magically turns himself back to normal

let me talk a bit about my magical royal bangtan au

  • firstly jin, jungkook, and jimin are brothers/princes your kingdom
  • hoseok, namjoon, and taehyung are brothers/princes of the rival kingdom
  • yoongi is a high wizard, the last remaining of his bloodline because his parents gave him up to an orphanage when he was young to protect him from being hunted down by the crown which had declared a war on magic
  • yoongi doesn’t know where his parents are, but in the orphanage he was ridiculed for the spreading of a glowing purple rash that runs up his neck (a common, naturally occurring tattoo for wizards whose familiars are crows)
  • and at the age of eight he broke out using magic and learned to fend for himself, mostly from the black market of potion brewing which he used to sustain himself
  • up until now when he’s apprehended by the royal guards and he thinks he’s going to be like??? thrown in jail but jin explains to him that there’s an oracle loose in the country
  • an oracle that one of the princes has to marry to be able to see the future of the country through the power of eternal love (aka marriage)
  • and yoongi is like wELL how exactly am i supposed to help you with that??? and jin is like “don’t hide it.” and one of the guards tugs at yoongi’s long hood and when it drops the glowing purple tattoo is there
  • and yoongi’s staff which he disguised as a walking stick reacts to the exposed tattoo and shifts back into its original form, along with his crow familiar perched atop it
  • and jin is like “you’re a wizard, you can sniff out another magical aura can’t you?” and yoongi scoffs because like what the hell is in it for him and jin is like “jimin, bring the gold” and at that yoongi’s whole attitude changes because uh,,,,,,money,,,,,,,,,,,,,,YES PLEASE
  • and yoongi tries to reach out to touch it but jungkook unsheathes his sword and yoongi is like ok ok i got it ill find the oracle
  • and guess who the oracle is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ITS YOU
  • you just???? don’t know it because your whole life you’ve spent it working for your families grocery store in town and you’re just???? an ordinary person who sells vegetables and fruits alongside your parents
  • but ,,,,,,,, you know,,,,,,sometimes you get dreams so vivid and realistic about future events and a war,,,,,,that might happen between the rival kingdom
  • and you just shrug it off as nightmares
  • but yoongi, he can sense it just by walking by you. there’s something magical, something different
  • and yoongi decides to disguise himself as one of the royal guards and he makes up some story about how the princes have ordered an obscene amount of pumpkins and your family is delighted to send you over with three huge boxes of them
  • but once you’re inside the palace, you get a weird feeling because,,,,,,,common people aren’t,,,,,,,,allowed in here,,,,,,,,,,,,,,like ,,,,,,,,,,,ever
  • and this story about pumpkins isn’t adding up and when you turn to ask yoongi whats going on,,,,he’s shapeshifted back into his normal form
  • and you see the tattoo, the piercing eyes and the huge black-wood staff and crow and you’re like oh S HI T
  • and you’re considering throwing a pumpkin at this dude and just making a RUN for it
  • but the doors in front of you open and you immediately have to drop to your knees because it’s the three noble princes of the kingdom
  • and jin goes “is this them?” and yoongi’s like “it’s the only person with any kind of magic in their aura. it has to be.”
  • and you’re like what the hell is going on,,,,magic is forbidden in this country
  • and that’s how you end up seated at a long table, the three princes and yoongi at one end and you at the other
  • and jin is trying to carefully explain the situation whilst jungkook keeps growling under his breath and yoongi whose shoving his face unapologetically with fancy food
  • jimin,,,,,,,tries to peak looks at you but is too shy if you lock eyes with him
  • and you’re like what,,,,,,wait,,,,,,marriage???????? to one of you???????
  • and jin is like “you can take some time to think about, not long though we need to be married to be able to see the full potential of your prophecies-”
  • but you’re like prophecies???????? im not magical????? sure i get weird dreams
  • and yoongi stops eating just to be like “dream, prophecy same thing.”
  • and you’re flabbergasted to say the least
  • and jin is trying his best to give you a smile, and jimin is like “sorry!!!!! you have to go through this!!!!!!” and jungkook keeps just toying with his sabers handle
  • and you’re like i,,,,,,,,can’t just,,,,,,
  • but jin gets up and makes his way across and takes your hand and he’s like “please, it’s for the sake of this country that we love.”
  • and basically the princes explain that you can live alongside them for a month and see which one of them is best suited to your taste
  • and you’re like ,,,,,,,,,,,, wait is that like ill be dating three????of you?????
  • and jungkook is like “just pick jin, don’t waste time!” but jimin is like “jungkook,,,,,,we can’t just force them ok!!”
  • and you’re like what in the heck

–> Jin

  • he really likes being in the kitchen and learning from the world famous cooks that get hired,,,,,and it’s almost shocking to see him out of his white, elegant outfit and in an apron instead
  • is the oldest and takes care of jungkook and jimin more like his children than his brothers because his parents largely neglected them for their political life
  • so you always see jin internally worrying about his younger siblings and just wishing they’d behave (jungkook more than anything)
  • doesn’t really like fencing or rowing,,,,,,,,his favorite royal sport is archery and you once wake up to see him practicing early in the morning in the gardens and he looks so poised and collected,,,,,,,it’s enchanting
  • if you choose to spend more time with him he tries to teach you to shoot a bow and to do that he stands behind you, arms on your shoulders, than moving your waist to position you and his breathe against your ear
  • and jin is always excited when you talk about your job as a produce seller and he insists on buying from your family owned store even when the cooks are like uh,,,,,,,,we can import something from france-
  • but jin falls in love with your families food and you teach him how your parents taught you to peel potatoes prettily and make sure the cabbage is ripe enough to be fermented
  • and like,,,,,you fall for him largely because he actively engages with you and also he’s such a freakin flirt
  • like he’ll see you wandering around the big palace and say that you look lovely
  • or randomly compliment your voice, or your eyes, or the way you laugh
  • and it gets to your heart really fast,,,,,,,,,,,,

–> Jimin 

  • he’s not all that great at politics, the arguments and constant trickery get him really worked up and so he turns to jin for a lot of the guidance on actual affairs of the country
  • more than anything he loves the arts,,,,,,,,,everything from painting to singing to dancing to sculpting to writing,,,,,,,,,
  • he’s learned every instrument he’s ever been able to get his hands on and he has a teacher for every subject of art he could ever become interested in
  • and the crazy thing is that he really is talented,,,,,,,,,no matter what he tries to do. he draws beautifully, his voice is perfect for singing, and he even dancing like a professional it’s become an annual joy to watch his performances put on at the country national theater
  • but he’s also quite shy and flustered and you’re not sure how to approach him but out of everyone,,,,,,he seems really apologetic and guilty about you having to do this
  • and he tells you quietly once when you bump into each other at midnight in the halls that he wishes you didn’t have to force yourself to fall in love with one of them,,,,,love is something so free and so beautiful and it should happen naturally
  • and for a moment you wonder if maybe jimin knows what love is like,,,,,and how much it should be cherished,,,,but you don’t ask
  • although this talk does somehow make jimin a bit more comfortable around you 
  • like he starts asking you to join him for the tea together,,,,,,,and to maybe try your hand at sculpting with him or learning to play the violin since well you have a month to kill in this huge palace why not
  • but also,,,,,jimin is so attentive and affectionate. he becomes much more clingy the more comfortable he becomes and you notice with how suddenly he isn’t shy to kiss your hand or even touch your shoulder gently when you clumsily hold up the violin
  • and when jimin asks you to tell him about what it’s like to be surrounded by a family that loves and cares for you
  • he can only stare with wide eyes and a warmness when you tell him anecdotes of yourself and your parents
  • and you slowly realize that jimin didn’t get to experience this,,,,,,and that jimin really just wants unconditional love
  • and he’s so soft,,,,,,,he deserves it
  • and somehow you end up deciding that,,,,,,,,,,,you want to give it to him. that unconditional, real love

–> Jungkook

  • is interested in all the cool things he gets to do as a prince,,,,,,,,,,like learn how to sword fight from the country’s top knight and how to ride horseback in a flashy style 
  • and long story short he has no interest in the manners of a prince, the public eye on him and his “grace and elegance” or whatever that stuff is called
  • he wants to be heroic and brave, he wants to be a legend which is why he keeps jumping at all the chances to prove himself physically and jin always has to hold him back by the ear and be like “jungkook. sit down.”
  • likes collecting weapons and keeps insisting that jin let him get karate lessons from a real monk or something and jin is like jungkook. no you don’t need to know karate- jungkook: yES i d O,,,,,,,
  • he has absolutely zero interest in you at the beginning. like he sees you and is like “jin is amazing, marry him.” and you’re like uh,,,,,i don’t know him and jungkook shrugs like get to know him through marriage
  • and he seems to really dislike that yoongi guy and jungkook is like because wizards are historically always up to no good
  • and glances a look at you and is like “oracles don’t seem all that great either” and you wanna be like square up punk but he is the prince so you bite it back
  • until,,,,,,,,,,,,you figure out one day that jungkook absolutely sucks at juggling like out of all things,,,,,,,,the boy cannot juggle
  • and you know how to because out of boredom when you were working at your grocery you used to practice with apples or oranges 
  • and you do it one day to show jimin and jungkook is like “i can do that too” but lmao he CANT
  • and when he drops all the apples to the floor you and jimin are giving him smug smiles and jungkook is like jUST WAIT ILL PRACTICE AND BEAT YOU
  • but ,,,,,,,,,,,, he can’t get the hang of it. and you offer to help him but he refuses point blank and you’re like ok whatever
  • until one day as you’re sitting at the window of the room you were given you hear a maid announce that prince jungkook is coming inside
  • and to your shock there he is,,,,,looking defeated and red in the ears and the butler beside him is holding a basket of apples and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,oh
  • and he’s like “,,,,,,,,,,,,,pl-please teach me how to,,,,,,,,,you know,,,”
  • and you can’t help but stifle a giggle and be like “juggle?” and he’s like gkhfdsaljgfs,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and so you decide why not whats there to lose and so you help jungkook learn the technique
  • and after a week he’s doing really well and he’s like “let me move on to juggling knives-” but you’re like no no nO 
  • and you can’t believe it but jungkook is laughing and having a good time with you
  • and he has such a cute way about him when he’s happy and not trying to put on that indifferent scowl
  • and it’s when you’re out walking through the stables and you see jungkook, forehead pressed to the nose of his horse saying goodnight to it that you figure hey,,,,,,he’s actually Soft isn’t he
  • and jungkook spots you and is like YOU SAW NOTHING,,,,but you’re like i saw everything and it was adorable
  • and jungkook is like “don’t call me adorable. you’re adorable!!!!! not me!!!!” and you’re like woah did you just compliment ???? me ????? in a roundabout way
  • and jungkook flushes red and is like uh,,,,,,,,,what,,,,,,,,,,,,i guess,,,,,i don’t know,,,,,,,,,,you’re cute,,,,,,,ive never felt this before,,,,,,,,help me,,,,,,
  • you: do you still want me to marry jin?
  • jungkook: no,,,,,,,,,,,,,id have to challenge him to a duel if that happened

