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So like… There are so many cute posts/fics of Enj and R and who’s a dog or a cat person etc and I am 100% behind that but also what if one of them had an animal and the other had a genuine phobia of it… Like R has the biggest fluffiest friendliest dog in the world (called Dog because if Audrey Hepburn can call a cat Cat…) but Enjolras is terrified of dogs.

And this wasn’t a problem really. Since Enj rarely went to R’s place and the few times he did it was just to drop something off and R tends to keep Dog in the living room when he answers the door incase he runs out and up onto the street… Or occasionally on Les Amis gatherings but everyone loves Dog so much he can avoid interaction because he’s preoccupied with the others.

Except now they are dating and R is starting to get suspicious that Enj is holding back because he’ll walk R back to his flat but always comes up with a reason not to come in and if he asks him over he’ll find a reason for them to go out to do something instead and it’s beginning to feel like Enj just doesn’t want to be alone with him… Going to Enj’s flat hardly counts since Courf and Combeferre are always around…

And Enj knows he can’t keep this up forever but he’s torn because he knows how much R loves that dog and he doesn’t want to cause a problem or hurt his feelings in some way… He doesn’t hate Dog. He just can’t be around him.

But meanwhile like a million Bad Thoughts are going through R’s head and he’s worried maybe Enj doesn’t really like him/has realised he made a mistake but doesn’t know how to admit it so he’s just keeping what distance he can… And then one day he has the horrible idea that maybe he’s been doing something wrong regarding Enj’s boundaries and that he is afraid to be totally alone because he thinks R would overstep and he flies into a panic wondering what he did wrong and resolving to fix it but not by open communication because these two are both dumb idiots.

Instead he pulls back his physical contact to show he’s completely okay with the no sexual stuff thing.

Except now Enj thinks R is having second thoughts / he did something wrong / R wants to be with someone who’ll give him what Enj can’t.

This goes on for a few weeks until finally Enj hits a point where he can’t take it anymore and he goes to R’s flat completely forgetting Dog.

Dog whom R has not properly secured elsewhere. Dog who smells someone he recognises but barely ever sees and is very excited. Dog who bounds past R as he opens the door and suddenly Enj is halfway down the corridor almost in tears whilst R wrestles his very large very bouncy dog back and looking up at his boyfriends terrified face things make sense.

So finally they talk. Dog is closed off in R’s bedroom with a chew toy and a bone and is perfectly content. They sit in the living room. Grantaire apologises for how he has been acting and explains why and Enjolras is super relieved. Then Enj fully owns up to his crippling fear and how he didn’t want to tell R and have him think he was putting pressure on him because he would never ever ask R to give up Dog. So since R is the kind of person who knows literally everyone he goes to a friend of his who helps people phobias (they worked with Joly over his germ phobia and Joly swears they are magic) and they give him some advice of steps they could take which, with Enj’s consent, they try.

Enj writes down a list of things he’s worried about, and steps he wants to take to try and get over it.  

First things first R imposes new house rules. If Dog jumps, he gets no attention. He makes sure the others are involved too. Dog is thankfully eager to please and a fast learner but it takes a little time so in the meantime… R buys one of those baby gate things for the kitchen because gradual exposure is the best thing for phobia’s. Whenever Enj is coming round Dog goes in the kitchen that way he can still be with them and see them so he doesn’t panic or start barking (which will also scare Enj) because he can tell they’re there but can’t see them, but also Enj knows Dog can’t get to him.

It also means though that Enj has some proximity to Dog without the buffer of their friends and can get used to the idea of being in the same room as him, without being afraid of being jumped on or bitten or whatever. It takes a while but after a few weeks he actually starts greeting Dog when he arrives.

After a little time, a couple of times a week R will sit beside Dog, get a good hold on him and Enj will come into the kitchen and make tea or something. Eventually they get to a point where he feels safe with R just holding Dog’s collar.

They graduate to Enjolras occasionally making Dog his breakfast or dinner because it might help build a relationship to do something specifically for Dog, plus he soon realises that Dog is so interested in the food he basically ignores everything whilst he eats… so R doesn’t have to hold him at all as Enj leaves the kitchen anymore.

They go for a walk all together and R keeps Dog on a super short lead with Enj walking on his other side, til they reach the park. Enj stands on the other side of the fence and watches them play. When Dog finds another dog friend to play with R comes and stands with him.

The first time Enjolras pets Dog, it’s really brief but R swears he can feel Dog vibrate with joy from where he’s got a strong hold on him. Enjolras is still kind of freaking out but also Dog is super fluffy and soft and he looks so pleased that it’s… kind of cute?

Once Dog is well and truly trained not to jump up Enj has reached a point where he can be in the same room with him without the gate. Though if he ever feels overwhelmed the gate is still there and R immediately puts Dog back in the kitchen.

Mostly when he’s in the room with them he seats himself on R’s side of the sofa at his owner’s feet but just occasionally he’ll test the water with Enj. For a while Enj just tries to focus on other things but one day whilst R is making dinner, he’s sat on the sofa and catches those big soulful eyes looking up at him and he steels himself and reaches down to scratch Dog’s ears. Dog is content and pads away to R.

They go on for several months just building up Enj to the point where he can pet Dog with barely any anxiety. When Enj is in the kitchen making his dinner he’s started talking to him, and he can even put the bowl down without R having to hold Dog because he knows Dog won’t move until he moves away and tells him ‘Go’.

He’s still not great with dogs he doesn’t know though he’s noticed even they don’t scare him like they used to. He still gets jumpy if Dog barks particularly loudly at a cat outside or gets a little over excited. But it’s better. He can even take him for short walks around the block where he knows he’s not going to get too excitable and pull the lead.

And the thing is, he likes Dog. Dog is sweet and fluffy and loving and loyal and really not that scary at all. Scratch that. He loves Dog. He actually loves walking into his boyfriends flat and finding him sat good as gold in the middle of the living room, tail wagging, just happy to see them both. He loves watching R play in the park with him, both of them rolling around and coming back to the gate with grass stains and twigs in their hair/fur. He has found that brushing Dog sends him to sleep, so it’s an activity he feels safe and comfortable doing and it helps him bond with him even more.

The day R knows that they’ve been successful is when he comes back home to find his boyfriend lying flat on the sofa with his law books piled around him, and Dog lying across his outstretched legs, both fast asleep, one of Enj’s hands tucked against the side of Dog’s head. He’s just so happy and grateful this all worked out, and that he has this little family to come home to.

Just a Cold

Daveed x Reader
Word Count: 1725
Summary: Daveed takes care of you, who’s sick.

“Y/N,” Andy sighed, “We’ll be fine without you for a day; you haven’t stopped coughing since you arrived. I’m surprised you still have both lungs,” he joked, a smirk plastered onto his face.

You sighed; you couldn’t deny that. “But I can still dance fine,” you said through a sniffle, your voice more raspy than ever before, “And I feel fine, too!”

He raised his eyebrows, “Y/N,” he said, growing tired of your stubbornness quickly, “Go home. Get some rest. Come back tomorrow.”

You nodded you head, “Got it,” you grinned pitifully.

“I can’t believe you even came in,” Andy chuckled, walking you to the dressing rooms, “You’re kind of on the brink of death,” he joked playfully; you wanted to retort, but before you have the chance, Andy continued. “Here,” he said, handing you your clothes, “Go change, I’ll get you a cab.”

You nodded your head, begrudgingly, “Okay,” you sighed, grabbing the clothes and quickly changing into them, hanging your costume up in its spot.

Leaving the dressing room, you found yourself in another coughing fit; maybe Andy was right. How embarrassing would it be to be coughing all throughout one of the scenes? This was for the best; you hadn’t missed a day of work throughout the past few months, for a few reasons. One, you weren’t exactly well-off, and could use any extra bit of work that you could get. Two, you were hoping that after you were done on Hamilton, Lin would be willing to be one of your references on your resume. If you showed up and gave it 100% everyday, maybe that could happen. Three, it just so happens that your ‘work’ meant dancing with your friends everyday.

Caught up in your own thoughts, you bumped into a wall; your feet slipped out from underneath you, causing you to land straight on your ass, a squeal escaping from you.

“Woah,” the wall said, turning around; “Y/N?” Daveed asked, quirking an eyebrow, “How unlike you,” he chuckled as he offered you his hand, “You’re usually so graceful.”

You grinned, bashfully, your cheeks burning with embarrassment; “Little bit off my game,” you muttered, digging your teeth into your bottom lip, praying that you weren’t coming off as embarrassed as you actually were. You took his hand and he pulled you up, swiftly.

“Where you headed?” He asked, “You’re not in costume…” He observed, eyeing your outfit.

“Oh,” you said, grinning, looking down at your outfit, as if it wasn’t until he mentioned it, that you realized you weren’t in costume. He, however, was full-Lafayette. “I was just heading home; I’m not feeling too great… Andy’s orders,” you shrugged, sniffling.

Daveed stuck out his bottom lip, in an exaggerated pout; “Who’s going to dance with my during Winter’s Ball,” he asked in forged petulance.

You chuckled, “Stephanie,” you answered with a grin, “I’m sure you’ll be fine, Daveed,” you laughed, shaking your head. “I should go; Andy’s getting me a taxi.”

He nodded his head in understanding, “Alright,” he sighed, “Text me when you get home-try not to run into anybody, okay?” He chuckled as you began to walk away.

You rolled your eyes, “Doing my best, Daveed,” you called back, not bothering to turn around.

Hours later, you were all tucked up in bed, your phone out and a pile of tissues all around you; you had been texting both Pippa and Daveed since you left the theatre. Out of the whole cast they’re the two you grew the closest to, and the fact that they were so worried about your well being was making you really happy, despite your cold.

