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What do you guys think of the theory that the Diamonds represent the four temperaments?

Alrighty. First, some background information for folks. The Four Temperaments is a concept based on an old theory in western medicine, that the human body had four main fluids in it: blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile. It was thought that a person’s personality was determined by which fluid you had the most of. (With diseases being causes by imbalances in it.)

Obviously this theory isn’t exactly, you know, believed any more. But the idea of the Four Temperaments has stuck around in literature, because if you’re designing a cast with four main characters, it’s a pretty good way to get a fun balance. The four personalities are, according to Wikipedia: 

Sanguine: enthusiastic, active, and social
Choleric: short-tempered, fast, or irritable
Melancholic: analytical, wise, and quiet
Phlegmatic: relaxed and peaceful

Okay. Yellow Diamond pretty clearly fits Choleric, and Blue Diamond could probably fit into Melancholic (for the emotionally stunted Diamonds, she seems the wisest of the bunk. Which is a low bar to clear, but…)

So. We have two left, and two Diamonds. This is really hard to guess, considering we haven’t seen either of them on screen.

Pink Diamond could honestly fit either one. ‘Belly Gems’ so far have been associated with sweetness, kindness, peace, so she could be Phlegmatic. They can also be kind of silly, and a common fan interpretation is of Pink as the youngest– the baby of the bunch, who was filled with energy and enthusiasm. So either of those checks out.

But… neither of them seem to fit White Diamond? With the way she’s been looming in the background of the show, never spoken of, but ever present… It just doesn’t seem to fit for us. 

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@ the NYC drag anon: Last time I was in New York I went to brunch at a place called Lips! IIRC it’s a little on the expensive side but they put on a great show and they had a ton of “normal” looking people in attendance so I wouldn’t worry about looking straight! Plus it’s a good way to support local girls : ^)

ooh yeah i’ve heard of lips and i’ve been meaning to go, thx dolly!!! hope this helps anon!!

TBTP Shinji/Hiyori gets me every time tbh

Urahara has just pleaded to CC Yamamoto to let him go, because he’d just sent Hiyori out there - then you see Shinji looking to the side, his mind is already running a mile a minute about the situation as a whole and Urahara’s previous words.

^^^^^^^^^^^ yuh huh 

and from here on, Shinji picks her up - Hiyori is exausted from trying to fend off Kensei on her own for who knows how long - and then he doesn’t let her go, even once.


mm bruh

bruhhhhhhhhhhh dr0p her



Hiyori actual cinnamon roll lol can’t even draw her zan on Kensei