—> Yoongi

  • is planning on just leaving you with the princes and being on his merry way,,,,,but then he realizes,,,,,,,,,what in the world is he doing giving someone who can predict the future up to a bunch of royals who killed off his bloodline
  • but he knows he can’t just snatch you away again so he decides instead that he’ll stick around and see which prince you choose and then maybe he can take it from there
  • but also,,,,, ever since he brought you to the palace his familiar has been acting weird. like the crow has become ,,,,,,, interested in you and it usually never care for other humans beside yoongi
  • and it takes yoongi quite some time until you pull out from your pockets pumpkin seeds and the crow swoops down from its perch on yoongi’s staff and to sit on your forearm as it pecks away at the food
  • and the three princes are shooing the crow off and yoongi has to catch his familiar and hold it under his cloak 
  • and that night when he’s going back from the palace his familiar won’t stop cawing and it’s annoying him and he’s like “FINE we’ll go back to see them”
  • and to your utter surprise you find yoongi sitting on the balcony outside your window and you’re like “why are you back here???”
  • and yoongi, obviously trying to play it cool is like, “because i,,,,,,,,wanted to see how you’re doing.” and you’re like “i,,,,,,,,,feel really weird and uncomfy,”
  • and yoongi is like dammit ok time to pretend to show feelings and goes “i know it’s scary, but the country-”
  • but he notices you’re not listening and instead looking at his neck and he’s like “what?” and your like “your tattoo is so pretty,,,,,,is it magical?? ive never seen glowing purple ink”
  • and yoongi quickly puts his hand over it and is like “it’s nothing, don’t worry about it.” and you’re like “im not, im just saying it’s really nice to look at.”
  • and yoongi suddenly forgets that he’s supposed to be pretending and he’s like “really? most people think it looks like some kind of disease.” and you’re like “what? no it kinda looks like a little nebula on your skin”
  • the description catches yoongi off guard and he’s like “i should get going,,,,” but before he leaves you ask if he’ll come again and yoongi hesitates but nods
  • and every night yoongi is waiting there on your balcony and he asks which prince you’re interested in and you’re like none of them really and you guys talk more and yoongi can’t believe it 
  • like it might be the fact that you have magic in you like he does ,,,,,,,, but you’re the first person he’s ever had to talk to,,,,,,,, and it feels nice
  • yoongi shows you that his staff can transform into a broom and that’s how he flies up to the balcony and you’re like “flying sounds so fun,,,”
  • and yoongi is like “ill show you, come here” and you, rather fearlessly, get on the broom with him and wrap your hands around his waist
  • and yoongi would turn red ,,,,,,, which he does but it looks even cuter because the tattoo starts to flash and you’re like huh whys that and yoongi is like igNORE it,,,,,,,,
  • and he takes you for a fly around the palace and you can see the lights from the village and all across the country’s mountains
  • and you’re like “this is so amazing!!!!!!” and yoongi smirks to himself because,,,,,,,,,,,ok he’s totally having fun showing off his flying skills right now (even though he won’t admit it)
  • and yoongi comes to terms that his familiar wasn’t acting all that weird the day he dropped you off with the princes, tbh he was looking for an excuse to go back and see you
  • and when the month is up and it’s the night before your marriage yoongi can’t hold back and he goes “run away with me. i can get us out of this country,,,,,,,,,,,,i can’t leave you and your magic in the hands of,,,,,,,those people”
  • and he isn’t even thinking about your powers as something he can sell anymore, he’s thinking about you,,,,,,,as the person beside him,,,,,,,as someone he wants to protect
  • and you’re nervous because ,,,,,, this country needs you right????? but yoongi is living proof that this country hurts those who harbor magic
  • which is why you take his hand and yoongi gets you on his broom and he throws his hood over your shoulders since the night sky is cold
  • and you to vanish from that country,,,,,,,together,,,,,,,,,,to start somewhere new

note: this is super corny im sorry it’s just something ive thought about for ages and could ramble on about because ive made this au so detailed in my mind LOL,,,,,,,,,should i do hoseok + taehyung + namjoon because they actually do fit into this plot but i don’t know if you guys will like this au enough to wanna read about them,,,,,,,,,,,,,anyway!!!!! i hope you enjoyed

of pirates and/or princes

I had to do something for CCF, in anticipation of Sunday’s finale. I’m on mobile so no formatting, and I apologize for no cut. But thanks to @shipsxahoy for looking this over!!


Another night, another tavern. In the days since their unexpected and undesired arrival in the Enchanted Forest, David and Killian had sought out any means to get back home to Storybrooke—and, most importantly, Emma and Henry. It was a position they’d been in all too many times, and Killian especially was near-frantic in his need to get back to his wife.

(Wife. David’s daughter was a wife. His best friend was now a husband. There were times that he had to pinch himself because he was just so damn happy for them—and all the more determined to see them reunited.)

After exhausting the normal routes—fairies, generous witches, Regina’s vault—Hook was quick to suggest that perhaps they turn their attention to the less-than-legal ways of acquiring magical items, with which he was all too familiar. Which was how David found himself accompanying the pirate to all manner of disreputable dive in their quest for something—anything—to let them travel realms. He generally let Killian take the lead, as he was the one who actually had any skill in dealing in this apparently convoluted black market that David didn’t even know existed. But all leads thus far had ended up dead ends.

Tonight, they found themselves near the docks of one of the coastal villages. David was having an odd sense of deja vu that he actually had been to this bar before, but that train of thought was interrupted by Killian’s cursing.

“Bloody hell…he made it back.” He was staring across the pirate-filled tavern at a dark corner, where a rowdy group of men looked to be playing dice.

“Who did?”

“Blackbeard.” The disdain with which Hook uttered the name was only rivaled in level of disgust when he was addressing the Dark One. David’s hand instinctively went to his sword; this man couldn’t be good news. Before he could say anything, though, Killian plowed on. “Come on; let’s talk to him.”

“Are you crazy? You just sounded like you wanted to murder him.”

“Aye, I do. But he has unusually sticky fingers when it comes to magic beans, and the last I saw him, I’d left him in Neverland. He has to have something.”

David let Killian take the lead, following closely behind, as had become their plan of attack. The name Hook still rang fear into the hearts of many of those they encountered, and even if it hadn’t, his profound skills of charm and intimidation did the trick. If anyone noticed that a fearsome pirate captain was now accompanied by a prince, they didn’t dare comment on it.

“Jones, is that you? Manage to fight off the little boys, I take it?”

“At least I fought, instead of running off like a coward. What cockamamie scheme got you out of Neverland?”

“Seems unfair to mock my methods when they work. Especially when something tells me you’re after one again.”

Though David stood behind where Killian had taken a seat, he could see the tense set of his shoulders and the clench of his jaw. And he was really starting to hate this Blackbeard bastard, too. He cautiously stepped closer, not because he didn’t trust Killian to keep his cool, but because he was concerned what the other pirate might do.

“Tell me how you did it,” Killian demanded through gritted teeth.

“Why? So you can get back to that woman again?” David’s hand gripped the hilt of his sword and Killian sat up straighter. “And what do you even have to offer? The ship that you already owe me?”

“I can get it to you now.”

“Save it,” Blackbeard snarled, standing. David came a step closer, but Killian motioned for him to stop. Why wasn’t he standing his ground? “You come in here, acting all high and mighty and expecting me to help you out again. All that got me last time was chased through the woods by some adolescents and forced me to use my last bean to get back.”

Killian’s fist was clenched and David swore he could see the wheels turning in his friend’s head. He was the cleverest man David knew, but Blackbeard was clearly dangerous, so the prince quickly had to form a plan of his own.

“My advice to you, Hook?” Blackbeard sneered. “Get over the girl, and get out of my sight.”

“Or what?” Killian spat back.

“Or I make you,” Blackbeard answered, drawing his sword and leveling it at his foe. “You soft-bellied, heartsick, simpering—”

“HEY!” David finally roared, charging in. “That’s His Royal Highness, Prince Killian of Misthaven to you!”

The pirates—both of them—stared at him, slack-jawed.

“Mate…” Killian started, shocked and soft-spoken, but he was cut off by guffaws from the other man.

“Prince Killian? Ha!” Blackbeard was laughing so hard, he dropped his sword. “A pirate turned a prince! That’s the most ridic—”

His speech was halted by the sudden presence of a blade at his throat—David’s, and he wasn’t letting up.

“I’m guessing you’ve already probably got several strikes against you, being a pirate. I can’t imagine murdering a royal would look good, should you happen to be arrested by the local law enforcement—who I happen to be in charge of.”

Blackbeard gulped.

“So: can you help us or not?”

“N-no, Your Majesty,” the pirate stammered. “Like I said, used my last bean.” David pressed his blade harder; the man was withholding information. “B-but, there’s a beanstalk not far from here. That’s where I get them.”

Without a word, David turned to leave; he heard Killian’s steps fall in behind him a moment later. They had another mission and knew without speaking that they needed to get to it as soon as possible. But that annoying voice just had to shout out one more time.

“Love made you soft, Hook. Don’t think that you’ll ever be welcome ‘round these parts again.”

They stopped in their tracks, and David turned to look at Killian, who was studying the floor in brief thought. He then faced Blackbeard and pointed. “Why would I want to hang around a group of lonely, pathetic men? Don’t let me see your ugly face again or I will unleash the full wrath of the Royal Family upon you.”

Killian turned on his heel and plowed past David out of the tavern. David glared at Blackbeard one last time before following.

Outside, they mounted their horses and headed back to the castle, settling into a comfortable silence as they rode into the night.

Finally, Killian spoke up. “I appreciate your help, mate; Blackbeard is a terrible son of a bitch and brings out the worst in me. I was ready to slay him on the spot.”

“Hey, what are fathers-in-law for?” David replied, shrugging it off.

“I especially appreciate you making up that bit about me being royalty. I’d no clue that bastard feared the crown so.”

David was taken aback—Killian didn’t know? “You think I made that up?”

“Wait—what?” He was clearly surprised.

“I wasn’t lying about that. You’re married to a princess; that’s your title to use. How do you think I got mine?”

Killian was in silent thought for a moment before finally observing, “I always thought Captain would be my only title; my crew the closest thing to a family. I'm…” he trailed off. “I’m happy to see that’s changed.”

David couldn’t see his face clearly in the dark, but he could hear a shy smile. He clapped him on the shoulder, commenting, “I’m glad, too.”

