goes to make her into a cat

It’s 2017, and Cat Grant has returned to the show. She gives Kara a lecture about how dare she even let Mon-El THINK he has a chance with her, and goes off about the entitlement of straight white men. Cat makes Kara see that Mon-El is an abusive little shit and doesn’t deserve her. The conversation lasts 44 real-world minutes (hours in show-time). It’s literally the entire episode. Cat has powerpoint presentations.

I know things are terrible right now but take a look at my cat. She’s fine. She’s content. She doesn’t even know what a President is. All she’s worried about is when I’ll give her breakfast and whether the bed or the sofa is the better sleeping option. No matter what happens all is well in the world of my cat. Even if the world goes to hell, she is happy.

Oh my god. What if Barry and Cisco pull Kara into their Earth to help fight the aliens, and right before she comes back to her own Earth, she freezes, struck by the sight of she and Cat’s doppelgängers together, strolling hand in hand, stealing a kiss in front of the Central or Star City Christmas tree after a long day of shopping for Carter and Alex, and everything in her whole life just clicks. Everything suddenly makes sense, and she goes back, and she cannot stop thinking about what she has seen. And she needs to find Cat immediately. Oh my god.

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(1) hello! ive messaged you before now but i was wondering what i could do to make my cats life better. your blog has already educated me a lot about enrichment and food choices for cats, and now i have bought wet food for her and taped boxes together to make a tunnel-like thing that she can explore. however, i was wondering what else i could do for her! i cant do anything too expensive since im a student with a part-time job and most of my cash goes towards food for myself and for her. shes my

only companion and i want to make her life as fun for her as i can. i also let her outside during the summer on a harness and leash, but its winter now and i want to make being inside as fun as possible for her. thanks!

I like that you’re continuing to look to improve! That’s a sign of a great ethos about animal care - we can always do better, even if we’re already doing great. 

I’d suggest thinking about her other senses - you’ve got taste down pretty solid, as well as her need for movement, but what about smell or sound or visual stimuli? You could leave audiobooks on or leave playlists of things she’d never hear running while you’re gone, or put on nature videos on silent for her to watch (if you’ve got a TV or computer that has a fast enough flicker speed she can see it - most new monitors are fine for that). You can also use changing the environment up as enrichment, although you don’t want to do it too frequently - feed her in a different place, move her bed, turn the couch 90 degrees. 

This has been burning a hole in my brain all month

Consider this
Adrien planning on dressing up as ladybug for Halloween for months and poor Marinette agonizing over it because she only has a short time to start making her costume before it’s too late so she goes to a store to look at costumes for ideas and she notices that the ladybug ones are totally sold out and the chat noir ones have a dent in them but the difference between them is obvious
So she decides to go as chat because she is worried he might feel unappreciated
And of course when Mari sees Adrien dressed as ladybug her brain shuts down for a minute while Adrien is extremely happy about her being dressed as chat And them both getting flustered and complementing each other And Adrien askes her why she didn’t dress as ladybug because she would be a good one(because it’s total coincidence they look exactly alike)
and she starts stuttering out a speech about how unappreciated chat is and how he deserves as much recognition as ladybug and in the middle of her speech Adrien just starts crying tears of shear happiness because his adorable sweet classmate thinks so much of him And Mari starts freaking out because she just made Adrien fucking Agreste cry and I’m in deep with this fucking love square I’m sorry

Signs as princesses
  • Aries: warrior princess that rebelled against her parents and saved her town
  • Taurus: rich princess that sits in a gold throne all day eating fancy treats
  • Gemini: techno future princess that's super smart
  • Cancer: sleepy princess who stays in her tower sleeping all day not wanting to leave
  • Leo: dancing princess that wears glorious dresses who goes to all the balls
  • Virgo: space princess who lives on another planet
  • Libra: romantic princess who lives happily ever after with their lover
  • Scorpio: evil princess who casts a devious spell on the world
  • Sagittarius: restless princess that runs away who can talk to animals
  • Capricorn: cat princess rules all the cats
  • Aquarius: magical princess who can cast spells and makes potions
  • Pisces: water princess who lives in a castle by the sea that has ocean blue hair

Miraculous Christmas Scenario 2
(which also works for their anniversary)

