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rindearest  asked:

Hiii~ What makes the GoM nervous / scared? :D (headcanons pls)

Hey there C: I hope these are satisfactory LOL I’ve never came up with headcanons before orz I’m sorry they’re so weird…


  • Losing his s/o in a crowd and not being able to find them.
  • Seeing someone he cares about getting hurt and not being able to do anything.
  • Watching romantic movies with his s/o and a love scene comes on when they’re only in the early stages of their relationship.


  • Eating fish with hard to spot bones because he’s worried about getting a bone stuck in this throat and choking.
  • Having to touch earthworms.
  • Getting trapped inside an elevator by himself.


  • Something/someone surprising him out of nowhere.
  • His s/o getting food poisoning as a result of eating his attempt at cooking.
  • Getting stuck at the top of the Ferris wheel.


  • Getting injured so badly that he can’t play basketball anymore.
  • People finding out about him writing his own autobiography and teasing him because he only writes in katakana.
  • Being chased by a swarm of bees.


  • Being unable to eat candy and assorted snacks because of health problems.
  • Having a murder of crows attacking him out of nowhere.
  • Running out of money to buy food with.


  • Losing his s/o to sickness or an accident. He’s already lost his mother and he doesn’t want to ever have to feel those feelings ever again.
  • Failing at doing something in front of someone important to him, and thus letting them see his “weak” side.
  • Trying to prove he can make jokes by repeatedly attempting to joke but ends up being unsuccessful every single time.

huehyuu  asked:

It's one of those rainy nights, and the Iwatobi and Samezuka swimmers are at their SO's house. It's just the two of them watching a horror movie when the electricity suddenly cuts off, surrounding them in darkness. What would each member do?

Makoto: Of course, his first instinct is to scream like a little girl and clings to his partner so tightly they might not be able to breathe. He’d be as white as a sheet as he hugs them and buries his face into their hair, mumbling obscenities about how the ghost in the horror movie must have come to haunt them and how he was probably going to die but if it was with them he’d be okay. His partner might find it adorable how he has to hold their arm to his chest while they go find a flashlight together and needs to be comforted for a while since he’s trembling.

Haruka: He jumps a little and looks around, not expecting there to be a blackout at a time like this. He’d deny getting goosebumps and instead reach for his partner’s hand and a blanket to wrap around themselves. He’s fairly calm about the whole thing since they’re here with him, and it admittedly would be scarier if he were alone. But still, he leads them over to a place where there’s more light by a window and settles into a tiny blanket fort with them until the power comes back on. (Still holding their hand the whole time, of course.)

Nagisa: At first he would scream, but then burst out laughing because of how funny of a coincidence it was. He takes the opportunity to find a flashlight and blanket and tons of candy and start spinning out more of his favorite horror stories to tell his partner about how the movie was based on a real story and how years ago there was an occurrence just like this… But eventually either he’d get sleepy or his partner would end up getting too scared and just cuddle in a big blanket for the rest of the night with his head on their shoulder. “I’ll protect you from any ghost, __-chan.”

Rei: A high-pitched squeak involuntarily leaves his throat, and he has to cough a few times before he’s fully composed. He’d suggest going to find a flashlight or calling someone, but get embarrassed when his partner points out that he grabbed their hand when he stood up. (In which case he’d just push up his glasses and stutter something like “I-I wouldn’t be intimidated by something as illogical as horror theories!”) As they huddle under some blankets, he starts rambling on about how ridiculous the whole movie was to begin with until he drifts off on his s.o’s shoulder.

Rin: His body jolts and he falls back on his hands, feeling himself start to sweat a little before cursing under his breath. Of course, he’d never admit to being scared, especially over something so stupid, but he’d start hotly cussing out his partner if they made fun of him or trailed their fingers up his arm creepily, just teasing him in general because he’d be pretty on-edge. With a frustrated groan, he’d probably just end up pulling his partner into his lap and hiding his face in their neck, which would obviously tickle, but just fasten his arms around their waist and mumble something like, “Don’t go anywhere.”

Sousuke: He just sighs loudly when the room goes black, since the movie was actually getting pretty good at that point. He holds his partner close to him on his chest and lazily rubs circles on their back if they’re scared while they wait for the power to come back on. He talks to them idly about anything and everything but the movie (unless they didn’t mind or were super into it), cracking a few jokes or lazily-thought-through topics to get a laugh out of them. “Hey. Do you think dogs think in their own language or do they just think in barks?” That would get him hit in the arm.