‘You’re sure you’re fine?’ Daveed texted you, ‘Do you need anything? The show’s over soon, I can bring you food if you’re hungry,’ he said, shooting you message after message.

‘I’m fine,’ you replied, ‘I ate a bagel for lunch.’

‘Lunch was HOURS ago, Y/N,’ was his reply.

‘I’m fine, Daveed,’ you sent, rolling your eyes; and you were fine. You hadn’t stopped drinking water all day, hoping it would help you flush out whatever it is that you had; even if you weren’t eating much, you didn’t really notice until he brought it up. Did you have an extra bagel from earlier?

‘I’m coming over,’ he said, ‘The show’s over in 20, I’ll be there in half an hour. Don’t move!’

You sighed, but didn’t really have it in you do argue with him; perhaps he would bring Pippa with him…

He didn’t. What he did bring, though, was four slices of pizza from your favourite place, and two bottles of water.

“You have to eat,” was the first thing that he said to you, handing you two of the pieces, “I got your favourite kind; also, have you been drinking enough water?” He asked, opening your bottle before handing it to you.

You nodded you head, “Yeah, I have,” you sniffled, taking a sip, “Daveed, I told you; I’m fine!”

He sighed, taking a bite of his own slice, “You don’t look fine,” he stated, raising his eyebrows, “You don’t sound it, either.”

You rolled your eyes in response; “Well, I WILL be fine,” you muttered, “It’s just a cold. I just to rest a little bit,” you shrugged, taking another drink.

Daveed nodded his head in agreement, “Yes, just rest,” he said, “Which you were probably doing before I got here, huh?” He asked as an afterthought, quirking his head, reminding you of a puppy.

You couldn’t help but grin as you nodded your head, “Yeah,” you admitted, laughing, “That’s alright though, I don’t mind. I was getting kind of bored.”

Daveed widened his eyes, only a tiny bit, making you wonder how a person could be so incredibly hot and adorable simultaneously, “You sure?” He asked though a mouth full of pizza.

You nodded your head, taking a bite of your pizza, hopefully before Daveed noticed your stares. “Positive,” you replied, “How’d the show go?” You asked, cocking your head to the side.

He shrugged his shoulders, “It was fine; missed you, though,” he teased, making you roll your eyes once again. “I can’t remember the last time you took a proper day off,” he said thoughtfully, “Has it ever happened before?”

You sighed, “Don’t be dramatic,” you said, “Of course I take days off-my birthday…” You began, but realized quickly that you didn’t have anymore occasions to add to your list. “… Today…” You added, weakly, taking another drink of your water.

“Oh yeah,” Daveed chuckled, “How could I be so idiotic; two days out of the year? That’s TOTALLY normal, Y/N,” he teased, raising his eyebrows as he took a drink of his water.

You shook you head, “Okay,” you sighed, “I get it, you can stop, now.”

Daveed smirked, “And I heard Andy had to FORCE you to leave, as well,” he continued, regardless of your wishes, “Is that right?”

You pursed your lips, not about to give him the satisfaction of being right; instead, you grabbed on of your pillows and threw it at him, “Stop it,” you demanded.

You had barely missed his plate of pizza, earning yourself a glare; you smirked.

“You’re lucky you’re sick,” he growled, crawling up the bed before flopping down beside you, “I’d be tickling you so hard right now if you weren’t.”

You laughed, “You would never,” you stated confidently.

“Yeah I would,” Daveed said stubbornly; “Only when you’re not sick, though; it’d be too cruel otherwise.”

You chuckled, taking another bite, “What a gentleman,” you teased, grinning up at him.

He nodded his head in agreement, “I’m a real sweetheart,” he said, oddly seriously.

You furrowed your brows; “That’s usually the type of thing you let other people say about you,” you said, gently, taking a sip of your water.

David shrugged, “You called me a gentleman, and I was just agreeing with you,” he said quickly, defending himself.

“I was being sarcastic!” You laughed, shaking your head.

“Well, now I’m just offended,” Daveed said, forging animosity.

You grinned and shook your head; leaning your head on his shoulder, you closed your eyes, “It’s good for your ego to get a little hit every now and again,” you said softly, “Otherwise, it just keeps growing and growing, and it never stops.”

Daveed sighed, wrapping his arm around your shoulders, “You think I have a big ego?” He asked, leaning his head down, so it was resting on yours.

You pretended to think it over for a minute, before shaking your head, gently, “No, I was just teasing you,” you admitted with a yawn.

“You’re tired,” Daveed stated, “You should take a nap,” he said, his voice soft, looking down at you; you looked up at him, but upon realizing how close your mouths were to one another, you quickly looked back down.

“I am a little bit sleepy,” you agreed, “Maybe I will have a nap.”

Daveed nodded his head in approval, “I should go then,” he said, but made no move to leave; instead he continued to let you lean on him, and looked down to you. “We should… We should go out sometime-when you’re feeling better, I mean,” Daveed suggested, looking at you hopefully.

You nodded you head, softly, hopefully managing your excitement well; “Yeah,” you agreed smiling, “I would love that.”

“Okay,” Daveed grinned, “I’ll text you… And hey, don’t come to the theatre tomorrow if you’re still not well, you have to start taking care of yourself-and that means eating all of your meals, alright?” He asked, gently climbing off of the bed, pulling the covers over your body. He looked down at you, expectantly, waiting for an answer.

You rolled your eyes but nodded your headed, “You don’t have to worry about me,” you sighed, letting out an airy laugh, “I’ll be fine.”

Daveed smirked; “Yeah, but I can’t take you out if you’re sick; and I was kinda looking forward to that,” he said, grinning, “So you’re going to take care of yourself?”

You raised your eyebrows and nodded your head; “Of course,” you replied, as he smirked and made his way to the door. “And D?” You called, before he could leave. He peeked his head back into your room; “Thank you for the pizza.”

“Anytime, Y/N,” he grinned bashfully, “Anytime.”

1. stop the world (i wanna get off with you)

Pairing:The Joker (Ledger) x Reader
Rating: T (for this chapter, E for the series as a whole)
Words: 2700 (I’m so sorry, I have no self-control)
Requested by: @nicolesyneah25


With the exception of you I dislike everyone in the room
And I don’t wanna lie but I don’t wanna tell you the truth
Get the sense that you’re on the move and you’ll probably be leaving soon
So I’m telling you, stop the world cause I wanna get off with you

Originally posted by kittycheshirestuff

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Happy Bday @ateliefloresdaprimavera

A smile played across your face as you were woken by a large hand running up your side, dragging the shirt of Derek’s that you’d worn to bed, up enough to expose your ribs. Sloppy kisses were trailed from your hip to the soft skin just below your breast.


“Morning Der.” You mumbled as you let out a yawn and tangled your fingers into his hair.

“Happy birthday (Y/N).” Derek mumbled. He placed a quick peck on your lips followed by several more getting more heated with each one.


Derek pulled away and grinned at you, stroking his hand through your hair as the other looped under your neck, pulling you into his chest with a happy sigh. He growled and dropped his head into your neck as the bedroom door burst open and several bodies landed on the bed with a heavy thud.

“Puppy Pile!” Erica yelled as she snuggled next to you, scent marking you by rolling herself against your shoulder. Isaac lay across you and Erica, his head balanced on your shoulder, Boyd however scooted himself under Erica before shyly nuzzling your cheek.

“Enough scent marking she’s mine.” Derek grumbled. Isaac rolled his eyes and jerked, his legs and arms waving wildly as Derek dropped him on your other side so he could wrap his arms around you and lay his head in your lap.


“Guys why are you marking me I haven’t been away from the pack for like… two days.” You grumbled. No one responded so you simply let the wolves snuggle up as you ran your fingers through Derek’s hair, a giggle falling from Erica’s lips when Derek began grumbling like a happy cat.



Derek smiled as he wondered around the empty loft. This was your birthday present, a home that would be big enough for the entire pack and whoever else might come along, Isaac kicked a loose brick across the large room and wondered over to the huge windows.

“So we each get our own floor because you and Peter bought the building?” Isaac asked again. Derek rolled his eyes and grunted as he glared at the Beta who grinned and slapped a hand on his Alpha’s shoulder.



“Come on Momma Hale, little further.” Scott muttered as he carefully led you through what you had thought was an empty apartment block.


The closer you got to where ever the group was taking you, the louder the thumping got, it vibrated through the floor and you could tell by the sudden impatience in Scott that the base thrumming through the floor was having an effect on the young werewolf.


“Tada!” Erica yelled, throwing her arms wide, revealing a huge room filled with people painted in bright fluorescent paint.


“Who’s building is this?” You asked, hands on hips as you turned to face the Beta’s.

“Urm… Derek wasn’t really clear on that.” Isaac muttered as he rubbed the back of his neck.


Eventually you gave in to the Beta’s encouragement and began dancing with them, they each promised to get you to Derek’s surprise later that evening, so you completely lost yourself in the music as you danced with Erica and Lydia.


It wasn’t until a loud crash and Derek’s furious yell boomed through the room, people were suddenly hurrying for the door so you took it upon yourself to hurry over to Derek in hopes of keeping him calm.


“You lot here now.” Derek spat, the only reason he hadn’t shifted was the hand you’d slowly slid up his stomach.


“Derek… stop… Alpha.” The last word caught his attention and he looked at you with a hint of surprise but gladly let you kiss him.

“They ruined your surprise and trashed it to.” He grumbled. You smiled and turned to face the Beta’s who were lined up looking guilty, even Stiles was trying to look serious.

