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  • Me: * Sitting on bed, looking for a horror movie*
  • Leo: *Leaning on door* Hey.
  • Me: sup?
  • Leo: *gets in, closes the door behind him* I think it's time.
  • Me: ... for what?
  • Leo: Look, I know everything. You have been holding back for years now, and bringing you here was a part of my little plan.
  • Me: ...... WHAT? -*sweating*
  • Leo : *unbuttons his pants* Today we are going to do it.
  • ME: ................... DO WHAT?
  • Leo: * Lifts up a bag of shitty food and ICE CREAM* We are going to break your diet and watch movies all day.
  • Me: * I unbutton my pants because im hella ready to eat*
the tumblr aesthetic™
  • using excessive commas,,,,,,
  • all lowercase bc fcuk grammar
  • shortening down words bc ur lazy™
  • using  ™ wayy too much™
  • rAndOm miX oF lOweRcaSe and uPpEr cAse sEntEnCes
  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • tagging ur thoughts about everything in the tags hoping in vain that someone will read them and love u
  • excessive use of ???? bc why not (via @mikltea)

a concept: early relationship klance when they haven’t told anybody yet. they make sure they always sit in front of each other so they can have their daily lovey-dovey glances even from a distance. but this results in them getting distracted a lot when the others are speaking, so shiro has to reprimand them sometimes.

“guys are you there with us?”

*jump off their seats* “uh..? yeah yeah we’re listening shiro! you were talking about keith’s eyes…i mean the spies….in the castle…yeah that.”

“well…whatever you’re doing, at least you aren’t arguing anymore”

and keith and lance basically just…get back at what they were doing having this huge dorky smile on their faces because they’re still very ecstatic about the fact they’re actually dating and can’t help but feel above the clouds a lot.