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Laughter alone has been shown to increase the body’s own natural production of Human Growth Hormone, as well as endorphins (feel good hormones).
So, feel free to let out a good belly laugh from time to time!

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One pound of lean body mass effectively burns 50 calories per day at rest. That’s only if you have been stationary for an entire day. Imagine how much more muscle burns when they are activated through exercise and activities of daily living.

Honestly, the major benefit of taking your cat outside for supervised playtime is less the exercise and more the fact that your home’s immediate environs stop being new and scary to them, so if they ever do stage an unplanned escape, rather than freaking out, running away and hiding, they get about ten feet from the door, then stop and get distracted by an interesting leaf.

I am against the occupation of Palestine, but sometimes the ways anti-zionist leftists characterize Israel makes it seem like Israel doesn’t have any kind of culture or history and that everything about it is dedicated to imperialism and subjugation with absolutely no other purpose behind it. 

For example, while some Israeli politicians and Zionists definitely exploit Israel’s record on LGBT rights to further imperialist ideology against Palestine and Islamophobic rhetoric, I feel like some anti-zionists seem to honestly believe that Israel only has established LGBT rights and acceptance as part of a conspiracy to further its imperialist agenda. Or that its LGBT acceptance is nothing more than a lie told to further their imperialist agenda.

Honestly, I am highly critical of Israel and I want the occupation to end. I consider myself pro-Palestine and believe the Jewish state is built on nationalism, colonialism and racism. But if you truly believe that every single positive thing about Israel is either a lie or part of a conspiracy you’re veering toward antisemitism. 

Quick fact. Ready?
Working at different intensities of exercise determines whether one is burning more carbohydrates or fats as fuel. Higher intensities use mainly carbs, while lower and more prolonged intensity training makes use of fats.

Dear fellow white Christian writers,

Some of you have followed the discussion on #ownvoices: the focus on having writers who are part of marginalized groups telling the stories of characters from those groups. That the story will be inherently truer if the author has lived that experience. And that supporting marginalized authors is vital.

Some have pushed back against this idea.

“It doesn’t matter who writes a story.”
“Telling me what I can and can’t write is censorship.”
“We’re all part of the human experience.”

I want to offer some context for perhaps thinking about #ownvoices in a new way. Analogies are never perfect and can easily backfire, but hopefully this will be a beneficial exercise.

Despite the fact that 70% of the US identifies as Christian, no where near that percentage of book, TV, or movie characters are explicitly Christian. Of the ones that do call out their Christianity, they often fall into one of three categories:

1. Hypocrites who judge everyone and yet secretly are the worst sinners
2. Brainwashed chumps
3. Hateful bigots

This can make us feel a little sick to our stomachs. We think, is this how non-Christians see us? But this isn’t me. This isn’t my family and friends. We’re way more complicated than these offensive stereotypes.

Since this has been our experience for years, how much confidence do we have in, say, a life-long atheist writing a book from the POV of a Christian character? Maybe they will get it right. Maybe the fact that they personally are and always have been atheist doesn’t affect their ability to explore a Christian character in an open-hearted, respectful way. Odds are they know a lot of Christians personally, and maybe they have studied Christianity and have a favorable view of it even if they don’t believe.

But do we feel confident that they could tell that story right? Have felt what we have felt as a Christian?

Take it further: imagine Christians aren’t the majority in this country. Imagine we grew up as one of the only Christians in school. That there’s never been a Christian president or governor or even mayor of your hometown. That Christian holidays fall on school days and work days with no time off. Imagine your kid is the only Christian most of their friends have ever met. Now imagine that the only books with Christian characters your child’s schoolmates have ever read are ones written by atheists. And some get it right, and some really don’t. Get facts wrong. Basics wrong. Tone wrong. Not only don’t get at all the intricacies of personal faith but fall into hurtful stereotypes, perhaps without even meaning to. That when the schoolmates look at your child, they see the stereotype they read in books.