“So. Off to a beanstalk?”

“Yup. And remind me to find you a crown from the royal stores before we head home,” he teased.

He expected Killian to jab back, but only thoughtfully added, “Can you grab one for Emma, too?”

“Of course. But first, Your Highness, let’s get that bean.”

“Aye, Your Majesty.”


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Keep Her Warm - Remus Lupin

request: Hello I am also v obsessed with Remus and would LOVE for you to write something about him???? Maybe a marauder era thing where they’re at hogsmead and the reader is cold and he let’s the reader borrow his scarf or tries to keep the reader ~warm~ some other way, maybe???? Literally anything, I adore him

warning: FLUFFIEST THING IVE EVER WRITTEN, also this is slightly angsty but it’s cute so everything is fineeeeeee

A/N: if you want added dynamics and emotion, listen to Scared to be Lonely piano instrumental. I fucking sobbed. Also, requests are still open! (Marvel, GoT, HP)

words: 1828

“Haaaang on, when did it start snowing?”

Remus glanced around the castle grounds in wonder, smiling to himself. The white flakes fluttered from the sky, falling onto clothes, hair, skin. The snow had casted a luminous shadow over Hogwarts, making every student beam with happiness. Snow tended to make even the most gloomy person shed a grin, for the beauty of it was not to be ignored.

Students journeying to hogsmeade wore smiles seemingly brighter than the countless layers of snow, their shoes crunching and slipping as they giggled in triumph. The first years were already sliding and twirling on the ice, holding on to each other as if their life depended on it. Remus spotted Arthur and Molly, gripping each other’s arms as they tip toed across the white path, glancing at each other adoringly, as if the snow seemed to enhance their love for each other.

Y/N watched Remus take in his surroundings, but mostly just watched him. His nose was red, almost purple in the cold, and his lips had turned a faint shade of blue. He didn’t seem to notice how much the weather was affecting him, he was too busy fascinated by the affects of snow on people’s emotions.

Remus’ hair lay naturally curled on top of his forehead, lightly grazing his eyelashes. It wasn’t fair, Y/N thought, they were so long. “Remus, I’m jealous.”

He faltered, remembering the couples clinging to each other. “O-Oh?”

“Yeah,” she replied, frowning. “Your eyelashes are too long, give me some.”

Remus laughed, a sweet giggle that melted the very core of her being. She warmed from the inside, watching his nose crinkle as Remus looked at her, confused at why she was looking at him like that.

“Y/N have I got something on my face?”

He wiped at his cheeks, looking at his clean fingers. “I haven’t got- was it the honey toast I had this morning? It gets everywhere you know, I swear I should just wear a body sui-”

She cut him off with a warm finger against his freezing lips, a delicate smile playing on his features. “Sorry,” Y/N snickered.

“Rambling again?” Sirius came up behind them, patting Remus’ back rather forcefully. “He’s quite the talker, but you get used to him chatting fast. You take more information in.”

Remus scowled at Sirius who idly wrapped a scarf around Remus’ neck, cocking his head towards Y/N. She had shuffled away, her eyes stuck to her feet as she set one in front of the other. He smiled thoughtfully as Sirius slapped the back of his head, bringing him back to reality. “If you don’t actually kiss her today, I’m going to punch you. In the face.”

Remus groaned, rolling his eyes at the other boy. “I know, I know. God, you make me sound like a nervous wreck.”

“That’s because you are. I have your lip balm and your hair gel,” Sirius unloaded the items from his pockets, shoving them into Remus’ hands. “I also have chocolate flavour lipstick, but don’t ask how I got it. Do you want some?”

Remus chuckled, secretly amused at how Sirius acted like a mother. “I’ll taste of chocolate regardless, I had like two bars this morning to calm my nerves.”

“Sugar rush! I hope you don’t go into insulin shock after Honeydukes. Remind me of your plan again… So- uh, so you know?”

“I don’t know why you’re interested,” Remus scoffed, pulling the small list out of his pocket.

Sirius’ heart multiplied in size, unable to cope with how much he wanted Remus to succeed with Y/N today. “You wrote it down?”

“Course I did, I can’t cope with mental situations. So,” he started.

“Right,” Sirius nodded, looking over the boys shoulder to read the list. “Three Broomsticks? Really Remus? Take her to Madam Puddifoots, you fool.”

“Puddifoots, you’re right.” Remus took a pen from his left pocket, crossing out and writing on the withered parchment. “But I don’t have enough for-”

Sirius shoved five galleons into Remus’ coat pocket, continuing with the list. “Sirius take that back, I can’t afford to repay you.”

“Hush tush, just have fun and that’ll be my reward. Okay? Make me proud.”

The two boys stood quietly, analysing the list until Sirius noted Y/N’s impatience, nudging Remus’ arm. “She seems anxious, you know. Do you want me to come for a bit? Ease things up?”

Remus shook his head violently, a crimson blush flushing his face and neck. “You’ll mess with the ambience.”

Sirius chortled, raising his hands in surrender. “The ambience? Oh Remus, you’re an odd one.”

Y/N intensely examines the two boys, wondering what they were giggling about. She was nervous about today, as any other girl with a crush would be. Having known about this date for a while, she should have been prepared and mentally ready for it. She wasn’t.

“Not getting any younger over here!”

Sirius stood to attention, saluting the girl. “Aye aye, captain!”

“And I’m the odd one,” Remus raised his eyebrows, smiling at her. “Coming, love!”

The slightly smaller boy slapped his friend’s back again, grinning. “Have fun, kid.”

Remus laughed, staggering towards her. “Kid?” He stopped, turning to glare at Sirius. “Pretty sure I look older than you.”

Sirius gleams in admiration as the two strut off, neither acknowledging their hands clasped together tightly. “Ah, young love.”

“IT’S SNOWING!” James sprinted towards Sirius, sweeping him off his feet. The two boys fell on their butts, James howling with laughter whilst Sirius threw hefty punches towards him.

“You fucker!”

“You okay?” Remus squeezed her hand gently, waiting in the queue for honeydukes whilst she absentmindedly picked stuff from the shelves. “You want some jelly beans?”

“Yeah, actually. Don’t you mean bean boozles, though?”

Y/N’s fingers curled around the box, scrunching her eyes up in embarrassment. “Sorry, bean boozles. It’s hard trying to remember wizardry stuff when you come from a muggle family.”

“I know exactly what that’s like,” he noted, admiring her flushed cheeks and purple lips. He wondered what it would be like to reach out, graze his thumb across her bottom lip. Make her blush because he wants her to.

“It was really scary coming to Hogwarts after finding out I was magic, you know? Like imagine all your life thinking you’re just some weird girl who can make stuff levitate, when really you’re magic and that’s normal for certain people.”

“Imagine turning into a we-” Remus stopped himself before he said too much, his eyes watering involuntarily. “Gosh, is it hot in here?”

“A werewolf, were you going to say? I’d hate to turn into a werewolf. I have so much sympathy for those who have no choice, mind you. If I could, I’d hug all of them, tell them they’re not monsters.”

Remus let go of her hand, walking around the aisle to grab a bar of chocolate. “Oh yeah?” he sniffled, rubbing his eyes with the back of his sleeve. He couldn’t understand why she was so loving and caring of everyone and everything. The sorting hat definitely knew it was right when it put her in Hufflepuff.

“Yeah, I dunno why the ministry makes them out to be so- how do I put it, like… like so terrifying. They can’t help it! I’d love to meet one. Obviously not that Fenrir man, he’s a true monster.”

“You already have,” Remus muttered, a small catch in his throat.

Y/N stepped up to pay for the sweets, a huge smile on her face. “Rem, did you pick anything else?”

Remus shook his head, putting the melted chocolate back on the shelf. “No,” he answered. “Just looking.”

Y/N came around the corner, a pink striped bag in her right hand, his hand in her left. “Come on you, Puddifoots will have hardly any of that nice rose tea left!”

Remus mentally calculated the money he had spent, noticing he wouldn’t have enough to buy her what she wanted. “Y/N, I don’t think I-”

“She’s selling them freeeee! Rem, I hope you didn’t think I’d make you pay? I know you struggle with money, it’s alright,” she smiled, tugging him out of the glass panelled door towards Madam Puddifoots. Remus felt like someone had genuinely given him an overdose of Felix Felicis. His knees felt weak and wobbly, an effect Y/N seemed to have on him all the time.

“I didn’t realise she did free stuff?”

“She doesn’t,” Y/N responded, a devious grin making him flush once more. “I made the tea with her last night, just for us to have! Don’t ask how I got out of the castle all the way to here, though.”

Remus couldn’t comprehend how much he genuinely adored this girl, it was like someone had Cupid’s arrow piercing his heart and brain at the same time, twisting it so he had no control over his emotions. “You did that, just for today?”

“Mutual effort,” she shrugged, them entering the Cafe.

After they had left, both smelling like flowers and Turkish delights, Y/N involuntarily shivered. “Gosh, it’s so bloody cold.”

“I know, we should have picked a better day,” Remus sighed.

It was then that it clicked. Sirius had given him the scarf to put on Y/N, the two boys had this conversation last week before Remus even asked her out.

“You’ve got to warm her up,” Sirius poked him in the forehead, locking eyes with him. “Keep her warm. That way her heart doesn’t melt, and you don’t end up rejected.”

Remus scoffed in protest, pushing Sirius’ finger away. “She won’t reject me.”

“Scarf equals love. She’s bound to tell you she loves you after you let her have that ruddy piece of wool, Remus. I promise you that.”

So instead of asking her if she wanted the scarf, he simply took it off his own neck, wrapping it around hers gently, like dressing a porcelain doll. “Remus?”

Remus observed the way her mouth opened in shock, her hot breath making white clouds that seemed to circle them, Y/N’s heart doing 100mph.

“T-thank you,” she stuttered.

She was especially confused, trying to read the million emotions that flickered on his face. Grabbing his collar, Y/N pulled him down to meet her face, kissing his balm layered lips gently. Remus wrapped his trembling arms around her figure, trapping her in his embrace. Their lips melded together, and Remus swore his heart had never beat so fast.

When they pulled away for air (moments later), Y/N was no longer cold. Her whole body radiated with heat, her heart seemingly the fire that lit her veins up, igniting chaos that spread from her to him.

Keep her warm,” Remus repeated quietly, his breath fanning her face. “Are you warm now?”

Y/N leant her forehead against his, looking at him with hooded eyes. “Yeah, really warm.”

illumimeepi  asked:

i love your fanfics! maybe when you get the chance could you do a hanahaki disease tom fic? mabe with tom even almost dying and marco is worried and says something like "why couldn't you have fallen in love with me? do you have any idea how much i would've loved you back.." and tom just starts crying while he's coughing up flowers while marco is just hugging him before tom just smiles at him because that's all he needed to hear to be cured.

