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Got7 reaction to their S/O committing suicide

A/N - Before I even get into this reaction, I want to say this one is a darker subject and can be rather triggering for some people. If this topic is a sensitive one to you then I’d suggest not reading it unless you know you’re comfortable with it. Also, if you’re feeling affected or down then please don’t hesitate to message me as I’m always happy to talk and try and help you all.

Hey this might be a bit dark but can you do a reaction where GOT7 reacts to you passing away from a suicide attempt? Sorry if it’s too morbid of a request  

Mark: Mark would be devastated. He’d feel like he lost a part of himself when he lost you and would take a very long time to get over the grief and shock of it all. Knowing the reasoning behind your death would hurt as well, as he’d feel bad for not noticing the emotional pain you felt every day.

JB: Jaebum would be shocked by the whole thing. He had noticed you weren’t quite yourself in the weeks leading up to your death but had never imagined the severity of what you were going through. He missed you so much and grieved for you, hoping you were in a better place now.

Jackson: I think Jackson would try to hide how sad he felt from others. He wouldn’t accept their condolences and would keep to himself while he recovered the loss he was feeling. Once he had gotten over that initial wave of pain, he’d probably get involved with suicide awareness charities in memory of you.

Jinyoung: Jinyoung wouldn’t know what to do. He’d feel such a numbness about it all and just couldn’t really function without your presence. He wouldn’t talk to anyone, would forget how to eat. He felt like he couldn’t go on without you there next to him.

Youngjae: I think Youngjae would be able to cope with it best. He had noticed your behaviour and had asked you about it a few days before you ended your life. He knew that trying to stop you would just cause you more pain so he let you take control of your life

Bambam: Bambam just felt so sad about losing you. He felt like he should have done something to help you before you ended your life and he felt responsible for it. He hated himself for not realising how much you wanted to die and not doing anything to try and stop it.

Yugyeom: I feel like Yugyeom would understand why you had ended you life, he had always known your struggles with depression and could see it from your point of view. However that didn’t make it any easier for him to cope with your death and he would grieve for a long time.

Don’t shut me out, okay.

Request from Anonymous: Can I request something where Simon D was treating you coldly because he saw screenshots of your convo with your ex-bf that you forgot to delete before yet he couldn’t help but to make up with you at the end of the day? Kamsamnida~ 

I changed screenshots of the conversation to Whatsapp messages and I may have lost the plot halfway through :( sorry if this isn’t what you wanted…


Simon was awoken by your phone’s notifications. It has been going off for nearly 15 minutes. Who could be possibly texting you this early. Ding. You were in the shower so Simon turned over to your side of your bed where your phone was on your pillow. He turned the phone over to put in on silent but he looked at your lockscreen to see who was texting you. 

It was someone named Alan. Alan? He only knows one Alan in your circle of friends. Your ex-boyfriend, Alan. Simon was now feeling more annoyed than before. He swiped across and entered your phone’s pin. He opened Whatsapp quickly scanned through the messages and realised you two were messaging each back and forth for the past week. He put your phone back to where it was and started to think of all the worst possible scenarios. 

“Good morning handsome,” you said as you entered the bedroom. You sat in front of the vanity ready to put on your daily face. Simon didn’t reply. He was sitting on the edge of the bed staring at his phone. “Do you want to have lunch at that new sushi place near the studio?” Simon didn’t reply again. You could see from the mirror that something was bothering him. You turned around and faced him. “Hey, what’s wrong? You’re not usually this quiet in the morning”. Simon got up and took his jacket from the chair and walked out of the room. Not before murmuring under something under his breathe. But you could kind of make it out. He said something along the lines of work, busy and gotta go. You called after him but the front door was already slammed shut. 

