it isn't the same without you; amfie.

dedicated to: -sibunahouse
fanfiction: [x]

I can’t smile, I can’t laugh, I can’t even breathe. I can’t be me without you around. Do you understand? I can’t fully be me, be the very best of me without you. And I know, I know I’m barely anything to you. That I’m just a joke, a clown, someone who made you laugh. I mean you, were you, beautiful. Shining with dreams, hopes and I dragged you down. I dragged you down to the mild life on Earth with laughter and small happiness. I took you from the stars were you glowed, shimmered and for god’s sake, where you shined too bright for my eyes. I dulled that gleam around you, so I could be with you. It was like pulling a wing off a butterfly, leaving it with only half it’s gleam. I can’t help it. You are you and what was I suppose to do? I know, I know, I’m selfish (but I’m only selfish because I need you, I need you so much more than you know). I’m selfish, funny Alfie and you were glorious Amber Millington whose dreams were flying off without me.

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Merry Christmas Darling *Amfie*