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Yesterday this post crossed my dash - the one with Sherlock’s memory snippets which went through his head when Mary turned round at CAM Tower. There are some scenes among them where Sherlock actually has been absent and therefore he shouldn’t have memories of them at all.

There is something else.  John’s therapist Ella Thompson.

John visits her for a meeting right at the beginning of ASIP. BEFORE he makes the acquaintance of Sherlock Holmes.

Adding the PILOT as well for the sake of completeness:

The next time John visits her is AFTER Sherlock ‘died’ in TRF.

There is never even the slightest hint in the whole story that Sherlock has met Ella Thompson at any time in between. And yet he knows exactly how this woman looks like in TST …. an episode which seems to be a direct continuation of TAB …. located inside Sherlock’s head.

Because this time it is Sherlock who visits Ella Thompson in her - once again - new and lofty office:

ELLA: You’ve been having dreams. A recurring dream?

And interestingly the very next episode - The Lying Detective - opens with John visiting his therapist again. But strangely this isn’t Ella Thompson any more. It’s a new one.

At the end of this episode it is revealed that this woman is actually none other than Eurus …. who at the end of the series turns out to be a part of Sherlock.

So - Sherlock visits Johns therapist Ella Thompson in TST because he has a recurring dream and because he doesn’t know what do do about John::

SHERLOCK: I need to know what to do.
SHERLOCK: About John.

And the very next episode starts with John visiting a therapist who is - in a way - actually Sherlock.

John’s therapist plays a big role in this story. Ella Thompson changes her appearance every time she turns up. And with the therapist her office changes as well. Then it is Sherlock who visits the therapist. And finally the therapist turns into 'Sherlock’. A very strange development.

And the barking of a dog can be heard immidiately before John visits his therapist for the very first time.


I leave you to your own deductions. Thanks @callie-ariane for the scripts.

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Tuesday snippet

From a forthcoming Johnlockolly fill for @sherlockkinkmeme


“Every day that’s already gone by, she deserved that apology more and more. Every day you avoided her made it worse. You understand?”

Sherlock nodded. “So I…need to stop making it worse.”

“You do,” John said. “I think I’m going to give you extra motivation. You shouldn’t need it but … Look, I’m not the one to  judge about overdue apologies, okay? I know that. We’re both obnoxious rampant arseholes in our own special ways, you and me. That’s why this works, we deserve each other. But Molly deserves better, don’t you agree?”

“Yes, of course she does,” Sherlock agreed, still not quite willing to take his eyes off John’s cock and put them onto his face for very long. “But I’ve found that there are ways that I can apologise to you…that aren’t so bad for me. If you know what I mean.”

John heaved a great, long-suffering sigh. “Oh, I know exactly what you mean, Sherlock Holmes. You can apologise to me all you like that way - but I am not going to, ahem … apologise to you tonight. In fact, I’m not going to apologise to you until you apologise to Molly.”

Sherlock jerked his head up, scandalised. “Do you really mean you wouldn’t mind if…”

“IF that’s what the lady wants, then that’s what she’ll have.” John had his Captain Watson voice on. “And in the meantime, you don’t get any, er, apologies at all. That means I better not catch you apologising to yourself either.”


Sherlock shoves John against the wall, his hands cupping John’s face.

“Do you not see what this is? How can you not after all this time?” Sherlock’s forehead is pressed to his, and his lips are dangerously close.

John can feel the heat of Sherlock’s breath on his own. John could push him away easily but his arms are frozen to his side. Surely this must be a dream.

“I know you don’t feel the same, but John, please, you must know the depth of my feelings for you.” Sherlock’s eyes have fallen shut and his statement is fallen by a sob. Tears glisten as they fall unheeded down those uncanny cheekbones.

A tear, warm against his chilled skin, falls on John’s nose and, as if by magic, he is able to move again. He closes the short distance between their lips, and is rewarded with a soft gasp of “oh” as he slowly, but deliberately shows Sherlock how wrong he is this time.

