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Reader x Father!Klaus

Requested by Anon

Part One   Part Two  Part Three

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“(Y/N) … what is this!” Klaus asked as he fond you sprawled across your bed with piles of grimoires pilled next to you. “Where did you get these?”

“Mom gave it to me, she said that just because you don’t love me, is no reason for me to not know about my heritage.” You mumbled without looking up from the book in front of him.

“Hayley!” Klaus bellowed and Haley walked in with Hope who made herself at home, carelessly shoving your things out of her way. 

“Hey watch it brat!” You spat at her and Klaus glared at you.

“(Y/N) apologise and move so your sister can sit down.” He turned his attention to Hayley who had turned to tell Hope off. “You gave her the Grimoires, I specifically told everyone to keep them away from her.”

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No One Needs To Know

Title: No One Needs To Know

Note: That Highschool AU no one asked for but happened anyway.

Pairing: Gladion X Player or Gladion X Sun/Moon if you prefer.

[Y/N] is Your Name.

There was a Pokeball in your locker, it should have been your first clue that everything was about to change.

“Hey, [Y/N]!” Your childhood friend Hau yelled, skidding to a halt next to you. “Is that yours?” He asked, eyeing the Pokeball. “You know we’re not allowed to bring more than one Pokemon to school!” He nearly yelled but held back, worried that a teacher would overhear. “What were you thinking?” He asked and you shoved the Pokeball into your bag.

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The Ripper

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        Stefan x Reader(vampire) 

    “Y/N! Stop!” You heard Stefan yell just as you were getting to the good part of your meal. You released your teeth from the mans neck and just glared at Stefan with a look that could kill. 

         “What.” You were angry now. You shoved the man away from you and made your way towards Stefan. You didn’t quite know why you were so angry, but you didn’t care, you had thrown care out the window a long time ago. “I’ve got 300 years on you Stefan, don’t tell me what to do.” You snarled. 

       Stefan stood his ground no matter how close you got to him, he stood still. “You don’t have too be like this Y/N. I can help you.” His words made you laugh. 

       “You think, you can help me. Your full of shit. I have been a ripper for far to long, Stefan, you cant turn it off, you just can’t.”  His hard stare softened, but his body was still ridged. 

         “I can help you, you just have to let me.” He sounded almost like he was pleading, but you knew he couldn’t possibly care that much for you.  

         You turned away from him and looked at your meal. The man was still standing there with blood pouring from his neck, you were honestly surprised he was still standing. While watching the man bleed, you had an idea. Stefan couldn’t win you over, but maybe you could win him.   

         “Stefan, do you know what its like too not have one care in the world?” You said coming close to him again. “Turn it off, Stefan, turn it off.” You place your hands on his cheeks, in hopes that your touch would help persuade him. 

         “I cant do that.” He shook his head and took your hands from his face. “I can’t do that.” It sounded as if he was trying to convince himself that he couldn’t. 

        “Just a month, be with me for just a month. Then you can turn if back on, and maybe I will too.” That promise was empty. You were never turning you humanity back on. You gazed into his eyes. You could see how hard he was thinking about this, but at least he was considering it.  

         “If I do this, we cant hurt any of the people I care about.” He said weakly. You were okay with that simply because you did’t really kill for sport, you killed for food. 

         “Fine, just be with me Stefan.” You were pleading now. Having Stefan by your side would be the best thing that has ever happened to you.

    You saw him do it. You saw his guard drop. You saw his humanity leave his mind. Honestly  you didn’t think you could break him, but you did. You won. 

        “Try this on, she is delicious.” Stefan said and he swung the girl into your arms. You took a bite like he said and he was right. Her blood had a strange sweetness to it. 

        “She must be Vegan.” You said with a grin. He smiled and made his way over to you. He warped his strong arms around you and kissed you. The fresh blood on his mouth was getting all over you, but you weren’t sure if you cared. 

        “ Should we clean up our mess?” you asked as his lips moved to your neck. You looked around at the 3 bodies scattered across the room. 

        “We probably should if we want to keep Damon off our trail.” He pulled away and looked me in the eyes. “But, yet again if we clean this up no one will see our glorious work.” He smiled. 

