brotp forevah

How to recognise a Crane Stan


• stays in Purgatory

• supports Crane, Katrina and dates with Zoe

• allows Crane to live rent-free with her

• jumps into a time-travelling portal to save Crane

• sacrifices herself to Pandora. Twice.

• lives and dies in the tropiest, misogynistic and racist ways possible.

Abbie/general fans: Abbie Mills Deserves Better

Crane stans: Oh what a beautiful partnership! brOTP forevah! I’m not really a shipper anyways (but if I was, what about Jenny/Sophie/Zoe/Betsy/random light-skinned woman?). If you don’t like it, don’t watch the show.


• gets rescued by Abbie or Jenny.

• as a show of gratitude, cleans the house for Abbie. Once.

Crane stans:

I don’t like what they’re doing. When are we going to see manly Crane again? I want Captain Crane. Remember his hat?

Abbie/general fans:

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Under Fire: Screen Cap Review

Well, now. Fun way for Castle to open up the year 2014, no?

“Under Fire” suffers from poor pacing, but the strong emotional drive saves it from being merely mediocre and turns it into something beautiful. After all, one of the most attractive aspects to this show is it’s incredible heart, and this episode shows why.

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