  • Adrien decides to give Tikki a gift
  • He asks Plagg what he can give her, “like, what does she eat?”
  • and the little snarker tells Adrien to choose his battles because he can’t possibly bake chocolate chip cookies as well as Tikki’s chosen can
  • And Adrien blinks and says “well, if it’s cookies, Tom & Sabine’s makes really good ones–”
  • “NOPE kid, think of something else.”
  • Adrien busts out the kitty eyes at his own cat kwami and goes, “Please Plagg? Help me out?”
  • It’s super effective!
  • So Plagg tells Adrien that Tikki gets cold in the winter (borrowing the whole ladybug tendencies thing by @kryallaorchid and the rest of the fandom)
  • *Lightbulb moment!* Adrien’s in the fashion industry, so maybe he can give something clothes-related AHA he can knit Tikki a little blanket pouch she can snuggle in
  • So Adrien asks Nathalie for where to buy The Best Yarn In The World™
  • Nathalie only raises an eyebrow but Adrien blurts out that he has a knitting project you know just to try it out hahaha
  • The fandom usually imagines Marinette teaching Adrien BUT
  • (and then of course he gives the little pouch thing to Ladybug and blushingly stammers that “um…I’m not very good–” but she tackles him because he’s so thoughtful and aaaaaaaah)
  • (Also: Tikki loves her little pouch)
Supergirl Drinking Game

Drink when:

  • Someone compares Supergirl to Superman
  • Cat calls Kara by the wrong name
  • Winn nerds out about aliens/superheroes
  • A Fort Rozz alien goes after Supergirl because of her mom
  • Kara is stuffing her face with food
  • Take an additional one if it’s potstickers
  • Alex slams someone’s head into a table
  • James wears a tight shirt
  • Supergirl punches something
  • Mon-el takes a figure of speech literally
  • Supergirl’s identity is almost exposed
  • Someone says ‘superfriends’
  • James whines about wanting to be a hero

Finish your drink when:

  • Cat completely roasts someone
  • Alex has a gay panic
  • Someone mentions Lena is ‘a Luthor’
  • Kara isn’t wearing sleeves
  • Lena makes heart eyes at Kara
  • Something gay happens

Georgia, aka Georgie/Goji/Boji/Jumboji/Goji Berry 

This little stink bean was homeless, living in a dumpster, and had a bad flea infestation, a chronic digestion issue, and a bad upper respiratory infection. The girls who rescued her allowed my partner and I to take her and give her a home and care for her, and she has grown into a healthy, loving, and naughty little cat. She loves to wake me up in the morning after my alarm goes off by hopping into bed, purring like a jet, and making bread on my titters. Her hobbies include escaping into the hallway, releasing demons from her bowels, and playing with her catnip caterpillar. I wouldn’t trade my mischievous girl for anything in the world.

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I know some people will argue that Jumin can cook because he made strawberry pancakes for MC in his route, but this guy really hasn’t cooked that much in his life. He has a personal chef who makes his food for him, he has a nutritionist who decides what he eats, he goes on business trips often and probably eats out or in the hotel restaurant, and he works like, 24/7. On the days he is off he is most likely spending time with Elizabeth, and unless he cooks for her (which I find doubtful because he uses cat food/can hire a gourmet cat food chef pronto) I highly doubt he has much cooking experience under his belt. ._.

He doesn’t seem to be the type that takes pleasure in food either (except for wine) since he probably eats high class all the time, and wasn’t really enraptured by his gourmet Melanin steak or Grandpa Ramsay lol.

I personally think he googled things couples do in the morning and found out about pancake breakfasts that way lolololol

Ok, long explanation over.

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Antyways I hope Cat catches wind of Kara being fired and goes and beats the shitbout of Snapper Sidenote: so many people are saying Cat wouldn't have fired her, it's not even applicable. Cat wouldn't have hesitated for one minute to print that article. Remember the story first season about how she didn't tell the world about that abusive asshole actor who in turn killed his wife? Hell she might have taken the info and written it herself.

I KNOW !!!!!! CAT GRANT WOULDNT HESITATE TO USE SUPERGIRL AS THE ONLY SOURCE LIKE she literally wouldnt even wait the moment she heard about it she’d probably make it a cover story

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What are some author recommendations

i don’t read actual books as much, but i consider tumblr writers as authors too!

i’ve reblogged post just now with an infinite list of writers being mentioned, you can check that out!

also as for my personal recs here goes:

the squad’s writing will always be my top faves. 

cat’s @taesthetes style leans towards the cringe fluff that makes you wanna scream because of how cute it is, as proven by the list of fluff on her masterlist. but beware, once cat writes angst, it’s going to hit you hard and you’ll be left with that feeling of… incomplete.

 rys @dreamscript tends to write angst quite a lot. one minute you’ll be reading a romantic comedy and the next, you’ll be weeping over the heart wrenching ending. but also, like i said, she writes great rom-com as well!

here’s to my mutuals who are talented asf writers. (6473829 yrs later and here i am still spazzing over the fact that they’re following me):

@an-exotic-writer [who doesn’t know the fluff queen of all time? missy’s writing always leaves me feeling all fluffed up and happy. the extra conversations of characters at the end of her fics always cracks me up.]