Throughout the day, you tried calling Simon but he didn’t answer. You even called Loco and Gray but they said he has been in the recording studio and hasn’t come out. Now you were worried. What could have possibly happened between the hours of him going to bed and waking up. Something must have happened to him otherwise he wouldn’t be acting like this. You kept on messaging him and finally, he replied. Hallelujah! It wasn’t a long message but all he said “I’m busy atm. Pls stop calling and messaging me and stop bothering Loco and Gray. They have better things to do”. You read the message more than once. Simon usually doesn’t mind if you’re constantly messaging him, let alone bothering the guys. He even recommends it because the boys are always working hard and that they need a break. Your lame jokes always work well with them. 

You called him again and again. Screw what he said about bothering him. You need to know what has gotten him in a bad mood. His bad mood have rubbed onto you and the next thing you know is you’re on the way to the office. 

“Is he still in his recording studio?” you asked Loco. Loco nodded and pointed down the hallway. When you got to his door, you banged on it rather than knocking quietly. A few minutes of banging, you were faced with Simon. ‘What did I do that has made you so moody? Please tell me so I can fix it. I hate seeing you like this!” Simon didn’t say anything but walked back into the room. He was now sitting on his chair and you sat on the sofa. “You want me to tell what’s wrong? Well I know you have been talking to your ex. I saw your Whatsapp.” The fact that Simon went through your phone was the least of your worries, but it was that he actually thinks something is going on between you and your ex-boyfriend. “Are you kidding me? You think I’m seeing my ex boyfriend behind your back?”. He turned his chair and is facing you, “Well why else would you be talking to him? If you love him, then leave me.” You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. 

You opened Whatsapp on your phone and put the phone in front of him. “You said you saw the messages on my phone but did you actually read it? If you did, then you wouldn’t be treating me like a cheater.” Simon hesitated in looking at the phone but you would not leave until he reads the damn messages. “Read the messages, Simon.” He lost and took the phone from you. His eyes didn’t scan the messages this time, he scrolled to the first message and read it from there. After reading all of it, he handed you back the phone. 

“Well?” you asked. “Do you still think I’m seeing my ex behind your back?” Simon came over next to you and sat down. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know the two of you were discussing plans for your brother’s wedding. I forgot he is actually your brother’s best friend. I shouldn’t be making stupid assumptions”. You smiled at him. “Yeah you shouldn’t. Next time ask me straight up. Don’t shut me out. Okay?” Simon put his arms you and kissed you on the head, “Okay, I’m sorry babe. What can I do to make it up to you?” 

You put a finger on your chin, “Hmmm, I wanna go have lunch at that new sushi place and you’re going to choose dinner for the next week because every time I ask you always say ‘whatever you like’ Simon nodded before going back to his seat. “Hey, let me know what you think of this track I’m working on. Just a heads up, there’s a sampling of your laughs at the beginning.” 

“My laughs? I think you mean my cackles, babe. I sound like a dying witch when I laugh”. Simon laughed at your comment, “well I think it’s a very cute witch dying”. You disagreed with him, “you have a very strange imagination of witches”. 

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"Is Harry" "the kind" "of guy who" "send just like" "a million" "texts or" "Just send all the info in one because he takes time to write each message"m

I feel like he’d send most things in one message and take his time writing that message unless it’s something urgent

Normal message:
Hey, baby I know you’re probably asleep bc time zones and what not but I just wanted to tell you good night and that I love you x

Interval messages:

So I may or may not have lost something

Please don’t be mad

It was an accident and I swore I’d put it inside my suitcase

But apparently it was in the front pocket and it just slipped out

I lost your favorite lube fuck I’m sorry

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Hi, I'm really sorry that I have offended you. I actually didn't think you had read my previous comments. I completely understand if you don't want to share her or the rest of them, that's your choice (though it does make me a little heartbroken, they are beautiful, but i'll get over it by reading your blog ;) ) I absolutely love your tumblr and the borowski's. Wyla was the cutest toddler I've ever seen :) and I'm sorry for trying to make Emery I honestly didn't realise it would upset you.

hi love, you didn’t offend me, i’d just gotten so many messages about them, including asks, and replies, and dm’s, and i just felt like no-one at all was listening to me. i didn’t wanna upset you either, and i’m really sorry if i did, i just lost my patience and was probably being too sensitive. 