“I suggest you clean up while Derek shows me your surprise.” You muttered. The teens nodded, grateful that you’d given them a way to get out of a long winded Alpha lecture and hurriedly set to work cleaning.



“So… Peter helped me buy this place so he has to live here with us…” Derek was watching you nervously as you walked back into the room the party had been in.


“You know living with me will be very fun, Uncle Peter’s an excellent role model.” Peter winked at you, chuckling when you rolled your eyes.


The groups had pushed the rubbish to the side and set a metal table in the centre of the room which was now piled with presents. Derek reluctantly hugged his uncle and watched his pack huddle around you, yelling happily or whooping and laughing as you opened their presents.


“Let’s dance.” Lydia mumbled once you were done.

“Yeah come on Momma Hale we got booze left, another party?” Stiles grinned widely as the music began and the loft was filled with happy laughs. You held your hand out to Derek and he raised an eyebrow questioningly.


“Come one Alpha, get on the dance floor.” Peter chuckled while wiggling his shoulders and hips as he grinned at his nephew. Derek couldn’t help but laugh and reluctantly let you pull him among the writhing pack members.


“When they all leave; I have one more birthday surprise for you.” He whispered against your ear and span you so you could see a king sized bed across the room. “Happy birthday (Y/N)” Derek muttered before kissing you softly.

Birthday Blunder ~ Sonamy

A/N -

Thank you too @lorrynha​ for requesting this one! I really hope you like it!!

Sonic cant decide on a present for Amy, but then finds the perfect gift. 

Boom!Sonamy Fluff. 

Sonic had been racking his brain, he had been trying to come up with the perfect gift for his pink team mate’s birthday. He wanted to get her something special, something heartfelt. He’d thought of things like a new tea set or new knitting needles, but they felt too mundane they weren’t special enough, plus she already had all of those things.

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A lovers’ quarrel

Originally posted by kimthwriter

you and Hoseok had been in a constant fight for a few weeks. Just non-stop arguing about the smallest things. It started because for two weeks straight because you had to clean up after him and the other boys when they came over. He used to make them clean up after themselves; but he just let them make themselves at home now.

It wasn’t that you didn’t love when the boys come over, it was always so much fun; but They would trash the apartment and Hoseok would just let you clean up the mess.

It was annoying and you wanted him to do better; it was all you asked him to do, was make sure the boys didn’t make a mess and he blew up

He was pissed and said you were being too controlling.

It made you angrier so it ended up being an even bigger problem. Hoseok left in the middle of the argument. He was staying at seokjin house for two weeks. Every Time you’d call him or text him it would start another argument.  

You couldn’t make up; because he was being so aggravating.  

“Hoseok, are you coming home?” you’d ask him, every day and he either wouldn’t answer or he would start an argument,

“Are you going to stop nagging me about every mess?” he would start and then it would go from there.

He got you so heated and then he would stop responding to your texts. You loved him to death; but you could choke his ass.

When your birthday came around, Hoseok didn’t say a word to you.

It made you angrier

You went out to the club with your friends. Well actually they dragged you out.

You were pouting in bed, watching forensic files, in your pajamas, and eating ice cream. They some how broke into your house, and dressed you and dragged you out to a club.

You couldn’t help but think of hoseok. Part of you was pissed off and the other part of you was sad, because he was so mad he forgot your birthday.

You downed 3 or 4 drinks; before you decided you wanted to go home. Since your friends were partying on the dance floor you slipped out of the club and took a cab home.

When you managed to open your door, your feet were bombarded with balloons. You turned the light, and the entire hall was filled with them. You giggled softly, probably because of the alcohol, you figured your friends had done it. Because they knew how much you loved balloons.


You picked one up and gently bounced it up and down in your hands as you slipped your shoes off. You let your jacket drop to the drop the ground and you softly hummed as you followed the trail of balloons. As you got to the entrance of the of the living room you smelled steak. You looked around and saw the entire room filled with balloons.

It was dimly lit by candles and standing in the middle of the room was hoseok.

 it smelled like steak and your favorite scented candles

He was holding mic, with a big smile he started sweetly singing happy birthday. You pouted as he walked near you.

 he gently handed you a small ring box. “whats this?” you asked.

“your engagement ring.” he smiled.

you looked baffled.

“y/nnnnnnnnn!!! Did you honestly believe i forgot my baby’s birthday?” he asked.

You nodded quickly, jumping into his open arms.

He fell back into the large pile of balloons that covered your couch.


He rolled you over on your back and happily kissed you.

You wrapped your arms around his neck and your legs around his waist.


“I thought you were that mad at me.” you pulled away from his kiss, looking into his eyes.

He laughed and kissed your cheek. “Baby that was just a prank so that i could surprise you.”

You looked shocked at him “I’ve been setting this up for months. That’s why the boys became really messy.”

You smacked his shoulder, pouting. “I thought we were in a real in a fight.”

“I even had your friends take you out so I can set up your balloons” he said.

It made him laugh more because he really fooled you.

You hugged him tightly.

He gently kissed your neck, gently caressing your sides.

“I’m sorry baby” he kissed your neck slowly, moving his hands down to your thighs, gently squeezing them.

You ran your fingers through his hair slowly rolling your hips against him.

“Happy birthday baby girl” he said against your skin. His hands squeezing your ass.

It was sudden, and probably do to the alcohol you had a while before, but you wanted Hoseok so bad.

You let him hike up the skirt of your dress. You went to pull down his shorts but he pinned your hands over your head. “Nu-uh baby. Just be still and let me take care of you.” You bit your lip as you watched as he lifted up off your body and took off his shirt, slowly unbuttoning each button to tease you. You lifted your hips and ground them against him to urge him to hurry but he didn’t do so.

He took his time stripping off his shirt and shorts.

Just as you were marveling at his body he flipped you onto your stomach and started unzipping your dress slowly, also clearing the balloons so you could rest your head on the arm of the couch.

Two fingers slowly rubbed your clothes clit.

You let out a soft moan, arching your back and grinding on his fingers for more pressure and he gave it to you.

“Fuck I missed you. I almost gave up on my plan just to be close to you again” he said as he moved your panties aside.

He slipped to digits into your entrance. I louder moan left your lips.

You shut your eyes tightly embracing the pleasure he was giving you.

His fingers moved quickly, in and out of you.

You gripped the arm of the couch tightly. You threw your head back in pleasure, as he pounded his fingers into you.


Your eyes rolled back, he was sending you over the edge and it was just what you needed.


You very suddenly came, with a loud moan of Hoseok’s name.

Just ask quickly as his fingers left you, he filled you up with his cock.

He started moving his hips quickly, holding your tightly. Pulling your hips back as he pounded into you from behind.

His fingers massaged your clit and pinched your nipples.

It was like he was trying to drive you crazy.

So many sources of pleasure, you couldn’t handle it and you came again.

Hoseok’s hips gradually slowed down. He gripped your ass as he slowly pumped in and out of you.

You bit your lips softly in the pleasure as hoseok ground into you as he came.

You grabbed his hand  and held it tightly as he wrapped his arms around you and you each caught your breath.

And as you slowly drifted off to sleep you heard him softly singing, “happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you” into your ear.


Out of curiosity, I reblogged a post earlier encouraging people to let me know what they think about me. These are the things I got, and with each one I began to cry internally. You guys are too good to me.

*cries quietly* thank you💦
I’m so glad you’ve gotten such a good impression from me. I’m also glad to hear we share interests, I guess that’s good if you’re around the dumpster on a regular basis, ehehe!

Thank you!! I’m very pleased to hear that so many of you guys think I seem like a nice person. My goal is to be a nice person, and I appear to be succeeding! Hehe!!

Yes… I know this very well, my dear friend.✨

sENPaI tHanK yoU
Whenever someone I think highly of says something nice to me I turn into a pile of mush and roll all over the floor. It’s a mess but it’s a happy mess.
I’m so happy that my work makes you happy… because YOUR work makes ME happy too!!! I’ll try my best to stay awesome, haha!!


AhHHhhhHh thank you so very much!!!
That means a whole heaping heck of a lot to me💦

yis ah doo

Thank you so much for all of your kind words, guys!! You’re all so nice to me and sometimes I feel like I’m not worthy of your praise. But I always appreciate your kindness and support.💦

You guys are great.

Tantrum (Request)

Can you do one where Harry punishes Darcy (his daughter) bc she’s in the stage of terrible twos?

Alright, anon, I know I said I wouldn’t be using the name Darcy in my stories but since you requested it specifically, I will do it for you. :) (I’m also making her middle name Anne because I am unimaginative…)


When Harry had first become a father he had sat in the hospital chair holding his newborn baby daughter, whispering to her about all the things that he vowed to do for her. Protect, love, support, comfort, the list went on and on. The one thing he wasn’t prepared for was punishment.

When Darcy had been a baby, punishment hadn’t really been an issue. Sure, she had gotten into the occasional thing that she shouldn’t have - especially around the time she was learning to walk - but the easy fix for that was just to take her by the hands and say a firm, but gentle, “No” and then distract her with something else. Anything that had been more serious than that, Harry had conveniently let you deal with.

The day you decided to take an overnight trip to visit your parents after your father had surgery, Harry realized that this would be the first time he had been alone with Darcy for more than just a day. He absolutely loved having that daddy/daughter time with her, but at the same time, that meant he was taking care of everything else as well. Darcy was now well into being two years old, and was definitely displaying some of the personality traits that came with being a toddler, including temper tantrums and complete meltdowns. Part of the reason Harry always let you handle that was because he couldn’t stand to see his little girl upset. The thought of having to discipline her was difficult for him.

The morning had gone smoothly. Darcy had woken up, Harry had made her breakfast and she had been more than willing to let him dress her and then play for a bit in the living room.