The Bracelet

‘You… made me a bead bracelet.’ Molly stared down in bemusement at the colourful bracelet dangling from Sherlock’s long fingers.

His nose twitched. ‘I did not make it. I acquired it for a specific purpose.’

‘And that purpose would be…?’ 

He held it up, drawing her attention to the sole yellow bead. ‘A tracking device.’ 

Molly stiffened and her nostrils flared. ‘Sherlock, I’m perfectly capable of-’

‘Please,’ he cut her off with a soft plea. ‘I can’t focus on this case if I’m wondering if you are safe. Your security detail reports only to Mycroft, and I can’t trust them to inform me if you disappear in time for me to find you.’ He stepped closer. ‘Please, Molly Hooper. I cannot lose you.’

She was stunned at the pained vulnerability on his face, his eyes pleading with her to understand. With nimble fingers, she took the bracelet and slipped it on her wrist. ‘Then you have to do something for me, too.’

He quirked his eyebrow to indicate he was listening.

‘Be safe,’ she demanded softly. ‘I can’t lose you either.’

‘I shall do my best,’ he agreed with a tilt of his head. And then he was gone, the morgue doors swinging shut behind him.

Thoughtfully, Molly drew her finger along the colorful beads. The gesture warmed her heart, but did nothing for the terrifying feeling in her gut that the coming storm would leave ruin in its wake.

And that even Sherlock Holmes couldn’t keep her safe.

anonymous asked:

Ok, so DID John really forgive Sherlock?? He said so in the train car, but he wrote in his blog AFTER that declaration and he said "Turns out he'd faked his death because Moriarty had threatened those close to him. Including me. He'd gone into hiding, happy to leave me and everyone else thinking he was dead. He'd done it to save us but he hadn't trusted us enough to tell us what was really going on. Not sure I'll ever truly forgive him for that..." Forgiven? Please reassure me!

Oh, Nonny, I too am mixed on this. Here’s what I think about this:

John DID forgive Sherlock for his transgressions, that I believe whole-heartedly. But how is that reflected on his blog? Well, it’s not… but the answer to your question is actually on the post:

Turns out he’d faked his death because Moriarty had threatened those close to him. Including me. He’d gone into hiding, happy to leave me and everyone else thinking he was dead. He’d done it to save us but he hadn’t trusted us enough to tell us what was really going on. Not sure I’ll ever truly forgive him for that but as the saying goes, life goes on.


At first, I didn’t really welcome him back into my life. I couldn’t. I mean I know he’s a psychopath and I’ve accepted that but what he did this time, it was too much. So I ignored him and got on with my life. But God, it was dull. I knew he was back. I knew that he was out there having the time of his life and I was… working. But I wasn’t going to give in. He even replaced me! I refused to go back to Baker Street so he replaced me with Molly Hooper and started solving cases while he worked on the terrorist thing..

Note the bolded bit, because I am going to explain, at length, why this matters. It’s very clear that John is very upset and angry about the whole situation. But nearing the end of the post, John has this to say:

And he saved my life, of course. And I went to say thanks and… I was hooked. He’s like a drug. He told me about the terrorist plot and I was hooked. I had to help him.


So, yes. It’s all good. Better than good. It’s bloody brilliant. #sherlocklives means #johnwatsonlives.

That last line is what he writes after saying Mary is the best thing to happen to him. Like… complete 160˚ there, John. So, Mary may be the best thing to happen to him (*snorts* yeah, okay John), but in the end, quite literally (as it is the end of the entry), John can’t live without Sherlock. He FINISHES the BLOG POST by basically confessing he’s better now that Sherlock is alive; not that he’s getting married (which was a simple afterthought on his post), but that Sherlock is alive. Literally, he’s trying so hard to be angry the entire post, but he always sidetracks into saying how great Sherlock is. Literally, re-read the whole blog post. John cannot, for less than two paragraphs, go without commenting about Sherlock. 