@floofyeol [i think it’s safe to say i’ve read most of sasha’s bts fics on here. she has this easy flowing style that keeps you reading]

@gguked [you don’t need me telling u why she’s good, she just is. ;D]

@hobibliophile [jules’ fics are always a must-read. she has the characterization down in each and every fic. and personally her plots are one of my faves, there’s suspense, anticipation and everything that keeps you on the edge of your seat]

@inktae [all hail the queen. mari writes the most beautiful pieces as most might already know. i’m lowkey afraid of reading her new works bc i know they’re gonna wreck me]

@noir0neko [cait’s writing always has me shook. have u seen her masterlist? it shouldn’t even be called masterlist, it’s like the hall of fame!]

 @jeonseok [my fluff bean who writes the cutest, fluffiest fics with a slice of wit and sometimes angst.]

@jungblue [every time i read her fics, it feels like i’m in a whole new world. it’s like reading a published book and you just have to keep reading to know what happens. her style does that to you]

 @jungkxook [where do i start? alyssa’s style is simple yet capturing at the same time, which btw still has me shook]

@kainks [her writing is so great, it’s like even though you’re reading smut you’re not. what you’re really reading is art all the way]

@yoonminnings [viv’s works are always so breathtaking. her descriptions of the scene and surroundings draws you in and before you know it, you’ll be wanting more]

@taechubs [erin’s masterlist is on my to-read list. i don’t know her writing style per se but she’s good, i can feel it in my bones and through the messages u can see on her blog. *eyes star crossed*]

@taegonia [i haven’t read any of her fics yet but syndromes is on top of my list! also a great writer i can feel in my boneees]

@triptaech [ sam’s writing is so fulfilling. i gotta thank her for giving great endings to the fics she writes]

and moving on, other writers who i’ve had the pleasure of indulging in their works:

@/seokvie is the to-go writer every time i’m craving some hoseok fics. i might have gone over to her blog more times than i can count. what can i say? she’s a great writer. :D

@/tayegi has the style of a goddess, as many know. i particularly like the way she writes the reader. and A1 smut!

@/yoongguksx i don’t know how to explain this but her style is beautifully realistic (for me at least). there’s conflict, drama and a great ending that leaves you wondering wtf was life before her fics.


@/writing-prompt-s not exactly an author but he might as well be one with the way he comes up with unique, interesting ideas

@/caffeinewitchcraft not in the bts fandom, in fact far from it! but she’s so talented that i cannot help but keep up with her works.

there are plenty more great writers on here but i can’t seem to remember. but all in all, just because you’re not in a rec list, doesn’t mean you’re any less of a writer. :D have a great day everyone!

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Hello! I heard you were a new blog and I'm here to send my best regards to you! I've recently become very sick and just wanted an RFA + Saeran reaction to MC becoming ill and how they would help her recover! Thank you <3

thank you so much for your kind wishes! I hope this makes you feel better, get well soon <3

- Admin Cat Mom.


  • is!! worried!!
  • worried is now his last name.
  • stays at home until you feel better.
  • you insist than he shouldn’t miss classes because of you but he is one stubborn bean.
  • okay, alright, he’ll go to the first two classes stop nagging please.
  • cooks special meals for you.
  • and they all have smiley faces and/or cute animal shapes!
  • goes with you to all your doctor’s appointments.
  • asks a lot of questions, he wants to know what to do and what not to do.
  • he’s been secretly checking webmd for the past few days, so that’s progress.
  • at least he knows now you’re not dying from some rare disease.
  • wasn’t careful enough and now he’s the one who’s sick!
  • it’s okay, it was worth it.
  • now it’s his turn to receive all your care and attention!


  • this man has the immune system of a god
  • he doesn’t mind staying by your side to take care of you, there’s no way in hell he’ll get sick.
  • the days he has to go to rehearsals he texts and calls you a lot.
  • when he’s home, he does everything in his power to make sure you’re comfortable.
  • brushes your hair, gets you extra blankets and pillows, and gives you lots of forehead kisses.
  • sings lullabies to you! it helps a lot when you’re having trouble sleeping.
  • he believes you’re the most beautiful being to ever exist even when you’re sick and is not afraid to express it.
  • zen please, don’t do this to MC.
  • he sucks at taking care of your actual illness, so you have to explain a few things to him.
  • he feels embarrassed but since he’s a quick learner, everything goes smoothly after that.