i may upload emery in the future, probably after a couple gens, and i’ll let you know when she’s up for download, i promise! 

thank you so much for supporting my tumblr and being so lovely. you don’t need to apologise for anything, i think i overreacted and was feeling a lil sorry for myself due to a shitty day. thank you for this message <3

i had to restart my kik so i likely lost your message if you’d sent one before!! super sorry, my phone was being slow because the message had built up to over 2000 again ^^“

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Hi there! Just popping in to say I found your writing through your Ryder/Reyes work, and you're absolutely brilliant. Seriously, like, I had to go sit down for awhile after reading some of those emotionally heavy chapters because you just have this ability to convey something so honest and sincere about your characters. Did I read correctly that you're participating in the ME Big Bang? Sorry if I'm totally wrong about that and confusing you with someone else/you got busy with other things!

Thank you for such a lovely message. I lost a few followers to my Andromeda rage yesterday, so it’s wonderful to receive a little bit of positivity. I really appreciate it. ❤️

I am indeed participating in the MEBB, but my publishing date hasn’t arrived yet. It’ll be on us sooner than I’d like! (I’m experiencing a little overcomittment regret - too late to bail now, though.)

Ok. I got a lovely anon message but Tumblr mobile crashed as I answered and the original post was lost. So here’s what I was able to recover. I’m so sorry, anon. But I was able to keep this much.

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Late for appreciation day! Sorry!! D: but I just want to tell you that I love your stories and I always go back to read them several times because they are really good! You’re a dedicated writer who’s always working harder to bring new content to the fandom and I’m so grateful for that! And you’re also willing to help small writers to be better :) you’re an amazing person in general and I admire you :)

Do not fear, anon, there is no deadline for love on my blog. DID YOU JUST SAY REREAD??? *swoons intensely* That is one of the ultimate compliments as a writer. Thank you so much!!! My first thought was something like, aww shucks it’s nothing, but I stopped and really thought about it. That would undermine the compliment and the effort I put into my writing. You are very right. I put my heart and soul into pieces and really try to produce content. I should pat myself on the back more. Thank you for reminding me of that. I ALWAYS want to help if someone asks and is willing to learn. Great writers have helped me, and I hope to do the same. I haven’t studied writing in a long time, so everything is still shaky, but if there is something I can do, I will. Small writers? Honey, I don’t consider myself much more than a newbie here too. I love to talk to any and all :) it really broadens my horizons and exposes me to wonderful people. This means so much, anon. I can feel the love, and it warms my heart in a time when occasionally I feel sad and lost, but the people here have been so sweet and kind to me. It really helps 💟 a.d.m.i.r.e. I almost blacked out there for a minute. I hope to keep up the love and writing. Never feel shy to drop by my box (anon or no) and get to know this weird nerd. Like. I want to hug you. *sends virtual hug* Thank you for all the love. I will continue to do my best!

Official Hiatus Note

Dear followers and people who have become friends, I´m sorry to announce that herewith, I´m taking a hiatus on this blog. You may have noticed my lack of activity lately. Alas, I´m not feeling it anymore. I loved looking at the many great pictures of many delectable guys you all posted and revelled in the funniness of your comments. I loved writing and sharing stories, but somehow, my enthusiasm and creativity has suffered from a severe downfall. 

As so often, real life bring challanges that keep one away from the silly banter and the longer I stayed away, and please don´t be offended, the less significant returning became. See it as step-by-step withdrawal and the process is now complete, I´m afraid. It was hard at first and there are days I still miss it - and all of you - but I can´t bring myself to come here and reblog pics and news with lukewarm comments and that´s what most of them were lately. The allure has waned dastically and ít would feel false and hypocritical to keep this facade up. 

I have to say the experience of having a blog here and sharing my madness with so many fanatstic people was one I will never regret having made. I reached a follower count I´d never have imagined and gained a handful of real life friends who I will hold close to my heart even when I stop blogging here.