I’ve mentioned before, though, that John, when he writes in his blog, often hides a lot of things and it sort of differs from what we see on screen. I think the same can be said in relation to this one as well – except John explains his problem right in the post. John writes knowing that Sherlock reads his blog, and John is basically telling tells Sherlock why he’s still wary around him – he doesn’t trust him anymore.

So, that being said, we should look at this scene as we see it on screen, from JOHN’S perspective. Because S3 takes us into Sherlock’s POV, we often forget that John looks a lot more brash and harsh because that’s how Sherlock sees him. Here’s what I think, take it however you want:

Just as they seem to be getting somewhere in their friendship, coming to some sort of understanding, Sherlock kills himself. And John thinks it’s his fault. FOR TWO YEARS. John once told Sherlock he was a very good doctor – how do you think John feels thinking he missed all the signs of Sherlock being depressed and instead instigated the suicide by calling his “clinically depressed” best friend cold and unfeeling. Surely that’s going to affect how John suddenly feels for the years following, believing that he could have saved Sherlock but failed to do so. 

But then suddenly, on the day he tells himself that he’s moving on, Sherlock returns to John and expects everything to be as-is.

Of course John is furious. Everything he thought for two years was wrong. EVERYTHING. The guilt, the sadness, probably his own depression, was all for naught. And John misread the situation as Sherlock trying to make a joke out of it (from John’s blog: “He genuinely thought it would be funny to surprise me.”), rather than what Sherlock really was trying to do. To John, Sherlock was the ONE SINGLE PERSON he trusted, but Sherlock lied and betrayed him. And it’s THAT which John does not forgive –  he believed that Sherlock trusted him just as much as John trusted him. Because of that on top of everything else, John just couldn’t forgive Sherlock at that moment.

Look at everything John is upset about on the blog post: as I pointed out above, it’s all related to his trust issues. 

Interestingly, though, he still shaved for Sherlock before Mary even attempted to goad him. He still, by his own doing, attempted to go visit Sherlock before being kidnapped. I believe, after John sat and stewed over it, he had forgiven Sherlock before the shaving incident. John’s best friend has just returned from the dead – his biggest wish, the miracle he asked for, has come true. And he can’t really truly fault Sherlock that. So John thinks Sherlock is able to perform all these miracles just because he IS Sherlock… and not really because he honestly believes that Sherlock did it all to save him. Oh sure, we get a little aside on the blog that Sherlock did tell John why Sherlock jumped, but it’s written in such a casual callous way that I suspect John completely didn’t grasp Sherlock’s sentiment about it. I would have LOVED to see this on screen; I bet you any money that Sherlock paused and said, “I did it to save Lestrade. And Mrs. Hudson… and you” with so much emotion and feeling but because John is so blind to Sherlock’s affections for him, John just heard, “whatever”.

Keep that all in mind as we jump ahead to the train car. I believe the forgiveness he shows Sherlock in the train car is genuine. John pretty much forgives Sherlock always, because he knows how Sherlock is. But most importantly, maybe due to the complete stress of the situation, I think John actually DID understand what Sherlock was trying to say:

SHERLOCK (softly): I’m sorry.
(John screws his eyes closed for a moment, then looks at him again.)
JOHN: What?
SHERLOCK (softly, his eyes starting to fill with tears): I can’t … I can’t do it, John. I don’t know how.
(He straightens up on his knees.)
SHERLOCK: Forgive me?
JOHN (tightly, furiously): What?
SHERLOCK (bringing his hands up into a praying position): Please, John, forgive me … for all the hurt that I caused you.
JOHN (waving a finger at him): No, no, no, no, no, no. This is a trick.
JOHN: Another one of your bloody tricks.
JOHN: You’re just trying to make me say something nice.
(Sherlock chuckles briefly.)
SHERLOCK: Not this time.


