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Fanon Lotor be like

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It bothers me to see how many people are saying stuff like “I thought Bill Nye was supposed to be the science guy, he’s buying into this SJW cuck libtard stuff! Science says there are only two genders!” in response to Bill Nye covering gender and sexuality on Bill Nye Saves the World.

…Like, did they even listen to what he said? Have they read any peer-reviewed literature about the subject? Is their understanding of “gender” limited to a middle school understanding of X and Y chromosomes? Bill Nye addressed chromosomes, hormones, genitalia and secondary sex characteristics when talking about how some of us don’t fit into the male/female sex dichotomy, and brought up psychology and neuroscience when talking about gender and its difference from sex, and also sexuality. The actual science of sex, gender and sexuality across the animal kingdom and across human behaviour is far more interesting than “lol nope science says there are only two genders.” 

It honestly makes me angry when people say “lol I thought this was about science” whenever a scientist says something about topics like gender, sexuality, climate change or evolution that annoys someone. You can’t just pretend science is on your side when your understanding of science is based on a grade school textbook.

Also, why is it only gender people seem to have a problem with? Yeah, basic school textbooks will talk about XX and XY chromosomes and the male and female reproductive system, but they’ll also talk about how humans have five fingers on each hand and how the eye works when everyone knows some humans are born with six fingers on each hand or born blind. Textbooks will talk about how our body metabolises fats, but nobody would say “lol no sorry science says otherwise” at someone (like one of my secondary school classmates) who had a rare disorder who couldn’t metabolise fats. We accept that sweeping statements about human biology are generalisations. Sure, there are limits - no humans have wings or feathers, that would go against science - but we all accept some level of human diversity outside the basic-level textbooks - diversity that’s described well in the advanced medical textbooks. So why is it people only apply this logic to gender and not other differences in human biology?

I think part of it could be the backlash against postmodern nonsense which suggests everything is opinion and science is no more objective than art, which is a blatantly anti-science attitude. But the idea that sex, gender and sexuality aren’t totally binary isn’t just postmodern gender theory, it’s actual science with empirical evidence to back it up. 


Emily Deschanel & David Boreanaz - BTS vs Scenes (s1-7)

“puppet master” starring pledis & seventeen’s performance unit


Old OC doodles from last year ♥
Received some asks about my ocs ((it’s so flattering to see ppl interested in my characters even though they’re not really developed yet eeee)) ;;; so I thought I’d upload them here :D I made most of them when I was 13 years old so they’re really special to meeee (especially the orange-haired boy AAAA my babyyy) ♥

  • lestat: oh my god louis you're so whiny. you're a vampire now !! just deal with it and stop setting our house on fire !! i can't believe you're so WHINY
  • also lestat: pay attention to me !! why aren't you paying attention to me ?? oh my god i'm just going to launch myself into the sun and DIE

Sometimes I think about things like “as many times as it takes” and “your friend desperately wants to see you” … or the sound of Shiro’s voice when he says Keith’s name and the way Shiro and Keith look at each other like the rest of the world doesn’t exist … or even just the little notes Keith and Shiro write about each other in the Official Guidebook (or “it’s killing me when you’re away”) … and I just think to myself, I’m pretty sure there are actual romantic pairings that are canon in other shows, movies, books who have less romantic moments than Keith/Shiro have, like COME ON GUYS even if the creators of Voltron say they meant for these two to be platonic, I don’t think there’s any way for me at this point to see their interactions as anything but romantic, even if they don’t end up being explicitly canon in the show.

… I think I’ve just reached Sheith enlightenment.

hogwarts au (namjoon)

okay I recently saw this picture with rap monster responding a fan about which hogwart house each member would be in and now I have to headcanon each member of course:

kim namjoon (pt.1):