        “I say we leave it.” You said throwing your arms around his neck. 

         “Well then we leave it.” He said. He kissed you one last time before running with you out of the dorm room. 

      You rolled over on the bed to face Stefan. “Turn on the news.” You smiled knowing that word of your elaborate dinning sessions must had made it to at least the local news station. 

      Once the TV came on, the first thing you saw was ‘Killers Strike Northern Virginia’ You smiled and rolled over onto Stefan. “Look at that we finally mad it to TV.” 

       “You do realize that within a few days, Damon will be hear begging me to turn it back on.” Stefan said resting his hands on my cheeks. 

        “Well then we will just have to get him to join us.” You smiled. 

A/N: Sorry its kinda of short, but if you want a part 2 all you gotta do is ask. :) I hope you enjoyed. 

Fire and Ice (Part 4/?) (Bucky Barnes x reader)

Part 3

The three of you approached what appeared to be an old, abandoned munitions bunker positioned in the middle of nowhere, each of you with your weapons drawn and your senses sharp. Bucky tried to fight the urge to keep himself in front of you as a shield to protect you, and each time you caught him in the act, you pushed your way out to the front with a shove of your elbow that left Steve chuckling behind you as he followed.

“Is this how you guys used to work?”

“Meaning?” Bucky whispered back harshly, his eyes keeping forward at the target.

“Letting the dame push you around?”

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Theo- Look Up

Request-  11 with theo I know you stopped writing for him but maybe this once you can?

A/N- Maybe just this once ;)

