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Sparks Chapter 2

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Pairing: Bucky(POV) X Reader(POV) ft. other members of the avengers team.

Word Count 3.5K

Summary: Annual Stark Fourth of July Bash at the tower where y/n runs into Bucky. After finding out that Bucky is uncomfortable around firework sounds, not wanting him to be alone and miss the show y/n offers to keep him company. y/n is later attacked in the labs and Bucky and y/n fight together against the antagonist, because y/n isn’t just a damsel in distress. Thats right she’s got her own moves.

A/N: This is a story about two people building a great friendship and then slowly falling in love. y/n is a strong, independent, and smart scientist. She meets Bucky when she wakes him up from cryo sleep and they become friends. This is going to have all the angst / best friends falling in love / fluff / drama / & eventual smut ;) that I can possibly fit in it. This fic is going to be looong! So far my document is like 66 pages. So editing is hard If you catch any grammatical or formatting errors let me know.

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suzukiserena  asked:

Hello, I really love this account! Keep up the good work! So this is my first time requesting and I was wondering if I could get a fatgum x fem s/o scenario where it’s the s/o’s birthday? (Totally not asking because it’s my birthday today) with a NSFW ending maybe? Please and thank you!!

Hi there sweetie! I’m so glad you like the blog, all the mods here welcome you with open arms and yes, of course you can! I’m so sorry this took me so long to do, been trying to clear through the requests as quickly as we can…however; the mods and myself would love to wish you a heckin’ amazing birthday my lil’ sapling and yes, I tried to make this as cute as I possibly could, just for you sweetie!

- Eclipse 🌱🌱🌱

 “Happy Birthday (Name)!!!”

 You squealed as you felt Taishiro’s arm move around your waist, bringing you close to your husband’s large, warm stomach, his embrace as loving as always.

 A laugh escaped you when you felt his lips on your cheek, leaving you with a dark blush on your cheeks while you turned to face him, your hands moving to rest on his stomach, a small but ecstatic smile on your plump lips.

 “You remembered!” You cheered, blinking when he brushed your hair out of your face with a finger, a gentle smile on his features, a loving look shining in his eyes; a look you knew that was specifically for you, no one else would get such a look from him.

 “Yeah, what sort of husband would I be if I didn’t remember huh? I’m just sorry I have to be on shift for your birthday…that reminds me, you haven’t met young Red Riot or Suneater have you?” Taishiro questioned, pulling away and stepping to the side, holding his hand out to reveal two boys that looked to be in their teens; one with bright, uncontrollable crimson red hair and the other with a hood covering most of his face, it looked like he had dark hair though.

 “No, you told me enough about them though…hi there, I’m (Name) Toyomitsu! Nice to meet you~” You smiled warmly, a giggle slipping past your lips while the two teens stared at you, a look of shock plastered onto their faces; you couldn’t figure out why though.

 “Wow…Fat Gum said you were pretty…but wow…” The teen you assumed to be Red Riot exclaimed, a wide grin forming on his lips while he stepped forward, shaking your hand excitedly.

 “O-Oh? Thank you…” You blushed darkly, looking back at Taishiro who merely chuckled at the scene before him; of course he was enjoying this, you knew how much these boys meant to him.

 “I got you somethin’ (Name), you want it?” Taishiro questioned, making you blink and turn to him fully, a slight frown on your features; you had specifically told him not to go overboard.

 “Don’t give me that look, I promise you it’s small honey” Taishiro chuckled, leaning down and pressing a kiss to your forehead, a small box being placed in your now outstretched hands, causing him to chuckle and pull away.

 Sighing and pursing your lips, you look down at the small, innocent looking box in your hand; surely it couldn’t be too bad, so, taking a deep breath…you opened the box.


 You looked up at him quickly as tears built in your eyes, making him blink and frown slightly, moving to wipe away your tears quickly, his lips pulled into a thin line.

 “Aw it wasn’t meant ‘ta make you cry! I wanted you to be happy” Taishiro muttered, causing you to shake your head quickly, your grasp on the box tightening while his young interns watched worriedly; keeping their opinions to themselves.

 “It’s perfect! I am happy!” You cried, sniffling while he blinked in surprise, a quiet chuckle escaping him; he should have expected that from you.