Thank you all who have accompanied me on this crazy, emotional ride, who kept tolerating my shenanigans and who kept tagging me and messaging despite my absence. You don´t know how much it means. 

I say thee farewell - with the prospect of perhaps returning one day. 


(I´m tagging those I´ve had most contact with but many of you´ve changed your URLs lately so I´m sorry if I missed anyone.)

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so it turns out someone really shitty thought it would be funny to hack my account and send some very inappropriate and morbid things to my followers ( I am sorry to those who did receive those messages), I have since then both lost a lot of followers and have unfollowed quite a few…

Please reblog if you are a kpop blog! I am more than happy to check out and follow your blog and to make new friends :D

Voicemail (Niall imagine)

NOTE: Make sure you read the titles as well. It’s in chronological order. There are some huge time gaps, but I hope you can follow :-) Let me know what you think!


The thirteen voicemail messages he leaves you, for the thirteen times you don’t pick up your phone.

The one time he calls you after your first date 

“Shit. Oh… Yes. Okay. Voicemail! I’m not good at this. Clearly… I’m sorry… Uhm… What I wanted to say… I really liked our date! And I would love to do it again next time… Yes. I’d like that! Okay. I’m going to go now… (weird noises)… I have no clue how to end this voicemail thing. How do you d-…” (end voicemail)

The one time he misses you while being on tour

“Hey… It’s me… I know you’re asleep and don’t be sorry for not picking up the phone. I just wanted to hear your voice, I guess… (silence)… Missing you gets harder every day. Touring gets harder every day. I just want to be with you and two more weeks seem like a life time… Anyway… I love you. Message me when you wake up.”

The one where you both call your phone because you lost it

You: “Hi phone! I want to know where you are. Can you please magically put on the volume again. Thank you.”

Niall: “Jeez… Babe. You don’t have to ask it nice. It is a pretty serious situation here. Give me that.”

“God, damn you stupid phone! Get your ass back to my girlfriend!”


You: “I don’t think that’s going to work.”

Niall: “Okay… I’m sorry phone. Please excuse me for ending this voicemail. I’m going to tickle my sassy girlfriend until she screams bloody murder, asking for mercy.”

You (in the back): “No, no, NO! Niall, don-.”

(end voicemail)

The one time you had a fight and you walked out on him

“I’ve been a complete and utter dickhead to you and I’m so so sorry for that. I can give you a million explanations for my behaviour, but I’m not even going to try to talk myself out of this. I was wrong. And I miss you. And I just want you to come home again, because I need you, baby. I need you with me…”

“Baby. I’m coming for you. I don’t know where you are and I have no clue where to look, but I’m going anyway. It’s been four hours now and I’m literally freaking out here. Can you please let me know you’re okay. I’m worried sick…”

The one time he lost the key of the apartment you share

“God dammit. Why don’t you pick up your phone! I’m locked out of the house… DON’T LAUGH! I know you’re laughing! Just… Can you come home? It’s cold… And I think I need someone to warm me up.”

The one time he calls you to tell you he loves you

“It’s totally okay to call your phone although I know you’re not going pick up. Just wanted to tell you that I love you. I love you wifey. I love everything about you.”

The one time you leave him alone with your one year old todler

“Uhm… Honey. I don’t really know what – shit… He’s crying. I can’t make him stop – no no no don’t grab that Thomas! – Honey can you PLEASE GET THE GROCERIES FAST. – NO not the vase, Thomas!!”

The one where your marriage is on the edge of falling apart

“Lilly came home from school today. She looked off and sad. I asked her what bothered her and she told me they talked about divorces in school. She thinks we are going to divorce. She thinks it because of the fights and because you left… (silence) … I didn’t know what to say…  I still don’t know what to say. I promised to love you in the good and the bad times, in sickness and in health. And I’m not going to break that promise to you. I’ll always want you. You are my wife and I can assure you that I’m going to do anything in my power to keep you. Even if it’s the last thing I do.”