You shoved your way through the crowd in Lydia’s living room, just barely ducking out of the way before a tall, blonde girl barreled into you, almost spilling your beer all over you. You huffed and set the cup down on the coffee table. It hadn’t been that great anyway, and you weren’t willing to risk getting doused in Budweiser.
You glanced around the crowded room, but you had no idea where any of your friends were. Most of the people who came to Lydia’s Christmas party came to get drunk, but she assured you that after everything that had happened, you would still get to have fun together. That turned out to be a total lie, and you were now leaning against the wall and thinking about the fact that you hadn’t seen any of your friends in over half an hour.
“You look lonely.”
You turned at the sound of the voice, your brow furrowing. When you caught sight of the boy leaning against the wall next to you, your face quickly morphed into a glare.
“Who the hell invited you?”
“It’s a party,” Theo Raeken stated with a smirk. “Everyone’s invited.”
“Not psychopaths who lie to Scott,” you said bitterly. “Or to me.”
“Y/n,” Theo said, his smirk falling. “You know I only did that to protect you.”
“You were working with them,” you reminded him.
“And I switched sides in the end, didn’t I?” he asked.
“Only after you knew we would win,” you muttered.
“Y/n, come on,” Theo begged. “It’s the holidays. It’s not good for you to hold onto all this bitterness. Santa’s watching.”
You rolled your eyes and began to stalk off, but Theo gently grabbed your wrist. “Okay, wait, wait. I’m sorry. I get it, I’m not funny.”
“You’re right,” you stated. “You’re not.”
“I know,” he agreed. “But I just…I didn’t come over here to mess with you-even though it is really easy. I just wanted to talk to you.”
“About what? Because I really don’t have the time for this,” you told him.
Theo’s lips twitched. “So you have more important things to do at this party?”
You rolled your eyes. “No. I just really don’t want to see you.”
“Well, don’t worry, it’s important,” he informed you. “Can you please just come with me?”
“Why can’t we talk here?” you demanded.
Theo huffed, and you crossed your arms over your chest. “What? You can’t murder me in a room full of people? You’re above that now?”
“You know, I don’t get why you’re being so hard on me.”
“Maybe because you dated me to get into the pack?” you offered. “And then you were working with the Dread Doctors, and even though you started to help us, you didn’t even care to tell us why you were really in Beacon Hills.”
“Are you mad because I didn’t tell you about the Dread Doctors, or because you think I was using you?” Theo asked.
“I don’t think you used me,” you told him plainly. “I know you did.”
“Yeah, well you don’t know anything,” he told you.
You shook your head in disbelief. “Alright, I’m out of here. Merry Christmas, Theo. Have a nice life.”
You began to duck into the crowd, but Theo’s words from behind stopped you short. “Maybe I wanted to protect you.”
“You wanted to protect me?” you demanded, whirling around. “By lying to me?”
“I wanted to protect everyone,” he admitted. “If Scott knew where my loyalties were, then they Dread Doctors would too. They could have easily killed you guys. I was the one that talked them out of it.”
“Why?” you asked. “Why did you suddenly decide that you wanted to be one of the good guys?”
“Because of you,” Theo said firmly.
You began to roll your eyes, but Theo continued. “Just hear me out. I wanted to steal the pack, okay, I’ll admit it. That’s why I was here in the first place. And I knew that you could be my way in. You were so sweet, and you wanted to trust me, and you wanted to be around me.”
You scoffed.
“You have no idea how lonely I was,” he told you. “And when I met you, that was the first time I felt like I belonged, even if it wasn’t real. But then it became real, at least for me, and it got harder and harder to work with them. I didn’t just want a pack anymore. I wanted you.”
“That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard,” you told him bluntly.
“I’m not saying it was smart,” he agreed. “But I’m just…I’m trying to see if I can get a second chance.”
“This is why you showed up tonight,” you realized.
“Yeah,” Theo admitted. “I just wanted to talk, but…don’t worry about it.”
You sighed one last time. Maybe Theo had lied to you and the others, but he had helped you in the end. You had enjoyed being with him when you thought it was real and it had been months since he had started trying to convince you that he wasn’t a bad guy anymore. Maybe it was time to give him another chance.
“Maybe,” you told him cautiously. “But what was so important that you wanted to show me?”
Theo grinned. “Follow me.”
He took your hand and led you through the crowd, and you had to say you were a little pissed at how easily the crowd parted for him. You didn’t know if it was the charming good looks or something about being a chimera, but it was a lot easier for him to get through than it was for you. He tugged you to the living room doorway, where it branched off to a much quieter hall.
“I don’t think Lydia would appreciate it if you murdered me here,” you remarked.
“I’m not planning on murdering you,” Theo promised.
“Wouldn’t be the first time,” you muttered.
Theo rolled his eyes. “Just look up.”
“Look up.”
You did, glancing above you to find that you were standing directly under the doorway, but it wasn’t just the wooden paneling that you saw. There was sprig of mistletoe hanging above you, placed there by Lydia’s careful hands two weeks ago. You would have rolled your eyes if you had time, but before you could even consider calling Theo out on his cheesiness, he was grabbing your face and gently pulled you closer.
He placed his lips on yours, and you felt all those feelings you had shoved under the surface bubbling up again. His fingers gently rested on your cheek as you leaned into him, and his stubble was slightly scratching your face, but you didn’t care. You just leaned into him, reveling in the fact that unlike you first believed, maybe he could change.  
And if Theo was changing, well, you wanted to be there while it happened.

26 & 28 for Kol Mikaelson

Originally posted by lifeofvampirediaries

A/N For the lovely person who requested numbers 26 and 28 from the prompt list for Kol Mikaelson, Here you go. I hope you like it! 

Summary: Reader gets too drunk and Kol is left to take care of her

Warnings: None, I don’t think

Kol Mikaelson

Kol didn’t realize how many drinks you’d had until it was too late. You were currently doing a row of shots after challenging a large looking man who had commented on how much alcohol you had consumed for ‘being a lady’.

You quickly downed the fiery liquid, staring him down as you did so. Long story short you had won, much to his disappointment. Nonetheless, someone from the crowd grabbed your arm and pulled it up, cheering along with the crowd. You cheered with them, stumbling on your feet.

Kol sighed, shoving his way through the crowd that was starting to go back to dancing and gently grabbing you on the arm,“I think it’s time to go, love.”

“But Kol,” you drawled out as pouted, leaning against his arm,“We’ve only- only been here for like, an hour.”

He snorted,“It’s been three hours, darling.” You were one of the few humans he could tolerate, he had gained a liking toward you when he saw you mouthing off Klaus one day. It had taken awhile for you to gain the same liking for him, but the two of you had become best friends in the short amount of time you’d known each other.