Awwww! of course I can! This is so so sweet and sad! I hope you like the story! I really enjoyed writing it. It was  bit different than what I normally do because it starts with Tom still being in love with Star. (Or thinking he is) But there’s some development and I hope you like the story!!!!! Enjoy!!!!

Based off of this amazing art by @illumimeepi!!!!

Tom sat with his friends at the same table at the Snack Shack. It was a little place where you sat outside and ate whatever slop they were cooking. Normally hotdogs and fries. Nothing special. They would hang out here all the time, this same old dirty place where you could get gross food. Nobody should like this place as much as Tom did. But every time his friends suggested they go, he got this excited feeling that they would go all together, he Star and Marco. And they would be together, something they shared, and he had friends. Real friends.

But today wasn’t so happy and fun for him. “Hey, Tom? You good?” Marco asked, leaning forward. Tom looked up, a little spaced out.

“Huh? Oh yeah, I just feel a little lightheaded if I’m being honest.” He admitted, running his fingers through his hair. It was probably nothing. Maybe he didn’t sleep too well, or the Earth’s air was different than the Underworld. But Marco all of the sudden got a concerned look on his face.

“Oh well sit tight, I’ll go get you a soda.” Marco offered. Before Tom could respond he was off, leaving he and Star to laugh a bit at their friend’s concern.

“He’s so cute.” Star gushed. “Look at how sweet he is.”

“Yeah, he’s pretty great.” Tom shrugged, trying to act nonchalant. Marco came back and handed Tom the drink. “Thanks Marco, that’s really nice of you.” Tom smiled. Marco beamed and handed Tom the soda, when Tom took it his hand brushed over the human’s, and immediately after that he erupted in an awful sounding coughing fit.

“Tom! Are you okay!?” Marco cried. Star got up out of her seat and Marco put his hand on the demon’s back, but this only seemed to make the coughing worse. Marco bit his lip and tried to think of what to do, Tom seemed like he was choking! “Star go get help.” He urged.

“N-no… I’m good.” Tom assured, the fit passing.

“Are you sure?” Marco asked. Tom nodded, coughing a few more times into his napkin.

“Y-Yeah I just…” Tom stopped when he pulled his head away. “What the hell?” He asked in confusion. Because in his hands on on his lap were red flower petals. “Where did-” Tom cut himself off with another violent cough, resulting in another handful of flower petals coming from his mouth and fluttering down on his lap.

“Uh… is that normal for you?” Marco asked, rubbing the back of his head. Tom picked a petal up and looked at it closely. Trying to see if he missed anything, these couldn’t be FLOWERS… could they?

“No… not for me.” Tom shook his head. “Star, is this a magic thing?” He asked his friend. Tom turned to face the Mewni girl, who was now sitting and looking at her hands. “Starship? You okay?” Tom asked. Star looked up fast.

“Huh? Yeah… you’ll be fine. I have to leave.” Star spoke way to fast and got up, practically running away. Marco looked at her in confusion and then told Tom to wait, running after her.

“Star! Hey what’s up with you?” marco asked.

“I have to be away from Tom. I’ll only make it worse.” She muttered.

“What?” Marco asked her confused, looking back at the demon. Star took a deep breath and flopped down on the bench.

“This can only be one thing.” Star began. “The hanahaki disease. When the victim suffers from unrequited true love… they cough up flower petals.” She explained. Marco gasped and then sat down next to her, shaking his head.

“Tom is still in love with you.” He realized.

“I mean… I guess. I thought he was past it but apparently not.” She sighed. “That’s why I have to go. Marco, I know myself. I’m not going to fall in love with Tom, so our only bet is for him to fall out of love with me.” She explained. “I should probably stay away, so he forgets about me. But you should take him somewhere! Try and get him to meet somebody new!” She decided.

“Why is this so urgent?” Marco asked, worried at how scared Star looked. She looked guilty. Way too guilty, like she hated herself. He could even see tears brimming in her eyes.

“If I could flip I switch to change the way I feel about him, I would right now.” Star began. “Because… if the victim of the hanahaki disease doesn’t find requited love they… they’ll die Marco. They’ll keep getting sicker and sicker and they’ll die.” She began to sob. Marco just froze. His eyes were wide and he was petrified. His demon could NOT die.

“Star, look at me.” Marco told her. “Tom will be fine. Everything will be fine.” He promised. “You just, go home. Like you said it’s best if you stay away from him. And I’ll take him out and he’ll meet someone else and he’ll be better by tomorrow.” Marco knew somewhere in his mind that every word coming out of his mouth was a lie. You don’t fall out of love in a day. But what else could he say?

Star nodded and gave Marco one last hug, before running off, still in tears. Marco took a breath and went back to the demon who was sitting at the bench. Tom seemed okay in that time, but when Marco came back the coughing continued, and few more flower petals slipped out. “M-Marco this is… I have to go.” Tom tried to leave but Marco took his hand.

“No! You’re fine, let’s go.” Marco tried. Tom ripped away.

“I’m not stupid!” He cried. “I-I didn’t remember at first or… maybe I didn’t want to admit it but… I know what the hanahaki disease is. And I… Marco I don’t know what to do! I thought I was over Star! I thought I knew we would never get back together and I was okay with that!” He cried. As he did this Marco put his arm around him, and Tom coughed up another mouthful of red flower petals.

“Maybe let’s… not talk about Star.” Marco decided. Tom nodded and covered his mouth with both hands, hoping he could just keep in the flower petals. Marco made Tom looked at him. “It’s all going to be okay. I’m going to take you out and you’re going to find somebody new. Okay?” Marco told him.

“Marco… I can’t just go out and fall in love.” Tom argued. “I-it takes time and work and I can’t do it! I’ve been trying to move on for a while now I-I can’t! I’m not strong enough to just move on!” Tom rambled.

“It will! It will work!” Marco exclaimed. “Just please, this one time, trust me?” He begged. Tom looked over at Marco, who was staring at Tom with these big eyes. He looked so worried and scared for Tom’s well being. He really truly cared. Tom took a deep breath and nodded his head.



“She seemed nice.” Marco tried in vain. They were at some dumb party Brittany Wong was throwing. Tom didn;t listen to what Marco, or the girl, had to say. He was sort of in a daze. “UH, Tom? How are you feeling?” Marco asked.

“Sort of… tired…” Tom mumbled, swaying back and forth. Marco bit his lip. Tom was getting worse. And he was getting worse faster that he expected. Marco reached up to feel Tom’s forehead.

“You feel really cold.” He stressed. As soon as he said this Tom began to cough again, it seemed more painful than it once was. A burst of flower petals came out of his mouth and Tom seemed short of breath. Marco felt tears prick the sides of his eyes. “Hey! How about we go somewhere else? I met some nice people at-”

“Marco.” Tom cut the human off. “I just… sort of want to go home.” He seemed too weak to even sit upright at this point. The hanahaki disease had gotten so bad in just a few hours. Tom collapsed against Marco and his eyes fell shut. “Please just… take me home…” He begged. It wasn’t just from the illness, he was sad and heartbroken, and wanted to go home. Marco nodded and scooped the demon up, leaving the party and ignoring questions from his friends and classmates.


Star and Marco paced around the room manically, in tears. They were both trying to think of something– anything– that they could do. All the while Tom was curled up on the couch, wrapping in a blanket, and coughing violently. He sounded pained, and each time he couched more and more red flower petals came out. They were a much brighter red than they started out. Finally Star sat next to her friend.

“Tom… I’m so sorry.” She mumbled. Tom just wrapped her up in a hug and shook his head.

“I don’t blame you for any of this.” He assured her. Star hugged him and they sat there for a while. Marco watched as Tom pulled away, he coughed up more and more petals, and he seemed to be in so much pain. At this point it was difficult for him to breath, the coughing wa so bad. Marco tightened his fist.

“No.” He finally spat. Both of the other kids looked up at him. Marco then got an angry look and threw his arms out. “NO! NO! This isn’t FAIR!” He screamed. Star was about to say something but Marco cut her off. “Why are you like this!?” He screamed at Tom. The demon fell back. “Why do you have to… why did you…” Marco trailed off and burst into tears. “WHY COULDN’T YOU HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH ME!?!?” He screamed. Tom froze and Marco continued to sob. “Do you have any idea how much I would have loved you back?” He asked this in a quiet and broken voice, leaving Tom totally frozen and confused.

He was at first confused as to what Marco had just said, but then the feeling he got after that made him even more confused. He felt… lighter? And he had this fluttery feeling he couldn’t place. Marco loved him. Marco really truly loved him. And that’s all Tom ever wanted, that’s what he searched for and wished for. And Marco always showed that to him. He was always sweet and gentle and Tom felt safe and happy.

Shouldn’t he have felt this for Star?

Was he even in love with Star?

As soon as that question crossed Tom’ mind he froze. Because the answer was no. He loved Star, but he was in love with Marco. It all made sense. The petals were for him this whole time. And it was unrequited on Tom’s end. He didn’t even know he was in love! Or maybe he repressed it, and pushed the feeling away because it scared him. He couldn’t have a requited love when he didn’t know who he loved. But there was no question. It was Marco.

Marco continued to cry, but then was tackled down by something. He looked up to see Tom attacking him with love, and hugging him as tight as he could. He didn’t feel as cold, and didn’t look as weak. Tom let out one last feeble cough and a single flower petal came out. When he was done he looked up at Marco with big eyes. “It was you… it’s been you this whole time.”

why do I do this….. anyway!

Blue woke up restless and overheated in an empty bed. “Dust?” He groaned as he rubbed his eye socket with his hand. No response. Pulling his top down as it had rolled up during his sleep, he plodded to the his bedroom door and opened it. “Dust?.. Pappy?… anybody? Hello…” With a shrug he went downstairs and to the kitchen. walking through the empty house he thought. “Maybe I could try that. since I’m alone.” Blue thought as he grabbed some milk and went back to his room.

The sun was seeping through the closed curtains as Blue sat on his bed and concentrated.
Blue rubber style magic grew down his bony legs and to his feet. He huffed as he tried to maintain the form. Once it had taken full form, Blue wheezed not realising how much magic and effort it had taken. He stood up to test his new legs, pulling down slightly on his top as he bounced around. Blue landed funny and fell on his ecto-butt and giggled at how cushioned it felt to how it normally did.
kneeling as patting himself down he stood back up and wobbled, Noticing how warm it has gotten. He wanders over to the fan in the corner and turned it on. Cold air rushed over his new skin and he shivered. With a giggle he takes the book of the bed stand and climb on his bed and starts to read where he left off.

