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Hi! Hope everything is going awesome. I saw you were taking requests and because I'm so incredibly thirsty for everything Min ''Genius'' Yoongi I was wondering if you could do a drawing for Bts Member(s) reacting to Yoongi's mixtape. I'm sorry if this is stupid and you don't have to do it of course if you don't want to. LOVE YOUR ART BTW UR AMAZING

theres only one reaction to yoongi’s mixtape i wanna see and thats tae

  • what Gray says:I'll take you more seriously I wake up...please...
  • what he means:I will have to tell you, you have bewitched me, body and soul and I love, I love, I love you. I never wish to be parted from you from this day on...
please help

so i posted the other day about losing my job and even though it’s barely been two days it’s been hell city and my family is talking about how much this is going to stress all of us out. i’ve already put in several applications to places, but sometimes, you know, things happen and there’s no promise i’ll get anywhere especially w/ limited options

on top of that anyone who’s been following me even briefly knows what a struggle i have wrt my mental health it’s hard for me to even leave the house or even just wake up and get out of bed but if i couldn’t afford mental health services i def can’t afford them right now

im just. really very tired. and very tired of doing this. but if you could kick a buck or two my way i would greatly appreciate it. everything will go towards household goods like food and gas so that’ll easy the strain on paying things like our bills. in a few months time if i haven’t found anything and if i haven’t been able to idk kick my own ass into gear i’ll see about getting ssdi and some sort of public assistance until then im kind of assed out and just terrified, honestly

my paypal email is and my cash app code is $AtlasVaels

any help you can give would be great and if you can’t do that much please at least just rb this post and keep it circulating id appreciate that and ty

My Friends Are Jerks

So this is my character, Malachi. She’s a skin walker who travels through dimensions on the IDS Nexus with her teammates, but i’m not going to get into lore right now. Message me if you’re interested about the lore/story…. I’m lonely and desperate… please. Yes, it’s similar to Voltron if that perks your interest anymore.

ANYWAYS my friend @zeebapop​ or @eternallyawkwardgiraffechild​ said she’d draw a portrait of her for me… this is what happened.

*draws my own version of emo Malachi*

Why this?

haikyuu season 1 episode 24 in a nutshell

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Hey, I'm new to your blog, and I write for another fandom, but I need help! I've been surrounded by people all summer and haven't had a chance to be alone to write, but plenty of ideas have played through my head. Now, I'm back in school and finally have a chance to write, and I can't! I'm a fairly good writer and have plenty of followers, but what I wrote yesterday seems so mechanical, like word vomit. It's embarrassing. What happened? I can't seem to get back into my groove. Advice? Thanks! XO

oh jeez!!! Sweet Nonnie maybe you need to take a break??? or simply to try something else for a while???? 

i think you need to cut yourself some slack and not worry about everyone’s expectations. :) 

I’m sorry if this sucks I’m not really a writer but I really wanted to give you some sort of advice lol 

I want to curl up inside of your ribcage 

I want to find shelter somewhere 

I want to weave sunbeams into every single one of your curls 

I want to tell you how much I love you

how much I have to kill every last bit of that love 

how much I want to scream at the edge of the world 

because I tried to smother the spark with smoke from his lungs

but he isn’t you, he looks at me the way I see you

I want to be able to turn around but I keep chasing the sunset 

the warmth, the feeling I get when I see you

my heart glows in the dark for you

all fluorescent purples, blues, and greens 

I try not to think of your hands in place of his hands

I try not to build you into his structure 

I try not to remember what it feels like to want someone so badly

it burns 

he consumes me

a typhoon crashing over my body 

I’m drowning 

I want to find the surface 

I want to break through it all

I want to find the sun 

I want to find you