  • namjoon is excited about hogwarts, he thinks that his first year will be great and he’ll finally learn some more complex spells.
  • when he first gets on the hogwarts express, namjoon finds an empty compartment and starts reading one of the few novels he had brought from home.
  • but then 
  • his glasses break
  • he mutters with frustration and quickly uses a reparo charm and is startled when he hears someone opening the compartment door.
  • a boy who is also a first year, smiles at him and namjoon is confused. the boy waves his fingers at the repaired glasses.
  • “how do you already know the reparo charm?”
  • “uh i break things a lot so my mom taught me how.”
  • “i’m jung hoseok! nice to meet you!”
  • “kim namjoon, nice to meet you too.” that’s how he met his best friend.
  • they get to the castle and namjoon can tell that hoseok is nervous so he gives the other boy a squeeze on the shoulder with a grin.
  • hoseok goes first and the sorting hat only spends 3 seconds before calling out: “HUFFLEPUFF!” 
  • when it’s namjoon’s turn, he can hear the hat speaking to him.
  • “smart kid, you could do great things as a ravenclaw.”
  • “but wait you have some courage and nerve with this brain of yours, where do you want to go?”
  • namjoon is torn:
  • as a ravenclaw, it’s a symbol of knowledge and wisdom and he feels like he is intelligent enough to be part of a community like that but,
  • as a gryffindor, he could be known for being a brave individual almost like a 
  • a leader.
  • and then the sorting hat chuckles and in a loud voice announces: “GRYFFINDOR!”
  • namjoon sits down next to an older boy who seemed to have a kind face. as he glances at the older boy, the boy turns to namjoon.
  • “are you dazed by my beauty?”
  • “um sure, i guess you’re handsome?” the other boy beamed.
  • “i’m kim seokjin, a third year!” and that was how he met his future roommate for the next four years. 

i have this headcanon that george would spend a long time locked up in the shop after the war, not really going out or meeting people. when his family complained that they never saw him, and that they wanted to help, and to make sure he was okay, he would reply “ ‘m just working, its fine, let me be”. one day, after several months, george would be working alone when ginny would storm in. ginny with her mess of red hair and flushed cheeks and determined glint in her eyes. and george would sigh and shake his head a little and tell her that he’s busy and he doesn’t need her help and she would laugh. it would shock george a little, to hear his sister laugh so freely and with such a note of childlike joy. he’d feel a hint of something; guilt? irritation? maybe even anger? but when he looks up at her, he’d instantly soften. brandishing two brooms, she’d shove one at him. “you going to help me train or not? the holyhead harpies are scouting this summer and we all know you were a pretty decent flyer before you became obsessed with cooping yourself up in this shop all alone.” while george winced a little at the brashness of her statement, he appreciated the no-nonsense tone, the first blunt and honest interaction he’d had with anyone since his brother’s passing. in the months that followed, george would spend less time alone at the shop and more time out flying in the cold, crisp air, with ginny and occasionally some others, harry and ron perhaps. george would be grateful for his sister’s brazen attitude which forced him to leave his dark and lonely place, and while he still felt lonely and heartbroken, there was a new sense of belonging. especially when ginny became the newest addition to the holyhead harpies, and george stood in the stands, his face painted gold and green.

Nobody’s But Mine [Teaser - Unedited]

Norman Reedus x Reader | 18+ Only | NSFW | Smut Warning

Request 4: Do you do norman fics? If so then can you write one where your best friends and you fall in love when norman gets jealous and realises he wants to own you 😏😘


You laughed out loud as loud as you had in a long time as you continued to listen to the latest one of Norman’s conquest adventures. 

“So, then I told her, ‘Look, baby you can stay here until check out time. But, I have to be getting back to Georgia. The show doesn’t make itself.” His cocky head jutted up and his lips smirked as he thought back to yet another woman who just couldn’t get enough of him.

You rolled your eyes and busted out laughing as you slammed the rest of your drink and hit it down onto the table for emphasis, “Oh, please! No one is stupid enough to fall for that!” You exclaimed, more and more shocked with every story he told you how gullible women could be.

Norman to a swig of his double shot of whiskey in front of him and chuckled, “You’d be surprised.”

He took another swig of his drink and swirled it around in his hand, slowly turning his gaze over to you. He let his eyes roam your body and they came back to yours, he smirked when he saw you start to blush, but quickly contain yourself.

You hated when he did this to you. Truth be told you were just like every other red-blooded woman who found him attractive. But, you had learned one too many times what falling for men like him was like. And conquest after conquest had showed you that Norman was no different. You two had become friends instead, it had been over a year now since you two had been nearly inseparable. But, you had promised yourself you would never go down that road with him, your friendship was too important and you didn’t want him breaking your heart like all the others. You focused on the drink in your hand, swirling it around, trying to ignore his eyes on you.

“You… You’re different though.” He slammed the rest of his drink down his throat, hit the glass back onto the wooden bar, and stood up from his barstool.

