continuously ruining my blog

anonymous asked:

i think your blog is pretty good expect for the fact you ship supercat... like seriously, if you enjoy femslash so much maybe you should ship lena/kara instead bc i honestly don't understand why could anyone ship supercat when other better ships exist

I already realized that you didn’t came here to convince me to stop my shipping, you just came to express your opinion in a rude way and also to make me feel uncomfortable for liking something you don’t like.

But I guess I will just use this opportunity to speak my mind.

Thanks for praising my blog, but I guess things will stay the same around here.

Because I fucking love SuperCat. They have an interesting, multifaceted relationship that really caught my attention to continue watching Supergirl’s first season. Their relationship may be platonic, but the subtext involved is so intriguing and incredible. And fanfics with them have so much potential in dealing with important themes such as their age difference and their power imbalance, I want to see them dealing with these obstacles and overcoming them realistically. Because I believe that if they had something, it could a little difficult but definitely worthwhile. I believe they have a lot to offer to each other. I believe that Kara can grow a lot as a person while being with Cat and I also believe that Cat can evolve a lot being with Kara.

And all these things I’m saying that they offer to each other it’s already there in canon, they deeply care for one another in their own special ways. Though if your perspective on their relationship is already established into seeing them only in the “maternal”/mentorship point of view, you would probably never see them the way I see them and everything I’m saying is in vain, and it’s fine. But I’d like to remind you that relationships in fiction can have multiple interpretations depending on the viewer and that their relationship in the series are not the full picture. There’s a lot more to explore about them and I can’t find the strength in me to not want exactly this. I like to imagine the impossible, the “what-ifs” and I like to dream, it’s just my thing.

Now, it’s okay, you don’t have to like SuperCat romantically, you don’t even have to like people that ship it, to hell with it, you don’t even have to like me, people already called me a “disgusting lesbian” for shipping SuperCat, which is something deplorable and made me very sad, yet I can’t do nothing about it. (expect blocking a lot of people)

However, I wish you could be more kind to people, geez, really. It’s okay to be mad and talk about things you don’t like, especially if you are uncomfortable with them. Still, it’s a very messy world out there and some of us are trying to find comfort for once in things we like in fandoms and ships. This is the case with femslash shipping where it’s mostly LGBT+ people finding themselves a comfy place to stay. Non-canon ships are not representation and I think canon ships should be more valued (Maggie/Alex are really important and should be treated like such), but we still can find so many good stuff in non-canon ships because subtexts and fanfics can led to more people being connected over something in common, especially when it’s something sort of impossible like SuperCat, at least I think that way.

Also about what you said that I should ship Lena/Kara because they are a “better ship”, I get why you think that, they have a wicked chemistry and they are age appropriate, I wish only the best for those who are enjoying this ship but I don’t feel connected enough with them to enjoy it like others do.

Because I fucking love Cat Grant way too much. I don’t think anything in this series could be compared to my love for her. She inspired me to get better in this difficult year of my life, to continue to seek value in my profession, to continue writing and so many other things. She made being human something special and cool. I know it’s exaggerated, but she’s really important to me now, she’s my hero and I just want to dream about her in anyway I can.

The thing is - and this is just me, you can have your preferences and anything -but I simply can’t get invested in a ship with Kara without Cat Grant. And maybe if there were other femslash ship with Cat, I could be all over it (maybe I should invent one, even if I have to ship it all by myself). But well, while there’s none I guess I will continue “ruining” my own blog with lots of SuperCat shipping. Farewell and I hope you block me.