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I'm so confused, I'm already a couple of hundred pages into Raising Steam and like why hasn't Adora Belle talked about golems? Or even smoked? How did Ardent get his voice back? Why does Bashfullson suddenly dislike AM?

Oh gosh, I know, I felt exactly the same (although I can’t remember Bashfulson’s dislike - however, I’m sure at the time I was just as confused on that front as well)

I am so sorry dear fellow-Pterry-lover. Your feeling of confusion and unease will probably only grow as you read on, as well. *shifts uncomfortably* *pats you gently on the head and hides behind a sofa*


Jay letting Evie go first and her waiting for him to do so

Closed RP with Mother-Grub: Siren Song

>You sit on a tree stump in the center of the woods, singing your song to lure unsuspecting travellers. You soon notice another troll in the distance heading your way, so you sing louder to make sure you’ve got their attention.

>Good. It seems to be working. Who could resist the song of such a beautiful lady like yourself, anyway?

Reasons why SnK is totally setting up Erwin Smith - Titan Shifter

1. Humanity/Monster - A motif that keeps appearing over and over again in regards to Erwin is his insistence on making sacrifices and giving up important things for humanity’s advancement. When speaking specifically about Erwin, Armin makes the famous comment about “sacrificing your humanity” directly. While Erwin has made sacrifices in the past (his squad members, his relationships, his arm, etc.) it would be especially fitting if his last major sacrifice would be to “give up” his humanity altogether. In a similar vein are the comments from people in the Survey Corps and the public that regard him as somewhat of a “monster” for his compartmentalization of loss and sacrifice. Erwin literally becoming “a monster” to accomplish his goals is poetic and makes sense.

2. Usefulness - In the latest chapter, Erwin remarks that in his current disabled state, he is no longer truly useful to the Corps, despite his pronounced intellect/ability to strategize. If he is unable to fight, he is no longer of use to the Corps and seemingly replaceable (in his opinion.) Because of this, i’m sure Erwin would agree that he becomes a prime candidate for the titan serum; if he is no longer useful in human form, then he is expendable and worth risking it on. Worst case scenario is that he becomes a strong titan, wreaks havoc on their enemy under Eren’s coordinate powers, and then has to be put down. Best case: They gain an abnormally strong titan with all of Erwin’s strategy skills. The risk would be more than worth the reward.

3. “The Dream” - For the longest time, Erwin has desired a victory over the titans, and it has only been recently that we’ve learned the reason behind this; the loss of his father at the hands of a corrupt government that sought to cover up the secrets surrounding the titans. Because of this, and because he believes the truth will release humanity from imprisonment, he now almost certainly faces death in the pursuit of it. I think this means that Erwin most certainly will take all steps available to him to not only ensure the mission’s success, but to see the dream through to the end himself. This definitely includes becoming a shifter to do so.

Also interesting: Eren is introduced shortly after waking from a dream. Ymir wanders as a titan for years in a “dream-like” state. Reiner and Bertholdt speak often of their dream to return to their village. Whether literal or metaphorical, the dream motif seems to appear over and over again in regards to titan shifters specifically. 

4. The Arm - Although we have gotten a sense of some emotional response from Erwin in regards to his loss of limb, it hasn’t really become as huge of a fixture for his character as you’d expect of a soldier who needs it to continue to function effectively. Maybe i’m wrong, but the treatment of Erwin’s trauma has been shallow at best, leading me to believe that it’s just that. There hasn’t been very much of an exploration of what this means for Erwin because it was never intended to become a permanent thing anyway, and the writing reflects this. We’ve been shown dismemberment time and time again with the solution simply being “just regrow the damn thing”. No other veterans, active or retired have been shown with a disability like that. No other character has suffered limb loss without being able to grow it back or outright dying. That Isayama would place the titan serum so close to his only noticeably disabled character should say it all.

5. Levi - This all goes without saying, but Levi most definitely does not want Erwin to die. Although Levi is aware of Erwin’s resolve to see the basement mission through to the end, he still tries to convince him to remain behind to spare him from certain death, even if he’s still the Survey Corps commander. During their discussion over the mission and again about the titan serum, Levi asks Erwin what his plans are after their victory. It is my belief that Levi already intends to use the serum on Erwin if they should find themselves in a tight spot, and he’s looking for Erwin’s consent. When Erwin admits that he doesn’t intend to live past that point, Levi gets all he needs to move forward. He understands Erwin’s M.O. perhaps better than any other soldier, and as such weighs the “risks and rewards” as discussed above while keeping in mind Erwin’s willingness to die if need be. He understands that Erwin is the best candidate, can potentially survive in that form, and will provide them with an invaluable tool should Erwin be able to regain his senses. It’s a choice that Erwin himself might make in his situation. 