It was lunch time that started the chain of events that would set the tone for the rest of the day.

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Received an anonymous request the other night: 

Can I have a Leo x reader one? With fluff? ^^ If it would be okay?

Admittedly this took far too long for me to get around to, and I sincerely apologize. I was a bit distracted and lacking inspiration. 

Without further ado, watch as I awkwardly attempt to force plot into a one-shot reader insert!!! Shout out to @southernblossoms @buru-banded-ninja-kitty @laced-up-and-honour-bound @thekunoichiinblue @aredheadwithasoul @bubbliciousfearless and any other Leo girls I forgot to tag!

Leonardo x Reader 

Warnings: None (unless you consider really sloppy writing offensive)

Words: 1618

You were unbelievably tired. The flight from Los Angeles to New York City had seemed to stretch on into eternity, no matter how many levels of Candy Crush you mastered in order to pass the time. Sleep eluded you for the entire six hours, save for a few moments of blissful slumber that were inevitably interrupted by a cough from your neighbor or a kick from the teenage girl behind you. The journey home from your impromptu business trip lacked all of the excitement and joy as a trip to the Golden State should have had, and you wanted nothing more than to settle yourself into a hot bath and then sleep for three days straight in a bed that didn’t remind you of a wooden palette.

Unfortunately, as soon as you had landed, you had to make do with a cup of subpar coffee, a greasy breakfast sandwich, and a seat behind your desk at work. The company you worked for was in the final process of buying out another smaller company, and as the supervisor in charge of the training of all new personnel, you were more than burnt out. Another four hours spent finishing up reports and you would be free to sleep as peacefully as your frazzled brain would allow.

You jumped slightly when your phone vibrated twice in your pocket, bringing you out of your reverie. A small grin graced your lips when you saw a familiar name across the screen.

Home yet?

Your cheeks reddened as you wiped the grease from your mediocre meal off of your fingers on a napkin near your keyboard and made to answer the text message. Your thumbs hovered over the screen for several moments as you contemplated your response.

For about an hour now, though I had to go straight into the office for a bit of damage control. Idiots in accounting still haven’t sorted out payroll.

I knew the place would fall apart if you left.

Your flushed cheeks became even warmer as your smile grew tenfold.

You had met Leonardo under very…unusual circumstances. It had all started when you answered a craigslist ad from a young woman by the name of April O’Neil. Her roommate had recently (and very suddenly, it had seemed) moved out, and she was in desperate need of someone to help with the bills. In dire straits yourself, you jumped on the ad as soon as you read it. After a few brief meetings, you felt comfortable enough with the arrangement to begin moving in. April was a news reporter and seemed to have her head on straight. Sure, she talked to herself in her room a lot, had the pizza guy on speed dial, and kept very strange hours, but she was kind and respected your work schedule. The two of you carved out a friendship over several weeks and everything seemed to be picture perfect. That is, until her turtle friends decided to pay an unannounced visit one evening.

After being brought back from unconsciousness and having a strong drink shoved into your shaking hand, April had explained to you why four enormous anthropomorphic turtles were climbing through the balcony door at two in the morning. Surprisingly enough, you accepted the explanation with very little fuss. You had grown up in New York after all, and if mutant turtles were the strangest thing you had to deal with that day, you were lucky.

The four of them were exceedingly grateful for your acceptance, the oldest in particular. Having similar temperaments, you found yourself drawn to his company, and he to yours. Over the last several months, you had grown very attached to the blue-clad turtle and cherished every moment you were allowed with him, from quiet nights stargazing on rooftops to rowdy evenings playing video games with his brothers and April. As a constant source of strength and inspiration, you felt comfortable calling him your best friend.

Another buzz from your phone reminded you that you had left him without a response for fifteen minutes.

I bet you are exhausted.

You knew it was his subtle way of asking if you wanted to see him. Though he was polite and direct with most things, you sensed that he had an overwhelming fear of rejection when it came to your friendship.

I doubt I’ll be able to sleep when I get home. Probably be six cups of coffee deep at that point. Be on the balcony at 1?

I’ll be there.

Silencing your phone with a happy sigh, you returned to your work. 

You could see the light from under April’s door as you strolled into your apartment some time later. The soft clicking of laptop keys filled the quiet home and you smiled to yourself. She had been working just as tirelessly as you had recently, hot on the trail of some new story. Setting your bags down in the living room, you rolled your shoulders and let out an enormous sigh. 

The place was a mess. Clothes were strewn around the living room and dishes were piled high in the kitchen sink. Pizza boxes were scattered across the coffee table, some of which were beginning to release a particularly foul odor. Judging by the sheer number of the boxes, it was apparent that April had been hosting a certain group of reptiles at least one night you were away. 

Despite your exhaustion, your type-A personality would not permit you to relax until you had cleaned up a little. Storming about the apartment and grabbing items to throw into the pile you mentally labeled “return to the boys,” you barely noticed the sound of the balcony door sliding open and shut again. 

“You work too hard,” came a smooth voice from the living room. You screeched and dropped a plate you had been about to put in the dishwasher. 

April poked her head out from her room, concern etched on her face. You waved her off with one hand, your other hand clutching your chest. “No need to worry, April. Leo just forgot to announce himself…again.”

Leonardo smiled sheepishly at your pointed stare after politely bowing his greeting to April. 

“Well, if I wasn’t going to be able to sleep before, I certainly won’t be able to now,” you teased. “Also, I work too hard? That’s the pot calling the kettle black if I’ve ever heard it.”

Leo shrugged and retrieved a broom from the hall closet, presumably to help clean the mess he had inadvertently caused. “You just got home, you should be relaxing.” 

Placing your hands on your hips, a cheeky smile gracing your tired features, you stood in front of him. “Pot,” you said, placing a finger against his plastron before moving it to touch your own chest, “kettle.”

You finished loading the dishwasher and gathering up anything that didn’t belong in the apartment as Leo swept up the broken china. Once you felt satisfied that the place was clean enough, you looked at your enormous friend only to find that he was gazing your way too. 

“You didn’t have to invite me over, you know. You look exhausted.” 

You pursed your lips and sighed. You still had to unpack, prepare your meals for the remainder of the week, do your laundry…

“Do you know anything about shiatsu?” Leo asked, breaking you away from your train of thought. 

“Uh, only that they taste fantastic sauteed in garlic,” you responded distractedly, moving your way over to the bags you had abandoned when you arrived home. Leo’s large hand made contact with your shoulder, stopping you in your tracks. Your heart began to pound in your chest. His skin was so…cold, and yet not at all uninviting. 

Shiatsu. Here, let me show you.” In one easy movement, he had spun you around to face him and taken both of your tiny hands into his. Before you could protest, he was speaking again and pressing his thumbs into your palms in gentle, soothing circles. This was the most physical contact you had ever shared with him. 

“The great martial arts masters believe that energy, ki, flows through the body in specific pathways, or meridians.”

The sensation of his thumbs rolling over the very sensitive skin of your palms left you reeling. His rough scales felt so foreign, and yet you couldn’t help but notice how right it felt to have your hand in his. 

“Much like meditation, shiatsu massage can help redirect that energy flow when it is disrupted. Like when we overwork ourselves,” he chuckled warmly, a playful reprimand shining in his bright blue eyes. He pulled on your hands, gradually stretching your wrists before returning to the soft palm massaging. 

“There are stimulation points,” he continued, his voice low and his breathing steady, “and there are sedation points. The palms and wrists are sedation points.” You closed your eyes and took a deep breath, his unique scent filling your senses and lulling you into the deepest state of relaxation you had felt in days. 

And before you knew it, it was over. He had released your hands and taken a step back from you. He wore the smirk he reserved for the times he was able to educate someone about martial arts or Japanese culture and your heart swelled at how proud he was. 

“Repeat those movements a few times before going to bed or whenever you’re feeling stressed and you should have no problem relaxing.”

“Doctor’s orders?” you asked lamely. The empty space he had left on your hands felt cold and electrified. 

“You bet.”

“Well then, I think you should demonstrate a few more times. Just to be sure that I’m doing it right.”

Stay (The Night)

Summary: College AU. Your good friend and study partner, Jungkook, wants you to stay the night at his dorm for the first time. 
Genre: Fluff
Words: 817
A/N: This whole scenario was inspired by this video of Jungkook sleeping because I’ve never seen such a cutie pie in my entire life. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!! ♥

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anonymous asked:

When Ruffnut started yelling at Astrid and saying Astrid had no respect for her, Tuff, Snotlout, or Fishlegs; do you think what Ruff said was true? Do you think Astrid really has respect towards the Twins, Snotlout and Fishlegs?

Though these two questions are slightly different, since they’re on the same topic, I’m going to tackle them together! In this response, I’ll begin with first summarizing the positions and context of the conflict between Ruffnut and Astrid, and then giving my perspective on why Ruffnut had a very true, legitimate reason to criticize Astrid as she did.

Bear with me, guys. This scene is FREAKING AMAZING JAW-DROPPING CHARACTER DEPTH and I feel the mighty need to say a LOT.

Overviewing the Different Sides of the Argument

The argument between Ruffnut and Astrid doesn’t necessarily have a “right” or a “wrong” side. In my perspective, Ruffnut and Astrid’s positions are equally defensible and understandable. Astrid has good reason to criticize Ruffnut… but Ruffnut has just as much reason to harp on Astrid.

At the start of “Edge of Disaster Part 1,” two different sets of values come into conflict. On one side, there is Astrid’s value system. As you say, Astrid is a warrior at heart, someone who believes in discipline and duty. The twins hold different values more centered on companionship, humor, and making each day enjoyable. 

