holds the princess


“Now my moment has finally come. Brace yourself, Ganon, feel the sting of my revenge!”

“This will be our final opportunity. We will not fail!”

“Let’s go, little guy! Now! Open up wide, Ganon!”

“A hundred years in the making… Hold on, Princess. Our moment has arrived!”

Hungry little
  • Princess: *has paci in*
  • Daddy: *watching tv*
  • Princess: *walks into room holding dino nuggets from freezer*
  • Daddy: What do you have there?
  • Princess: *shakes bag*
  • Daddy: Do you want me to make those for you?
  • Princess: *nods head*
  • Daddy: How many do you want princess?
  • Princess: *holds up fingers*
  • Daddy: Okay baby *kisses forehead*
The Last Jedi : Theory

At the end of the trailer, when Luke says “the Jedi need to end”, it clued me and my dad off immediately. Luke Skywalker is, in fact, The Last Jedi; he won’t be training Rey in just the Light Side of the Force. Rey will be taught and trained to be that “balance” between the Dark and the Light. Luke had only been trained in the Light, while Kylo’s “one truth” has been the Dark Side. What I’m thinking is that Rey is The Chosen One that Obi Wan was tasked with protecting, but since he is dead, the duty falls to Luke. Rey will be the first Grey Jedi in the canon Star Wars universe. 

[insert powerful and meaningful song here]

Princess Rapunzen, the true hero of this rat fairy tail.

It all started here, thanks to @windaura


Phantom Thief vs. Private Detective

 It’s Lupin and he’s got Sholmes! =P NO wait!! It’s Sholmes that’s got Lupin captured! =) But then again he’s already got one free hand…then who the heck’s got who? Either way, there’s now doubt these two ikemen are very popular among the ladies, always making sure to present themselves with an introduction card! Ahem! This illustration was used for the Animate bonuses released with the Code:Realize fan disk in 2016, including a clear file, a mirror & bromide card. Will you be on the side of the law or the outlaw with a good heart? =)  You decide =P

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  • -team 7 meeting Sarada for the first time-
  • Sakura: (rocking the sleeping baby) Isn't she gorgeous?
  • Kakashi: (tear-eyed) She is precious. You and Sasuke did an excellent job making her. (winks)
  • Naruto: The chubby cheeks are so cute! But not as cute as Boruto's though.
  • Sai: Let me see... (takes a closer look at Sarada) Oh no. Too bad. I'm sorry.
  • Sakura: (concerned) What's wrong?
  • Sai: She has your forehead.
  • Naruto: Oh no he didn't...!
  • Sakura: (eye-twitching)