Nitori: He squeaks when he finally processes what’s happening, but tries to calm down and be logical about the situation since he’s mature enough for that. Naturally he’d go get a flashlight and calm down his partner if necessary, putting on a strong front even though he’s terrified deep down. In the end they’d start playing around and make shadow puppets with the flashlight, telling some soothing bedtime stories until they fall asleep together on the floor; the horror movie would be totally forgotten somewhere along the way.

Seijuurou: The first thing he does is laugh because “Whoa-ho-ho, I didn’t think things like this happened in real life!” It’s not really a bad thing to him since he’s not afraid of the dark or the horror, so he just picks up his partner bridal-style and plops them onto his bed, totally wrapping them into a blanket burrito and lying next to them while drumming his fingers on the mattress. “Well, since the power’s out, what should we do to occupy ourselves?” It might sound suggestive from him, but it’s really not; he just wants to ask so they can do anything that would make them more comfortable.

Momotarou: He shrieks and scrambles up from the floor, blindly reaching around for his backpack and snacks for comfort while simultaneously trying to make escape plans to flee from the country. Once he stops crying, he’d snuggle up to his partner with a bunch of blankets and start pouting, mumbling about how “I wasn’t scared, nope, not at all, no sir-ee” but then jumps at the slightest noises he hears. But as long as his partner is there to sit with him and keep him safe, he’ll eventually fall asleep while latching onto them tightly.

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Hi, I'm kind of a beginner artist. Well, I've been drawing for about ten years at this point, but I draw so little I can hardly be considered anything other than a beginner. The problem is, I love art. I try to draw all the time. I've planned my future around doing art. But when it comes to actually doing art, I can't. I just get so discouraged so easily that I can hardly get lines on paper. (continued)

(#2) I don’t think I’ve finished a piece of art since probably fourth grade, and I’m a senior in high school. I don’t have a style, I don’t know how to color things because I can’t get through inking them, and I don’t know how to ink things because I can’t get the figures right. That goes double for digital art, and that’s really what I want to do for the rest of my life. (continued)

(#3) I know this isn’t particularly an art question, but what do you do to keep yourself from being discouraged? Our school does a year long project for seniors, and I’ve based mine around art. I just really need to figure this out so I don’t fail my last year of high school, you know?

Hi! I apologize for this being such a late response. >_<;;

To answer your question, I don’t do anything to keep from being discouraged. To my knowledge there’s no surefire way to prevent being discouraged. The most you can do is adjust your attitude toward it: will your discouragement stop you? Or will you make it your determination? 

Oftentimes we feel discouraged in art because our expectations of our abilities are higher than what our abilities actually are, and/or we feel overwhelmed with how to reach where we want to go with our art. The precise method of practice differs for everyone, but practicing and drawing, even when you think you’re not drawing well, is how you improve.

Whether it’s studying from life, filling a page with 20 variations of the same thing, or just doodling what you like, all are valid forms of practice and they’re not the only ways either. You can even combine them! I think it’s important to find a method of practice that works for you (in this case, I think this might be helpful), and not to let your expectations discourage or prevent you from drawing. It might take time and a lot of experimenting to find which practice methods work for you, but it’s very helpful to do so.

If you’re not satisfied with your figures then draw them more, fill pages upon pages with figures; start with one and analyze it to see what you can improve, then draw the next one to do that, and fill the page with this. Then ink all of them, regardless of how satisfied you are with them, and color them after. This will allow you practice in such a way that you can learn how to draw figures, ink, and color all at once. 

Hopefully this helps, and again, I’m so sorry for taking so long to respond. orz

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Hey, found your blog today randomly and love it:) I don't ship Touken because I just can't see it happening. I don't generally agree with Tokyo Ghoul shipping. You seem to be a polite person (that's what I have read so far). I'm just curious — why do you ship Touken? May I ask why? You don't have to answer.

Welcome to my blog! Thank you for leaving such a positive feedback! (⁄ ⁄^⁄ᗨ⁄^⁄ ⁄)

I must confess that I have a problem of answering questions like that. Some months ago, I got invited to a barbecue. I met some Tokyo Ghouls fans, we had a nice conversation and at some point we ended up at the shipping discussion. While everyone was talking about their OTP (if i remember correctly, I was surrounded by “Shuuneki” and “Hidekane” supporter, haha) I remained silent; it’s not that I felt lonely, but they were able to put their thoughts in a short shape and form. And I couldn’t help, I wasn’t able to do my job in a few sentences… orz. ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌ But listen to the shipping opinions of others was kind of interesting.