By and large, neither perspective is objectively bad. In fact, both perspectives have notable pros and cons. For consider:

  • Astrid’s over-rigid perspective can make her fierce, tunnel-visioned, and hostile when she doesn’t need to be. She becomes more easily stressed, agitated, and angered. It is this sort of attitude that made Astrid so hostile to Hiccup in HTTYD. Not precisely a good thing.

    The twins have learned how to live life much freer from worry, and to be able to legitimately enjoy one another’s company. They can make jokes that bypass insults, take the optimistic side of situations, and not become disheartened when situations don’t go as they want. Without being so tunnel-visioned on one set, rigid, disciplined path, they open their minds up to creativity and some really unique and beneficial ideas.

  • Ruffnut and Tuffnut’s loose perspective has the problems that you pointed out: they turn out to be slackers, cause destruction and havoc in camp, and can seem uncaring to others.

    Astrid’s position is much more productive, much more reliable, and much more consistently qualitatively good, than what these two twins do. The twins are unreliable, whereas Astrid’s sturdy ground makes for a dependable warrior.

Both life perspectives honestly have considerable merit. Ruffnut and Tuffnut’s values just happen to greatly differ from Astrid’s values. What happens when Ruffnut clashes with Astrid, then, is the clashing of the two philosophies. 

(This is only resolved at the end of the second episode when Astrid sees Tuffnut’s creativity can chase off dragon hunters).

Setting the Scene for the Argument

The context of the argument brings many interesting facts to mind.

First, Hiccup chooses to leave Tuffnut, Ruffnut, and Astrid on the island together. He asks that the three of them hold down Dragon’s Edge. Astrid immediately protests, “You are not leaving me with these two muttonheads,” to which Tuffnut responds, “She knows we’re standing right here, right?” Not a minute later, she bemoans that this must be the worst day of her life, and begs for Hiccup to not leave her with the two twins. Before she can give the twins an insult, Tuffnut and Ruffnut cheerily hop in, feeding her with words like “simpletons” or “dimwits” that she could use to insult them. Astrid uses this as proof that the twins are ridiculous. Tuffnut points out, still pretty good-naturedly considering context, “Hey, it’s not like we woke up this morning hoping to spend twenty-four seven with you, either, Astrid. I mean, you are not exactly a picnic. And you think you know what I’m saying. You have not ever been a blanket on a grassy knoll with delicious food. But, we are team players. We will do what is necessary for the good of the group.”

This is already a whole lot of information we need to dissect. First off, Astrid is the one who begins the conflict. She is the one who protests at being left behind with the twins; the Thorstons do not voice any immediate complaint being left with Astrid. However, when Astrid does protest at being left with them, Tuffnut points out to her that she’s being rude three times:

  • “She knows we’re standing right here, right?” he asks. This is an indirect protest to being called a muttonhead. This is an indirect protest to Astrid saying she doesn’t want to be left on the island with them. Astrid has opened up the conversation with insults, and Tuffnut is bringing to attention that fact: Astrid is saying some rude things right to their faces. Yet even though he points that out, Astrid continues to demean the twins by complaining about them to Hiccup - in the Thorstons’ full hearing.
  • Tuffnut starts feeding insults Astrid could use. He knows that Astrid is about to use some sort of insulting noun to describe the twins, so instead of letting her say it, he jumps in and gives her suggestions. It’s a tongue-in-cheek way of disarming rudeness. He and Ruffnut turn her negative complaints around into an uplifting and ridiculous conversation about “wits that dim.” If you think about it, this is actually quite the socially tactful strategy. The twins are disarming her insults by making the conversation their own and adopting the rude descriptors themselves.
    To give an example comparison, the LGBTQIAA community adopted the word “queer.” It was originally meant to be rude, but “queer” became a self-identifier for the group of people, and the insult lost its sting. The twins are doing the same tactic here: they’re finding a way to handle the insults without letting anything bother them. Pretty great social maneuvering, isn’t it? Seriously, these guys aren’t stupid. It might sound stupid to Hiccup and Astrid, but what the Thorstons do here is wicked smart.
  • When Tuffnut says, “You are not exactly a picnic,” he actually means that Astrid isn’t fun to be around. After Astrid has insulted the twins repeatedly, Tuffnut finally speaks something more bluntly. He doesn’t enter the conversation rudely right away. In fact, when he does finally admit that Astrid isn’t a great companion, he softens the blow. He speaks the constructive criticism more nicely than she does; he talks to her in a tone suggesting rapport, relating to her frustration, rather than whining back in her face. Then he softens his criticism about her “not being a picnic” further by making a joke at the end of it. He goes from saying some pretty serious, straightforward stuff - “It’s not like we woke up this morning hoping to spend twenty-four seven with you” - to something that people could laugh over together - “You have not ever been a blanket on a grassy knoll with delicious food.” Then he even ends the message saying that, while he doesn’t prefer to work with Astrid, he and his sister will be “team players.”

What’s going on here? Astrid doesn’t want to work with the twins. The twins don’t want to work with Astrid. But Tuffnut says that they’ll try to cooperate. He’s being a bit more open about working with Astrid than she is about working with them. Ruffnut, though a bit quieter, seems to support her brother’s views. Whenever Tuffnut starts to hop into a social rapport tactic to keep the conversation kinder and more lighthearted, she picks up on what he’s doing and also directs the conversations in that direction.

The Scene of the Argument

After Hiccup leaves, the twins immediately fall to their slackard selves. They think it’s best to go back and sleep. Astrid won’t suffer for this, but demands that she sees the twins sweating at work, preparing defenses for potential attacks. The twins don’t like this one bit. While they try to include Astrid in their slacking off plan, she just directs them to work; Ruffnut and Tuffnut grimace behind her back, and Ruffnut even sticks out her tongue as the Hofferson warrior passes.

Astrid’s got a really good reason to make sure the twins get to work. They’re in a dangerous situation, and they can’t spend the time sleeping and goofing off. At the same time, the twins have a good reason for being irritated; she’s commanding them to get to work. Ruffnut is frustrated to the point she sticks her tongue out at Astrid, but she does it behind her back, and keeps her internal thoughts to herself… for now.

We do see the twins carting a log in the next scene, but they do it while chatting, and they aren’t anywhere near as efficient as Astrid is. Astrid tells them to quit talking, saying it reduces efficiency; Tuffnut mocks her vocally while Ruffnut rolls her eyes. It’s strike two for Ruffnut; she bites her tongue yet again, but she is annoyed at being reprimanded. “Real mature, guys,” Astrid hisses, which probably only infuriates Ruffnut more; from Ruffnut’s perspective, Astrid doesn’t seem to be acting maturely herself, being as she’s tersely telling them they can’t even talk while they work.

The twins finally reach the stack of logs. Astrid sarcastically says, “Go team,” to refer to the fact she carted everything up there herself (minus their one log). Ruffnut and Tuffnut toss the log toward the pile, but it hits the other logs and causes them to roll over the side of the cliff.

Now here’s something interesting: While they’re throwing the logs at the pile, they make this facial expression.

Let me zoom in.

Do you see that? Tuffnut seems happy, like a little puppy, whereas Ruffnut is holding… a smirk.

Guys, the twins missed the pile of logs on purpose.

They don’t snap back at Astrid directly verbally, but they’re making an action statement here: they’re a little sick of her bossing them around. “Sure, we’ll do the work, but we won’t get the log on top,” they’re essentially indicating.

Their shocked facial expressions indicate they just meant the log to bump at the bottom, not to cause a chain reaction. They are both legitimately surprised and abashed to see the entire stack fall off the side of the cliff.

This much is an honest mistake.

After that, Astrid tells them to make stairs. Instead of making stairs, the twins figure out the zipline.

And they’re pretty excited about it.

Here begins the point Ruffnut breaks loose and yells at Astrid.

The Argument

Right before Ruffnut criticizes Astrid, the twins are in a good mood. They’re in such a good mood that they immediately want to share their excitement with Astrid.

Tuffnut: Astrid! You have got to try this. The landing’s a little rough, but - 
Ruffnut: Astrid, we know this wasn’t what you were planning, but we really think we’re onto something here. The stairs have their own use for sure, but this can truly come in handy.

The twins have been goofing off. They haven’t been constructing stairs, which is the obvious thing they should have been doing. After having screwed up stacking the logs the first time, they should maybe have felt penitent about this and tried to make up for Astrid. Instead, they go ziplining. Not very responsible.

But look at what they’re trying to do: they’re trying to get Astrid to join in the excitement of their discovery. Even though Astrid has been badgering them all day, they’re still willing to be open and happy with her. “Check this out! It’s pretty cool!” they’re exclaiming.

Ruffnut even acknowledges that they didn’t precisely follow Astrid’s orders. “Astrid,” she says, “we know this wasn’t what you were planning.” She points out that Astrid’s idea still has merit. “The stairs have their own use for sure.” She’s not trying to discredit Astrid’s work or say that the stairs are bad. She’s still affirming the fact that Astrid’s work has good credibility. However, at the same time, Ruffnut is trying to tell Astrid that what they have figured out is something good - it’s the productivity that Astrid wants! The twins have discovered something that’ll help Dragon’s Edge, exactly as she thinks Astrid wants to hear!

Astrid doesn’t see the merit in the zipline. She’s got good reason. The twins’ first suggestion was to sleep in. Then they didn’t cart that many logs. Then they knocked all the logs she carted off down the cliff. Then they screwed around instead of building stairs. Then they knocked off all her logs - AGAIN - when they landed from the zipline. The twins have not only been unproductive themselves, but they’ve negated all of Astrid’s own productivity by wrecking her progress. She’s so angry from putting up with so much… that her eye is twitching.

