Ok so i just realized that maybe i can come vent here about a coworker????

So i work in the kitchen at my school and they won’t give me or any other student more than two days, but this asshole keeps running into the kitchen sometimes up to an hour before the shift starts - not just my shift, ANY STUDENT DINNER SHIFT - and then pages me down like i’ve done something wrong by not starting work an hour early, when I’d get in trouble for it

Now i go to a boarding school, and the longer you’re there with minimal infractions, the higher your level. This dick, she’s a brand fucking new level 4 and she’s been kissing ass since she got off a four month restricted status. She doesnt get in trouble for fucking anything.

So, Miss “Go Four Yourself” is a condescending ass who volunteers on my days, publicly insinuates that i’m not doing my job, then doesn’t let me do my job.

Last night, she pages me 35 minutes before dinner just to say, “Oh, don’t worry, I’ve got it.” Yeah, that’s why the salad table’s a fucking mess, incl the plastic seal still being on the hummus and the tomatoes not being out and there being no serving utensils in ANYTHING but the mesclun mix, and all the dishes are dirty and the dishwashers aren’t unloaded.

So i set up all the plates, i take the lid and seal off the hummus, i get out the tomatoes, i get out the serving spoons. I have thirty minutes, so i start scrubbing the dirty dishes, bc i know she won’t do them and if i get a head start, maybe i wont be in the kitchen from 6.15 to 8pm, sweating over congealed cheese and the rotting leftovers in the drain.

Dinner comes. I announce it. Ten minutes into the meal, i get up to ask what i should get for dessert, and she says, “Don’t worry about it, I’ve got it.”

Fine. Fuck her.

I start washing the dishes. Baked on cheese, scorched something, eldritch stains. Greasy plastic from this morning, from the faculty and maintenance staffs’ lunches, from last night. I’m sweating and scrubbing, elbow deep in filth and scummy scalding water.

She’s leaning up against the wall, gossiping with the cook and the staff member who actually abuses girls here, including me. (Her favorite phrase is “bang, zoom, to the moon, alice!” totally unironic, totally genuine)

I go to put the salad bar away, but, “Oh, no, I’ve got it.”

An hour passes. The salad bar is out.

Two. She throws the bowl in the sink and resumes gossiping. By this time, I have cleaned the contents of and emptied out two commercial kitchen sinks.

Two and a half. I have only two massive pots and the serving plates left. “Hey, I’ve done two and a half sinks’ worth of dishes, so if you want, can you get the last of it?”

She cuts me off. “Oh, it’s fine.” Then, to the cook, “Can i just soak these?”

“Oh, yeah, leave ‘em overnight. [Housemother] will get them in the morning.”

She had to wash seven dishes, she got away with washing five. She got to “Volunteer,” which makes her look good, and accuse me of laziness and incompetency to make me look bad. I’m going for my 4 this month. I’m running for house council president.

She’s running. She’s already a 4. She’s not even staying here for the rest of the year, or even just the semester. She wanted her 4 and the presidency bc they’re just more badges so she can go home and show off, and fucking me over is just a fun bonus.

Even outside the kitchen, she fucks me over and talks behind my back and starts shit. She spread a rumor I was telling everyone one girl, her best friend, had herpes and was a wh*re, just because she decided she didn’t like me on sight. I don’t use gender based slurs!

She’s made my life hell for fifty straight weeks and she can’t even set out a goddamn salad bar.

“Oh, it’s fine.” Get the hell out. This coworker can go f4ck herself.