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Birthday: 21st june
Star sign
: gemini. though bc i’m right on the change some places say i’m a cancer, but i go with gemini
: female
Favourite Colour
: purple and aqua/turquoise 
Time Right Now
: 1:36am
Average Hours Of Sleep
: not enough lmaoo. been about 5/6 hours lately
Last Thing I Googled: ‘carew castle’ random i know, but i needed to find directions to it bc it’s one of the locations my place of work is doing for sunset cinema this week :3 
Number of Blankets
: just one quilt
Favourite Fictional Character
: severus snape hands down. i have others but no other character is on the level that snape is for me. 💕
Favourite Famous Person: alan rickman!!!!! helen mccrory!!!!! and jared leto :3
Favourite Video Game
: red dead redemption, red dead redemption and uhh red dead redemption! no seriously i love that game so much, it’s amazing. i got sooo attached to the main character and i’ve never had a game make me cry before until that ending. ;_; 
Favourite Book(s)
: harry potter (more specifically the last three books) and the book of lost things by john connolly 
Favourite Movie
: the dark knight, die hard, harry potter, pride and prejudice, avatar, snow cake, hugo, the list could go on really, but the dark knight is my all time fave ❤️
Favourite Band: thirty seconds to mars!! but also iamamiwhoami and london grammar
Dream Trip
: iceland, florida, pompeii, norway and other places in wales i’ve yet to visit 
Dream Job: hahahahahhahahahahhhhhhhhhhh [starts crying]

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anonymous asked:

Do you know what vlog Shay is walking through walmart with I Do you know the vlog where Shay is in wal-mart with the family and he was off with I think PrincessTard and the phone rings and Shay picks it up and says something like "Hi this is Shane" (not sure if that is the real name he used) then the customer ask for something and Shay hangs up the phone and starts walking away and the customer calls back and Shay says "Shane is gonna be in big trouble."

Sounds familiar, but off of the top of my head i’m not sure. Try going to the shaytards youtube page, and then in the search section, search for walmart and see if it comes up. Sorry I would put more time into requests but with studying for school I really can’t :(

EDIT: We found it! Credit to thefadedpicture for finding it!