Several hours later. Dust appears at the front door and creaks it open being mindful incase pap was asleep on the sofa.. again. The coast was clear. Standing in the front room. It felt odd, “where is Blue?” He asked himself as he heading upstairs to Blue’s room as he notices the door is open slightly. Dust got closer and heard the fan. “Blue never has the fan on. He complain it chills the room to much.” Dust gently opens the door and peeks inside and held his breath fast as Blue was asleep with his book next to him and didn’t want to wake him.

Opening the door further he froze. The blanket blue was under and fallen of slightly revealing his legs and with the fan on the rotation setting, everything time it lined up with Blue it lifted top slightly revealing his ecto thighs. Blue twitched his arm knocking the book onto the floor and he stirred awake. “huh-yawn-” Blue stretched as his door closed. “H-hello…?” Blue called sleepily. “h-h-hi B-Blue” Hastened Dust as he muffled the response “-Damn he too cute.-’ Dust thought as he held his nose to try and stop it from bleeding. He leaned against the door and sighed.

“-Dust?!-” Thought blue. He almost fell outta bed and practically ran to the door and opened it.
Dust fell backwards uncupping his nose as it continued to bleed and land hard on his back briefly winding him. “cough…” wheezed dust as he landed. “agh. H-Hi Blu-” Dust line was cut short as he opened his eyes and was staring upwards. Blood pouring out of his nose.

Blue was stood over dust and slowly a blush grew over his face as he remembered he still had his ecto activated and he was naked from the waist downwards. Blue blushed hard and squealed as he stumbled backwards pulling down his top and deactivated the ecto.

Dust panicked and moved to a seating position, held his nose and closed his eyes. “B-Blue i-I’m s-sorry. I didn’t see- ouf” A pillow had connected to Dust’s face from a little flustered skeleton.

Blue in this short time put some shorts on and was back on the the bed. His cheekbones holding a full on blush as he tried to avoid eye contact with Dust,as he sat back up removing the pillow from his face this revealing a deep purple blush across his cheekbones fortunately for him, his nose had stop bleeding, leaving smeared and dried stains.

An awkward silence filled the space between them as they both avoided eye contact. “W-welcome home… D-dust..” Blue said breaking the silence. Dust sighed “I’m home” then Dust starts to laugh and Blue joins with a giggle.

“Those were a lovely set of legs you had there” Dust laughed, scratching the back of his neck. This earned him and another pillow from the now flustered Blue who was standing on the bed shouting “I THOUGHT YOU DIDN’T SEE ANYTHING?!”

Moments later an annoyed Ink teleported into the room walked over to the side of the bed and picked up the book. “I’ll be taking this back.” Ink faced to Blue who was still blushing but now looked confused and then gave a nervous giggle. “Why and how do you keep taking my sketchbook? My um personal one at that.” Blue didn’t respond but simply sat down. With a sigh he teleported back out of the room leaving Dust mildly confused and Blue annoyed as he lost his reading material.


what am I doing with my life. so um I guess I could do these regularly so you could send me story ideas with charactor and I’ll do one-shots.

Artwork belongs to @percefiney

Siriel: Part Three


Lyria stalked down the hall, her magic radiating around her in a lethal cloud of ice. She almost paused when she felt the presence of someone coming up behind her. Lyria squared her shoulders. “Don’t bother asking, Artemis. The answer is no.”

Her cousin caught up to her, his dark hair bouncing off the back of his red leather jacket. He side-glanced her, his hands clasped behind his back. “Is it true? There are witches trying to evade?”

Lyria stopped abruptly, pulling Artemis in front of her. She looked down at her cousin. His eyes gleamed. Her lips thinned. “Yes it’s true.” Artemis opened his mouth before Lyria cut him off. “I said no. It’s an order, Artie. You stay here.”

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Okay I see a lot of people buying into the “teddy and billy work so well ALLLL because of teddy’s hard work and that’s it” thing that david threw out there and I think that is absolute bull. Before you buy into that let me ask you to consider…

1. How a healthy relationship works. Because that is what billy and teddy have. A healthy relationship. And those require two people. Two. Not one.

2. That David was absolutely infatuated with Ted at the time. Of course he’d see Teddy as this perfect model of a good bf, it’s only natural. Other than that though, there has never been one reference to Teddy pulling all the weight in the relationship. Know why? Because it’s false.

3. Billy’s multiple rescues of his bae that many times results in threat to his own life.

4. How easily Billy let Teddy go when he asked because THAT’S WHAT TEDDY WANTED. And despite the fact thay it had to hurt bad, he held zero grudge whatsoever. He both respected Teddy’s needs and didn’t hold it against him one bit. And don’t even pretend like he had zero right to hold onto his hurt at least a little bit—with the severity of the distrust, Billy had every right to be a bit hurt afterwards. But he wasnt (or he didn’t show it). Besides, hurt and anger don’t always listen to reason, but Billy loved Ted so much he was just completely ready to let it all go.

5. Billy is like 0% a jealous or forceful boyfriend. David KISSED Teddy and then tried to split them up and Billy was like, “I don’t appreciate it, but you meant no serious harm. I forgive you. Don’t do it again.”

6. Billy was most probably the one who let Teddy stay at his house. Sure, yes, it’s his parent’s house, but for some teason I doubt they were the ones who ran right up to Ted and was like, “come live at our house.” That was definitely Billy because no matter how wonderful the Kaplans are (and they are) they simply are not at the level where they can offer something like that freely because that is a heavy thing to say after a tragedy. Billy is that close. And idk about you, but organizing a place to live for someone seems to me like a sign of terrific bf material.

7. Billy’s support for Teddy after his mother’s death. Go see it. He was crying for Ted.

8. Billy’s continued support during the Kree/Skrull and Captain Marvel conflict. Billy is 200% impulsive at times, but never fool yourself into thinking Teddy isn’t too.

9. I don’t think Billy has ever said ‘no’ to Teddy when Teddy was being reasonable. He literally tried to heal the super skrull because Ted asked.

10. Billy, who was sworn off magic and was (still kinda is) terrified of himself, lifted his own ban for the sole purpose of trying to make Teddy’s life better. He went against his own self-made promise and essentially turned his back on normal living in order to try and BRING BACK TED’S MOM. To make Ted happy.

11. The scene we don’t talk about. The one during Civil War where that creep took Teddy and Billy and tortured Teddy. Billy was ready to kill him. Billy is more against harming things than any of them, but he was willing to turn on his morals, on his own person essentially, to spare Ted pain. Can you say protective? Wonder who Billy values the most?

12. “There are no secrets between couples like Billy and Teddy.” “No matter what happens, at least those two have each other.” [Note: a sample of the positivity that others veiw the relationship with, allowing me believe that it is a good, healthy relationship between TWO wonderful people.]

…so do not EVER tell me that either one of those losers don’t put serious work into making their relationship the way it is. Teddy and Billy BOTH work very hard so don’t even go there.

An idea of a Papyrus

So today I just got this idea about us!papyrus.

That the cigs he’s smoking slowly are affecting him and his magic.

Like, at first he would buy his cigarettes at Muffets’ but when his debt started to grow he decided for some cheaper version, that Muffet was not selling so he had to buy them in some dark back alley at the capital. They were cheap so it didn’t matter much to him what was in them, after some time later the coughing started. At first it wasn’t a big deal, until it grew stronger on consistent. Obviously that was not normal for a skeleton, so he went to Undyne (after Blue almost didn’t drag him there) to check himself. Turns out that whatever stuff was in those cigs, was affecting his magic, leaving black stains on it and some started to appear in the inner side of his ribs. Undyne took a sample of his magic to run some tests, and let papyrus leave but advised him to quit smoking those cigs. The first day was easy, but then the nightmares appeared again and he HAD to smoke. It eased his mind and relaxed his body. That moment he knew he was too addicted to this stuff and he is like: “well… Shit…”. Undyne later confirmed it was highly addictive stuff and would only spread and get worse. She started to work on some kind of medicine that would slow down the spreading. Papyrus was thankful for that and asked her to keep it a secret. He didn’t wanted to worry Blue. He’ll think of a way of telling him about it someday. Undyne obviously didn’t like the idea of that but promised not to tell anything to Sans.

If someone had this idea before I’m sorry 🙏

Snowbaz Drunk Fic (sort of Au)

Simon was worried, again.

It wasn’t unusual for Simon to be worrying, after all, he practically spent every moment of his life worrying over something. If it wasn’t over Agatha, it was over being the Chosen One, if it wasn’t over that, it would be over the Humdrum, if it wasn’t that then he worried about the Mage, and if it wasn’t that then he spent his hours worrying about Baz and his plotting.

Penny disagreed with him, but he knew Baz was always plotting against him.

He also knew that Baz was a vampire.

He realized these things early on at Watford Academy, the school that all magicians went to. He knew he had magic when he was eleven, and the Mage had found him and brought him to Watford so he can learn about it, and control it better. The first time he used magic…well, it wasn’t good. He called an explosion like that, ‘Going off’ and everyone in the school knows to be far away when he does go off.

Penny usually just called him paranoid when Simon ranted about Baz, but Simon knew that something was off about his roommate (Yep, Baz was also his roommate. Since they were eleven).

“Penny, how am I being paranoid? I saw him go down to the Catacombs with my own two eyes!” He exclaimed.

She sighed, “Okay, maybe I’ll give you the vampire thing,” She said, “But Simon, Baz is not always plotting against you! There isn’t enough time in the day to plot as much as you say he does!”

Simon groaned, and then lied down on his bed and closed his eyes. He could feel the magic flowing to his fingertips like it always does when he gets too excited, or too mad, and he hated it. He hated that Baz had this much control over his thoughts. He hated Baz so much.

Tonight, he was worried about Baz. He knew that Baz always snuck off to the Catacombs at night to eat…or drink, or whatever the hell he does to get his vampire thirst down. But he was always back by at least Midnight, and the fact that it was now getting close to one made him insane with worry.

It’s not that he cared, because he didn’t care at all. But who knows what he could be doing, or what he could be thinking. He could be sitting in the catacombs and just thinking of a million ways to kill him that didn’t break the Anthanama. Maybe he was out killing people, or maybe he was going after The Mage.

All of those ideas scared Simon shitless. Baz was his sword enemy, after all, and there was more then a couple ways that he could hurt him.

He tried pulling the covers over his head and closing his eyes. He thought of things that would lull him to sleep, like cherry scones, Penny’s voice when they were just casually talking, and counting sheep. His thoughts began to slow down, and soon enough he wasn’t even thinking. The room was quiet, and for once Baz’s absence wasn’t driving him absolutely mad. It was actually sort of peaceful…..