He walked behind you and put both hands on your bare shoulders, “I used all my powers of persuasion on you and they never did the trick.” He whispered into your ear.

You fought every urge you had to lean back into him and give in, like you wanted to. You forced your body forward and leaned your elbows onto the bar, and your body further away from him. You took a swig of your drink and looked back at him smirking, “Guess you’re not as smooth as you think there, cowboy.”

He laughed and smiled his real, relaxed, dazzling smile, stumbling backwards a little as the alcohol rushed through him. He really loved that you could hold your own with him, hell he loved nearly everything about you. He had never been able to get along and be so relaxed and laid back with a woman before.

He punched you in the arm, a little too harshly, but you took it with a grin.

“That’s what I like about you, Y/N. Ya always keep a man guessing.” He shook his head and laughed again, before walking away toward the bathroom.

“I’m gonna hit the head.” He said, his back turned to you, as he raised up a peace sign to you.

You laughed, your smile wide and happy, as you watched him walk away.

“What a dork.” You giggled to yourself, finishing the last of your own drink.

You flagged the bartender down and pushed yours and Norman’s empty glasses towards him, “Two more please, I’ll pay for these.”

You nodded and smiled to him as you pushed your hand in your pocket, pulling out a twenty dollar bill. You set it down and began swaying to the music that started on the jukebox, “Hell yeah!” You said to yourself as you began humming along to one of your favorite Grateful Dead songs and swaying your body back and forth to the beat.

You barely noticed Norman as he plopped back down beside you on the barstool next to you.

He grabbed his double shot and tipped it to your glass, “Thanks.”

“No Problem.” You said, clinking his glass back, before your both took a swig.

You went back to singing, closing your eyes, and smiling as you immersed yourself in the melody and lyrics, dancing hypnotically as the guitar solos floated through the air.

Norman chuckled to himself and watched you perform, in your own little world. He always loved to get you drunk out in public, because you always made a show of it.

“Don’t know why you don’t get on a damn stage.” Norman said, as he always did.

Your eyes shot open and you laughed loudly, “Yeah, right.”

“I’m serious! You got a damn decent voice, Y/N.” Norman said.

He looked at the bartender and pointed at you, “Hey Al, don’t know you think Y/N’s got a good voice?” Norman asked, causing you to slap him in embarrassment.

Al looked over at you as he cleaned a glass with a white towel, he nodded, “Most definitely you do, kid.”

You smiled sweetly for a second and then looked over at Norman who was still staring at you, awaiting an answer. You hated when he picked this bone with you. Ever since you had met he had been hounding you to put yourself out there. If you thought you had half the talent you needed, you might have giving is a shot. But, those younger days were over. Bills needed to be paid and reality needed your attention.

“And what would I tell my kids?” You asked, cocking your head to the side.

“I’m sure they would love to see their teacher succeed… or at least try.” He shot back, downing the rest of his drink and staring at you.

“You’re an ass.” You said a little ticked off, but knowing he was right.

You squared your shoulders to his again and leaned into the bar and your drink. You played with the straw in your glass, swirling it around a bit, trying to avoid the, “you only live once,” mantra running through your brain.

Norman cleared his throat and mirrored your behavior, squaring his shoulders to yours. You both sat there sipping on your drinks for a few minutes in silence.

A new song started playing on the jukebox, “Hey Jude.” A song Norman knew you always loved to sing, any time of the day or night. He looked over and saw your face as you tried to hide the smile under your annoyed mask, it didn’t work. You felt him staring at you and a smile started spreading to your face. He nudged your shoulder with his, leaning his body into yours as he looked over into your eyes.

You giggled and nudged him back, “…Take a sad song and make it better…” You began to serenade him as he knew you would.

He just leaned into you, wrapping his forearms into each other, leaning onto the bar, settling in for the show. Smiling a big smile as he watched you open up, like only you did when you sang, eye closed and in your own world.


You laughed loudly as you stumbled out of the taxi, laughing at the ridiculous joke Norman had just told you. Norman followed you out, both of you stumbling towards his apartment. You giggled with each other as you watch Norman fumbling for his keys in his pocket, only to bust out laughing when he found them.

“Holy shit! How many fucking keys do I have?” He stopped halfway up the stairwell, closing one eye and jutting his tongue out as he tried to pick through the keys.

