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one day, frustrated at sirius’s distracting roughhousing and lack of consideration, remus lupin turns in his seat and shouts, “i told you to be quiet because some of us have exams tomorrow! i’m dead serious about this, so if you could please take your rioting elsewhere i’d appreciate it!” 

to remus’s dismay, sirius merely snickers, “dead sirius, huh? poor moony, struggling to study for exams he’s already prepared for,” and proceeds to repeat “dead sirius” exaggeratedly to the gryffindor common room at large. after a little while sulking over his arithmancy, remus good-naturedly gives in to the inevitable as usual, joining in the common room fun.

from then on, remus’s frequent, often inadvertent use of “i’m dead serious!” becomes the butt of many of sirius’s jokes. remus learns to use the phrase sparingly, but it still pops out unawares from time to time as remus scolds sirius in an angry or emotional state. fond as he is of padfoot, remus tries to dissuade sirius from his constant puns, but the amusingly annoying habit sticks.

nearly twenty years later, remus lupin finds himself back in hogwarts, not for class but for battle, not for learning or teaching but for spells roared in anger and fear, wand slashing violently, nearly a blur. lights flash, almost blinding him, and as remus falls, wand clattering down the stone corridor, he remembers one day many years ago filled with warmth and laughter and wordplay. smiling ever so slightly, remus lupin murmurs for the last time, “i’m dead, sirius”–and thus professor lupin’s last words are a shared joke, a fond memory, and an ironic twist of fate.

When we were at war - Kuban Cossack Choir (2014)
SUBTITLES (Lyrics): Русский, Српски, Español, Français, Português, Arabic(العربية،), Türkçe, English. От станицы до столицы - Концерт кубанского казачьего хо...

So the gist of this song is that the narrator, a soldier in the cavalry, was jilted by a girl back home and has decided that he will charge into his death the next time he is in battle.  Unfortunately when the time comes his horse bugs out and he survives.  I like this version because it makes me feel like chorus are the narrator’s friends and they have his back.  Plus it’s fun to see them all get worked up as the song goes along.  I dunno.  That’s my trite, hackneyed analysis, anyway.

Here is a picture I drew inspired by the song, also:

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Hi there :) dunno if I've said it before but your art is a huge inspiration to me! Your costume designs are absolutely gorgeous, and I just love what you've shared of Valkari! So I do have a few questions to ask: this might be a dumb one but how do you come up with the poses you're going to use for your characters? I mean like the ones you use when you do your character studies. Do you just pick ones you think best suit their personality? And for their birthdays do you just pick random dates?

umm when you say character studies do you mean character sheets (where the focus is showing off costumes and such) or when I’m actually drawing the character in a variety of poses?

If the former, the main idea behind the pose is what is going to best show off the outfit. I do try to inject some of the character in the pose, it adds interest, but when my goal is to create a sheet that acts as a reference point for costume, its better to make sure that the clothing is clearly communicated. 

If the latter, it just a matter of knowing your character and their body language. I find the best way to go about it is to imagine your character performing an action and then choosing which moment of the action has the most appeal/interest. 

Nah, I’m not random about my character’s birthdays. I’m a person that gets their rocks off on figuring out the astro charts of fictional characters. So I put time into figuring out the sun, moon and rising of my characters (and the Mercury, Venus and Mars if they’re important characters). Then I decided their birthday based on those dates. Obviously this is easier to do if the character exists in our reality. In the case of TES characters, there are days and months that correspond to ours so its easier to translate it over 

Solitary Effort (sickfic, flu)

Notes: Guys this is one of my favorites. I’m kind of wading through hundreds of pages of GingerSnap fic to see what’s worthy of posting and I’m really excited to share this one. In which Liam is miserable and basically does all the work on a “group” project.
(This one was also born of a prompt, but I have no idea where to find the list…I wrote it months ago, so…)

Liam had known from the beginning that he would be doing the group project singlehandedly. His other three groupmates had saddled him with the largest portion of the research for their Anthropology class, and at some point along the way, he’d gotten stuck with all of it when no one else showed up with their own.

Ordinarily this would have been little more than an inconvenience. After all, he wanted the project done right, and the only way to ensure that was to do it himself. What he had not counted on was coming down with flu the week before the presentation.

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i get u dont wanna disclose new active relationships bc the public eye can put a strain on those for sure (not that ur getting followed by paps or anything? lol) but what are u going to do if one gets serious or something? "guys guess what, I've been dating someone for 6 years and we getting married sorry I never mentioned it before!!" i dunno, feels dishonest, we aren't just "fans", if we weren't interested in your life u wouldnt have the life u do, ur patreons give u like 1k/month.

i’ve had a serious long term relationship and it sadly came to a close which was hard enough as it was without having to share it with the world :( I know i am not incredibly popular and I don’t mean to sound bigheaded when i say ‘the public eye’ but it’s true - random people would Care, you included! it probably would go as above idk it’s hard to tell how the future goes. I think if I actually moved in with a partner it would be quite clear but who knows! I don’t think it’s dishonest, I don’t think you are just fans at all I think we have a nice lil community that is very 2 way. and of course i am incredibly grateful for anyone who follows/watches etc anything I do, it’s very true I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without you. So I understand what you mean. however idk I just don’t really feel comfortable sharing that aspect of my life at the moment. and there isn’t anything to report right now anyway! it will probably change at some point for sure, but we’ll see! Also my pure profit from patreon is not 1k freely handed out, there are costs involved with running it how I do it, and I work very hard to make the rewards really good! please don’t think i get 1k a month for nothing, it is not near that number and there is a clear exchange. i am very grateful and I try and express that as much as I can!