Huhm, getting emotionally attached to something or someone is a process that takes a while. It’s not that I had a *click* moment where I suddenly started loving them. I just found myself joining their journey in an instant of eternity. Usually I don’t start shipping two (fictional) characters… but if something did happen, it happened. Whether it’s right or wrong. And some part of me will always be loving them… the two are basically separate characters anyway and I love them like that as well. I love them for many reasons; for personal reasons, their character, their development,…

Well, I think I might have said this somewhere before, but one factor that influenced my “shipping decision” is their nonverbal communication; simply facial expressions. The way they look at each other is worth more than a thousand words. I actually enjoy (”enjoy”; more like “Okay, this is causing me serious emotional harm…”) these moments more than their actual conversation. 。・゚(゚⊃ω⊂゚)゚・。

➊ “This is all my fault… I’m sorry.” (Kaneki, Chapter 72) [On my first manga run] The first thing I did after seeing this: I went into my kitchen and made a pot of my favorite coffee. And I have drunk it. I still remember it as if it were yesterday. This little boy was being tortured 2 or 3 times everyday for 10+ days and he took the blame for her injuries she received by her brother. That facial expression… and her reaction…

“See you later, Touka-chan…” (Kaneki, Chapter 79) When he is forcing himself to smile, because he is trying to stop her from joining his group. And he felt so bad about the whole situation that he had to look away. Why are you always lying? Please, stop lying! 

➌ Their first reaction when they haven’t seen or talked to each other for several months…

➍ Kaneki’s reaction when Touka told him quite emotional hurt that he shouldn’t return to Anteiku anymore. This always got me. According to his reaction, he never really expected to hear that of the least of her. 。゚(*´□`)゚。

➎ The crying face of Touka. “Why did you have to change?” (Touka, Chapter 120) She always had a tough time passing emotional boundaries with others. That was a face burned into his memory like no other. And it had positively an influence on his decision.

➏ An amnesiac Kaneki/Haise entered unsuspecting a certain coffee shop. He just wanted to drink a cup of coffee with “his kids”. Then a certain waitress appeared from the front door and…

.+:。(ノ・ω・)ノ゙ That being said… to a degree, I believe in fate. I believe, some things happen, and were ment to happen, but not all things are determined by fate. We make are own decisions, but actual things that happen to us, like we were at the ‘right place at the right time’, is fate. That’s my personal opinion. And that’s why I also believe in John Gay’s (English Dramatist and Poet) famous words: “We only part to meet again.”

I think, Kaneki and Touka deserve the golden pride award in this discipline. To be honest, I wish, they would stop repeating this quote over and over again… (ಥ__ಥ) Sensei, make your mind up!

Another important reason is perhaps their relationship development itself. They started out as strangers who didn’t know how to deal with each other. They didn’t get along well together; they are different as night and day, but at the same time they complement each other perfectly. He deals with the rough side of her tongue and her tomboyish behavior without complaining. And he who plants kindness gathers her acceptance/respect/trust, because it caused Touka to think about her behavior. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ One reason why she was softening later. While Kaneki’s mother almost never had the time to spend with him, he stayed in his father’s study room. His mother didn’t have the strength, the resolve to turn back. And that’s why he never got an ability to gain strength. But with Touka he had the chance to change that to a certain degree, because she spent a long time training with him. He needs someone to push his limits. The once strangers became close.

I am in love all these little things. Sorry, I couldn’t have written a shorter response. Somehow I can’t explain it simply; maybe the roots of my OTP love began to grow too deep. I’m pretty sure there are other things I could list, but the reply is already so long. You may understand me better when you have read it. After all this only my opinion. People see it differently and I’m absolutely fine with their thoughts. If you don’t like them in this way, you are free to do so, sweety. ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ I must say, I’m embarrassed by the way I answer it, because it sounds a little bit sentimental. They ruined me. No, Sensei ruined me. Though, I’m quite proud to support them. One major reason why I started “choukoto” over a month ago. If i think about it long enough, I could cry… lol. Narw, it was impossible to formulate a perfectly unbiased opinion with “this kind of question”: I want to apologize, if I offended someone.