Thus, when Ruffnut says, “This can truly come in handy,” she responds skeptically, asking, “It can, huh?” But this doesn’t even dissuade Ruffnut’s enthusiasm. She’s used to Astrid being short-tempered and terse. “Yeah! In the right situations -“

Astrid cuts Ruffnut off again. Astrid, ever the practical thinker (though not the innovator), asks, “And what situations would those be, exactly, Ruffnut?” She’s not asking this to learn more information - she’s doing it to shut Ruffnut down.

Now the twins aren’t good at thinking on the spot to answer questions. Astrid’s constant questioning stumps both Thorstons, leaving them fumbling for words. Ruffnut isn’t wrong that the zipline could come in handy. But it’s not like she thought this out ahead of time; Astrid isn’t giving her any slack.

The fact Ruffnut can’t give an answer right away causes Astrid to snap first. She criticizes:

Astrid: You have no clue, do you? Didn’t think so. And do you know why? Because the two of you don’t think. You don’t plan. You just come up with these crazy ideas and forge ahead with no regard to logic or what you’re even supposed to be doing. What am I going to do with you guys? Seriously! Tell me!

This is a perfect exhibition of Astrid’s philosophy that I outlined at the start of this analysis. Astrid doesn’t take stock in crazy, innovative ideas. She’s a person who’s grounded in what’s secure, solid, practiced. The fact that the twins found a new idea by goofing around isn’t going to impress her. As she sees it, they “came up” with something, but it wasn’t any good and had no practical purpose, because the twins have “no regard to logic” or what they’re “even supposed to be doing.”

She is right. Even if Astrid is being a little bossy, the twins really shouldn’t be screwing around when they’re threatened with such dangerous upcoming circumstances. So what we see here is Astrid thinking about all the pros of her personal philosophy and all the cons of the Thorstons’ personal philosophy.

Here’s the problem: Astrid isn’t thinking about the shortcomings of her own philosophy, and she’s so angry that she’s not going to consider the Thorstons’ merits. Potentially, even were Astrid calmer, she wouldn’t be able to give a list to what the Thorstons are good for; other scenes in RTTE give proof to that.

Then Ruffnut steps in. Ruffnut is so angry that she’s going to present her side. She’s going to defend her personal philosophy and attack hers. She’ll point out the weaknesses to Astrid’s system of values.

And man oh man is she harsh.

Ruffnut has been holding back for a long time. She stuck out her tongue at Astrid. Then she rolled her eyes. Then she threw the log in the wrong place. She continued making grimaces a few times after that. And while Astrid was ranting, you could see Ruffnut frowning… and also thinking. 

This is someone who doesn’t tend to bite; Ruffnut and her brother tend to let insults slide, even when it’s bothering them, because they think it’s better for group morale and positivity. Now, though, after really thinking this through, and after biting her tongue many times… Ruffnut speaks up. Chances are, she’s been holding back for more than this incident… she could have been holding back for months… even years.

Ruffnut: Well, you can start by being kind. Oh wait! You can’t do that because kindness is nowhere in that scrawny little body of yours.
Astrid: What?
Tuffnut: Easy sis.
Ruffnut: Back up, bro! I’ve got this!
Astrid: Do you know what your problem is, Ruffnut?
Ruffnut: Oh you bet I do. I’ve got a list of problems so long I can’t even keep track. The question is, do you know what your problem is?
Astrid: My problem? Are you serious?
Ruffnut: Allow me to lay it out for you, my flaxen-haired friend. You have no respect for the people around you who are just trying to help and be a part of the team. You have no respect for Fishlegs, certainly none for Snotlout, and you couldn’t have less respect for the two of us! Now you can go ahead and shame the others, you can mock this entire island of dragons if you wish, but I am not going to stand here and listen to you insult the entire ‘nut family tree!
Astrid: She’s wrong… you know. I-I-I do… I… [sigh] respect you guys…
Tuffnut: Oh please. You can barely even say it.

Ruffnut and Astrid are both speaking exaggerated positions. Astrid is so angry that she tells Ruffnut and Tuffnut that they don’t think. Astrid knows that’s not entirely true; as you point out, Astrid knows the twins have subversive intelligence. Ruffnut, on her side, gives an exaggeration, too: Astrid does demonstrate some respect for Fishlegs, for instance, and the twins weren’t always being helpful in the teamwork. Both sides are also defending themselves, so they’re not going to talk about their weaknesses - they’re only going to harp on the weaknesses of others. But it means that what Astrid is saying to Ruffnut, and what Ruffnut says to Astrid, is equally “true.”

Now I’m finally going to directly respond to one of your questions. Why should Astrid have some respect for the twins? They’ve caused an avalanche. They made dummies instead of going on guard duty. They sleep when they should be working. They play with the Night Terrors, jeopardizing the security of the island. They goof off and make jokes rather than taking people seriously. They aren’t giving any good reason to earn Astrid’s respect. From her position as a warrior, they’ve got nothing going for them that falls under what Astrid considers decent and respectable.

But I’m going to flip the question on its head. Why should the twins have respect for Astrid? She doesn’t take their jokes well. She treats their humor as unbearable, rather than as the social-building glue it’s supposed to be. She ignores their contributions. She yells at them when they make honest mistakes. She forgets the fact that they do contribute to the team in dangerous situations when it counts the most. She doesn’t take their innovations with any respect. From the position of the twins, who believe that what is most important is giving positive, uplifting energy… why should they respect Astrid? All she does is beat them down time and time again. We can ask the question about why Astrid should respect the twins because they don’t align with her values of being a diligent warrior; but we can also ask the question about why the Thorstons should respect Astrid because she doesn’t align with their values of group rapport through friendliness and cheer.

And in this recent situation, Astrid has perhaps gone a bit too far. It’s one thing to tell the twins to stay on track, to be serious, and to work to prepare the island defenses. It’s another thing to boss them around, to tell them to quit talking, to speak demeaningly to them when they make an honest mistake, and to ignore the fact that the twins have tried to be “team players” from the beginning. The twins opted to cooperate; that’s why they carried the log up the cliff. Ruffnut is right saying, “You have no respect for the people around you who are just trying to help and be a part of the team.”

In fact, all of Ruffnut’s criticisms have WELL-FOUNDED REASONS for being said.

  • Astrid wants people to work effectively as a team, but she treats half the team - Snotlout, Ruffnut, and Tuffnut especially - with regular disrespect and disgust. 
  • Astrid doesn’t respect when Snotlout, Ruffnut, and Tuffnut try to contribute to the team. She’ll often express open verbal shock if they express a good idea or brainstorm an idea she thinks is stupid. That’s not good team rapport.
  • Astrid might be very kind and supportive of Hiccup, but it’s only in extreme circumstances (like Snotlout nearly losing Hookfang) that she’ll show kindness toward the others.

I personally didn’t roll my eyes when Ruffnut laid out those concerns. It’s true that the twins have been obnoxious, lazy, and unhelpful on many occasions. But it doesn’t make Ruffnut’s criticisms any less true.

Astrid’s Respect Toward Others

I think that Ruffnut’s speech is extreme, but extremes tend to be spoken of truths when someone is angry. Astrid does demonstrate respect toward the others on multiple occasions in all the television series; she’s not completely negligent of the other dragon riders. Not at all.

Astrid gets upset at Hiccup for being rude to Snotlout in “Thawfest.” She’s respecting Snotlout’s emotions in this case; she doesn’t approve of Hiccup “rattling cages.” Astrid also supports Snotlout in “Race to Fireworm Island” by encouragingly talking to him about what it means to be heartbroken (see here and here). These are some instances of Astrid demonstrating respect toward Snotlout.

Still, by and large, we can agree that Astrid isn’t very nice to Snotlout. She throws him around repeatedly - literally. She shouts at him. She insults him when he says something stupid. She often insults him when he says something “surprisingly” smart. She gags whenever he kisses his muscles. She outright high-fives Heather when they work together to trip him. Over and over and over again, Astrid is demonstrating a lack of respect for Snotlout.

Astrid’s respect toward Fishlegs is harder to catch either way. She and Fishlegs don’t directly interact much, but one thing that is to be noted is that Astrid and Fishlegs aren’t going to hang out together alone anytime soon. Fishlegs is somewhat in the background for her. So it’s not exactly disrespecting Fishlegs; it’s moreso maybe she puts him aside and doesn’t place much attention in him.

And the twins? She’s nearly as rude to them as she is to Snotlout, with the amount of eyerolls and verbal backlashes she gives them.

The trend is, honestly, by and large, that Astrid isn’t showing the amount of respect she could toward them. Ruffnut makes a true point.

It doesn’t matter whether or not Ruffnut has been showing sufficient respect in turn. That’s a question for another day. The bearer of the information has no relevance on the fact that the information is true. Ruffnut’s right. Astrid’s respect record could be… certainly… improved.

And if you need to ask yourself whether or not there is truth in Ruffnut’s word, you only have to look at Astrid’s facial expression.

This hits home so hard, I wouldn’t be surprised if she were two short steps short of tearing up.

Tuffnut’s Role

A second, also heartbreaking way you can confirm Ruffnut’s words are true is by watching and listening to Tuffnut. You’ll see him frown and look sad during the majority of the exchange. Additionally, he actively tries to stop Ruffnut from chewing Astrid out. Recall that he says, “Easy, sis,” right before Ruffnut barges in and starts ranting.

What’s going on?

Tuffnut knows how angry his sister is. 

Suddenly, we realize what the Thorstons have been doing over the years: they’ve been keeping mum about a long-lasting frustration. When Tuffnut says, “Easy, sis,” you can tell that he knows what Ruffnut is going through because this is nothing new. However, he and Ruffnut have developed a technique of getting around Astrid’s personality: by making jokes and turning frustrations into humor. Tuffnut makes all those jokes at the start of the episode to let the insults slide off, remember? 