Your head tilted,“Oh.” He walked you to the bar and asked for a bottle of water, handing it to you as he pulled you toward the exit. As you focused on opening the bottle you stumbled once again, running into a woman with badly dyed blonde hair and an obvious fake tan.

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Smoke and Mirrors

Fandom: Law and Order SVU

Pairing: Rafael Barba x reader 

Summary: Imagine catching Barba’s eye

Originally posted by rundalek

Since the day Rafael Barba met you he has been completely and utterly annoyed with you. You were a walking ball of sunshine with no off switch and for some reason that really pissed him off.

“Woah.” You whistled lowly. “You must be really good.” You say, looking around at the office you just entered. Barba looked up from his papers, narrowing his eyes at you.

“You must be the new detective?” He guessed. You smiled at him, holding your hand out for him to shake.

“Y/N Y/L/N.” You introduced. He eyes your hand before deciding to ignore it an ask what you were doing there. “Lieutenant Benson sent me.” You smile. Barba hummed to himself, shoving a few files your way. You frowned at his cold actions, accepting the files anyway.

It seemed as though every interaction beyond that was unpleasent. For the life of you, you couldn’t figure out why he was fine working with other SVU detectives but for some reason whenever you opened your mouth, it looked like he just ate a lemon.

The rest of the team tried to tell you it was fine, Barba just wasn’t used to you, he didn’t know you, and to just give him time. So you shut yourself up around him in hopes to not offend him and make him hate you more.

You sat cross-legged on your desk, facing Sonny as his desk was pushed up next to yours. Lieutenant Benson wasn’t as happy with your little quirks when they made the squad seem unprofessional but It was almost three in the morning, Tutuola was snoring at his desk, Rollins was singing along to the radio and Sonny was throwing pretzels at you so you figured the Lieutenant wouldn’t mind you sitting on your desk.

“New York’s finest huh?” Barba asked, taking one step into the squad room. Sonny smiled at the ADA as you jumped off your desk.

“Councillor? You got our warrant?” Sonny grinned, walking up to him. Barba looked around, laughing to himself. The Special Victims Unit sure was special. His eyes flashed to yours and as soon as your eyes met his, you looked down then turned your back to him, fumbling with papers and such trying to seem busy. Barba lifted his hand with the folded paper. Sonny beamed at him, calling your name.

You grabbed your jacket and followed Sonny out of the precinct, doing your best not to make eye contact with Barba on your way to the elevator. When you got to the perps house, you slammed your fist on the door multiple times, announcing yourselves as NYPD before Sonny knocked the door down. As the door hit the ground you could see someone exit the apartment through the back door. Sonny ran after him and you followed, watching his back.

At some point during the chase, you decided to cut him off so Sonny followed directly after him while you took a few turns. You lunged at him, knocking him to the floor, getting his hands behind his back as Sonny trained his weapon on the perp. When you got back to the precinct, Benson and Barba were waiting for the two of you in her office.

“You okay, Y/L/N?” Benson asked, when she saw you rub your right arm. You nodded at her.

“Hit it against a sprinkler when I took him down.” You reported.

You tackled a violent suspect to the ground?” Barba asked raising an eyebrow, looking at both Liv and Sonny for confirmation. Benson tiled her head at him, smirking. She couldn’t count the times Barba asked how you were a decorated detective when every other time he’s seen you, you’ve been so demure. Sonny grinned, wrapping an arm around your shoulder, proud of his partner.

“So,” you started, looking away from Barba shyly, “how we playing this? Good cop, bad cop?” You asked, looking at Carisi.

“Mmm, just bad cop.” Benson stated. “I wanna see what happens when this alpha male is challenge by an alpha female.”

“He’s a class-A misogynist.” Sonny said. “He’s probably never had a woman talk back to him before in his life.”

“That’s the point.” Barba stated. “You wan’t me to go with you Liv?” Barba turned to Benson but Benson raised her eyebrows at him, recoiling.

“Oh I’m not going in.” Benson stated, motioning her head towards you. You nodded at her, walking towards the interrogation room. It was Barba’s turn to recoil. He looked at Carisi, with wide eyes, who just grinned at him as Carisi does.