A horrifically loud knock on the door had him falling out of the bed about an hour later. He scrambled up, and noticed that Baz still wasn’t in his bed. He couldn’t be the one knocking on the door, though. Why would Baz need to knock to get in here?

Simon thought that it could possibly be Penny, but even she wasn’t stupid enough to sneak to into his dorm at this time at night.

The loud knocking continued, and Simon hurried to the door to get it to stop. He opened it quickly, ready to tell whoever was on the other side to, “Stop fucking knocking so loud.” when he saw Baz standing there.

Baz was standing there, and he looked nothing like his usual self. His clothes were disheveled, his hair was sticking out all over the place, and he had a stupid grin gracing his face. A grin that is never there when he looks at Simon.

“Hey Snow, ” He slurred, “Can I come in?” He was whispering, and he still had a grin on his face. He was so obviously hammered Simon wasn’t sure that he recognized him.

“Baz?” He asked. He knew it was him, but he just couldn’t believe it.

Baz rolled his eyes, “For the love of Merlin, obviously Simon.” He sneered, sounding more like his usual self as he walked in the room. He sat on his bed, facing Simon’s bed like he was waiting for something to happen while he was looking at it.

He also called him Simon. Baz never calls him Simon.

“Are you drunk?” Simon asked. He wasn’t sure whether he wanted to get closer to Baz to inspect him or if he wanted to get as far away as possible. He’s never seem Baz drunk before.

Baz sneered again, “That’s ridiculous, Snow. I don’t get drunk.”

Simon rolled his eyes. Doesn’t get drunk, huh?

“Well are you.. uh…are you-”

“Spit it out Snow. I still don’t understand how you’re the chosen one.” His words were slurred, but Simon could understand well enough what he was saying.

“Fuck off Baz,” He said, “Just go to bed.”

And that is why he thought Baz was a prick. He walks in the room, acting all vulnerable and completely trashed, calls him Simon instead of Snow, and then when he tries to ask him a question he goes back to his normal self. The person that Simon is positive is trying to kill him.

“Fine.” He mutters.

Simon crawls into his bed, but doesn’t plan on falling back to sleep until Baz is asleep. God knows what he would try and to do him in the state of mind he’s in. Baz walks into the bathroom and slams the door shut, as if Simon did something to piss him off. Simon hears some things knock to the floor and can already tell that he’ll blame him for that in the morning. When he walks out he’s wearing his pajamas, and his hair looks a little less all over the place.

“Happy Snow?” He says as he lays in his bed, “I’m going to bed.” His voice is sarcastic, and Simon just growls and turns to face the other direction.

The room is silent, and Simon thinks that he’ll fall back asleep. That is until he hears his name being quietly called repeatedly.

“What!” Simon exclaimed. He turned back around to find Baz, wide awake and just staring at him. He could feel the magic rising in his body, and he shut his eyes and counted back from ten to calm himself down.

“I just…I’m not tired.” He muttered, sounding like a little boy.

Simon’s eyes widened. This was not the Baz he knows, and to be completely honest this Baz was making him more on edge.

“Are you um, are you okay Baz?” Simon asked, finally getting the words out that he meant to ask him before Baz turned back into sober, dick head Baz.

“Nope.” He said, and then chuckled.

“Well what’s wrong?” He asked.

So this is what it’s like to have a normal conversation with your roommate, Simon thought.

“I can’t tell you, I have too many problems right now.” He said.

“You’re not going to get over them if you don’t talk about it.” Simon said, trying to think about what Penny would do if he was the one who had too many problems and was drunk.

Baz looked at him and raised an eyebrow, “You’ve become quite the therapist, haven’t you Snow?” He said with a smirk.

Simon rolled his eyes and Baz sighed, “If you must know…I was kidnapped by Numpties and I haven’t fully recovered yet.” He said.

Simon did a double take. Baz Pitch was kidnapped by Numpties?! How in any world could Baz be kidnapped by Numpties. He was far too perceptive and clever for those stupid creatures.

“Close your mouth Snow,” Baz said, “You’ll catch flies.”

Simon was too wrapped up in his own thoughts to even think about what Baz was saying. Baz, who was kidnapped and held hostage for weeks, not plotting ways to Kill Simon. He didn’t know why, but something was pulling at his heart right now for Baz, and he’s never had a feeling like that towards his roommate before. Where it actually felt like he cares about him.

“I have another problem.” Baz says, but his voice was much softer than the last time he spoke.

Simon sighed. He just wanted to go to bed.

“What is it, Baz?” He asked, a yawn escaping his lips.

Baz looked up and grinned, but it quickly disappeared from his lips as he said, “Nothing you should worry about.” He said.

Which made Simon worry ten times more then he would have if Baz didn’t just say that.

“Crowley Baz, you already started, why stop telling me?” Simon said. He felt a little bad because really he didn’t genuinely want to know what’s bothering Baz, but if Baz didn’t want him to know then he just had to.

Baz looked at him for a moment as if he were deciding whether or not to spill his drunk guts to Simon. He kept looking at Simon, and then suddenly broke into a grin so small Simon could barely see it.

“I’m in love with you.” He muttered. It was so quiet Simon wasn’t sure he heard it right, but he wouldn’t dare to ask him to repeat that.

“You-you’re drunk.” Simon stuttered, not sure what else to say.

Did that just happen, Simon thought, Did Baz just freaking tell him that he’s in love with him?

It doesn’t even make sense! Baz had hated him ever since they met each other and never once has he shows signs of even slightly liking him, let alone being in love with him. The only person Baz loved was himself, and there’s no way that what Baz just told him was true.

“Yes, I am,” He said, and he seemed more calm then he was before, “But that doesn’t change the fact that I love you.”

It was now Simon’s turn to just stare at him. He didn’t know what to say, and he didn’t know if he would ever find a response suitable enough for what Baz just said to him. He continued staring at Baz, trying to conjure up the right words to say to him when Baz’s face suddenly crumpled up and he let out a shout.

He was off the bed, and before Simon could quiet him down he slammed his books off his desk, letting out another scream.

“Crowley, what’s wrong with me!” He exclaimed, “I don’t love you Simon Snow, I hate you! I hate you with every fiber of my damn being!” He was shouting still, and Simon was sure he was still drunk.

“Baz, calm down.” He whispered, hoping it would make Baz realize how loud he was being.

“Calm down? How bout you calm Snow, huh?” He was getting closer and closer to him, but for some reason Simon has never been less afraid of him.

“Yes Baz, it’s fine. You’re fine.” Simon now took a step towards him, and they were only inches apart. He could feel Baz’s breath every time he breathed, and Simon felt like he was suddenly under a spell.

“Simon…” Baz said, sounding more like himself.

Simon took a deep breath, “A little more sobered up, yeah?” He said, just needing to know the answer.

Baz shook his head, and Simon grinned, “You called me Simon.”

Baz opened his mouth to protest, but before he could even get any words out Simon kissed him. He didn’t know what was happening, or why he even kissed him, but he felt like he needed to. He felt like he wanted to. The feeling of kissing Baz was one like no other, and he realized that he should have done this a long time ago.

“Snow, why?” Baz asked breathlessly as Simon pushed him onto his bed, now practically straddling his roommate.

Simon didn’t really have an answer besides “Because it feels right.” So he didn’t answer, he just kept kissing the boy that suddenly meant something to him.

On some level, this had to be coming. They’ve been with each other almost every day for the past eight years, and whether they’ve been fighting or working together (which didn’t happen often) the were always passionate with each other. Simon was always sort of worried about Baz, even when he thought he was away plotting against him. Honestly, he should have seen this coming.

He didn’t know why he didn’t see this coming.


Two hours passed since Baz stormed in the room, and nothing will ever be the same. They kissed and argued for the rest of the night. They argued whether or not they’d be boyfriends, because Baz seemed to think that Simon would only want him for his lips. Which wasn’t true, because Simon knew Baz was more then just a good pair of lips.

They didn’t know exactly where to start, and Simon knew that whatever was about to happen would be messy and complicated. But it wouldn’t be them if it wasn’t.

Every time the two started fighting, the other one would gently place his lips onto the other’s and all traces of fighting would be gone.

“Why didn’t we do this earlier?” Simon wondered aloud. Baz and him were laying in bed together after kissing for hours.

Baz rolled his eyes, “Because you’re a stubborn arse.” He said.

Simon looked at him, “Or maybe it’s because you didn’t say anything earlier.”

Baz sighed, “This could go on forever, Snow. Let’s just both agree we like the fighting less than the kissing, yes?” Baz said.

Simon just rolled his eyes, “I don’t know how we’re going to do this.” He muttered truthfully.

Baz looked at him for a moment, and then quickly kissed him, “It’s going to be a mess.”

“We’ll probably still fight.”

“You’ll still be hopeless with words.”

“And you’ll still be a prick, from time to time.”

“But we’ll be partners.” Baz said, looking down at Simon’s hands.

Simon grinned and grabbed Baz’s hands, intertwining them with his own, “Partners, yeah.”

They were quiet for a moment, both just soaking in the moments they just spent together. Simon pressed his back against Baz and his arms went around Simon.

“I thought of another perk to this whole thing.” Baz muttered a few minutes later.

“And what’s that?” Simon asked.

“We live together,” He said, “So I can do this.”

Baz pressed his lips to Simon’s again, and he grinned under the kiss.

Oh yeah, Simon decided, He could get used to this.

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Jily and theatre of any sort. It's up to you

“We’ve all got detention” Sirius says brightly, and Remus drops his head onto a desk and groans.

“You seem happy about it.” Peter comments as Sirius flopsinto a desk.

“Well, I was on my way anyway, so it doesn’t change things for me”

“What’d you do?” James asks, feet on a desk and throwing bits of paper into the bin.

Sirius waves a hand, “Unimportant, Minnie was overreacting” he raises his eyebrows “What did you do?”

James gives Lily a pointed look and she rolls her eyes. “Potter was harassing me.”

“I was not!”


You’re harassing me” Lily says, pushing open the door with her shoulder. “Leave me alone or I’m calling the police.”


“Please.” James snorts, and puts on a high voice. “Officer, Officer! my highly attractive 6’5 boyfriend wants to make out with me in the drama theatre!”


There is a burst of laughter from front of house that echoes around backstage, and Lily drops her box of fake ears for the next scene near the door, smirking. “You’re not 6’5.”


“I’m close.”


“You’re 6’3. That’s not close.”


He walks towards her faster, backing her against the far left wall so she can see a sliver of the audience. Marlene is prancing about on stage in an outfit that makes her look like Kermit the Frog. I really should find out what this play is about she thinks, and then forgets because James’s hand is on her face, over the bolt of her jaw.


Her breath hitches. “Careful.” He murmurs, lips very close to her mouth, “keep acting like this and I’ll start to think you like me.”


