Thanks for all of your dedicated work for sea otters in the wild, Abby! 

“It knocked the breath from him.
The desert.
It was a barren, hissing sea of golden sand. Hills and waves and ravines, rippling on forever, empty and yet humming. Not a tree or bush or gleam of water to be seen.
The unforgiving hand of a god had shaped this place. Still blew his breath across it, shifting the dunes grain by grain.
He had never seen such a sight. Such a wonder. It was a new world entirely.
Perhaps it was an unexpected boon that the information they sought dwelled out here. 
Chaol dragged his attention to Yrene, who was reading his face. His reaction.
“It’s beauty is not for everyone,” she said. “But it sings to me, somehow.”“
- Sarah J. Maas, Tower of Dawn

From Chicago to LA

Celebrating the 5th anniversary since Wuffpaws got Kojak from Chicago to Los Angeles.

Living with someone else makes you learn a lot not only about life and about sharing moments with people that are unknown to you (even when you think you know them a lot), it also teaches you a lot about yourself.
I have been living with people who are not my family for almost 10 years, and it was very different when, 3 years ago, I decided to live with my mate. Besides I think it was the best decision I’ve made, our relationship was strengthened a lot.

Congratulations to Kojak and Rocky!!

Nutriberry question?

Honpun barely had interest in these treats before,but hes been practically addicted to them the past few days. I usually give him 2-3 in the bowl but how many do you usually give your birds a day? Honpun’s lost a little weight recently so I don’t mind feeding him a drop extra. Look at him tear into these fresh nutriberries freaking devoured them in like 10s

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fish don't have dicks. those who do internal fertilization (all sharks & rays (marine), the entirety of cyprinodontiformes (freshwater), some perch (varied), seahorses & other syngnathids (marine), misc. others) typically do so with structures modified from the pelvic fins--which are, fun fact, homologous to our legs! so, like. leg dicks. if you want. or more typically, ovipositors, gonopodia, & claspers.

see now i have a reason to be annoyed by all the emphasis on PIV intercourse in the shape of water discourse.