“What? You didn’t think I was bad cop did you?”

You walked into the gray room, with your head held high.

“Oh Johnny, Johnny, Johnny.” You mused. “You’re in a lot of trouble.” The suspect rolled his eyes at you. “Listen, you really need to talk to me because right now it’s not looking good for you.” You stated. The suspect rolled his eyes again, pissing you off. You slammed your hand on the table, “Look at me when I talk to you!” You screamed. The perp tensed up, obviously caught off guard but trying to act tough.

Barba blinked rapidly, shocked. Baffled that this shy, easily intimidated person wasn’t who he though they were at all, you were strong willed and confident. By the end of the hour, you had the perp crying and begging you to forgive him. You walked out of interrogation, tear stained confession in hand.

“Sorry Councillor but I don’t think your services will be needed on this one.” You smirked, high on power, forgetting that you were toning it down around Barba.

Barba raised his eyebrows at you, smirking just as wide as you were him.

“Nice work detective.” Barba congratulated, turning and walking out. You chuckled to yourself, knowing that you could finally end your charade and that this might just be the start of something beautiful.

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Rick and Morty Headcanon #259

Female Ricks get along better with their Summers than Mortys and go on more adventures with her. Unsurprisingly, these adventures usually end up similarly to a Rick and Morty adventure anyway. Traumatize the grandchildren, cause the apocalypse, and shove megaseeds way up your ass/cooter.

(submitted by an anonymous user)

Late Nights and Coffee Beans (Pt. 2)

Originally posted by bucha-nan

Summary: Bucky visits your coffee shop weekly and you cant help but harbor a small crush. Is there more to this gorgeous man than meets the eye?

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: language

Word Count: 2.7k

A/N: still not enough Bucky but the next part will be mostly Bucky and the Reader. Its still just a slow burn, I apologize.

Part 1

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I’ll Change

Word Count : 1749

“Draco, don’t you think you’ve done enough?” You watched as your boyfriend harassed a young Gryffindor girl in the hallway. Crab, Goyle, and Pansy stood beside him , laughing and encouraging him.

“No, why? Isn’t this fun, Y/N?” Draco looked back towards you with the poor girl’s pigtail in his hand.

Your patience with him had been dragged along terribly thin and you could feel your frustration for him slowly fill your body. “Draco, do you remember what I asked you last night?”

“Does it matter?” Draco brushed you off and continued to yank the girl’s hair.

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Happy Reunion

*Requested: Aris imagine where him and reader meet again at the Right Arm camp after reader is taken away by WCKD.*

You tried to warn him. Tried to stop him from walking into the trap that WCKD set up. You knew they would take Aris and dump him in a maze structure with a bunch of girls and treat him like a lab rat. Like some sort of petri dish bacteria. But he seemed to be in a trance, repeating over and over how good WICKED was. That was when you knew you lost him.

So you cheated. You took a sample serum from a lab and stuck it in Aris’s arm, stabilizing him for just long enough for you to plant yourself in his memory, to try to warn him one last time to escape the building with you. Of course they found out what you had done after they shoved Aris into that metal elevator and they imprisoned you.

You found your way out and found the Right Arm who was kind enough to take you in. In exchange for your valuable intel on the WCKD organization.

When you heard that some of the test subjects escaped the facility and were on the run, you rushed to the main tent at the camp to listen in on the plan.

“We can’t leave them to fend for themselves,” you heard one voice say and kept your breath still.

“But they come, WICKED comes, and the camp is torn to shreds,” another voice said and you clenched your fists. If there was any way you could see Aris again, you were going to do it.


You sat and noticed your hands shaking. You were nervous. Would Aris be in this small group of subjects? Would he recognize you? Will he be happy to see you? After all, you didn’t actually prevent him from going into that prison. You should’ve tried harder. You should’ve saved him when you had the chance. The group would be here any minute and maybe you were working yourself up over nothing but you just had a gut feeling Aris would be there.

“They’re here!” You heard and jumped up to run over and see the incoming crew.

You spotted him in an instant. The hair and the posture and the way he walked, everything was the same.