She pushes his chest and he stumbles backwards, laughing. “You’re a shit.” she accuses as menacingly as possible without raising her voice so the audience won’t hear it. He grins, grabbing the edge of a curtain and dramatically twirling himself in it so only his head is visible.


“Am I?” he questions, and against her own will she is snorting. She advances on him, cementing her role as the worst stagehand ever, because the act will end in one minute and she isn’t preparing to dress Sheldon Elliot but here with James Potter, who has wrapped himself in a curtain to make her laugh.


“Absolutely unequivocally.” She replies, and they’re close enough that she can see every single one of his eyelashes. He drags his eyes down her face and then back to her eyes again, and she can feel her pulse pounding in her whole body. She cannot believe she wants this. The lights in the theatre flicker and she hardly notices. James pitches forward slightly and then there is a giant laugh from the audience and- shit- the curtains are being pulled closed. James is yanked onstage, looking horrified, and just then, all the lights go out completely.



“Hold on, you ended up onstage because you’d wrapped yourself in a curtain, and then the whole thing unattached from the roof and fell.” Remus repeats, dubiously.

“You’re forgetting the part where he dragged me on stage with him.” Lily adds.

“I grabbed you for support!”

“Support yourself.” She shoots back and he grins in spite of himself. “Anyway,” Lily says, turning to Remus and Peter. “what did you do?”


“This is dumb.” Says Remus, leaning against the wall and sounding bored.


Peter pulls his head out from where it’s buried in the switchboard. “It would go quicker if you would hold the torch.” He says, unintelligible, because there is a torch in his mouth. Remus sighs, and takes it out. “Thank you.” Peter affirms, sounding harassed, before returning to the switchboard.


“You shouldn’t care what Mulciber says, he’s a moron.” Remus tells him as Peter flicks a bunch of switches and nothing happens.


“I know, but if Mulciber’s a moron and he thinks I’m the moron, then does it make me more of a moron?” Peter questions, and Remus rolls his eyes.


“We don’t hang out with you because we feel sorry for you.”


“Tell that to Mulciber.”


“We did.” Remus reminds him, “Sirius hit him and I filled his water bottle with toilet water, remember?” Peter reaches in further and rips out a wire, which finally seems to have some sort of effect, as the lights in the theatre and flicker and then return to normal.


“Do these lights run on magic?” Peter mutters to himself, and turns to Remus again. “Give me the torch.”


Remus eyes him wearily. “Why.”


“Because I asked.” Remus considers not giving the torch, and then decides that ultimately he doesn’t care if Peter breaks the school switchboard or not as long as it makes him feel better, so he gives it over.


“Thank you.” Peter says, and steps back slightly. There is a huge gasp from inside the theatre and what sounds like a crane hitting the stage, Remus jumps slightly. Someone inside is yelling about needing support.


“Wait, what was-“ Remus starts, just as Peter winds up and throws the torch at the switchboard, and the power cuts out.



“You cut the theatre lights out because you were pissed that Mulciber thought we hung out with you out of pity?” Now it is James’s turn to sound dubious.

“He said I’d never pulled a decent prank in my life.” Peter says, and everyone is quiet for a minute.

“Well, this one was pretty great.” Sirius consoles, balancing his chair on two legs. Remus looks at him.

“Black, did you say you were already on your way to detention?”

Sirius smirks. “Funny you should ask Moony…”


“A parent!” McGonagall is raging, and Sirius watches her pace up and down in front of him. He would sigh if he wasn’t sure she’d hit him for it.


“It was consensual, Professor, Mrs Hartlock came onto me.”

McGonagall ignores him. “A student and a parent! Having…” she grapples for the word, “Relations! In the bathroom! On the night of the school play!” He doesn’t know why it being the night the the school play has anything to do with it.


“Forgive me, Professor” Sirius attempts, tired of being yelled at, “But I don’t see how this is any of your business.” He knows at once he has probably made the biggest mistake of his life. She stops pacing, rounding on him with eyes that are slits in their sockets. His mouth goes dry as she stares at him. “And what I mean to say is that this is absolutely your business and I am a horrible, sinning human being.” He says quickly. She is still staring.


“Detention.” She manages between lips as thin as his chances of getting out of this situation alive.  


“Professor, it’s” he glances at the clock on the wall, “eight-thirty at night. You can’t give me detention out of hours.”


Her eyes, if possible, get smaller, just as the lights flicker, and he honestly can’t tell if she made them do that with her mind.


“I’ll go now.” He says, and starts for the classrooms, just as an almighty crash sounds from the theatre. There is voice that sounds suspically like James calling from inside. At least someone is having a worse night than me, he thinks, and then all the lights in the hall go out and he walks into a door.


“That’s why your head looks swollen.” Lily realises.

Sirius’s hands fly to his head. “What? Swollen?!”

“Oh wait, could just be your ego.” She finishes, and James barks a laugh as Remus leans over to high five her. Sirius glares.

“Oh, ha ha. Very funny Evans.” he folds his arms over his chest and Peter rolls his eyes.

“Right” McGonagall is in the doorway, and everyone in the room straightens up on instinct. Her voice sounds like a deadly poison. “Who wants to tell me what happened.”

Reversed- Chapter 1

So me and @alexfierrno decided that we would try to make all of you die of the feels by doing a colab so ye here’s chapter one of our Solangelo Angel/Demon AU based on this post. Alex wrote the Nico parts and I wrote the Will parts!!! Um… I think that @dhdrawings and @fangirl6202 wanted to be tagged in it and hope you enjoy!!!!

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3


He was the worst in existence. No exaggeration. No one even tried to tell him otherwise. Not like they told him, but they all thought it. Angels can’t hide things from each other. It was one of the most awful things about the jobs. The… Openness. He was dark, gloomy, a shadow, and he was in a world where he should’ve been the sun.

People liked the sun, it was bright and noticeable. It was happy and peaceful. He liked the sun, how couldn’t he? It was the sun he was looking at and basking in, before he accidentally saved the princes of halos and sea. Oh gods, it was an accident he’d regret forever. (He couldn’t say ‘till he die, he couldn’t die).

“Yes,” He thought. “I’m going to set a record as the universe’s worst angel ever.” He was the heir of Hell after all. Even if his strangely dark long hair didn’t give it away, or the black soulless eyes, it was his wings weren’t even that bright white they were this ebony black, the feathers of a raven, like some sort of a perpetually teenage Grimm Reaper. Nico Di Angelo, the Haloed Grimm Reaper, the worst angel in existence.

Maybe if his halo hadn’t magically appeared like it normally happens, maybe if he hadn’t been appointed by Zeus himself, they would doubt him. They would kick him out of Heaven and send him back to Hell. It was really Hell to him, it wasn’t like the other h- word - home- either. But nowhere ever was. Maybe home wasn’t a conception a demon born could get. Halo or not. Even when Hazel was born, Nico still felt alone.

“Hey, Di Angelo. Get over here.” Someone called.

“Huh?” Nico stands up, flying at the edge of the clouds, he turned to see Annabeth. One of the better, not necessarily nicer, but better, angels. The average golden haired, gold-skinned, but also incredibly smart.

“Stop flapping those wings of yours and follow me.” Annabeth nodded towards the classic (cliche) pearly gates.

“What’s going on?” He swooping over to the blonde’s side.

“You’re about to find out.” She says, stone-faced.

“I’m not talking to Zeus.” Nico’s eyes go wide and he shakes his head. She turns to look at him with an eyebrow raised,

“C'mon Nicholas.” Annabeth rolls her eyes.

“What did I do…” Nico mutters.

“WHERE IS SHE?” The wind gusted, carrying out a panicked angry voice.

“Hold your electric horse’s Sparks. She’s mine friend too, we’re trying. We can’t just make assumptions.” Annabeth said.

“Who’d they take?” Nico said bored. Knowing how this work.

“His girlfriend. Piper McLean.” Annabeth said.

“Well shit…”

“We have a contact.”


“Someone who works for your father.” Pause.

“I didn’t think that was possible…” Nico thought.

“What’s his name?”

“Will Solace.” And now, there I was. And Will Solace happened to have the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen on a demon.


Hell. Burning fires, tortured souls, and an inky blackness that should consume you, leaving away nothing but darkened eyes and demented souls. Everything about the afterlife was supposed to be darker than the darkest allies, and this was why I stuck out like a sore thumb.

When you think of a demon, you see what they give you in TV shows and movies. Eyes that are completely black, twisted minds playing cruel jokes, and the urge to kill everything in sight. When I first went downstairs, I thought that they where wrong and nobody did their research correctly. That demons just looked like…. well… people. But then two other demons, I believe their names where Octavian and Luke, where sent to fetch me to see the boss.

They almost scared me to death. Their mouths where twisted into a cruel smirk as they grabbed my shaking arms. Their eyes, just like every TV show I’ve ever watched, where completely black and soulless and they seemed to be made of a darkish smoke. But it didn’t make sense. If I’m supposed to be a demon now, how come my eyes are still blue? How come my skin still shines gold, even with the dark cape around my neck? Why do the shadows shy away for me and why do I cry as I hear another pour soul scream as it’s forced into the shape of another demon?

It never made sense, and I don’t think it ever will. But all I know is that the other demons envy me, and none of them would hesitate to slit my throat. That’s just how it has to be, I guess. They all know that I’m not like them, and I know I’m not like them. I just wish I could drop the act.

“Thank you all for gathering here,” Hades says, standing at the front of the room in his grey suit. His hair is slicked back and his eyes look like they’re sunken, forming dark circles around his eyes that obscure them from view. The overall effect is a little creepy, if I’m being honest, but I guess that’s what you get from the King of the Undead.

I lean against a wall at the back of the room, wrapping my cloak around myself tightly as I try to blend into the shadows. I never really participate in the meetings, sometimes I don’t even show up, but Hades said that this one was mandatory for all demons.

“I’m not sure if any of you have noticed, but recently there has been…. a certain absence from the underworld,” he says coolly and robotically, as if he’s practiced this speech a dozen times before.

“My son vanished a month ago. Nobody really knew how he suddenly…. vanished from the mortal world without a trace, and none of us could figure it out. But, through countless of investigations, torture sessions, and spells, Octavian here has managed to locate him, and it’s not good.”

“Bring her out boys!” The demons in the back open the doors, revealing light. The first thing I see is white feathers coated in blood. I see a girl with dirt smudged all over her face, her hair in messy braids. Her eyes looked wild as they darted frantically around the room, looking for a way out. Rusted chains where clamped around her wrists and the skin was red around them and large, broken wings laid behind her, completely and utterly useless. An angel.

I’ve only ever heard myths about them. It was always cartoon girls with flowing white dresses and halos back when I was above. But now I’ve heard terrible stories of ferocious warriors that would rip any demon to shreds the moment they saw one.