The one where you have a girls night and he has a boys night, after forty years

“Jeez… I love how your voice sounds. I can listen to your voicemail all day. I just wanted to tell you the boys are coming over tonight… Actually I don’t know why I still call them the boys. I guess forty years don’t change everything. (silence) ANYWAY. I love you, honey. And I hope you have a good night with the girls… Yes, don’t even mention what I did again. I know…”

The one where he calls you he’s going to be late

“I know! I know… I’m late. I’m sorry. The concert is about to start, and I’m on the bus, about to kill the chauffeur for being so slow. Don’t want to spend my old day in prison though, so I’m going to stay on my seat… I think. (little chuckle) I hope I’m still in time to see my little granddaughters sing for the first time! Wish Sophie and Lora good luck for me… Okay? I’m going to be there in ten minutes I think. Already counting the minutes to sit there beside you, honey." 

The one where he wants to hear your voice one last time

“Today has been the hardest day… And I just wanted to hear your voice. Because I have no clue what’s going to wake me up in the morning and I hope to find it with you, like always… (silence)… I’ve been to your funeral today. I hope you saw it, honey… I really do. It was beautiful. Thomas and Lilly had made this beautiful letter and I still get goose bumps thinking about it. Jack, Katie and Soph said something as well. Dan and Lora couldn’t. Just like me. I’m sorry but I would’ve broken down at the spot. I tried so hard to keep it all together, I really did… (silence)… God, I miss you so much it hurts…” (voicemail cuts off)

“I’m sorry… I couldn’t go on. But I wasn’t finished yet… I just wanted to say that it was a real privilege to be your husband. You were  and still are the most amazing wife. I want to thank you for that. Until my dying day… I love you, my beautiful, beautiful wife. I’ll see you soon… I hope I do.” 

NOTE: I hope you liked this. I’ve been struggling with this imagine for days now, trying to get it like I had somewhat pictured it in my head. Please let me know what you think of it. Hope the names weren’t too confusing, as well as the timeline. The names in the end are all the grandchildren. Lilly and Thomas are the children :-) 

Sorry for not posting “Best mistake” part 22 yesterday..So here it now :D <3 <3 Tell me what you think about the part in message box ;)

“No,no nooo..Let me go!!” you started to yell
“Get away from me!!” you shout crying
You started to run away,but he catched you again.
“Y/N WAKE UP!!!!!!!” you wake up bareally breathing
You were in a complete shock,you were lost.
“Y/N are you okay?!” Neymar said moving your hair away from your face.
He looked so worried too.
“I was so scared” you said starting to cry.
Neymar pulled you on his chest kissing your head..
“It’s okay,It was just a dream” he hold you tight
You were shaking..You turn your head seeing what time is it.It was 3:00am..
“Let’s go to sleep again,shall we babe?” Neymar looked at you,you just nodded your head.
Both of you lay down again,you lay on Neymar’s chest.
Moments later you fell asleep again.

“HELLO MY FRIENDS!!!” you hear someone yell while coming in the room
“Shhhhhh,Y/N is asleeep fool!” Neymar yells
“Ohhhhh,shhh” you reciognize the voice.Marcelo.

You pretend to sleep,and you just listened what they are talking about.
“She had a bad dream yesterday..I was so worried about her” neymar said
“Oh..I know you were worried..You always are” Marcelo laughs a little
“Well I care” he said
“I know you do Neymar…Anyway…Today we will go play some football at the football field near this hotel” Marcelo said
“Like we will play with kids and others?" 
"Yup,they heard we are here so…”
“Yeah,that’s awesome…When are we going?”
“Around 3pm" 
"Okay man” Neymar said and Marcelo left.