“Aris!” You heard yourself shout before your brain could do any actual thinking.

“Y/N?” He said after a few seconds and you smiled widely. There he was, in flesh and blood, the person you had such a deep connection with.

“Y/N!” He said more definitively and swept you up in a hug.

“You look fragile, Aris,” you whispered and you felt his body shake with a chuckle.

“I could say the same to you,” he said and you finally released your grip on him, looking at him, taking him in, inspecting him.

“I’m sorry I didn’t save you,” you whispered and begged your eyes to not cry.

“No Y/N, I’m sorry I didn’t let you save me,” he admitted and pulled you in for another hug.

“chris are you awake?”

you and chris had the same nightly routine; stand in the bathroom together, shove each other out the way for the sink, brush your teeth, you moisturize and brush your hair, and chris mainly just stared at you and asked why you had to do all of that at one AM 

but when you two laid down, you sometimes laid together with your arm draped over him or his body pressed against yours.. but other nights, much like tonight, were different.. you two would lay on opposite sides of the bed and do your own thing while scrolling on your phone, but neither of you ever forgot to kiss the other one goodnight

it was 2:30 AM and you admittedly were on your phone for way too long as you nestled under the covers and chris done the same, but you had no idea if he was still on his phone or had managed to go to sleep yet. you had checked instagram one last time before retiring to youtube to end your night by watching a couple of videos, and then you found the perfect one

a compilation of the funniest dog videos… and you were a sucker for dogs, so you had clicked on it immediately

you watched the dogs and sometimes puppies try to go down steps for the first time or fall asleep in weird places that brought a tear to your eye and “awh!” at them, and then there was one of a dogs first interaction with snow.. it was a baby golden retriever in a sweater, hopping in the snow

you squealed and immediately wanted to show chris. you turned away from the video to see him resting on his side, and you didn’t know whether or not he was still awake or not

“are you awake?” you whispered “i need to show you this dog video.” 

and he scared you as he rolled onto his back, and then onto his other side to face you. “i am now,” he yawned before saying “now show me the dog video.” 

Street Help (Barry Allen x reader)

HeroesOfOlympus: I’m back again! Even though nobody is probably reading this except for me… Anyway, I absolutely love The Flash and Barry Allen is… Wow. I’m sorry for how much I suck at writing.

Description: You’re walking back home in the middle of the night and there’s three guys just tailing you and they start harassing you, asking you out. Scared, you spot a guy at the other end of the street and you quickly dash across. The rest, I think it’s pretty obvious.

Reader Gender: Female

Characters/Ships: Barry Allen x reader, three creeps

Rating: PG

Warnings: Creepy creeps and very cringey flirting

Locking the door behind you, you sighed loudly, happy that you finally finished all your work but tired, since it took you all the way until midnight.

Shoving your hands into the pockets of your coat, you shivered in the cold weather, already missing the heat inside your office.

With your head tilting downwards, you walked on the pavement of the street, the only light coming from the dim street lights and the open bars.

Walking past a bar, the music pounded loudly, ringing in your ears and giving you a splitting headache. Suddenly, the doors were thrown open and your head swivelled back.

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caelitis  asked:

what does ardyn regret the most, if at all ??

while i don’t proclaim myself to be any sort of professional in understanding ardyn’s character, i will let you know what i think as best i can. i can’t stress enough that this is my view, and no one is obligated to agree with my view, only that i ask anyone reading this respects my opinion as i would theirs. also, long may @caelitis reign, amen.

right off the bat, i’m going to say ardyn, in his state of mind at the end of the game, has not a single instance of regret (by the standard definition, see below). not one. does that mean he has never experienced regret? absolutely not. let us first recall the man ardyn was 2000 years ago, and the purity of his character (loved by all, much like lunafreya during the present) as he undertook the burden of healing the people and curing them of the starscourge. at the time, this was a sacrifice he was willing to make, and ultimately had done so despite the effects it would come to have on his mind. the people were suffering, and if he were to do nothing their anguish would only deteriorate.