“May I present to you the angel Piper, the prince’s girlfriend.”

“Go to Hell,” she says, her voice raspy.

“In case you haven’t noticed, I’m already there.” Piper bends down on the ground and coughs up blood. I’m the only one who feels scared for the poor girl.

“Now Piper. Why don’t you tell us all what you told me, hmm?” She looks up at him.



“I said no!” she shouts, causing windows to shatter. Nobody seems fazed.

“Fine then. Would you like my assistant here to pluck each feather one by one off of your pretty wings?” Hades asks. Her lip quivers.

“That’s what I thought. Now tell me, where is my son?”

“The Angels took him! We thought—“

“Well you thought wrong. Kill her.”

“WHAT?” she shrieks. “But you told me–”

“Get the knife.” Her eyes frantically look around the room, seeing who she can kill to get out. My heart (that I shouldn’t even have) clenches at the sight of her, and for the first time in forever, as they raise a silver knife, I speak out.

“STOP!” I say, immediately regretting it as Hades looks at me.

“What is the meaning of this?” he says.

“S-she could be useful still. You said that she’s the prince’s girlfriend. They have to want her back. Maybe we can use her as leverage,” I say, making it up as I go. Hades seems to consider this, then a wicked grin crosses his lips.

“Yes. Put her back in her cell.” The demons yank her chains, taking her away again. I let out a breath that I didn’t know I was holding, and try to act like nothing happened.

“We cannot let the Angels get away with this. I declare war!” Hades says, fires lighting in his eyes.

“Meeting adjourned.” The room is silent as the demons leave. There is no chatter, there is no discussion, there is no argument. All of them are like mindless zombies, only there to serve Hades and Hades alone, and I hate it.

“Solace. Stay back. I want to speak with you.” Frick.

“You aren’t like the others, are you?” Hades says, messing with some papers.

“What do you mean?” I say, gulping.

“I mean, look at you. Your eyes aren’t coal and your skin isn’t smoke. You still look, almost human. You could be very useful.”

“How?” This doesn’t look good. This doesn’t look good at all.

“I have a plan, and it requires you and our dear little angel.”

“What? You mean Piper?”


“What do you want us to do exactly.”

“I want you to help her escape.”

“What? But sir, why would you want that?”

“I want you to get yourself up to Heaven and tell them that you know where she is, and you want to help.” I nod my head, my brow furrowed.

“They should believe you because you look more like them.” I cock my head.

“I want you to spy on them. Act like you’re an ally, and report back to me with what you found out. Can you do that?”

“Yes but–”

“Will you do whatever it takes to get my son back and slaughter every single one of them?”

“I…. yes. I will.”

Next chapter

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You’re Alive - fic

Characters: Dick Grayson, Damian Wayne
Summary: Dick knew, deep down.
A/N: TODAY’S GRAYSON 12. It destroyed my soul and I couldn’t be happier. Here’s my take on what Dick’s inner monologue could have been. Still debating if I’ll make one for Damian, so. If you want it. You gotta let me know, mkay. All dialogue is from Grayson 12.

Damian’s POV


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Adoribull Sunday prompt: Bull's Chargers are famous private instestigators that Halward Pavus grudgingly hires to locate Dorian and bring him home. After meeting Dorian, Bull makes other plans

HOLY HELL so, I love this prompt TO DEATH so here, have the first 4 ½ pages while I clean up the rest. This is mostly setup but I hope it’s alright!

Private Eye - Pt 1

The Bull and his Chargers were easy to work with. There were only two rules.

1- No doubling up on jobs. If the Iron Bull and his Chargers were on your case, no one else was. Local smokies didn’t count. (He had ways of working with law enforcement that helped everyone out, usually.)

2- Be clear about what you want. No client was ever completely transparent but Bull could usually get the pressing details one way or another, even if meant reading between the lines of their facial expressions and mannerisms. He was, and always had been, a people person.

There was a third, but no one knew it except the Bull. He meant to keep it that way.

“Anything good in the mail, Kremepuff?”

“Just the Sundays, a bill or three, and an envelope that says it’ll burst into flames if anyone who isn’t you tries to open it.” His second called back from across the room. The usual, Bull thought as he took a long pull of his coffee. In his defense it was damn early and he was on his first cup. It took a good five seconds to click.


“Written in Tevene, too. Think you better open it.”

Halward Pavus’s office was worth more than his life, the Bull figured.  Mahogany desk, cut marble floor, art from some doubtlessly-well-regarded ‘Vint artist hung like trophies at strategic intervals around the room.  The bookshelves were the only things that looked remotely used, several thick tomes on the one closest to Halward sporting spines cracked from age and use.

“Your references are quite good, Mr. Bull, though I feel the need to reiterate that your discretion is this matter is of utmost importance.”

It always is. The Bull grinned to himself but kept it off his face, nodding solemnly to his would-be employer.  Couldn’t show off the personality with these high-class 'vints; they never took it well. Halward Pavus looked be the type with four types of stick up his ass, too, judging by the ramrod posture and immaculate suit.  No Magister robes for this one: unsurprising, given that Bull was his audience.  

Pavus motioned for him to sit; the Bull ignored him, instead folding his arms across his chest and leaning against the wall by the door.  He’d already put on his own suit for this guy; his quota for marching to the magister’s tune was met for the day. Better he use the little things to miff the man, see if he could shake the cultured veneer.

Halward did not take the bait. He didn’t even acknowledge the Bull had contradicted him.  "As you have doubtlessly heard, I am leading the efforts around an extremely important bill in the Magisterium.“ The Bull shrugged. He knew, alright, but Halward’s ego didn’t need further inflation.  "I do not believe the timing of Dorian’s disappearance to be mere coincidence.”

“No such thing,” the Bull offered. Halward nodded, a calculated single bob of the head.  

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Beast - Yukiya/MC AU - Chapter 6

To those who have been keeping up with Beast, a million apologies for the delay in this chapter. I’m still not 100% happy with this, but done is better than perfect.

For anyone reading Beast for the first time…it’s better to start with chapter one, than this chapter  :)

Just 1 part left to go.

Summary:  Clara Hart never enrolled at Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy. One night, during a full moon, she encounters an injured beast in the woods. Yukiya/MC, AU, series, ongoing.

When Clara awoke, it was in her bed, and to the smell of stew.  She squinted in the morning light, and saw a familiar figure sitting at her kitchen table. “Yukiya!”

“You’re awake.” He stood, turning to face her. There was a little hitch in his movement, as if he had prepared to rush over to her side, before he seemed to catch himself and hold back.  He looked a little tired, but otherwise his normal self, with no signs of fever, and eyepatch firmly back in place. “How do you feel? Are you cold?”

Something about the situation seemed incredibly familiar. With a flash of panic, Clara realized why. She leapt out of her bed, heedless of her blanket sliding to the floor behind her. As soon as she reached Yukiya, she clamped her arms desperately around his middle.

“Clara…” He sounded bewildered, but he stayed still, his voice low and gentle.  “What’s wrong?”

“Last time we did this, you left!”  She scowled deeply. “You’re not going anywhere this time, Yukiya! I won’t let you!”

There was a bemused silence, and then he began to shake.  When Clara peered up, she was shocked to see Yukiya laughing quietly.  “W-what…”

“It’s alright,” he replied, still smiling faintly. His hand came up to pat the top of her head.  “I won’t leave.” Then he suddenly hesitated, a shadow crossing his expression.  “Unless you want me to.”

“No!  Stay here.” She paused. “…Please?”

“Yes.” His words were soft, but full of conviction.  “I won’t run away anymore.”

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Recipe for Disaster


It starts with something that is decidedly not pie.

When Chowder arrives at the Haus to the smell of cinnamon wafting from the kitchen, he dumps his backpack in the den and goes to investigate. But where he expects to encounter golden brown pie crust, maybe with the filling still steaming through artfully cut vents, he instead discovers a banged-up metal loaf pan sitting on a wire rack. Ransom and Holster are already in the kitchen eyeing it suspiciously.

“Hi guys!” Chowder moves in for a closer look. “Hey, Bitty, what did you make today?”

“Zucchini bread,” he announces in somewhat clipped tones.

“Trying something new? That’s cool. My mom makes a really good zucchini bread.” Chowder looks curiously at Rans and Holster who seem to be keeping a safe distance between themselves and the pan. He feels their eyes follow him around the kitchen while he nabs a knife from the drawer. “Can I try some?”

“Sure,” Bitty says, his back to them as he scrubs a mixing bowl. “It’s good for you.”

“Yeah that’s the thing,” Rans says in a rush. “Since when did you start making things that are good for us?”

“No one said you have to eat it.” With a snap, Bitty whips the dishtowel from where it’s slung over his shoulder and vigorously dries the bowl.

Ransom looks as If he’s been slapped. As he opens his mouth to respond, Holster puts a comforting hand on his arm, shaking his head. Whatever’s going on with Bitty, there’s no need to escalate it.

In the meantime, Chowder cuts himself a thick slab and takes a big bite. He chews thoughtfully then chews and chews some more before swallowing thickly. “My mom usually adds a bunch of chocolate chips but this is… good too.” With Bitty now watching him, he breaks off another (much smaller) piece to eat. “I’m gonna take it and go do my homework.” He makes a beeline out of the kitchen.

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Okay so I doubt I’m the first person who thought of it, but…

Natsu’s scarf was a gift from Igneel. And I’m positive Igneel got it from Zeref.

Because who else in the whole world would have the kind of knowledge and ability to create an accessory capable of actually absorbing one of the strongest bursts of Ankhseram’s curse we’ve yet seen?

Hell, Zeref’s reaction when that happened kind of makes me think that up until that very moment, he didn’t even know it would work. To Natsu it could have either been a simple gift from Igneel with no special powers whatsoever or it could be the ultimate protection from the harshest magic in the world, but experimenting was never even an option.

It was more or less a desperate attempt to protect his little brother from himself, and it was something he could never really be sure it would work.

But it worked. It pissed Natsu off, it turned his precious scarf black, but it saved his life. And affected his healing process, if Makarov is to be believed.

And who was it that brought the scarf back to normal?


And that is why think the scarf will be a crucial element in dealing with Ankhseram’s curse and the one lifting the curse will likely end up being Wendy. Or somebody else with Wendy’s assistance. Or somebody with Zeref and Wendy’s assistance. Or either one of them. Or maybe I’m completely wrong and this whole thing was just a red herring. No idea really.

I do hope I’m right though, if only because that would mean that despite all he says and does, Zeref still gets a chance to save his brother one last time. And under right conditions, I’m absolutely certain he’d jump at the chance.

And now I’m off to write a fanfic, thank you very much. Before I start bawling my eyes out.