Need cuisine advice

Trying to distract my anxieties n deciding to put on an afternoon tea for them Oz/American TV people when they come down in a couple of days.

Can u guys tell me if this is British enough of a menu? Want to make sure it’s got a British theme n maybe get some dishes in that they wouldn’t have tried b4. It’s my effort to b welcoming 😂🙈

Sandwiches r sandwiches. Got egg & watercress, cucumber & cheese, smoked salmon & cream cheese, coronation chicken - that last 1 is a Brit filler. Has n e 1 overseas had it or would they have likely had it b4?

Same w rest of menu.

Savoury plate:
Sausage rolls
Welsh rarebit
Scotch ((quail)) eggs
Cornish pasties ((canapés))

Sweet plate:
Jaffa cakes
Welsh cakes

All home made 💜 lots of work but I need it to calm my nerves.

What do u reckon?

N for mates in the uk: do u reckon that sounds kk?