And aren’t we already familiar with that? “Choose for yourself whichever decision you regret the least.” Will he regret letting Erwin die defenseless in battle more than taking a shot at turning him into a titan shifter?

Meet up - pilgrimageofthestars

I had a meet up today! First planned one in years, I am so happy! Toronto Canada I believe! I click the buttons and pull levers and hear the TARDIS make the wonderful noise when it starts moving, shortly after I landed! Right behind the coffee shop I was suppose to be at! I make my way around the coffee shop and walk in seeing Scott already waiting “Hello!” I say walking up to him and sitting at the chair across from here


Walking out from Owanas office, Joanna was making a bee line for the exit with her step seemingly lighter with the lies she had kept within spilling out like blood to a childs scrape. Although she worried about the consequences for purging the truth since there was no one to help protect her, Joanna had known for months know that she would rather die then to live the same for any longer. 

Joanna slowed as she passed the Ministry library, making an abrupt decision to enter as she knew that if Evan Black didnt return soon, that she would rather be defending herself in court rather than an appointed lawyer. If that were the case, then for her sake, she hoped there would be something in the library to help her become more educated. The moment she entered, she was daunted and lost… Hogwarts had nothing to this collection of books. Walking into the first aisle, Joanna started a search that was hopeless by herself, her face mangled with the expression of lost. 

Vegas Two Times

Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow… A quiet groan left bruised lips as the man started to awake and the light that filled the room registered in his mind. Immediately, a pounding burst to life, pushing against the walls of his skull and pulsing all throughout his body. The ache only made him think of one thing; alcohol. Had he drank last night? Did he drink that much? He didn’t often drink, though his life called for it at times, but when he did he went all out. If he could. He always regretted it in the morning, yet couldn’t help but stop himself the next time.

He was spread eagle on his bed, as far as he was concerned. And one of his arms was dead. Must have slept on it funny. He slowly creaked his eyes open, the light hurting his head and making the pulsing pain worse. Hissing and turning his face away, he waited a few seconds to try again. This time, he did it one eye at a time. It still hurt but not as much, and he had to squint up at the ceiling until he was certain that he could keep them open long enough to consider himself awake. He sighed. The ceiling looked… Cleaner than he remembered. And the crack wasn’t there. They hadn’t filled it in and painted it over while he was out, had they? Letting his eyes wander down from the ceiling, if he had been moving, he would have frozen.

The room was not his own. It was bigger and very well decorated. There wasn’t clothes all over the floor unable to see the marble, the walls weren’t a sea-foam green. Instead, everything looked somehow fancy and cheap at the same time, painted in a gold paint that had flaked off in some places. Where was he? What was he doing here? He tried to get up in order to see for himself when his dead arm wouldn’t let him.

Turning his head, he saw that there was… Someone lying on his dead arm and not allowing him to move. Their back was towards him, curled up and he could have sworn his hand was clasped between the others. He yelped before he had the chance to think and slapped a hand over his mouth.



“You have to take it back.” He pulled me into an empty classroom, frantic. He started pacing, his hand rubbing the back of his neck. I rubbed the place on my arm where he pulled me into this classroom. This empty classroom. This classroom with just us in it.

“Take what back?” It took more concentration than it should have to make sure that I wouldn’t stutter around him. To be honest, I have no clue how I concentrated on anything else than those perfect eyes staring into mine.

“Tell me that you don’t like me. Tell me that you don’t want to be more than friends. You have to tell me. You have to take it back.”

“Then… Then I take it back.” Just for his sake. Do it for him. Malia makes him happy and Stiles deserves that.

“What?” His voice was quiet. Confused.

“I don’t want to be more than friends.” Yes I do. Oh my god do I. “It was a stupid, silly crush. I’m over it.” No I’m not. I’m not over the years and years of being head over heels for him. “And I’m sorry Stiles. I’m really sorry for starting something that didn’t need to be started.” He exhaled, relieved and laughing under his breath. I could feel my heartbeat in my fingertips, in my head, everywhere. I hated lying. I hated lying to him.

“So can I borrow your Econ homework?” He wrapped an arm loosely around my shoulders and guided me into the hallway. My heart pounded in my ears. Why did I tell him that? Why why why.

“Yah… Yah, Sure.” At least he was happy. Even if it didn’t involve me.

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