 “You lost it, when we first met…because of the villain attack right? Been workin’ hard to find it for ya…” Taishiro explained while you rubbed your eyes hastily, turning to Red Riot and Suneater; needing to ask them a favour even if they didn’t know you well.

 “K-Keep this big squishy idiot safe for me will you? I need to thank him later…thank you!” You smile past your tears before turning to Taishiro and kissing his cheek while his head was still at your height level; the two interns had no idea but what your husband had gifted you with…was a very small and delicate ring that your mother had given you before she died, silver with small gems in the design, something that was irreplaceable to you.

 It was the perfect present and it definitely made up for him working through your birthday.

I Don't Wanna Live Forever

“I’m literally getting on my car, Charlie. I’m coming.” Adam rolled his eyes as he opened the car’s door and got inside. He hung up the phone, throwing it in the passenger’s seat with a sigh. Why did Charlie have to make him leave the house and put his track on hold for a meeting?

He drove through the streets, glad there wasn’t much traffic. The faster he got there, the faster he could leave.

He stopped at a red light, getting his phone so he could check on something while he waited for it to turn green. Once it did, he went ahead and in the moment right in the middle of the road, a car hit him full speed. He felt everything spinning around him, his mind no longer cooperating with him, he felt frozen. Hitting his head, he blacked out, waking into unconsciousness. Everything was black.

Taylor was just flipping channels when his name came on. She rolled her eyes, figuring it was probably nothing and there the images started rolling in. His car was wrecked. A wave of panic rushed to her hearing that he was rushed to the hospital. Was he okay? Of course not, he’s in the hospital but it could just be to get a check up, nothing major. But with his car looking like it was, the car she had been in many times, there was no way he was okay.

She had to remind herself that she wasn’t close to him anymore, that she couldn’t just jump in the car and walk into the hospital to know if he was okay so she decided to wait. But it the worry that had settled into her brain was taking over and she couldn’t even think about anything else. He had to be okay. She hated to admit that she cared about him but she did. You can’t love someone so deeply and not care about them even after they hurt you.

It was now two in the morning and she was wide awake, sitting up in bed, phone in her hand, desperately trying to know if there was more information about the accident. It wasn’t doing any good, she had a flight early in the morning, back to Nashville.

She got out of bed, taking a few deep breaths because her mind was going into an endless spiral and she needed it to stop. She needed it to stop because the possibility of him being hurt badly or worse…that was terrifying. Utterly terrifying.

It was four in the morning when she decided to call Adam’s phone and it rang about four times before the call was taken. But it wasn’t Adam on the phone. It was Charlie making her even more worried.


“Tay!” Charlie breathed out. “You know about it?”

“The accident? Yeah it’s all over the news. How is he? Is he okay? Is he hurt.” She fired her questions, albeit afraid of the answers.

“It’s bad, Tay. I’m trying to get hold of his parents and friends but I don’t know, I…I can’t…it’s all my fault. I made him come to the meeting. It’s my fault.” Charlie rambled, emotion thick in his voice.

“Charlie, you’re not making any sense! Calm down and tell me what happened!” Taylor raised her voice slightly.

“He’s unconscious. They say he hit his head. He was on his way over to a meeting I made him come to and some crazy ass dude just went pass a red light and hit his car pretty bad. They say he broke his leg but his head is the worst.” Charlie told her and she shut her eyes taking a deep breath.

“It’s not your fault, do you hear me? It’s the other guy’s, okay? Charlie, I need you to calm down so you can call Pam and David. Or maybe call Sophie.” She said to him, trying to stay calm. From the way Charlie sounded, she knew it really was as he said, bad.



“I know you guys broke up and all that but can you call Adam’s parents?”

“Charlie,” she sighed. “I’m not sure I can do that. Either way, I’m leaving tomorrow, well today. I was just worried about him.” She but her lip, running a hand through her hair. If she was being honest, she just had to make a call and cancel the flight. She had nothing having to do with work for a few days and the thought of having to call Adam’s parents, especially his mother who had been so lovely and kind to her after her and Adam had broken up made her the least bit uncomfortable because she knew they’d fly over and she would cancel the flight and she’d go to hospital and she’d be with them and more importantly, with him.

“Okay.” Charlie frowned. “I’ll promise I’ll call you if there’s any news.”

“Thank you, Charlie.”

