my treasures from #c2e2 this year. i cannot help but notice a pattern, ha! art from @ladylaguna and @jessarts, plus other talented people whose business cards i forgot to take. @ladylaguna did you catch the name of the guy who did the Amano style poster?

also picked up some cute stickers and one very insightful button, but those are in the mail already.

Today i am back in jersey and putting things away. Am taking what i learned at c2e2 regarding how to arrange the display and which items sold best and will use it to inform what i bring to VanCAF in May.

the power of soundtracks! drew this cooldown after after listening to a couple noragami ost tracks. i havent read the manga in….about a year? have there been updates since then? are they married? lol

also trying to distract my self from the overwhelming stress of finals haaaaaaa

This was meant to be a 2015 follow forever but ha! I forget things!
If we mutuals on the tweeter then you the real mvp(s)

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