Welcome to Night Vale as an Example of Unreliable Narration

The podcast Welcome to Night Vale gives a view of the titular town inaccessible through other formats because of its unique narrator and format. The narrator, the character Cecil Palmer, presents the town through his personal biases and through the lens of his position as a local radio host. The podcast is the local news for the dystopian town of Night Vale, within which frequent unexplained supernatural events are accepted as normal. 

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We start today’s show with some exciting agricultural news. John Peters – you know, the farmer? – said his winter orange crop is outstanding this year! He said there are oranges everywhere! Delicious clementines, juicy Valencias, rich navels, and bold blood oranges.

John said there are so many oranges, “a real bumper crop,” he said. “A real orange-tacular,” he did notsay. “A real orange-a-thon,” he never would have said. “A real orange-ocalypse,” he may have thought, but kept to himself.


Welcome to Night Vale

Episode 38 - Orange Grove

ocalypse said: I just worry because although season 4 is filmed and done, I feel like it will just be beth and daryl getting closer and maybe developing feelings…but the way people react to it will affect what happens between them in season 5

I’ve actually had that worry as well… but look at what has been happening the last 4 seasons… nothing, they don’t seem to care what folks want romance wise when it comes to Daryl… or anyone for that matter… I think they have a plan for him , and if Beth does survive this season, they’ll either be  thing, or they’ll be extremely close.

So my first thing is that Beth is okay, then I’ll worry about everything else after that…

anonymous asked:

people live in ohio????

No, we’re just sentient pieces of corn. All of us. Our HQ is Cedar Point and we’re plotting world domination. Be prepared for the corn-ocalypse.

We’re coming for you. 

This past year has been insane. It’s had its ups and it’s downs, both personal and fandom related. It’s been crazy and I’ll say the most crazy year on this site for me! This past year I’ve gained some new friends, folks that no matter what, I want to keep them around for a while. I’m really bad at this, so it won’t be in alphabetical order, and hell I’ll probably forget a few folks! (If I do… Remind me). So um I’d like to give a warm hug to a few folks who’ve been going through this with me and I’ve known them this whole time and it’s been a blast!!


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And honorable mentions: bigbaldhead atjogia gublernation emmykinney

There we have it!! I hope I didn’t leave anyone out! And I know so many more are following me and I hope to get to know you all next year!

Love you all!! Happy Holidays!