Imagine that there are Christian writers, but they can’t sell their books. Non-Christian writers are seen as being more marketable, more universal, so more and more atheists write stories about what it means to be Christian, and Christian writers are overlooked.

Further. Imagine that this country has a long and troubled history of hatred toward Christians, of stripping us of our humanity. Of enslaving Christians. Of legal execution based solely on religion. Of putting Christians into institutions or trying to electrocute the religion out of us. Imagine that even today, millions of people in our country and prominent, powerful leaders actively campaign to keep us and other Christians from having the same civil rights as non-Christians. Imagine that important people on television and in government regularly claim that Christians are inherently more violent than non-Christians, that they believe dangerous things and are all potential murderers, terrorists, rapists. Imagine that nearly every day someone murders a Christian in this country not because of what they did but because of what they believe. Imagine that every morning when you send your child to school, you fear for their life.

Would that affect how we feel about trusting non-Christian authors to write books about us? Understand our complexities? Would we in those circumstances be more likely to champion #ownvoices?

But while I hope our personal experiences can help us empathize with marginalized people, we can never truly understand. In the US, Christianity is the vast majority belief system. Christmas is a national holiday. We pledge allegiance to “one nation under God.” In this country, we are the Default. White, Christian (bonus if also cishet able-bodied…), we are the default character in every movie, every book. Even if the story doesn’t specify “active Christian,” because we are the default it is assumed unless the narrative reveals actually Jewish! or atheist! or Buddhist, etc. We don’t have the experience of constantly being the Other. While I have (and odds are, so have you) experienced bigotry based on my religion many times, it’s simply not the same as the systemic racism and bigotry that people from marginalized groups face every day. Of living in a country where you are Other.

Please know that I’m not telling you what to write. No one can. There’s no divinely appointed committee somewhere that can grant or take away permission to write anything.

I personally have created characters from marginalized groups to which I don’t belong because this world is diverse, and even in fiction (especially?) I want to tell the truth. (While I have had diverse characters in my stories, I haven’t actually tried to write a diverse character’s story, if that distinction makes sense.) Writing the Other is more time consuming and harder in every way, but I’ve tried because I felt it was important to the story and just in general. I’ve made mistakes, and getting called out on those mistakes is a gift that helps me get better. What I’ve learned: approach this with love, respect, and empathy. And listen, listen, listen. Read books by #ownvoices authors. And ask myself, am I the right person to tell this character’s story? And am I doing enough to support marginalized writers and lift up their voices?

As Christians, we believe in the first great commandment: love one another, even as Jesus has loved us. Defensiveness is not one of the fruits of the Spirit. We instead try to be teachable, humble, non-judgmental. I’m so imperfect, but that’s where I try to start.

This Is What the Resistance Sounds Like
Governor Jerry Brown says in this rousing, confidence-inspiring speech that if Donald Trump shuts down satellite collection of climate data, “California will launch its own damn satellites.”
By James Fallows

That’s my governor.

The work-out session

Characters: Y/N (reader), Dean, a little bit of Sam.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Some kissing, aaand i think that’s it.    

Word Count: 1200-ish

A/N: This is actually my first fanfic EVER, so pleeaaase bear with me if it’s crap. Also it’s not beta’ed. Feedback would be awesome :) Tagging @ thing-you-do-with-that-thing ‘cause she requested a fic based on the gif below :)

You hadn’t been on a hunt for almost 2 months now, and though you were happy that there apparently weren’t a lot of people getting killed by things that go bump in the night, you kinda missed it. being locked up in the bunker for so long without much exercise, plus the fact that your food habits hadn’t changed much from the usual junk you ate while working cases, had made you gain more than just a few pounds. You really wanted to do something about it, you did, but you always found it rather hard to lift your butt off the couch to go to the bunker’s gym, and Sam’s rabbit-food didn’t tempt you much either. After a few weeks you started to avoid mirrors, especially the full figure one in your room. Every time you walked past them you let your gaze fall to the floor, too ashamed to look yourself in the eyes. You didn’t think anyone would notice your change in behavior, and nobody did. Except one.