You laughed, “Here! Let me see!”’ You grabbed the keys out of his hand and pushed your palm into his forehead, slowly pushing him back into the wall, “What would you do without me?” You teased him, identifying the correct key immediately and holding it up to show him.

He stuck out his tongue at you and grabbed the keys from you, “After you.” He gestured up the stairs.

You smiled and began to walk up the stairs, you heard Norman whistling and you laughed, trying to avoid the butterflies you felt.

You avoided looking back at him and walked up the stairs, “You wish, Norman. You wish.” You laughed and wiggled your hips a little more, just to tease him.

“I do!” He grunted and licked his tongue back and forth between his lips rapidly, sometimes just the fact that you didn’t let him touch you, made him want you even more.

You walked down the hallway, until you reached his door, “We’re here.” You gestured to his door, he stumbled a little as he pushed the key in the lock, turning it and opening to his haven.

“Ya gonna come in? I can make a pizza.” He said as he walked inside, leaving the door open for you.

You smiled and walked inside the apartment you had spent so many of your waking hours in since becoming friends with Norman. You shut and locked the door and kicked your shoes off in their usual spot.

“Pepperoni?” You asked, unzipping your sweatshirt and pulling it off, revealing your bare shoulders in your black tank top. You threw your sweatshirt onto a nearby chair in the kitchen.

Norman shook the hair from his eyes, taking his hat off and throwing it on the kitchen counter. He kneeled down, opened the freezer door, and peered inside.

He grabbed a box and held it in the air, “Yep!”

“Yes!!” You exclaimed happily and walked over to the living room, which was adjacent to the open kitchen.

You reached down and grabbed the remote, turning on the television and running through the guide.

“Ooh! Say Anything!” You smiled to yourself and sat back on the couch, setting the remote down on the table in front of you.

Norman placed the pizza on a pan, punched in the heat and timer, and threw the pizza in. He walked over to the nearby cupboard and pulled out two glasses. He filled both glasses with ice, popped open the bottle of whiskey on the counter, and poured them both full. He kicked off his shoes, under the table, before walking over to the living room, a glass in each hand.

“Seriously?” He asked and handed you a glass.

You smiled, taking the glass and scooting over so he could sit in his spot, leaving you in the middle. He sat into the corner of the couch, taking a sip before setting his glass down on the small table beside him.

“Yes. Seriously. This is classic John Cusack!” You said, smiling happily at the tv screen, sipping on your drink. You were a sucker for the old 80’s movies and this had always been one of your favorites.

Norman looked at you and chuckled, taking another long swig, before saying, “Like I said… Always keep me guessing…”

You looked over at him, confused by the way his words sounded, he was being so sweet to you lately, you didn’t know how to take it.

He left his eyes on yours, until you dropped your eyes away and pulled them back to the screen. You wrapped your left arm around your stomach, while your right hand swirled your glass in your hand. You felt his eyes on you, for a few more uncomfortable moments, before you heard him light up a cigarette.

He chuckled at the scene on the screen in front of you and you felt his body relax into laughter. You relaxed too, finally free of the discomfort his lingering eyes gave you.

The two of you watched the movie together with ease. Norman poured you both a few more drinks as the movie went on. You laughed at Norman’s reaction to a cheesy 80’s movie, he enjoyed it much more than you thought he would. Before you knew it the final iconic boombox scene was playing on screen.

“Oh my god! This is the best part!” You lift your arms up, mirroring the character on screen, “Amazing!”

Norman watched you light up and a small smile landed on his lips.

You opened your eyes and dropped your arms, dancing to the end credit song as it comes on. You look over and see Norman smiling at you, you nearly forgot you weren’t alone. You giggled and threw yours head into your hands, “I’m so embarrassing!” You laughed a little mortified he had caught you in a rare girly moment. You tried so hard to show him you were tough.

Norman laughed and waited till your eyes peeked open back to his, “I think it’s adorable.” He said, staring into your eyes seriously, his hard stare returning to his eyes.

You dropped your hands to your lap and leaned back into the couch, “What are you doing, Norman?” You asked, cocking your head to the side and side eyeing him.

He chuckled at your closed off reaction and rubbed his fingers up and down his chin, peering into your soul, “I ain’t doing nothing, but looking…” His eyes roamed down your body and back up, slow as ever.

You fought your slowing breathing and shook your head, trying to see clearly through your drunken eyes, you had to remain in control. You stood up and reached over him to grab his empty glass. You grabbed it and reached over to the table and grabbed yours.