Despite her efforts to stop herself, she cancelled the flight and stayed in LA. In case anything happened, she’d be close and although she didn’t really want to face it, she was concerned.

Charlie had stayed in the hospital the whole night, waiting for Adam to wake up and the doctors had told him it wouldn’t take long. They had also told him that there was a possibility of memory loss which worried him a bit but at least he was out of danger.

Sitting on the chair next to Adam’s bed, Charlie noticed him move his finger making him jump off his seat.

“Adam?” He called out carefully. Then pushed the button to call the nurse.

After a few basic questions, like his name, age, date of birth they left him alone with Charlie.

“My head feels like it’s about to blow.” Adam mumbled, trying to sit up.

“You me scared there, mate.” Charlie chuckled softly and watched as Adam shut his eyes sighing. Then after a second, his eyes shot open and he looked around the room.

“Charlie, was Taylor with me? Where is she? Is she alright?” Charlie’s eyes widened at his question.

“She wasn’t with you. Why would Taylor be here?” He questioned, confused.

“Because she’s my girlfriend, Charlie and I almost died, she’d be worried.” Adam explained and Charlie stood frozen for a second, not really knowing what to say.

“Right, yeah. I’m just gonna go have a word with the doctor okay.” He nodded his head, walking towards the door.

Memory loss. He had no recollection of the last six months. So no break up, no fighting, no online outburst. All gone from his memory. So in his mind, Taylor was his girlfriend and they were happily in love which would be hard to break it down to him so Charlie didn’t know better than to call Taylor.

“Hi, any news? Is he alright?”

“Good news is he’s awake.” Charlie told her.

“Thank god, that’s great.” Taylor breathed out a sigh of relief then quickly realized there was something else. “Okay, what’s the bad news?” She gulped.

“I…” Charlie cleared his throat. He was afraid of what her reaction would be. “He doesn’t remember anything that happened in the last six months.”

“The last six months? You mean…” she gasped. “He doesn’t remember…”

“Your break up, yeah he doesn’t.” The silence on the other side of the line worried Charlie. Obviously this would be a complicated situation. After all Taylor and Adam had gone through, how the mistakes they had made had become almost irreparable, this would be hard. “Taylor, say something, please.” Charlie murmured.

“You need to tell him.” She snapped. “You need to tell him what happened. I don’t care.”

“It’s gonna break him.” Charlie warned.

“It doesn’t matter. It’s the truth. It’s reality.” She sighed.

“I think it’s better if you’re the one to tell him.” Charlie said.

“What why?” She questioned.

“Because you were there. You know what happened, I don’t. Adam doesn’t really open up about that time. He didn’t say much when I asked about it.”

“This is great. Just great. I haven’t seen him in months, Charlie. Months. Do you know how hard this is for me?” She sighed. She could feel herself overthinking it. It would be the first time she saw him ever since they broke up and she’d see the man she loved, not the one she had left but the one she fell for.

“Taylor, please, I can’t do it. I don’t know how. You have a way with words, you can make it easier on him. I just…please.” Charlie begged her.

“I’ll do it.” She decided. “But I’m not sugar coating it, okay? I’m telling him the whole story. I know it’s going to hurt him but I can’t do it any other way.”

She entered the hospital, the nervous feeling becoming bigger by the second as she knew she was a second closer to be face to face with Adam. She walked up to the reception.

“I’m looking for Adam Wiles?” She spoke gently with a smile.

“Name.” The lady behind the desk asked, busy with whatever she was doing on the computer.

“Taylor Swift.” She told her quietly not wanting to attract attention. The lady looked up from her computer, her eyes going wide.

“Oh hi! It’s you, wow!” The woman chuckled.

“Yes,” she looked at the woman’s tag, reading it. “Jessica. His room?”

“His friend warned us you’d be coming. He’s in room 105.” She smiled.

“Thank you.” She nodded.

As she entered the elevator with people with nervous looks on their faces, much like hers. She started thinking about the reasons these people were here. Births, sickness, visiting people. She wondered the reason for their nervousness, wondered if it was anything like hers. Then her mind travelled to Adam. She had been preparing her speech all the way to the hospital. She’d tell him why things went wrong what she felt on her end and what he had told her on a very long conversation after all the mess, what he had felt. She’d tell him about how they both screwed up, what lead to them breaking up in the first place and why she left.