now i believe, after prolonged exposure to hosting daemons, his ‘ curing the tainted ’ would become an obsession; that no matter the state of his health, he had to do more; that he could be helping more, saving more, not resting in bed or stopping to eat. this would begin his mind’s struggle for control over the energy kept within him. perhaps there would come a point of physical torment, similar to lunafreya’s body failing her as expressed to her brother, where ardyn could have had a sliver of regret for taking on the position. pain can do a great many things. nevertheless, knowing what he was doing would result in cleansing their ravaged mankind, he would discard any such regret formed from a momentary reluctance to go on. alas, this perseverance to continue his role leading to his ‘ betrayal ’ and (my personal view) ‘ restorative crucifixion ’. but that’s another story.

from the advent of treachery onward, having now the ‘ myriad of daemons ’ within him, a servant to the late ifrit, there came 2000 years of meticulous planning for vengeance, redemption, his own demise and the end of the scourge. every step, twist and turn he calculated was accompanied by the reality his actions could not (would not) be something to apologize for. the definition of regret, as per the oxford dictionary, is stated as follows:

1. verb. feel sad, repentant, or disappointed over something that one has done or failed to do; 2. noun. a feeling of sadness, repentance, or disappointment over an occurrence or something that one has done or failed to do.

what i would like to point out is that the archaic verb definition is ‘ to feel sorrow for the loss or absence of (something pleasant). ’ although i do not see ardyn feeling regret (if he is capable of such an emotion, having now hosted countless daemons for centuries) for what he has done to successfully arrange the game’s conclusion, such as the introduction of magitek, niflheim’s assassination attempt against the goddess shiva, murdering luna (+ pryna), and so forth, i do speculate he may have a sense of regret for the humanity he once had before hosting the scourge, that is, a sense of sorrow for no longer being the man he used to be, a benevolent caelum. nonetheless, in making a puppet show of lunafreya’s, regis’s, nyx’s, and iedolas’s corpses, i see his inner daemons outranking this reflection as don’t believe it is in his psyche’s capacity to feel remorse for his behavior(s) and motive(s).

Oh, Jealousy

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

Pairing: JDMxReader
Word count: 2,004
Request: Anonymous. Can i request a Jefferey Dean Morganxreader? Him and the reader play lovers on a tv show (whether it be spn or twd or something) and are secretly dating in real life and while at an interview the interviewer flirts with Jeff and the reader gets clearly jealous? possible smut also?
Warnings: Swearing, jealousy, smut, unprotected sex (wrap it up, kids)

“And, cut!” You heard the director cut. Your arms moved away from Jeff’s neck, breaking the kiss you had just been way too into. “That was great, guys. We’re taking a short break.” He called out. “Jeff, Y/N. Come here.” You shoved your hands in your pockets as you made your way over to him, wondering what was going on. Were they changing something up?


He motioned for the two of you to walk with him. “Entertainment Tonight is doing a piece on the show, and want a short interview from you two.” He explained. “We’re going to work on a couple scenes that we don’t need you for. She’s right over there.” With that, he walked back to where the show was filming. You watched him for a moment before heading towards the reporter.

As the two of you got closer to where she had been set up, you saw that she was mid-20’s, attractive, and seemed like an upbeat person. She slipped out of her chair and shook your hands. “Hi, I’m Taylor Andrews.” She beamed as she sat back down, smoothing out her skirt. Her long tan legs being flattered by the material. “It’s so nice to meet you two!” And apparently had too many Redbulls that morning.

You smiled back. “Like wise.”

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anonymous asked:

I just saw the "Being Pregnant With Sami Zayn's Baby Would Include" and it's adorable! If you can,can you please make one like that for my guy,Dean Ambrose? **BLUSHES AND SHOVES A PLATE OF COOKIES YOUR WAY AS A THANK YOU**

*takes cookies and slowly walks away*

•Dean would want Roman to be the godparent
•His hands are always rubbing your stomach
•He will never let you carry anything
•Weird baby names
“Dean we’re not naming our kid Lunatic Fringe”
“But babe, think about it”
•He builds the crib by hand
•Dean being so nervous he has to talk to Roman
“Ro man, I’m scared”
“Dean, you’re going to be fine”
•Foot massages all the time