This is my OC Nikolai, I have had him since the cringey middle school years when he was just an undeveloped blob of a character! He has grown and changed over the years in design and character yet his name has always been the same.
I kinda based him off of he power of thought. So what he thought and what he believed he became, if he believed he was good,he would be good, if he believed he was bad he would become that as well. He at first thought nice things about himself,and he became a good person, but then the seed of fear and doubt had been planted into his mind by someone he thought loved him. He began to think terrible things about himself and he became one, he thought he was nothing and he has slowly been fading away every since. But In the process he realized just how powerful words and thoughts and ideas were.


Holy cow that concept is AMAZING!!! Coming from someone whose OCs are mostly based off lame cliche tropes, your ideas are really inspiring and unique!! I love his design, it’s so out of the box. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing oc!!!