She saw Charlie standing by the door on his phone. She called out his name and he looked up, smiling. Giving him a hug, she opted for asking how he was instead of going straight for the Adam topic.

“I’m good.” Charlie answered. “You?”

“I’m okay, I think. I’m not sure how I feel right now.” She sighed and Charlie bit his lip.

“I’m sorry.” He mumbled. “I know it’s hard for you. It’s just that none of us really understand what went down and you can tell him everything.”

“I know.” She nodded. “Should I go in?” Taylor questioned, staring straight at Adam’s room in front of her as she took a deep breath.

“You ready?”

“Might as well get it over with.” Taylor shrugged.

She opened the door slowly, admittedly scared of what she would be faced with. He was there, sitting up in bed, looking a little beat up but not too much. His lips spread into a huge grin that took over his face.

“Babe!” He called out and felt her heart drop. God, she hadn’t heard that in ages.

“Hi, Adam.” She murmured, looking a little awkwardly standing by the door. “How are you feeling?”

“I’m better now. Where’ve you been? You must be worried sick. If me having a cold gets you worried I can’t imagine what you felt.” He chuckled and she felt like she was in a wicked dream. She felt as if she was in the past and she desperately wanted to tell him the truth because she couldn’t handle this Adam. The old Adam.

“It’s okay.” She cleared her throat. “Um, I…when are you free to leave?”

“A couple of days and I’ll be home.” He smiled softly. “What’s up with you? You’re off.” He noted and shifted setting down her purse on the chair next to his bed. “Not even a hug?”

She felt trapped, a little breathless as she heard his voice almost like a distant thought. “We need to talk.” She choked out.

“What’s wrong?” He asked, looking at her as her eyes travelled anywhere but him. “Babe, come on!”

“Don’t call me babe!” She snapped and he looked taken back by her reaction. “I’m sorry, that’s not how I wanted to go with this.” She took a deep breath, shaking her head, trying to clear the mess inside her head.

“What the hell is happening?”

There was a pause, silence taking over because she needed to gather her thoughts and he was waiting for an answer.

“You lost your memory.” She began. “You have no memories of what happened in the last six months. You’re missing a lot, Adam!” Her eyes widened a bit as she talked.

“Are you joking?”

“No.” she breathed out, finally looking back at him.

“How different can things be?” Adam furrowed his brows and Taylor felt her heart sting in her chest. He had a lot coming his way.

“We broke up.” She mumbled after a few seconds, playing with her hands. She didn’t want to look at him. Didn’t want to see the look she had hoped to see when she left him. Not that she liked seeing him hurt but it would’ve meant that if he was hurt then he cared.

He didn’t say anything, trying to take in the new information that had fallen into his hands. So they weren’t together? She wasn’t his girlfriend anymore? He felt his heart break as it sunk.

“Was I the one who broke up with you?” He asked a bit hesitantly. She shook her head, the silence making her want to run off. “Okay” He whispered. “Oh my god…” she saw tears welling up in his eyes and her heart broke just like his was breaking.

He felt as if his world was crashing down. The floor breaking beneath him and he was free falling into a never ending hole. His heart breaking in a million pieces. She had broke up with him. He didn’t have her.

“I’m sorry. I know it’s hard but I had a few reasons to leave you.” She gulped down the lump in her throat, playing with her fingers.

“What did I do?” He asked her quietly, sniffling.

“Well…” she took a deep breath. “You pushed me away, started spending more time in the studio and ignoring every attempt I made to spend time with you, at least that’s what I felt, like you just stopped caring but you just took it for granted that I’d never leave.” She shook her head, the memories becoming all too vivid in her mind, memories she had tried to ignore. “It felt like you didn’t want me anymore. You stopped trying, stopped coming to big events with me, you got jealous every time a guy talked to me for more than a minute, we had a few big fights and you accused me of cheating on you at the MET Gala. I hated it, hated the way you talked down on me like I was just something to pick up and play around and then drop it whenever you felt like.” She laughed bitterly and he could see the pain evident on her face as she relived those moments in her mind. How in the world was he capable of hurting the woman he loved most was beyond him. “I just wanted you to love me so I tried, I even declared my love for you on national television and still, it was all the same. I tried too much, I tried to fix what was broken beyond repair and you didn’t even notice me when I felt like I was yelling at you to love me again, you just stared blankly as I packed my suitcases and left.”