The entirety of this episode is Sherlock realizing he has hurt John, and in turn trying to make it better. I strongly believe that the interaction up there is meant to be seen as Sherlock, now in complete frustration and anguish, truly doesn’t know how to apologize to John for what he has done. Sherlock initially thought jumping was a good thing, that he was doing something John would be proud of him for. In the above scene, Sherlock is NOT apologizing for getting them into the bomb situation, he’s apologizing for the last two years, for not fully understanding John’s genuine attachment to him (Sherlock believes himself to be unlikeable, after all).

I think John knows that it’s what Sherlock is apologizing for, because he then gets frustrated and admits to his feelings. THEY START TO HAVE A REAL TALK, something they NEVER DO. 

JOHN: I wanted you not to be dead.
JOHN (his voice low and tight): Look, I find it difficult.
(Sherlock nods, his head lowered.)
JOHN: I find it difficult, this sort of stuff.
SHERLOCK (looking up at him): I know.
(John blows out a breath, lowering his head, then he straightens up and looks at Sherlock.)
JOHN (his voice not much more than a whisper): You were the best and the wisest man … (he sniffs) … that I have ever known.
(Sherlock looks at him, his eyes wide and tear-filled. John sighs, lowering his head again before raising it once more.)
JOHN: Yes, of course I forgive you.

This is John conceding that he knows that Sherlock is talking about his absence… about everything up until the train car scene (and as an aside, I think Sherlock is apologizing for EVERYTHING since day one, but that’s a different topic altogether). 

So why do I think, then, that John actually, for real, forgave Sherlock? This right here:

SHERLOCK: I’ve never begged for mercy in my life.
IRENE (emphatically): Twice.


Look at the bolded text in the first TEH snippet. Sherlock is begging for forgiveness (ie. MERCY) from John, something Sherlock says he apparently would never do… and he does it twice. Let’s be real here. There is no way in HELL John has EVER forgotten anything about the interaction between Irene and Sherlock. At all. He was sitting RIGHT THERE when this exact interaction happened; was even affected by it. 

ASiB is literally bookending the episode: we hear a snippet of “Irene’s Theme” at the beginning, subconsciously planting “sentiment” in our heads; then we are reminded of this conversation about Sherlock’s having no sentiment for anyone at the end of the episode. This now links the theme to John even more than already was established to be in the episode itself (this happens a few more times in season three, the idea of Irene = sentiment = John). But again, I digress.

Continuing on, when Sherlock is suddenly down on his knees and prays for John’s forgiveness, John has to make sure he heard correctly. And without hesitation, Sherlock begs AGAIN for John to forgive him. Sherlock never begs for mercy, but for John he will; always John. Because he knows what Sherlock is like, John then forgives Sherlock, completely and truly.

And as usual, Nonny, I still haven’t really answered your question: If John truly forgave Sherlock, then why is he still angry with him on his blog? 

There’s a reason I talked at great length about the on-screen scenes in general before I actually answered your question: Granting “forgiveness” is NOT the same as “giving back trust”, and I needed you to see the difference between the two. Example: A dear friend of yours steals something. You find out about it and confront them, they admit to their wrong doing. You forgive them… but do you TRUST them? Immediately, no. You decided that your friendship is very important to you, but you’re now a bit more wary around that friend of yours, because they were supposed to be someone you trusted. That friend has to now rebuild your trust in them, which could take months or years. That friend, if they are a true friend, should know that you will be guarded around them until that trust is rebuilt.

Now picture a friendship like Sherlock’s and John’s. They adore each other, secretly pine for the other on a regular basis, and both have trust issues (only John’s has been stated canonically, but I think Sherlock does too), yet both freely give all their trust to each other without hesitation. Finally, their bond is firmly cemented in a facing a near-death experience together. Then Sherlock lied by omission for two years and forced his best friend to suffer grief and agony; imagine thinking you could have saved your best friend from himself but instead realize it was YOU who caused him to hurt (as I explained above), but then returns acting like nothing happened and, from John’s perspective, is annoyed at him for feeling this way. John perceives this as Sherlock not trusting John (when in reality we know that it was Sherlock being too much in love with John to sacrifice him). John’s trust in Sherlock is broken completely, but he loves Sherlock very much – Sherlock did save him all those years ago from himself, after all – and really, John is very lonely and has only ever wanted Sherlock to come back, so he accepts Sherlock back into his life. But the trust… he holds on tightly to that now, and Sherlock spends the rest of season three trying to rebuild that and is very patient and understanding of John’s hesitation (and it IS mostly given back by the end of HLV, though John is still guarded).