You heard Neymar walk over to you.He kissed your forehead and stroked your hair a little..
You smiled and open your eyes..Neymar smiled at you
“Goodmorning babe” he was still smiling
“Morning” you smiled and stretch,you made a dinosaur noise
Neymar laughed
“What?” you laugh
“You made cute noise” he looked at you
You got lost in his eyes at that moment.They looked so in love and so happy.
“Neymar can I tell you something?” you looked at him
“Of course” he smiled getting closer to you
“I love you” you blushed 
“Aww babe,I love you too” Neymar smiled and pressed his lips on yours and kissed you slowly.
After he pulled away,you bit your lip looking at him
“Let’s go eat breakfast,get dressed” he smiled at you
“Noooooooooo” you shout pulling over the sheet over your head
“C'mon lazy bug” he laughs and pulls off the sheet off your head.
“Okay” you said finally getting up

You got dressed,and Neymar and you went to the restaurant in the hotel.Neymar had some fancy breakfast,all you order were pancakes with chocolate.
“We’re going to play football today with the kids” Neymar said
“Oh that is so cool” you laughed a little
“I mean it is really sweet from all of you” you added smiling
Your pancaked camed
“Oh my God,they smell and look so gooddd” you lick your lips
“Y/N” Neymar laughs
“I love pancakes” you laugh and start eating them.


Neymar and you and the guys went to the field where they will play football with the kids.
There was so many teenagers and kids…
Some of them were just watching the guys,and going towards them,hugging them…
Neymar held your hand,he didn’t let go.One girl camed over to him and hugged him,he hugged her with one hand.
“Yo Ney” you tell him
“Let me go,i’ll be fine..And give your fans a great hug okay?” you smiled and kiss his cheek.
You walked to the benches where the fans were.They also wanted to take pictures with you.
After all the huge taking of pictures,and other.Finally everyone were separated in groups and how they will play.

There were around 6 or 7 groups that had to play with them.Few of them passed.
After every game they took a group picture.It was cute for you.
“Y/N come play with us!” a little kid yelled
“Who? Me? Oh no” you laughed
“Come on please” he looked at you and those eyes made you melt.
“Okay” you smiled and he took your hand.

“Oh my God,what have I got myself into” you said to yourself.
You looked at the guys,Neymar was smiling at you.

The kid passed you the ball,you did well at first but then you tried to pass it back but you shoot the ball really hard.
“I’m sorry” you said to the kid

You were getting better,Neymar was next to you,he pushed you a little,and you fake fall on the ground..
“Ouuuch!” you yelled 
“Are you okay Y/N!” Neymar got on his knees
“Got ya’!” you wink..

Neymar rolled his eyes and helped you to get up.
“Don’t do that to me anymore” he said
“Don’t push me anymore” you wink again
“I want to" 
“Um are we playing or?” David yells
“I’m going out,I can’t play anymore sorry!” you yell and walk away.

You turn around to look at Neymar,he was already staring.
You just smiled at him and sat down on the bench again.
“Whoah that was a great 3 minutes!” you said while drinking water
“You played good” a girl said
“thanks!” you smiled back.

After all the groups were done…Neymar took off his jersey and start walking over to you.
You were looking down his body,he was hot.
“Oh my god” a girl said,then another one screamed,then another one faded you think.

He camed over to you,and kissed you on the lips
“You did great babe” you smiled
“Thanks” he smiled and looked over to the girls.

He winks at all of them and they started to cry then.
Neymar gave his jersey to one of the girls.
“I LOVE YOU TOO!” he yelled back smiling

“Finally laying down” Neymar jumps on the bed
Your phone starts to ring again..Shiloh..
“Yellow” you answer the phone laughing
“HEY Y/N! Let’s meet up again” he said
“Sorry can’t tonight…I’m with my bae” you smiled looking at Neymar
“Oh okay…then tomorrow maybe?”
“Yup…Okay..Bye!” you hang up.
“Who was that again?” he looked at you
“Does it matter?” you smiled and come on top of Neymar.
“Ohh Y/N” he smiled
You laghed and kiss him,over and over again.