“I didn’t- I didn’t try to get you back?” He asked her, wondering what made him turn out like that.

“No.” she shook her head. “You Just ranted on social media about how terrible I was.”

He almost choked. “I did what.”

“Well I did throw it that I was seeing someone after you at your face but goddamn it, you won the golden medal for how petty a person can be.”

“You- you were seeing someone? You broke up with me for someone else?”

“No!” She told him immediately. “He was just there. He was a rebound.” She assured him, not even knowing why she felt the need to do that. “And you were pissed about it and also the fact that I confirmed that I wrote ‘This is What you came for’ so yeah…”

“Wow…I really am missing a lot.” He whispered burying his face in his hands.

“I know this is hard, trust me, it is for me too but you needed to know and I couldn’t pretend.” She mumbled, watching him uncomfortably, wanting to leave as soon as possible and at the same time, she wanted to comfort him, tell him it was okay.

“Yeah, you’re right. It’s just…I don’t know how I could’ve done something like that, it’s a bit unreal.” He breathed out. It felt as though someone was crushing his heart, stomping on it repeatedly in hopes to cause more pain. “Are you okay now? Is it better?”

“It’s okay, you can never ask for too much. It’s not the best but I guess it gets better.” She shrugged and he nodded.

“Anything else that happened I should know about?” He asked, smiling softly trying his best not to break down.

“About us? We’ve covered all the basics I think.” She pondered for a moment. “Well, I’m not sure how to explain what you felt but I could…try?”

“That would be nice, yes.” He nodded.

“What you told me was that you didn’t feel like anything was wrong until the MET gala after we had this huge blown out fight, you said you were too caught up on everything you were working on and you just couldn’t make time for me or you forgot or something. Then you started to feel like you were losing which was the truth so you took me out to the Bahamas again to fix it and everything so we decided to split there or I guess I did, you just went along. Then a month later I started seeing someone for fun because I needed a distraction, he was nice but you were hurt by it. You said it felt like I was telling you I did cheat on you since the guy was the reason for our fight and who I hung out with a bit at the MET. Then I guess we just started throwing things at each other’s faces out of spite. You said shit about me online, I walked around the world with him.” She found herself laughing a little bit at the situation. “It was ridiculous, really.”

“It sounds ridiculous and nothing like us.” He runs a hand through his hair, trying to make sense of everything.

“That’s what happened to us.” She frowned.

As if remembering something, his eyes widen. “Do we talk to each other again? After all that?” He questioned and she smiles at this, nodding.

“We do make up, sort of. We have a civil conversation about our feeling and we agree to be friends. All is well.” She chuckled.

“Just friends?” He mumbled quietly, hoping she hadn’t heard him.

“Yeah, it’s not like we could just go back so um…yeah.” If she was being completely honest with herself, she knew deep down that her feelings for Adam were buried within her, still there and they had never gone away but actually bringing herself to be vulnerable again was terrifying and besides, Adam had shown no signs whatsoever of wanted to get back together when they talked. “Listen, I have to leave now. I have a meeting in a couple of hours.”

“Oh. Yeah that’s fine!” He nodded, forcing a smile. She stood up and for second, pondered hugging him goodbye but decided against it so she just waved, smiling at him.

“I hope you get better, Adam. Maybe I’ll visit or something, sometime.”

“That would be nice, yeah. So I guess, I’ll see you.”

“Take care! Bye!”

And with that he was left alone with his thoughts. He had lost her. He had broken her heart and he knew one thing for sure, he was going to get her back. No matter what.

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Tri. Headcanon

Because I BROTP Mimi with everyone.

All of the original Digidestined boys - Taichi, Yamato, Jyou, Koushirou, and Takeru have been asked at least once if Mimi was their girlfriend.

Their friends/classmates/acquaintances who are not familiar with Mimi in general are baffled by how openly affectionate she is to her guy friends so at first meeting they tend to think that she’s the girlfriend.


So Mimi is finally able to make it to Tai’s soccer match (a peaceful one, with no digiworld-related interruptions), she goes full-on cheerleading mode shouting to Tai from the stands because none of the others could make it.