And it becomes all the more difficult for Sherlock when this woman John has made his WIFE turns out to ALSO be a liar and a manipulator. Again, John’s trust is broken by someone he loves. But here’s the interesting thing: I don’t believe for one second John forgave Mary. There is such a difference between Sherlock’s forgiveness and Mary’s “forgiveness” scenes… That’s an entirely different meta all together, so I’m not going into that. Just know that John did NOT forgive Mary. 

By HLV though, I think John sees that Sherlock is making an honest effort to regain John’s trust in him, which I think was mostly regained during the 6-month period between the confrontation and Christmas. I still don’t think Sherlock has ALL of John’s trust by the tarmac, but I think that they’re at least back to a point where John believes Sherlock has a plan for everything.

So, the TLDR of it all; Nonny, John has forgiven Sherlock, do not fret. John ALWAYS forgives Sherlock. But he is now more careful about giving Sherlock back his trust. John feels dumb for giving his trust to not one but two people he thought loved him back in some way, so he guards his trust in people in S3.

Sherlock, for the most part, has regained both John’s forgiveness and his trust by the end of HLV, but I don’t think John will ever put his complete trust in Sherlock ever again until these two learn to communicate with each other beyond life-or-death situations. John knows Sherlock refrains from telling John the 100% honest truth, omitting details AND John from his plans – for John, this is Sherlock not trusting him, so John can’t trust Sherlock fully until they work together.

This is why I think John in S4 is going it alone, for the most part – John’s tired of being left in the dark. And, after all the crap Mary and Sherlock (and possibly Sholto and his unknown family) have all put him through, he’s not going to trust anyone with his heart again either. Until Sherlock proves that he DOES love John and that John CAN trust him completely, it won’t be reciprocated in full. Sherlock most certainly trusts John, but Sherlock ALSO has to stop keeping John out of things, otherwise he’s never going to get John back. Sherlock is too protective of John for his own good, and I think that will be their downfall.

Only when they become a team will they finally be together in all definitions of the word.

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Mark & Andrew talk Sherlocked Snippets

Just a few recollections of amusing moments from the Mark and Andrew talk at Sherlocked:

- Mark and Andrew were fantastic together, and spent about a third of their talk giggling or putting on silly voices. I would have paid the weekend ticket price just for the opportunity to get in to see their talk.

- An audience member asked why Jim was obsessed with Sherlock and not Mycroft. Andrew said how do you know he’s not, the obsession is all off-screen, and then had one of many giggling fits. Mark went on to talk about Mycroft having done a more successful job of removing emotion from his life and Sherlock not being as good at it so having the chinks in his emotional armour that Jim fixes on and thinks he can exploit. On balance I think I’m going with Andrew’s theory for my Jimcroft headcanons. ;D

- Mark did call Mycroft “the uber-Holmes” though. I need that on a t-shirt.

- When someone from France asked a question Mark had a flashback to school French lessons and was quoting from the tape recordings they used to have - “Écoute et répète“ - and went on to make tape recording beeping noises whenever someone French came up again.

- The first French girl said she had a question for Andrew, so after getting all into his French thing Mark then pretended to be hurt it wasn’t a question for him - so he put the microphone down and got up to peruse the bookshelves on the stage set instead, and sat back down leafing through one of the books for a while.

- There was reiteration that the sniping between Sherlock and Mycroft comes from a place of affection, it’s a very family thing, but they’re not going to info-dump all of the Holmesian childhood all at once - Mark proposed dribbling it out over thirty years. There was a Yoda impression about not giving out backstories.