The twins have been intentionally doing this for a long time, and we see that, instead of being confrontational about problems, the way Ruffnut and Tuffnut handle problems is by trying to quietly work around them. They don’t enter things with straightforward animosity or belligerence, but try to do their own peaceful part to make things work the best they can. The silliness and friendliness in many conversations is a way of distracting others away from arguments. Tuffnut is trying to get Ruffnut to do that here, wanting her to back down and not chew Astrid out, even though they both know how both of them have been frustrated by the Hofferson girl.

When Tuffnut says, “Easy, sis,” he knows exactly what’s going on in her mind, is trying to remind her of their “plan” to just keep as cool as possible, and is showing his emotional support for her and understanding about how irritating Astrid can be.

Tuffnut thinks that Ruffnut is right: Astrid holds little respect. Ruffnut marches away, and Astrid stutters to Tuffnut that the criticism isn’t true. The fact Astrid is stuttering shows she’s shocked at the outburst, but also that it’s hit close to home. She tries to defend herself by saying, “I respect you guys,” but Tuffnut, wearied and disappointed, lets out what’s been in his own heart: “Oh, please. You can barely even say it.”

So all three people in this exchange believe it: Ruffnut clearly believes it. Astrid believes it. Tuffnut believes it. The insults are exaggerated, they’re over the top, and they’re definitely not true 100% of the time. But they hit home for a reason, and there’s no denying it.

Final Conclusions

Since I yakked a LOT, I figured I’d make some quick summarizing points.

  • Astrid’s frustrations at Ruffnut are just as valid as Ruffnut’s frustrations at Astrid. Both have different personal values, and what happens here is their personal values clash. They criticize the weaknesses of each others’ mental frameworks.
  • Both Astrid and Ruffnut did some good things and some bad things when it came to trying to secure the island. They both tried. They both made mistakes.
  • The twins are lazy, obnoxious, irresponsible, and sometimes inconsiderate. But Astrid can also be narrow-minded, easily irritable, and unimpressed by creativity, friendliness, and spontaneous innovation.
  • The twins’ silliness is personal choice. They are ridiculous because they find life more fun that way. In many cases, they are silly to the point it is destructive and harmful to others and themselves. In other instances, they are intentionally, tactfully silly to try to smooth out tense social situations. In these cases, they’re actually being incredibly clever; it’s a good way of avoiding direct blow-ups between members, and it’s how they’ve handled the majority of times they’ve come in conflict with someone like Astrid.
  • Tuffnut usually takes the forefront in the silliness. He’s better at it. Ruffnut tolerates crap by being quieter. But they do work together all the time, and will build on top one another and support one another.
  • Ruffnut bites her tongue many times before she finally shouts at Astrid. She has been frustrated with Astrid for a long time (and Tuffnut knows it) before she finally blows up about it aloud.
  • I do think Astrid has some respect toward Fishlegs, Snotlout, Ruffnut, and Tuffnut, but there are are a number of ways she could certain improve. Ruffnut makes a fair point.

Basically, I adore this scene. It speaks volumes of the emotional complexity of the Thorstons, it speaks into the weaknesses and strengths of three characters, and it’s an emotional, jaw-dropping moment that really hits me in the heart.

Happy Comes Home After a Two Week Run

One of the Happy & Elle deleted scenes I had sitting around that didn't make it into the main story. 

Playlist: Come On Over (All I Want Is You) - Christina Aguilera

Warnings: Mature subject matter & language

The bright light from the sun shone through the bedroom window, encasing me in its warm glow. I groaned, fighting to stay asleep. I piled my pillow on top of my face but couldn’t find it in myself to fall back asleep. I sighed, rolling over and searching for the warm body of my husband. I was in the mood for a little cuddle. My hand turned up empty and I lifted one eyelid, peeking over at his side of the bed. I scrunched up my nose, remembering that he was away on business, visiting another charter.

“Ugh!” I grumbled loudly.

I flung the comforter away from me and pouted. I missed my husband. He’d been gone for near two weeks now. A girl could only keep herself busy for so long. I snatched one of the million hair ties off my side table and sat up, flipping my head upside down to gather all my hair into one ponytail. I climbed out of bed and stretched before making my over to the ensuite bathroom. I splashed cold water on my face, brushed my teeth and applied my daily moisturizer. I stared at myself in the mirror. I pulled at a few stray hairs that had fallen out of the up do. I blew the few strands away from my face in an annoyed huff. I was bored.

I turned out of the bathroom, pausing to contemplate possibly putting pants on. I looked down at my outfit; a tattered spaghetti strap tank top and pastel blue with white polka dot boy short underwear. I shrugged, good enough. I didn’t plan on leaving the house today. I continued on into the hallway. Maybe I could call Lyla later, invite her over to wallow in self-pity with me. She was my enabler, always letting me eat ice cream and watch silly romcoms when the boys were out of town.

I stepped into the kitchen and found the place a pigsty. It was like I was living with sixteen other men. I admit, I let the house work go to shit in the last week. I hadn’t realized it was at this level of disgusting though. There were piles of dishes in the sink, I could smell the garbage from behind the cupboard doors and noticed old food still sitting out on the counters. I exhaled, resigned to my fate and turned to the iPod dock in the corner. If there was one positive thing about Happy being out of town, it was that I could blast the girliest music without having a grumpy man grumble the whole time.

I scrolled through the music, finding something upbeat and settled on some early Christina Aguilera. I turned up the speakers to blasting, and wiggled to the beat of the music all the way over to the garbage, yanking the bag out and tying it tightly. I spent the next half hour cleaning up all the old food and shoving as many dishes into the dishwasher as possible. Once I had the garbage in the bins out in the garage, and the washer running, I filled the sink up with soapy warm water. I began with washing the remaining dishes, the ones I couldn’t fit into the appliance made for such trivial tasks.

My favourite X-Tina song came on and I started dancing from side to side.

“I got something going on…” I belted out the lyrics.

I shook my ass to the beat of the music, stopping to pop with the pauses. I bopped along to the music, singing along out loud and slightly out of tune. I dropped the sponge into the water and lifted my hands in the air above my head.

“Come on over, come on over baby.” I spun around in a circle, swaying my hips from side to side, stopping in the opposite direction.

There was a loud chuckle at the kitchen entrance and I screamed, clutching my heart.

“I could get used to coming home to this.” Happy joked, leaning against the door frame.

I grabbed the sponge from in the sink and tossed it across the room at him. He caught it before it made a mess and raised his eyebrows at me.

“Happy! You nearly gave me a heart attack.” I hollered.

He shrugged, making his way across the room in four long strides. He dropped the sponge into the sink and snaked his arm around my hips, tugging me forward.

I planted my hands against his chest, “I thought you weren’t supposed to be home for another couple of days.”

He leaned in, his lips centimeters from mine, “We finished up earlier than expected.”

I narrowed my eyes at him, “Did you behave? How many alibies do I need to devise?”

“Shut up, wife.” He grumbled and caught my lips in his.

I threw my arms around his neck, tugging him closer. I opened my mouth to his, letting his tongue roam. He let out a low groan and I slipped one hand down the front of his body, rubbing my hand over his groin. He let out a huff of laughter.

“Glad that I’m home?” He murmured around my lips.

I groaned, “You have no idea.”

He trailed burning kisses along my jaw and nipped at my ear. He bent forward, catching the back of my thighs in his palms and hoisted me up onto the edge of the counter. I wrapped my legs around his middle, locking my ankles together behind him. His hands hit the countertop, the sound of his rings echoing through the room. He slipped one hand up, along my side and around back, pressing into my lower back and lining my body flush with his. I rolled my hips, feeling his welcome present. I tucked my hands under his t-shirt, running my fingers over the detailed cuts of muscle that was his abdomen. I licked my lips and smashed my mouth against his in a fiery kiss. His hands hooked under my tank top and in one swift movement he had it up off my body and hanging on the cupboard door next to us. I shivered as his fingers made their way up and around my bare breasts.

“Got anything to eat?” Chibs’ Scottish burr interrupted our reunion.

I growled, actually growled and Happy let out a boyish chuckle.

“Why are you here?” I hissed, peering over Happy’s shoulder.

Chibs stuck out his lower lip in confusion. While Tig, Ratboy and Quinn all filed in through my front door. I shoved Happy hard, pissed that all these men were just waltzing into my front room. Happy picked up my tank top and dangled it in front of me. I swiped it away from him, tugging it over my head.

“I swear to God, sometimes I think you’re an exhibitionist.” I mumbled at him.

He rolled his lips together in an attempt to stop from laughing. I hopped off the counter, gave Happy a sly glower and swung my hips with gusto as I walked past each man in nothing but a flimsy tank and my underwear. I grumbled the entire way past them, back to our room, finding the closest pair of jeans and zip up hoodie.

Through the door I heard a muffled Chibs ask, “What’s her problem?”

“I want to fuck my husband,” I shouted through the door, “That’s my problem.”

“Oi!” Chibs yelled back in protest, “I don’t need to know what you two do in yer spare time.”

I heard a bunch of chuckles rumble through my living room and I rolled my eyes. These men were nothing but hounds when it came to woman, but mention having a monogamous relationship with one of their brothers and they don’t want to hear anything about it, like they were suddenly embarrassed to hear about their sexual exploits. I zipped up my hoodie and ripped my door open. I stomped back down the hall to see the smirk on Happy’s face. I gave him a scowl, subliminally telling him that I would deal with him later.