When Tai’s teammates notice the pretty girl, they all just go, “Whoa, Yagami - that’s not your sister, right?”

Tai just scratches his head and says, “Yeah, that’s… Mimi. Being Mimi.”

And after they win the match, she congratulates him via one of her super hugs and his teammates loudly shout, “YAGAMI WE DIDN’T KNOW YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND!”

After Tai explains that oh no, it’s not like that at all, he had to shield Mimi from his team because they’re all trying to ask for her number.


One time before a gig, his bandmates find Yamato backstage with Mimi beside him. And his bandmates gape because she was busy reading Yamato’s notebook. Like, his secret notebook where he writes songs and arrangements and never lets any of his bandmates so much as touch it. But there was this girl not only reading it, but also writing on it and talking happily with Yamato about it. And is he… IS HE SINGING TO HER? Also she’s fixing his clothes and his hair like it’s totally her business.

So Yamato gets dragged to the side and interrogated: “Yamato, new girlfriend? What happened to Takenouchi-san?”

“Don’t be an idiot, she’s Sora’s best friend.“

"What’s she doing with your top secret notebook?”

“She’s from America, I’m making her check my English lyrics.”


“What? She wanted to know the melody so she won’t mess it up with her corrections.”


And then there’s Jyou. Coming from a tough day at prep school or wherever it is that’s draining his soul with studying. He just exited the building and then suddenly Mimi is latching on to his arm, “JYOU-SENPAI, FANCY SEEING YOU AROUND HERE!”

Turns out there was a sale from that fashion boutique nearby and Mimi just came back from fighting for a “really nice green dress, senpai! It reminds me of Palmon and I fought three other girls for it! You should’ve seen it! I was great!”

He’s too tired so it takes a while before he noticed that Mimi-kun was pulling him on the opposite direction from the subway and when he asked her where she was taking him, she so easily said that they’re grabbing dinner together because he looks like he’s in dire need of nutrition and she’s tired from the brutal sale fight.

Cue some of his classmates who go to the same prep school seeing them leave together, Mimi holding on to his arm like she owns it.

The next day, they told him that they were pleased to finally see him with his girlfriend (who they had been sure didn’t exist) and he’s just confused because he was sure he hasn’t seen his girlfriend in WEEKS.


Say Koushirou’s a member of the computer club, and always the earliest in the club room. One day some of his clubmates walk in on Mimi trying to distract him from his coding because “YOU SAID YOU’LL TEACH ME THIS MATH THINGY IF I COME HERE WITH YOU KOUSHIROU-KUN BUT NOW YOU’RE GLUED TO YOUR SCREEN WHY”

And he just says a good ol’ “In a minute, Mimi-san.” oblivious to the fact that she had already placed all sorts of ribbons and clips in his hair, his collar was standing up, his necktie had been tied into a bow, and she had gone through his phone taking 500 selfies with him in the background and sending snapchats to the others.

When he snaps out of it, he sighs and asks her to sit down and they’ll start doing the homework and Mimi is so happy because “FINALLY!” so she pulls up her chair right beside him and and he struggles not to blush too much as she comfortably leans on him while he explains the homework.

It took a full week for Koushirou to find out that all his clubmates know Mimi as his girlfriend.

Also yes he didn’t notice the colorful monstrosities on his hair and the state of his clothes until he was well on his way home.


And Takeru.

Oh Lord, Takeru.

Let’s just say he and Mimi are fashion buddies by now and some of his friends saw them shopping together, arms linked and eating ice cream as they stroll around the mall because that’s how they roll.



Like. Just Mimi. Being Mimi and showering everyone with affection because she’s making up for lost time and it’s just so great to be back with her boys. And Sora and Kari see this and just couldn’t help but go ‘Awwww’ because if they acted like so towards any of the boys they’d totally freak out. They’ve all got a huge soft spot for Mimi and it’s great to have her back because she just makes everyone smile a little brighter.

Too Late Part 3 - Requested (Calum)

Requested by cheeerokeeeand a couple other, thanks for reading the first two parts, fingers crossed you like this, if you haven’t yet read it then get to it, Part 1 and Part 2. ENJOY!!!

‘We went to the animal fair, the birds and the bees whe..’ you smile to yourself as you tie your hair up walking down the stairs hearing Calum singing the rhyme you had taught him a couple years ago, Jasper trying to sing along. You walk into the kitchen seeing Jasper sitting on the kitchen island while Calum tries to put his shoes on. The pair of them looking so happy.