- The tagline for their talk became “are you beach body ready?”, said in a dodgy American accent. It’s the new “Carousel!”. The chap hosting the talks proceeded to reference it in the Ladies of Sherlock talk and SFX demonstration later - to applause from audience members who’d been in the Mark and Andrew talk, and bafflement from everyone else!

- Mark says he’s beach body ready if the beach is Morecambe, or in general a nice British beach on a grey winter day with a red flag up.

- An audience member asked “Do you shave for Sherlock Holmes?”. Mark answered that he does, but he wasn’t going to say where. Vajazzling then got mentioned, before he pointed out that as he often wears a beard he usually does have to shave for Sherlock

- Mark said that he’d like to play Andrew in a biopic of his life, but unfortunately he’s too tall. Apparently according to Andrew it would be a toss up between Mark and American actress Sally Field.

- Someone asked where they would take their character for the day. I think Andrew said he’d take Moriarty to see Mamma Mia and then for dinner at the Angus Steakhouse - and proposed making it a double date with Mark and Mycroft. But Mark would like Mycroft to show him the dark secrets of government, and said he’d like to visit Baskerville and see the dogs the size of horses.

- On the question of which character you’ve played is your favourite, Andrew said he didn’t have a favourite. So Mark kept muttering threateningly under his breath “It’s Moriarty. Say Moriarty. Say it. It’s Moriarty.” Andrew eventually conceded that it’s Moriarty. Mark said his would be Peter Mandelson in Coalition, and added that James Graham (the writer, who also wrote The Vote which Mark is in at the moment) had just received an email from Peter Mandelson saying he’d enjoyed it. High praise from the Prince of Darkness!

- There was tutting about the destruction of London’s cultural landmarks in the likes of Soho, and Andrew took the opportunity of a question from an audience member involved in the campaign to promote the upcoming equal marriage referendum in Ireland.

- Someone asked if there was a “tie code” and Mark confirmed that no, they aren’t trying to send messages through ties - things like the skulls on Andrew’s tie in the first series was just a design choice. And he confirmed again his tie didn’t have umbrellas on, they were birds (he thought they might be swifts). The real tie code is in the Thai food.

- On that note someone else asked about Mycroft’s ring again and once more it was confirmed it’s not a wedding ring, it’s just a ring, there’s nothing more to it than that. Mark wasn’t helping matters by adding ‘Or am I lying?’ to that answer!

- Someone asked what their Mastermind specialist subjects would be. Mark took the opportunity to tut that the questions were often so easy these days; he said when the League of Gentlemen was a specialist subject recently the questions were so basic. Though he conceded he didn’t get them all right! He proposed probably Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who, James Bond films - causing slightly eyebrow raising panic from Andrew with that last one! Andrew said he’d probably pick modern art, and that David Hockney was his favourite artist.

- There was a request for Andrew to do an evil laugh, and Mark kept doing little schoolgirl-esque titters on his behalf. The consensus seemed to be that they deliberately didn’t want Moriarty to have an evil laugh, though Andrew did talk about his “twisted joie de vivre”.

- Someone asked them rhetorically “why are you both so perfect” and Andrew said he hates that term, then apologised many times saying he felt really bad saying that and didn’t mean anything towards the person in the audience, but talked about how perfection is a dangerous illusory state and that it’s much better to understand that the people you love have flaws but you love them regardless.

- Mark agreed with Andrew on that last one but pointed out that he is in fact perfect though. True story.

So uh.. I just found out today that apparently, there’s another unaired pilot episode of Sherlock. Here’s the snippet.

“You don’t have a girlfriend, then?” John asked the man in front of him.

“Girlfriend? No.” Sherlock said simply.

“Do you have a boyfriend? Which is fine, by the way.”

“I know it’s fine.”

“So you’ve got a boyfriend, then.”


“Right. OK.”

So, Sherlock Holmes: unattached. Just like me.

John’s thought was suddenly interrupted when he saw a petite woman with beautiful brown hair and beautiful brown eyes coming towards his and Sherlock’s table.

“Hi,” the mysterious woman greeted Sherlock happily.

