brotp forevah

How to recognise a Crane Stan


• stays in Purgatory

• supports Crane, Katrina and dates with Zoe

• allows Crane to live rent-free with her

• jumps into a time-travelling portal to save Crane

• sacrifices herself to Pandora. Twice.

• lives and dies in the tropiest, misogynistic and racist ways possible.

Abbie/general fans: Abbie Mills Deserves Better

Crane stans: Oh what a beautiful partnership! brOTP forevah! I’m not really a shipper anyways (but if I was, what about Jenny/Sophie/Zoe/Betsy/random light-skinned woman?). If you don’t like it, don’t watch the show.


• gets rescued by Abbie or Jenny.

• as a show of gratitude, cleans the house for Abbie. Once.

Crane stans:

I don’t like what they’re doing. When are we going to see manly Crane again? I want Captain Crane. Remember his hat?

Abbie/general fans:

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