‘the monkey fell out of his bunk’ you join in singing, you lean forward pressing a kiss to Jasper’s forehead and he laughs, grabbing your cheeks in his tiny hand and pouting to give you a kiss back making you laugh as he does. ‘Morning beautiful’ Calum smiles, pecking your lips as one of his arms slides round your waist. ‘Where exactly are my men off to?’ you question pulling a face towards your son before looking to Calum.

‘We are heading to the park, wanna come?’ he asks, you hum nodding, ‘Give me a couple minutes to get dressed’ you agree, slipping from under his hold and heading back for the stars. ‘Might as well take your shoes of buddy, mummy has never been ready in a couple of minutes’ you hear Calum chuckle and Jasper squeal while you jog up the stairs rolling your eyes.


‘Cal, Cal’ you try to grab his attention but just as he stops talking to you and looks to Jasper the chocolate milk is already dripping from his chin, running from his head down, his once white top now brown, you close your lips tightly as Calum and you look at the mess, Jasper, looking to you with wide eyes waiting to be scolded.

‘Guess I missed that one’ Calum mutters cringing slightly and you burst out laughing, Calum joining you, Jasper starts giggling and thrashing around his arms, bits of milk splashing from the tray under him. Calum leans into your son kissing his chocolate covered cheeks, the milk drips from Calum’s chin then and you laugh harder at the mess they were both in.

‘Let’s get this off little man’ Calum speaks as he lifts the top over Jaspers head, his eyes widening again as his little arms cross over his chest and he shakes his head, ‘Boobie’ he whispers quickly making you laugh, Calum turns eyebrow raised in question ‘Boobie?’ he asks with a smirk and you shrug trying to bite down your laughter.


‘So how come our son thinks he has boobs?’ Calum asks you as you take the flowers and change bag from the boot, he picks up Jasper from his car seat where he has fell asleep. You laugh a little closing the boot, ‘God knows, I guess he asked what they were, I named them’ you shrug a little, ‘But he’s a guy, you told him that right?’ he asks making you smile, ‘Calum he’s two, he’s only just stopped calling his nose his mouth’ you tell him making him laugh.

‘How come he always falls asleep when we have plans?’ Calum chuckles, ‘Babe we have been none stop all day, the little fella is knackered’ you remind him, ‘Ashton and Tay won’t mind’ you add and he nods, you give two quick knocks on the door before letting yourself in as you always have.

‘Hello’ Calum calls through the house, you let him in front so you can shut the door behind him, ‘Ahh in here’ Tay calls back, Calum heads for the living room and you follow behind, ‘Aww is he sleeping?’ she coos the second Calum enters the room. ‘Yeah, went off in the car, poor thing has been fading for hours’ Calum explains as he puts Jasper down on a pile of pillows for Hailee to play on.

‘Calum’s had us doing none stop since nine this morning’ you tell Taylor, she giggles standing up with Hailee in her arms, ‘Hey, you got a lie in this morning’ Calum glares playfully pointing a finger in your direction as he heads for the kitchen where we can hear the hum of Ashton bustling around.

‘Oh god, a lie in sounds so good’ Taylor sighs closing her eyes a second and you laugh ‘I bet, can I?’ you ask she nods happily before handing over Hailee. ‘Hello, beautiful, are you keeping mummy and daddy up all night?’ you coo looking down at her delicate little face. ‘Oh man, I feel like I could just sleep anywhere right now’ Taylor laughs flopping on the sofa.

‘I remember the feeling, you know me and Calum could have her one night this week if you like? Give you and Ash some time to yourselves?’ you offer with a smile, ‘Or you know to sleep’ you laugh and she chuckles with a huff, ‘Sounds amazing, I’ve missed you’ she tells you, you nod ‘I know, I’m sorry’ you tell her again for the hundredth time since you and Calum have got back together, while you had split you hadn’t really spoke to Taylor, never mind seen her, you thought it would have been awkward.

‘Stop apologizing, you can make it up to me with unlimited babysitting’ she laughs and you nod, ‘Sounds great, shell I go get the guys to make us a coffee?’ you ask her, she hums but as you go to stand her hand grasps your knee. ‘While we’re alone, how is everything?’ she asks giving you that look that sends warmth through your body, letting you know your safe to talk.

