this was suppose to be for reita's birthday

Rajigaze Leader’s Birthday

Reita: Good evening everybody, it’s Reita from the GazettE…and today is the day we have all been waiting for…the most important day in the world…the day where all of human kind come together and join hands – (starts laughing) Allow me to introduce to you…our special guest.

(fucking trumpets)

Reita: The leader of the GazettE…Kai-san.

Kai: (laughing) Hello

Reita: The day has come.

Kai: The day has come.

Reita: Today, we will be doing a one-hour special for you.

Kai: Oh, really!?

Reita: Yes.

Kai: How long is it usually?

Reita: One hour.

(both laughing)

Kai: Ah, I see. I see. Hmm….

Reita: Okay, then. First of all, the Halloween live has just finished.

Kai: Oh, it’ll have finished? (*when this is airing)

Reita: Yes, so how was it?

Kai: ….Wait what? (laughs) What? Uh…How was it?

Reita: Yes.

(the trumpets only stopped now btw) 

Kai: But we haven’t even done it yet.

(both laugh)

Reita: So, when did we bring out the cake?

(*he’s referring to last week bc Kai was making fun of him for asking Kai when he wanted the cake bc it takes away the surprise)

Kai: When did the cake come out, huh? …Well, I think I know. I knew it even before it happened. (giggles)

(Rei says something about Kai having a second PSX idek what that is tbh)

Reita: No, but really…happy birthday Kai-san

Kai: Thank u thank u (clapping)

Reita: I supposed u’ve lived a good life

Kai: (laughing) A good life…? Well, I’m thirty-something… 

Reita: Mhmm.

Kai: Do I even need to hide my age?

Reita: Well not really

Kai: Yeah eh.

Reita: Everyone pretty much already knows so

Kai: They do, huh.

Reita: Ye

Kai: Yeahhh, well anyway….before I turn forty, –

Reita: Leader.

Kai: Hm?

Reita: Look behind you.

Kai: Ahh–!

(Reita and staff start singing happy birthday while Kai claps and giggles and oohs and aahs)

Kai: Thank u!!!!

Reita: Happy birthday!!!

(everyone claps)

Reita: We brought u a cake

Kai: Ooh a cake. Thank you. I’m gonna take picture.

Reita: You look like you’re dead inside tho

(Kai giggles)

Reita: Seriously, are you okay? Where did your emotion go?

(both laugh)

Some girl’s voice: Kai-kun, happy birthday.

Kai: Oh –what is this!? (laughing) What is this??

Girl: Your voice, your smile, and your cool drum performances all help me make it through.

Kai: What is this? Who is this?

Girl: Thank you! I’m so grateful that on the 28th I’ll be able to be there for both the GazettE’s first Halloween live, and Kai-kun’s birthday. Really, thank you so much.

Kai: Huh–? Who is this?

Girl: I’ll keep supporting you forever and ever and ever. the GazettE is the best!

Kai: Thank you!

Reita: Ye

Kai: What is this?

Girl: Oh…also, Kai-kun –

(both laughing)

Girl: I love you. I want to eat your pasta sauce again! KAKATTE KOOOOOOOIII!!!!!!!!

(both die laughing)

Girl: Thank you so much! Happy birthday! 

Kai: What is this, what is this?

Reita: Well when Ruki and I were doing the radio, we thought of playing voice messages from the fans.

Kai: Ahh~

Reita: Cause we were like, if we don’t make a big deal out of Kai’s birthday he’s gonna get pissy and dip halfway through the show

Kai: (dying) Like, I’m going home! I can’t last an hour!

Reita: So we thought of this as a way to butter you up.

Kai: Thank you, thank you.

Reita: So, people have sent in some messages.

Kai: Ahh, I see, I see.

Reita: That part about the pasta sauce was kinda sketchy tho

Kai: (laughs) This is fun!

Reita: Right? We actually got a lot.

Kai: Ooooh.

Reita: We thought people would be too shy to send them, but surprisingly we got so many that we’re actually not gonna be able to play them all. If we played them all we’d have to not talk for the whole show. So we just picked out a few to play. But you can listen to them all after.

Kai: Do I have to?

Reita: EXCUUUSE ME?!!?!

(Kai bursts out laughing)


Kai: (can’t breathe) But I’m sure they’ll be interesting.

Reita: Stfu you’re such an asshole…

Kai: Anyway can I blow out the candles now?

Reita: Ok

Kai: Okay here I go!!! *blows* …YEEEEEYYYYYYYY


Reita: Hbd hbd

Kai: Thank you!

Reita: So anyway what were you saying before?

Kai: Uhh, what was it…oh yeah, well I’m thirty-something now, but before I turn forty…uh…uhhh….oh yeah! Until I’m forty…the most important thing for me will be to keep going hard on the drums.

Reita: Okay.

Kai: …I guess that’s it! To be able to keep giving it my all on the drums behind the four of you without hurting myself…that’s what enriches my life the most.

Reita: ….u can hurt urself tho it’s cool

(both laugh)

Kai: Shut up

Reita: Anyway, happy birthday!

Kai: Thank yoooou!

Reita: So, the theme for October is “Your Manifesto.”

Kai: Yaayyyyyyy.

Reita: Yes. Something you think should change, like “We should have this,” or “Things should be like this”…or like, “Kai-san’s birthday should come twice a year”…

Kai: Ooooooh nice one!!!

Reita: We’re taking all kinds of messages. We also have a Dark Side Segment – you know we should really focus on this one instead.

Both at the exact same time: The Dark Side Segment.

Reita: Yes

Kai: Muhuhu

ta happy (birth)*
Ruki: I was gonna write ‘happy birthday’ but I made a mistake
Ruki: also, I couldn’t go to see them today but it looks like it was a good LIVE just like you’d expect from those guys, huh.** 
once again, thanks for everything. you did a great job.

*He usually posts this picture on the members’ birthdays.
The picture reads “おめでとう” (omedetou). ‘Happy Birthday’ in Japanese is “誕生日おめでとう” (tanjoubi omedetou) and he always writes the member’s name and ‘tanjoubi’ but he made a mistake and wrote
Re + i + ta jou tan instead. 
It’s supposed to be 誕生日 and not only did he forge the 日 (for day) but switched the 誕 and 生 .
**BORN LIVE Reita and Aoi were tweeting about earlier.