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Okay, uuuuuuhm, I don’t want to be super critical or anything, but why the hell doesn’t AO3 have a Saileen tag? Eileen seems to be paired with Charlie, with Meg (???), with Max Banes and with Dean - did I fall into an alternate reality without noticing? The only possibility to include Sam into the equation is a highly enticing but not currently a thing (sadly) Max Banes/Eileen Lehay/Sam Winchester tag. I even tried to be cunning and started typing Sam Winchester/E - first and only result? Sam Winchester/Everyone. I think we have failed as a fandom, or possibly my internet is broken.

In other news, tags or no tags, my Saileen thing (6K of raw sugar) will be up in one hour or so.

new topic; 

today i was walking home from work, and i work downtown right, its like, a 2 mile walk. anyway, on warm nights, i get harassed all the time. men always yell, or walk with me, or reach out at me, or some other shit. im a 20 yr old woman so, that just happens. 

but tonight, i was walking and listening to music, and i heard a voice talking over it. it was my discover weekly playlist so i was like, wow, weird song. anyway, i eventually picked up that it was an actual person behind me. I took out my headphones and look behind me, and theres a guy walking with me. I guess he assumed i was ignoring him bc i was nervous, so he started screaming at me. 

so he just kept walking along with me, screaming “if you’re scared bitch say you’re scared, if you’re scared bitch say you’re scared!” over and over, until a cop pulls over and he starts to back away 

but it’s like, why is this my walk home every night, why can’t i walk 2 miles without getting screamed at by some man who needs attention


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