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Quick fact. Ready?
Consuming a post workout snack of 70% carbs and 30% protein has the greatest effect on muscle glycogen recovery. This must be consumed within the first 2 hours after exercise.

pro tip for those struggling w/ sleep

i’ve struggled with sleep all my life. it’s always taken me at least an hour to fall asleep naturally ( and that was on a good day). i just get restless and frustrated, and can’t stop moving around or thinking, even when i’m absolutely exhausted. i now take medication (clonidine, along with valerian and sometimes melatonin) and it’s so amazing to actually be able to fall asleep in as little as 20 minutes – i’d never known what it felt like before! i also use f.lux, sometimes drink sleepytime tea, and put my phone away before bed. getting to this point took me some time, however; i complained about sleep problems to doctors countless times, and i was always recommended the same natural remedies: drink chamomile tea, put electronics away early, fix your sleep schedule, try visualization exercises, take melatonin (which doesn’t help on its own), drink water, exercise, etc. the fact of the matter wasn’t that i couldn’t relax or be tired; it was that even when i had done all of these things and felt exhausted, i still couldn’t fall asleep!! it took years before i was finally prescribed an actual medication, and it’s been so helpful. (i do have to say, though – these natural remedies shouldn’t be dismissed. they work great alongside medication.) the point i’m trying to make by sharing my story is that before you go asking for meds, make sure you’ve done everything that’s usually recommended first?? like, /actually/ tried. you will probably be told to try them, and it will make things easier if you already have – especially if you can describe /why/ they didn’t work (what you observed while trying them). it’s also very helpful if you can describe the main reasons you think are responsible (restlessness, anxiety, racing thoughts, etc.). 

Almost Home


Summary: Steve’s life has changed drastically since the 40s, but that doesn’t mean the 21st century doesn’t have some good things to offer. Like Tony Stark and his skilled fingers, for example.

A/N: It’s your birthday for 20 more minutes here, so happy birthday @thebest-medicine! This isn’t exactly like the idea you sent me, but I did include it briefly and I hope you will like it anyway!

I’m sorry to disappoint anyone who thought my summary indicated that something smutty is about to go down. It’s really the opposite of that.

Words: 2 050

Everyday used to start the same way. He’d wake up terrified, heart racing, wondering for a moment where exactly he was. He’d watch the sun rise as he ran and ran and ran through the outskirts of the city, pretending as if he really needed the exercise when in fact he just needed the escape. He’d get breakfast at the little café downtown and watch the people around him go about their days; days that had always looked the same.

For Steve it was nothing like his days used to look.

And now, several months later, it all changed again. He no longer woke up in his little apartment, but he always woke alone and scared. He no longer started his days with a jog, but at the gym, where he punched bag after bag until he got tired of having to constantly replace them. He no longer got breakfast at a café in his lonesomeness, because the kitchen in the Avenger Tower was always stacked with whatever you would even imagine having, and he almost never ate alone. It was different, but it was a different he liked better, in a way. It wasn’t the 1940s, but it wasn’t hell either.

Maybe one day it could be home.

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Quick fact. Ready?
Exercise suppresses appetite immediately afterward, however increases it later on in the day.
Oh exercise, you truly are amazing.

The true novelist, poet, musician, or artist is really a discoverer. Ideas — the theme of a plot, a poem, a picture, a theme of music — come to him as a gift. The idea, ‘the seed-corn’ as Brahms called it, he allows to develop naturally. There may come a point where it branches in one or many directions; he is free at this point to follow one or other. And it is here and here only that the judgment or choice of the true artist may legitimately be exercised. In fact the artist is in much the same position as a gardener growing prize rose trees, who in order to produce beautiful roses lops off unwanted shoots and suckers.
—  Rosamond E. M. Harding

Quick fact. Ready?
Why bend your knees before jumping? This simple concentric contraction allows for storage of mechanical energy, and thus improves the force production for the following eccentric jump.