“You’re just drunk. Don’t think just because I am too that that shit will work on me now.” You smiled and shook your head at his game, walking into the kitchen and putting the glasses in the sink.

You began washing the glasses and you ignored your urge to watch Norman get up and walk over to you. He stood behind you, close enough to ghost your body without touching it. You froze in place as you felt his index finger running up and down your neck, trailing down your arm, causing shivers to explode across your skin.

“I know it’s wrong, Y/N. But, since when has that stopped me?” He growled lowly into your eye, slowly wrapping his arms around your body and pulling you into him.

“Stop.” You said. But, your body didn’t listen to your mind, you fell into him, leaning your head on his shoulder.

You looked up at him, your longing finally showing to him, he smiled sweetly when he saw it.

“You’re just gonna have to make me…” He said and ever so slowly leaned down, pushing his lips softly against yours.

Your body melts further into his as you feel his lips on you. He growled when he felt you weaken at his lips command. He leaned back up, over you, and watched as your eyes opened with a smile on your face.

“Thought ya didn’t think about me like that?” He nudged his nose up to yours, ghosting your lips with his, as he smiled playfully at you.

You nudged your nose back, trying to fight your smile which widened at his words, “Shut up.” You said.

He chuckled and leaned his lips down to yours again, “Make me.” He replied, before pushing his lips harshly back to yours.

You moaned into his kiss and he plunged his tongue deeply inside, slowly taking yours for a sweet ride. You ran your hands up to the back of his neck and up into his hair, which you massaged roughly as your tongue began to fight back against his. He bit your tongue when he felt your hands on him and his hands ran to your hips. He rubbed them up and down and back to your stomach as his tongue devoured yours.

You felt his hands run down to the button of your pants, swiftly snapping them open. Your body froze and your hands came down over his, stopping them in their tracks.

You forced your lips off of his and pulled your head back.

He stared down at you in hungry, angry, frustration.

Your eyes searched his, now frantically searching for answers, “We shouldn’t do this, Norman. I don’t… I don’t want to screw up what we have.” Your eyes searched his for any sign that he might disagree with you. Your words weren’t aligned with what you really wanted, but you knew the consequences all too well. Still, he was so hard to say no to.

Norman looked into your eyes, noticing them waver, even after your words.

He leaned down and whispered into your ear, “It could make it better…”

He trailed sweet kisses down your neck and back up to your ear, “You want me too…” He cooed into your ear as he kissed around your neck.

You tried like hell to remain composed as his tongue made sweet love to your neck, “Why? Because you think everyone wants you?” You ask, trying to sound unimpressed, but moaning a little at the pressure his tongue and lips began to add.

“A man can tell.” He growled into your ear, moving his hand back down your stomach. He unzipped your pants and slowly slide his palm inside, running his fingers over your already soaked panties, ever so lightly.

“Oh, Norman!” Your lips betrayed you as did your body as you cried out to him and arch up for his hand.

He moaned into your skin and slowly slide  his hand up and down again, this time under your panties. His middle finger traced your folds as his lips came back to your ear, “You wanna tell me again, you don’t want me, Y/N?”

He teased them back and forth, never entering, waiting for you to obey and answer him.

Your breath hitched as your body went wild, as your mind raced for answers. You shook your head and closed your eyes, “I don’t want you.” You said again, trying like hell to convince yourself that it was even remotely true.

Norman bit your neck and slowly pushed his middle finger inside you, making you cry out to him in pleasure.

“I don’t believe you, Y/N.” He growled slowly thrusting his finger in and out of you, making you even wetter.

Your hips started to rock onto his finger and yours hands came back to his neck as you felt yourself riding his finger, making you feel so good already.

“Oh, shit… Norman…” You half whined and complained as he thrust another finger inside you, his tongue mercilessly attacking your neck.

His fingers thrust in and out of you, racing faster as he felt your breath shorten, his sign you were close.

He thrust his digits in and out of you, while harshly sucking on your neck, trailing his tongue it wildly.

“Oh, yeah! Oh, shit!” You cried out loudly to yourself as you felt his fingers treating you so good.

“Say it, Y/N.” Norman growled into your neck, while rubbing his thumb slowly around your clit.

“Mmmm…” Was all that came out of your mouth when you felt his hand hit your clit.

His thumb roughly rubbed on your clit and your lips broke open for him again, “Yes!”

