loves on

When Keith was blowing up at everyone who was the only person that helped calm him down?


When Keith was in danger during the Blade of Marmora trials, who was the one most concerned for him other than Shiro?


When Keith was feeling down about Shiro who was the first one to step up and comfort him?


I love summer and I’ve always loved summer and 90 degrees and the smallest, thinnest tops and cherries on the porch and fireflies and ice pops at night. And you were always praying for fall and leaves and cinnamon which were sometimes great in their own way but they weren’t summer. And that was us and that’s why we didn’t work. We were two completely different kinds of people that were both sometimes great but never at the same time and never in the same ways.

hi, hello, just a daily reminder for you to eat healthy today and to take your meds because i care about you and i want you to be okay.  and if there is any reason you are not okay, that’s fine, too, i’m here if you need to talk.

you’re beautiful and you are valid and you are a blessing in this world and i am extremely happy you exist, don’t forget that.

i love you.  hold on.  stay strong.

you deserve the world.