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People in the real world always say, when something terrible happens, that the sadness and loss and aching pain of the heart will ‘lessen as time passes,’ but it isn’t true. Sorrow and loss are constant, but if we all had to go through our whole lives carrying them the whole time, we wouldn’t be able to stand it. The sadness would paralyze us. So in the end we just pack it into bags and find somewhere to leave it.
—  Fredrik Backman, My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry
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Recommended Art Books ;; The Diary of Frida Kahlo: An Intimate Self-Portrait
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I am positive there is many, many more (especially of the art techniques), however because of tags playing up and my blog had a problem with a whole page disappearing, these are the only I could find at the moment. More will certainly be added. You can exoect another post filled with even more art history info! Hopefully all the links work.



@reserve​ and i were talking about contemporary witch kylo on twitter dot com and we agreed a lot of it is probably just kylo buying too many crystals and trying to get hux to wear protective charms (and also kylo making up weird rituals to try to get hux to try new things in bed) ANYWAYS i really like the aesthetic

We love films because they makes us feel something. They speak to our desires, which are never small. They allow us to escape and to dream and to gaze into the eyes that are impossibly beautiful and huge. They fill us with longing. But also. they tell us to remember; they remind us of life. Remember, they say, how much it hurts to have your heart broken.
—  Nina LaCour, Everything Leads to You
I don’t know my way back home anymore.
No one will show me the way.
You knew every way, every back road, every highway to get me back to the warmth and the privacy and the joy and the joy and the joy.
You knew my fears and how lonely I could be and you had a library of words that could sing my worries back to sleep and you still know but you won’t pick up the damn phone and there is no one to show me where my home is, where my heart is.
So I’ll stay here in this house instead. I’ll leave the light on for you. The key is under the mat.
—  In Which You Can’t Keep Me From Missing You
Art Historic Asks
  • Classical: If you were an Olympian god, what would you be known for?
  • Byzantine: Do you prefer gold or silver accessories?
  • Medieval: Are you religious?
  • Gothic: What is your favourite historic building?
  • Renaissance: Have you ever had a time in your life when you felt enlightened or changed?
  • Baroque: Do you enjoy the finer things in life?
  • Rococo: Is your bedroom full or trinkets and pictures? If so, which pictures adorn your walls?
  • Neoclassicism: If something came back into fashion, what do you hope it would be?
  • Romanticism: Do you often see things in a positive light?
  • Pre-Raphaelite: Which book would you like to see turned into a film?
  • Impressionism: Do you look for details or take everything in at once?
  • Art Nouveau: When were you last at the theatre?
  • Surrealism: Why does the porcupine think it's a duck?
  • Pop Art: Do you enjoy pop culture?
  • Contemporary: What did you do today?