Hope you enjoyed the part and see ya’ll soon <3 <3 




IM NOT!!!!!1!!!!!



hey guys o/ right , this is my second fforever (tried making a little prettier , buuuuuuut .. i guess that did not work well hksadhas) well anyway , i’d post it just further ahead! but I decided to post it now (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ i just wanted to say thanks to all of you! thank you all for being beautiful and perfect :3 i love you all , really ♥ i hope you all enjoy :3

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Can't help it

Author: Not moose

Character: Dean

Reader gender: Female

Requested by: Anonymous

Authors note: To the anon who requested this. I’m so sorry but I realized after I wrote the fic that you wanted the reader to be a hunter. If you would like me to re write it just send a message. :D

You groan as a shrill beeping sound interrupts the best sleep you have had in weeks. Ever since your dad died you have been restless and well, lost. He was your rock. You shared all the same interests and hobbies. He was your best friend and since his passing it’s like you are a sail boat stuck in the middle of the water with no wind. Just bobbing up and down with no direction.

“Hey, Y/N! We’re gonna be late for work. The drinks won’t pour themselves!” Your roommate Sarah yells at you from somewhere else in the apartment.

“Yeah yeah. Just a minute. It takes more than a couple of seconds to look so hot.” You yell back while pulling on your denim shorts (not too short that your butt is hanging out but short enough that you get good tips)

“Whateva’. You’re naturally stunning now get your tiny ass down here. I don’t want Shirley yellin’ at us again for being late.” You roll your eyes at the mention of your boss and owner of the The Smoking Pistol Bar. She was a hard ass but the pay was good and you didn’t get enough money from the garage your dad left you in his will. So now you work two jobs, one in the morning and one at night till the butt crack of dawn.

“I’m here I’m here. Let’s go.” You grab the keys and head off to the bar, not really looking forward to the drunk, middle aged guys, who smell like rotting fish and copious amounts of alcohol. They are always grabby and think they are entitled to your body. You know how to hold your own however, and have put them back in their place. Still, it’s frustrating, but it keeps a roof over your head so you trek along.

“Heyyyy. Hot steff! Yea you with the tight ass. Anowther whiskey… hic.. now..hic” A man at the other end of the bar, probably in his early forties who apparently has never heard of shaving, yells at you or rather says a mixture of slurs and hiccups. The sad part is that you have worked here long enough to decipher what he is saying with no hesitation.

“How about some water instead? I think you have had enough whiskey for now.” You flash him your best smile in hopes that he won’t argue with you, but of course your efforts are ignored.

“Iff I- if I want another whiskey, you’ll give me another whiskey. Got that, bitch?” He says waving a finger at you for emphasis but it just makes him look more ridiculous.

“I’m sorry sir, but I have the right to refuse drinks to customers. Now, I’ll be happy to get you a water and call you a cab but you’re cut off for the night.” This time there is no smile, only a harsh, ‘I don’t take shit from drunk sad sacks’ look. The look fades almost instantaneously as his hand comes in contact with your left cheek, it didn’t hurt because he was too drunk to put any real force behind it, but it still shocked you none the less.

“Listen, you whore!! You can’t refuse me a damn thing! And maybe I’ll have to show you who’s boss!” He goes to land a sloppy kiss on your lips but he is pulled away by a man in a suit.

“Listen here you piece of shit. She is the boss here, and she is a lady, not a whore. You get your sorry drunk ass out of here before I kick you out.” The man with the most gorgeous green eyes you have ever seen, says to the man with a very stern voice.

“Oh pisss off Ken Doll. This ain’t yer business.”

“Like hell it is. You’re harassing this beautiful woman, who for your information was trying to help you out. So yeah, it’s my business.”

“She is just some bitch bar tender. She ain’t worth your time so-” the rude, inebriated man was cut off by the green eyed mystery man’s fist coming in contact with his large mouth. And that was all it took to knock him out.

“She’s not a bitch, jackass.” The gorgeous man says while shaking his fist.