  • props to this lady for always being so sweet and caring.
  • seriously you’re so lucky to have her.
  • plans literally everything, nothing ever goes wrong thanks to jaehee.
  • aside from preparing meals for you, giving you lots of fluids and making sure you’re taking your meds, she suggests doing relaxing activities.
  • like watching Zen’s shows.
  • you try to pay attention and take part in the discussion about his acting, but you feel so sick you end up falling asleep on her shoulder.
  • panics for a second, she doesn’t want to get sick!
  • she should’ve been more careful.
  • still, she doesn’t have the heart to wake you up.
  • ah, screw it.
  • she kisses your cheek and lets you sleep.
  • next time, she’ll wear a surgical mask while taking care of you.


  • this man gets you the best doctors and the best treatments.
  • and he monitors everything.
  • despite jaehee’s protests, he takes a few days off from work.
  • if you’re not getting better or get slightly worst, someone’s ass is getting fired.
  • sadly, he’s not that good at taking care of someone on a smaller scale.
  • so you reassure him that you’re thankful for all the ridiculously expensive medical care.
  • then you ask him to just… read something to you.
  • he’s more than happy to oblige, of course.
  • confesses that he’s deeply worried about you and wants you to recover soon because he hates seeing you like this.
  • promises to pay more attention to your needs, do you want him to cook you some homemade soup? he doesn’t know how to, but he’s heard that helps.
  • jumin nO he’s the sweetest though


  • thisisfine.jpg
  • you seem so ill…
  • okay, his main goal in this situation is to… make you laugh?
  • because let’s face it, this boy is not qualified to take care of anyone.
  • asks jaehee, yoosung and saeran for help, he feels so useless at first.
  • does research on his part as well.
  • everything gets confusing for you when he starts trying every home remedy in the book.
  • and then
  • “…what?”
  • he’s wearing the white coat and everything.
  • what is this child doing?
  • you’re so used to his way of doing things that you decide to humor him a little.
  • he actually ends up making you feel a lot better!


  • constantly checks on you when he’s not home.
  • brings you small gifts and photographs to make you smile.
  • he’s learned a few things about taking care of someone who’s sick.
  • so this is quite easy for him.
  • loves booping your runny nose for some reason? 
  • “aw, come on, don’t be gross, V.”
  • suggests doing a movie marathon? maybe that will cheer you up.
  • prepares warm baths for you.
  • he’s a sweetheart throughout the entire process.


  • he may not know how to take care of a human being
  • he can’t even take care of himself.
  • he may not know how to approach them
  • but if there’s one thing he’s a freaking expert at
  • it’s being sick
  • if you’ve got an upset tummy, he’ll teach you how to relax and sit comfortably to let it calm down.
  • if you need your meds, a cold compress, or a glass of water, he’ll get it for you.
  • he looks angry and miserable while doing it, though, but honestly he’s trying his best, give some credit to this poor bean.
  • also don’t take it personally if he keeps his distance.
  • just because he’s used to it doesn’t mean he wants to get sick.
  • for all he knows it could be the plague because you look like death.

Rosie Watson being the most terrifying badass 5'2" ball of intellect and joy to ever grace the earth.

Rosie Watson picking fights with asshole bullies a foot taller than her at 14 and kicking their asses

Rosie Watson bringing flowers to Mrs Hudson and Mrs Holmes on Mother’s Day

Rosie Watson having the worst of her father’s depression and finding herself on the edge of a bridge one night in uni

Rosie Watson making damn sure no one around her ever feels that way too

Rosie Watson taking in stray cats and naming them after Shakespeare characters

Rosie Watson always knowing how to make her fathers act like grown ups when they need to

Rosie Watson saving countless girls from horrific nights at every bar she goes to

Rosie Watson beating the shit out of a would be mugger and sending him to the hospital with a collapsed lung

Rosie Watson taking a day job at the Natural History Museum because she loves to learn and teach

Rosie Watson filling her first flat with bright colors and happy family pictures

Rosie Watson cycling everywhere cause she’s a dork - the bikes name is Alan

Rosie Watson writing silly names on all her possessions, the stereo’s Kelly, her toaster is named Markus, and the fridge’s name is mike.