I saw the entire club of men milling around my living room and I planted both hands on my hips, “Now who wants to explain why all of you are in my house?”

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Five things you’ll find in my bag:

  • a baby blue fan with stars and moons
  • weed and cigarette supplies ( aka rolling papers, filter tips, grinder, tobacco,)
  • my moleskine
  • tablet
  • chapstick 

Five things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  • empty water bottles
  • a poster with the English royal line of succession 
  • 2 pups
  • 15 piles of books
  • dirty socks

Five things I’ve always wanted to do:

  • open a book shop
  • dye my hair grey
  • travel around europe
  • learn old mostly dead languages 
  • go into academia 

Five things that make me happy:

  • flowers
  • animals that let me pet them
  • friends
  • the devils lettuce 
  • books

Five things I’m currently into:

  • the fall
  • fox academy
  • haikyuu
  • my bed
  • floral patterns

Five things on my to-do list:

  • study for my last exam
  • get into uni to study classics 
  • a semblance of mental health
  • paint my nails
  • chill

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Somewhere Along the Lines

this is one of the most personal things i’ve ever written. i’m sorry if the storyline’s too unclear.

this was inspired by @pjiminnie‘s troublemaker, although it turned out WAY TOO DIFFERENTLY HAHAH

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a highschool!AU that just came to my mind for some reason.

characters: Namjoon (ft. the rest of bangtan)

word count: 7708 (im sorry if theres any mistakes)

a/n: this took out everything in me oh god ;; also, this scenario is written in third person limited point of view and its my first time writing like this, so hopefully i did well!

WARNING: hints of sex, physical abuse, and mental illnesses ; death mention

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The bell chimed over the rustling autumn leaves scraping against windows, the collective sighs of happiness leaving the lips of tired students were not at all uncommon for the exhausted senior class every Tuesday. The afternoon sun was pale, leaving shadows on the hallways outside; light reflecting on the murky green lockers and polished floors, the drowsiness in the air nearly tangible. A typical day.

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one reason I’m upset atlantis is cancelled is that we never get to see pythagoras figure out his theorum. can you imagine it? just him sat at a table surrounded by papers and triangle diagrams, glaring at his work, whilst icarus lazily munches on an apple opposite, and suddenly py just jumps up and yells “FUCKING A2 + B2!! THAT’S IT! I’VE GOT YOU NOW HYPOTENUSE” and icarus falls off his chair backwards and hercules runs in brandishing a sword to see py running around laughing and dancing, whilst icarus is for some reason in a pile on the floor rubbing his head



I did a thing and I’m happy so I hope to make more things!

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“Attention shoppers, for the safety of your children and people around, please don’t let your children run around the store, thank you.” Looked at my coworker, Jackson as he grinned at a baby, waving at him and speaking to him as his mother looked through the clothes on the rack.

I saw two kids run past Jackson, seeing my manager, Jinyoung roll his eyes, knowing no one paid attention to his announcement. I turned back down to my pile of shirts and continued folding them, ignoring everything around me.

The job had it’s ups and downs, but since it was Saturday, there were a lot of people here shopping. I mean, who didn’t shop for clothes on a Saturday, especially when you work inside a mall. I had a lot to complain about working here. The people, the hours and especially the mess I always had to deal with. But as a broke college kid who was going into the medical field, I needed the job to help pay for my education.

But honestly, other than my coworkers being so nice to me and them feeling like my brothers, there was one other reason why I looked forward to working here. When I finished the last pile, looking at it satisfied before turning my gaze out to the people walking past.

My eyes locked with y/n and god did she look beautiful. She sat on the bench, her eyes glued to her phone before looking up and looking around her. She looked back down at her phone, reading something before typing away, going back to look around.

“BamBam, you finished?”

I turned to Jaebum who was hanging a sweater and huffed, pushing his hair back. “Yeah, just now. Want to help me with the sweaters over there?” I pointed to the ones by the entrance, Jaebum nodding and we went over, folding the different colored sweaters.

“Should we fix them from brightest to darkest?” Jaebum asked me, to which I nodded, my eyes still locked on y/n who looked like she sighed. My head snapped back to the sweaters when she looked over to the store. I concentrated on the sweaters, folding them in silence before sneaking a peak at the bench.

It was empty and I stopped folding, my eyes scanning as far as I could see to try and find you. “Excuse me?”

I jumped at the voice, turning to see you look at me with curious eyes. “Sorry, but I was wondering if I can have a look at that sweater you have in your hand?” I stood there in silence, nodding and handing it to you. “Thank you,” You smiled, you had the most beautiful smile.

“Yeah, no problem.” I smiled back, turning to the sweaters and seeing Jaebum smirking at me. I scowled at him, ignoring his chuckle as he continued folding the sweaters.

“Hey, y/n, what are you doing?” My head turned to see a friend of yours you always seemed to hang out with. She walked over to you, checking out the sweater you zipped up.

“Do you think this looks good on me?” You questioned, looking down at the sweater.

“Yeah, but come on, we have to get going.” Your friend urged you. You nodded, unzipping the sweater and turning it to me, smiling shyly. “I’ll come back for it, if it’s not too late.”

You handed the sweater back to me, our fingers brushing against each others as I took it back. “Yeah, I’m sure it would be.” I assured you, seeing you smile brighter at me.

“Stop flirting and come on!” Your friend pulled your arm gently, causing your face to redden as you followed her out of the store.

“I don’t get why you don’t ask her on a date already, she’s clearly into you and vice versa.”

“She’s not into me Jae, she’s just nice.” I rolled my eyes.

“Actually, she’s into you. She came in on Wednesday and wandered around the store looking for someone before Yugyeom asked if she needed help. She said she was just looking but it was pretty obvious she was looking for you.” I stared at Jackson as he hung up clothes, talking about it before he turned to me.

“Ask her out already.”


“Don’t tell me you’re closing.” I turned to see you walking up to Jinyoung and I, Jackson was busy on his phone and Jaebum had left earlier.

“Yeah, sorry. Did you need anything?” Jinyoung finished locking the door, turning to you. You looked into the store, shaking your head and smiling at us.

“No, just wanted to buy a sweater, but I’ll come back tomorrow for it.”

I watched as you turned to your friend, heading out when Jackson elbowed me, causing me to grunt at the pain.

“Go,” He whispered, making me roll my eyes and look at you.

“Hey, y/n?” I spoke up, walking over to you. You turned to me, giving me that curious look you have when something catches your attention.


I stopped in front of you, looking down at the bag in my hands before handing it to you. “Don’t worry about paying me back, it’s honestly okay.”

I watched as you took the bag from me, opening it and taking out the sweater you wanted. “You shouldn’t have,” You looked up at me. “Let me at least pay you half,”

“No, don’t worry about money. But if you want, you could go to a movie with me tomorrow night? We’ll call it even,”

I ignored your friend’s grin, the cheer from Jackson and the groan from Jinyoung. I only paid attention to the smile you gave me as you nodded.

“It’s a date then, BamBam.”

Imagine jumping into a pile of leaves with Dean...

Happy fall, y’all!

“Still not sure why you’re doing that,” Dean called to you. You glared over at him, leaning casually against the Impala as you verged on breaking a sweat.

“I’m not sure why you aren’t helping,” you replied.

“Don’t want to get my clothes dirty,” he teased, brushing imaginary dirt off the shoulder of his jacket.

You rolled your eyes. “The woman is eighty years old, Dean. It won’t hurt us to rake the leaves out of her yard.”

“We saved her from a ghost. I think we’ve done enough.” But even as he said it, Dean grabbed the second rake the lady had given you and began helping.

You worked in silence until the small front lawn was clean of leaves, all of them moved to a huge pile near the side of the road.

You stood back to examine your work and relax your back muscles after spending so much time bent over. The pile was huge. And pretty. It was the height of autumn, and the leaves practically burned with their vibrant reds and oranges. You took a deep breath of the crisp air, let out a happy sigh,  and listened to the wind whistling through the trees, dropping a few more leaves on the grass.

Glancing over at Dean, you saw the same contented expression on his face. You raised an eyebrow at him when he caught you looking, and he returned his face to its normal grumpy expression.

“It’s a nice day,” he shrugged.

You smiled. “Yes, it is.”

Dean’s eyes were more green than usual in the sunlight as he looked back at the leaves, a wicked grin turning up the edges of his lips.

“Dean, don’t,” you warned, knowing exactly what he had in mind.

He gave you an innocent expression, eyes wide as he held his hand out to you.

“Oh, come on.”

You debated for a split second, before grabbing his hand and sprinting toward the pile. You both jumped at the same time, launching yourselves into the air and landing in the soft cushion of leaves, your vision going red as they whirled around you. You let yourself fall completely, the woodsy smell  and the soft heat of Dean’s body next to you overwhelming you.

You both dissolved into giggles as you tossed the leaves around, your limbs tangling with each other as you rolled and played. Dean didn’t even protest as you pulled out your cell phone and took a picture of the two of you, grinning like idiots at one another.

Eventually, you both got up, and you made Dean rake the mess back into a neat pile. You climbed into the Impala and drove off, both tired and happy that you got the chance to do something so normal.

Your heart beat a little faster when Dean pulled a leaf out of your hair, and put it in the glove compartment for safe keeping, glaring at you like he dared you to make a comment about him being so sentimental.

I don’t care what the memes or the posts on here say, I am not just a happy cinnamon roll type person. Deep down I am a hate filled, cynical SOB. I wish I could be as happy and carefree as the people around me but I’m just not like that. I always have that little voice in the back of my mind telling me how I’m a failure, a disgrace, nothing more than a pathetic pile of flesh and fat, unable to ever connect to another human on anything other than a superficial level. I hate the person I am.
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