“You don’t know that. I could be a total bitch. You could’ve just punched a man for no reason.” You joke while pouring the man a shot. You shoot him a flirty smile when he sits down in front of you.

“You look like a whiskey man.” You say sliding over the shot glass.

“On the house. Thanks for dealing with him. I could normally do it but I just don’t have the energy tonight.” You say pouring yourself a shot.

“He was being a total dick. It was my pleasure. I’m just sorry that you have to deal with that on a regular basis. Guys hitting your ass or trying to make advances or just being total assholes. It’s got to be rough.” He says before he takes the shot and hissing as the liquid runs down his throat.

“Ehh. I’m used to it. Comes with the job.” You say shrugging, taking your shot of whiskey.

“Why do you have this job anyway? Smart, beautiful girl like you could be doing anything. Why are you bar tending in a dive like this?” He questions holding out his glass for another swig of whiskey.

“Pays the bills. I want to be a mechanic like my dad is- well was. That’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. But I don’t get much business in a small town like this. I’ve got this big garage filled with gorgeous classic cars that my dad and I restored together and it breaks my heart, but I might have to sell them if I want a roof over my head.” You sigh just thinking about it. Those cars are your pride and joy, selling them would be like selling your kid, if you had one.

“Classic cars huh? Like what?” The man asks grabbing your hand and giving it a reassuring squeeze, obviously seeing the pain shining in your eyes. You give him a sheepish smile and squeeze back.

“Well I drive a '63 Chevy Corvette. That’s my baby, I would never sell that. But back at the garage I have a '69 Camaro Super Sport, an old Chevy Belair, and a '60 Mustang. All restored and in working condition.” You smile. Those cars are your life. The man whistles and smiles at you.

“I have to see these. Classic cars are so hot, and nothing is hotter than a stunning girl who appreciates them as much as I do.” He winks at you and nods towards the doors of the bar.

“Oh honey, appreciate is not strong enough. I love classic cars. They are so sexy and there is just something about them that just feels like home to me. When I’m working under the hood of one, or hear the engine roar, it sends shivers down my spine.”

“Like I said, hot. So are you going to show me or not?” He raises his eyebrows waiting for an answer.

“I don’t even know your name.” You say smiling at the man who you just met but feel close to anyways.

“Name’s Dean. And yours?”

“Y/N. Nice to meet you, Dean.” You grab your keys and coat walking over to the door.

“You coming, Dean? Or am I going alone?” Dean smirks and grabs his own jacket before following you out to the parking lot of the bar.

“You know, I could get fired for leaving early. Shirley will bust my balls. And for all I know your a serial killer or an escaped mental patient.” You says swinging your keys in your hands grinning up at Dean.

“You’re smart enough to know I’m not. You never would’ve come out here with me if you didn’t feel safe.” He says returning your grin. The light from the street lamp catches in his eyes rendering you speechless for a few short seconds.

“Ah but that’s just the stuff stalkers would say wouldn’t they?” You continue playing the little game, not wanting to move from the spot where Dean’s eyes shine so beautifully.

“I would never hurt you, Y/N.” Dean says grabbing your hand and looking you straight in the eyes.

“Ok, I believe you.” You let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding in and turn towards your red '63 Chevy Corvette.

“Wow! That is one sexy car. Holy shit.” You can see in Dean’s eyes how happy he is and it makes your heart melt.

“Looks even hotter with you standing next to it.” You blurt out before you even realize what you were saying. You blush and put your face in your hands.

“Oh wow. I just said that, didn’t I?” Dean just chuckles and grabs your hands, pulling them away from your face.

“I think it’s adorable.” He smiles and you blush again. He reaches up and rubs your cheek, causing you to sigh and close your eyes.

“I know I just met you Y/N, but you are just so beautiful, and passionate and I can’t help but fall for you.” After he whispers those words to you he leans down and kisses you soft and lovingly, not like any kisses you’ve ever had before.

When you break away for air you lean your forehead on his.

“I can’t help it either.”