His fingers fucked your faster as your hips thrusted along, you were panting and smiling as he brought you so close to your high. Your hands went back to his hair and you pulled and pushed around it, tightening your body’s proximity to his.

“Oh.. Yes… Right there…” You moaned to him as you started to thrust yourself onto his fingers faster and with more intent.

Norman obeyed your paced, bringing his hand back to your clit, rubbing around it harshly, “Fucking say you want me, Y/N!” He demanded, rubbing around your clit and thrusting his fingers into you until you exploded for him.

“Oh, fuck! I want you Norman!! Yes!!” You cried out as you hit your orgasm and your body clenched up onto his fingers.

You smiled to yourself your eyes closed as you feel the high course through your body, lost in pure bliss for a few moments.

Norman left you one more harsh kiss on your neck and withdrew his hand. Before you knew what was happening he grabbed your hand and pulled you down the hall to his bedroom. He pushed you inside the room and walked in after you, dominantly slamming the door shut. He stared you down in the darkness as if he were a lion and you were his prey.

You looked at him as you backed up toward the bed, a little nervous about the decision you had made to follow through with this epic mistake.

He smirked at you when he noticed your look of innocent anxiety, “Don’t worry, Y/N. This isn’t something you will regret. No one has yet.” His hands ran to his belt, which he swiftly unbuckled, his eyes never breaking from yours.

You rolled your eyes at his comment, relaxing a little at his usual cocky attitude. Your legs hit the bottom of his bed and your body froze and you watched him unbutton and unzip, walking straight into your body, his nose hitting yours. You both giggle in reaction and for a second there is an innocent moment of laughter as you steady your bodies.

The laughter fades and the energy surrounding you turns electric again.

You stare up innocently at him again, your eyes revealing your vulnerability, “Norman… I don’t know-“

“Shh.” He pressed his index finger to your lips and stopped the words from exiting your mouth.

You smiled and nodded in return, looking down a moment, before looking back up into his eyes, questioning his motives.

His hands run up to the sides of your face and he strokes it a few times, his eyes turning soft as he looked at you reassuringly, like he had so many time before when you needed courage.

His thumbs run under your eyes and he smiled as he held you so close to him.

You looked up at him, trying so hard not to give away what you really needed from him with your eyes.

“Don’t worry, Y/N. I want you to relax and enjoy this.” He said, his soft-hearted eyes stared into yours, until you nodded, biting your lip in nervous anticipation.

He nodded in return and softly pressed his lips back to yours. You sighed happily as you felt him slowly push his tongue inside your mouth, grabbing yours and making love to it again, this time more softly.

Your hands ran up his chest and around to his back as you rubbed them up and down, faster as his tongue turned you on again. You pulled him closer into you as your body heated up for him and his lips departed from yours, hungrily crashing onto the side of your neck as his hands came down to your hips.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted this, Y/N.” He said lowly into your ear before taking your earlobe into his mouth and rubbing on your hip bones, harshly.

“Norman… Don’t lie to me.” You pleaded and warned as you leaned your body up further into his body and kiss, unable to escape his touch and its power it had over you.

His lips stopped on your skin and he leaned back up and over you, facing you as he stared down into your eyes.

“I’d never lie to you. It’s true.” He stared down into your eyes as he held you from falling back onto the bed.

You stared back into his eyes, trying like hell to remember your composure. But, the way he was looking at you, you couldn’t deny him.

You smiled softly and nodded again, nudging your nose up to his and taking his lips back into yours.

Your lips took hold of his bottom lip as you sucked on it harshly for a moment, before dropping it and grabbing his top lip in the same manner.

He growled, his hands ran up your sides and he slowly pushed you back onto the bed. His hand ran up your back as he steadied your fall and into your hair as he pushed his tongue back inside your mouth.

You moaned openly into his kiss and chases his tongue around your own, running your hands over his shoulders and into his hair, pulling him into you.

You felt his body’s weight drop on top of you as his knees nudge in between yours, forcing your legs open and allowing him to climb inside.



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Someone’s gotta do it

the funny thing is that “PEOPLE” never said the bird means freedom and the bird is not one of the tattoos the fandom discusses, he has 30 other tattoos that do have a meaning fans find interesting and he picked the one nobody really talks about lol

hello, I’m still alive! I thought I wouldn’t be able to finish this cuz my laptop is acting weird lately *sigh*