Rosie Watson visits 221b about every couple of weeks after she moves out just to keep up with the adventures

Rosie Watson deducing a Norwegian drug king to tears while executing a perfect choke hold

Rosie Watson who always feels a little homesick when she hears a violin

Rosie Watson who has lunch with John every week

Rosie Watson always struggling with her depression but always smiles when people need her to

Rosie Watson being the bravest and wisest and kindest girl to ever walk on earth

Rosie Watson, just Rosie Watson


Pairing: (CACW) Peter Parker/ Spider-Man x Reader

Request: Hi! Could you do an imagine where the reader is a villian (a bit like Cat from Gotham, if you’ve ever watched it) and goes to Peter’s school. At school, they’re kind of rivals (in a more jokey, almost geeky way), but he’s hunting her down due to some stuff she’s stirred up (petty theft, nothing intense like murder), and basically there’s witty dialogue between them as they fight, and he ‘accidentally’ lets her go. Sidenote: THIS DOESN’T MAKE MUCH SENSE SORRY AND THERE’S NOT REALLY AN ENDING BUT YEAH

Word Count: 2341

Tags:  @jaderbugz, @peterparkerimagine,@ravenrreyes,@peter-maxiimoff​, @ttelesilla. @tomhollahd, @vxodoo-u-do,@shadowylovernerd,@neverlands-little-lost-girl​,@letsplayeternity,@lexy4020,@winterfellsgreywalls, @vickyheinee,@lilybutterworthstuff,@cookies186, @ aryarider5151

A/N: I love the Batman Family so much

Warnings: A few swear words here and there, slight DC/Marvel crossover

Disclaimer: Image does not belong to me

Cream cheese!” you yelled, making Peter shriek in surprise, knocking down the Jenga tower in front of him. Technically, you guys were supposed to be in Maths, but the teacher had given the entire class a half hour of free-time. So now you, Peter, Ned and Michelle were all sitting on the floor cross-legged, playing a very intense game of Jenga.

“Holy crap, dude,” Michelle laughed, doubling over. “I didn’t even know your voice could go that high.”

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Taiwan headcanons!

1. She’s a huge fan of cats, and often visits cat cafes. 
2. She does buy high end make up brands, especially if she can get pretty nude colours.
3. Think pink. A lot of pink. it’s her staple to dress rather feminine and wear light pink clothes. 
4.Taiwan has a large manga collection. She keeps them safe and very well preserved, and often rereads her favorite ones.
5.One of her favorite modern things are Polaroid pictures. She loves to take them, and always keeps them safe in her home.
6. If she indulges in something, it’s cute stationary. 
7. She’s short, but she always struggles to wear heels, so she opts for cute flats.
8. Come every summer, she puts up wind chimes. It’s a habit she picked up from Japan, and she still indulges in it. If there’s no sound of wind  chimes in the background then summer really isn’t here, for her.
9. Taiwan travels a lot. If it’s either to visit her numerous brothers and sister, or to just go and visit friends from all around the world. She often travels and therefore is super quick at packing. Not so quick in unpacking however.

Salty headcanons about APH girls.


kara gets so exhausted and tired of everything that’s happening to her 

so goes to miss grant wherever she is right now and the moment she sees her

she starts crying and then she hug her and bury her face in miss grant’s neck 

and then she tell her about everything that’s happening and about supergirl

and miss grant want’s to stop her from crying so she make a joke saying 

so what should i call you now kara or supergirl while giving kara a light smile  :) 

so kara lift her head from miss grant’s neck and look at her with watery eyes and say…

call me keira

and then she return to crying while hugging miss grant for dear life 

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: Listen how come Ashfur gets a free pass into StarClan just because he “loved too much”. Literally so many cats in the Dark Forest did things because they loved too much. Mapleshade loved her kits so much she was driven to murder when they drowned due to the cruelty of ThunderClan and her former mate. Even Tigerstar loved too much. He loved ThunderClan so much that he felt it was only right for him to make sure it was the best Clan in the forest through whatever means possible. So honestly i have no idea what Ash “i helped kill my leader once and attempted to murder 3 more cats” fur is doing up there in StarClan cause honestly the whole “he loved too much” excuse ain’t stickin anymore i hope squirrel kicks him outta there when she goes to starclan honestly

list of things Emily Prentiss possibly dressed up as this year for the BAU Halloween party:

  • Morticia Addams (or she forgot about Halloween, went home and quickly cut the neckline of one of her black dresses/put on some red lipstick, then showed up looking on point with no effort whatsoever)
  • Pepe the frog
  • Scully
  • Magenta from Rocky Horror, complete with singing
  • Buttercup the Powerpuff Girl (with JJ as Bubbles and Garcia as Blossom)
  • Rossi; she mimicked him the whole day and threw spaghetti at people
  • Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. with a real sword. nobody knows where she got it from. they’re afraid
  • Robert Smith.
  • a cat (but not your expected sexy cat, just a black pajama onesie with a latex cat head mask)
  • she goes as JJ and JJ goes as her. they make out and collectively disassociate