“Hello,” Sherlock greeted her back, his eyes gazed at the woman in a.. loving.. way?

“This is John, the new occupant of 221 C, the one I told you about earlier,” Sherlock spoke again.

John immediately stood up, offering his hand to the woman.

“John Watson,” he shook her hand.

“Molly Holmes,” the woman smiled sweetly.


John looked at Sherlock, dumbfounded.

“I do have a wife though,” Sherlock said proudly.

“This is my hard drive and it only makes sense to put things in here that are useful. REALLY useful.”

things Sherlock deems more useful than the Solar System (because knowledge of that would have helped him solved the case quicker): the size of Molly Hooper’s lips, breasts and her weight.

useful for what, Sherlock? hmmm?


“Sherlock, get up!” Molly tugs at the sheets, barely budging the sleepy lump on the bed. “I need cash for the cab, I’m going to be late!”

“Mm…” He groans and pulls the sheets under his chin.


He stands up, wearing only the white sheet, and trudges out into the sitting room, plopping down in his chair.

“Are you serious?” Molly crosses her arms and frowns. “Put on some damn clothes and give me cash for the cab!”

He leans forward and smiles mischievously, “Make me.”

She raises an eyebrow and spins on her heels, stomping out of the room. Sherlock looks after her but she’s disappeared into the hall. A few moments later, she returns with a bottle in hand.

Sherlock cringes, “What are you doing?”

Molly opens the bottle of shampoo, “If you don’t give me money for a cab, so help me, Sherlock Holmes, I will wash your hair.”

“Oh please, you really think-”

Molly jerks forward with the bottle and Sherlock jumps up in his chair, grunting and falling over the back. Molly laughs out loud and drops the bottle, doubling over with her hands on her knees.

“You’re pitiful!” She teases.

Sherlock’s hand shoots up from behind the chair with a bill in hand.

“Thank you,” she reaches out and snatches it away. “But when I get home, I’m washing that hair.”

“The hell you are!” His head pokes out.

“Good morning, Sherlock!” She calls out as she heads for the door.

Without making a sound, he runs up behind her and wraps her in his sheet, pulling her against him and kissing her nose.

“Don’t be too long,” he mumbles.

“Are you wearing any pants?”


Molly snickers and kisses his jaw, “I’ll be back later.”

tiatess  asked:

When he doesn't want to sleep, but doesn't want to move molly from bed, sherlock traces snippets of compositions on molly's back. He secretly hopes she subconsciously hears it and it influences her dreams.

That’s dead on, but I think he’d deny it. LOL.

“Don’t be silly, Molly. I wasn’t writing music on your back last night. You must have been dreaming.”


A First Look at the Sherlock Special.

A little snippet of the Sherlock Special has just arrived!! Starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman and Una Stubbs. Oh, and it’s gold!

10.7.2015 (x)

Sherlock - His Last Vow - Snippets from CultFix Review

The nature of a spoiler-free review means we can’t talk about the shocking twist about one of the cast members. Let’s just say you will never see this one coming and it brings out some big performances of our key players. Look again through the first two episodes, the clues were there all along (as the episode is keen to show you through flashback).

The humanising of Sherlock continues and this finale pushes it the furthest yet. Early on when we see a side to Sherlock quite unlike any other. Cumberbatch will also be breaking some Tumblr fan’s hearts, but remember, appearances can be deceiving. It’s not just Sherlock though who has transformed this series – Watson proves here more than any other he’s far more than just a comic foil. This could very well be Martin Freeman’s best performance on the show

One stunning scene takes up deeper into Sherlock’s mind palace then every before, with secrets from Sherlock’s past revealed and a big cameo treat for fans.

As with all finales so far this one ends on a cliffhanger. The denouement pulls out one last trick that will leave everyone incredibly excited by the prospect of what lies ahead. Come Sunday night fans will be talking about the ending as they were two years back and this time they’ll be asking, “So just how on earth is… [spoiler redacted]?” Time to rewind that scene again….