‘Actually its really great, he’s not been out since he got back, no drinking, we haven’t argued it’s been nearly three months so fingers crossed it’s not just a honeymoon stage’ you smile slightly, but the worry is genuine. ‘Are you ready from them having to leave again? Its only five weeks away’ she reminds you and you nod. ‘I’m ready’ you reassure her before laughing, ‘Anyway it’s you we should be talking about, you’re gonna be doing all this alone’ you nod to Hailee in your arms. ‘You know where I am when you need me’ you remind her.

‘Don’t say that we will never leave’ she laughs and you smile, ‘I wouldn’t mind the company’ you nod, before quieting a moment, ‘Taylor, maybe…it’s a little crazy but maybe you and Hailee could move in, you know just while the guys are away? We have the spare room, its plenty big enough to fit a coat with the double bed.’ You speak, you know is a mad suggestion but it could be good for the both of you.

‘Seriously?’ she asks and you nod with a small shrug, ‘Alright, yeah why not’ she agrees making you laugh. ‘Well them roomie, I’ll get us some drinks’ you stand and head for the kitchen. However, slow down when you heard Ashton and Calum talking in hushed voices, the door slightly ajar.

‘I’ve told you, I don’t fucking know’ Calum growls, ‘You have to tell her before the Germany trip’ Ashton scolds, ‘I know…fuck I know’ Calum sounds stressed, like you haven’t heard in a while. ‘She’s gonna hate me, she’s gonna leave’ he adds, you jump back slightly, holding Hailee tighter as Calum starts pacing past the door shocking you.

‘Mate there I no way around this, you have to tell her, she’ll understand maybe not right away but eventually, I’m sure you will work this out.’ Ashton’s voice of reason seems to calm you although it’s not directed at you and then you worry, what’s happening? What are they talking about?

‘Ashton please, please stop preaching, I didn’t leave the toilet fucking seat up from Christ sake, I’m so fucked…. I’ve only just got her back and now this……I can’t believe she’s pregnant, I got someone else fucking pregnant!’

From Chelsea

The triple ‘W’ duo

(For more adventures of Alice and Daniel Wiles see Teenage Nightmares and A not so kid friendly welcome)


“It’s not like we can hide it much longer….” I told Adam when we were sitting in bed, “They aren’t little kids anymore, they know stuff and they notice things…. And change can be hard for teenagers.”

“I just don’t know how to broach the subject with them. It’s not like last time when Ali was just 4 years old. Now she’s 17! She’s old enough to be in this situation herself- although I sure hope that isn’t the case for a long time. And what if they hate us?” Adam replied, looking up at the ceiling.

“It’s not like there is anything we can do about it now.” I reply, taking his hand and placing it with mine on my stomach, “We just need a plan of action. Nothing too obvious but it needs to be soon… like maybe next weekend.”

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Pre- Christmas 2019 | 4

Taylor stirs slightly and suddenly opens her eyes. She feels warm hands and warm water surrounding her until she finally realizes where she is.
“God..” she murmurs disoriented and holds onto Adam’s arms a little tighter than before.
“I honestly fell asleep. In the bathtub.” she determines laughing at herself. He smiles quietly as well and kisses her head that’s laying under his, right on his chest.
“You did.” he says quietly, moves his big hands in slow circular motions over her belly.
“How long was I gone?” she asks and yawns.
“Just fifteen minutes perhaps.” he says and Taylor nods. Suddenly Adam feels a strong movement under his hands.
“Oh my..” he can’t even finish his sentence because he feels someone kick against Taylor’s bump once more. His wife simply giggles a little, takes his hand and presses it onto another part of her belly where she can feel her baby kicking again.
“She’s saying ‘hi daddy, what’s up? I’m also awake now’..” Taylor says and makes Adam smile like a little boy. It’s just in these moments that he can really really believe that there’s a human- being in Taylor’s stomach. A human- being that he created with her.
“It’s so fascinating..” he whispers, doesn’t even think about removing his hands for a split second.
“When you were sleeping, she was so still and now you’re awake..”
“..and she’s starting to throw a wake- up party in there again. The usual.” Taylor says and laughs a little, just like Adam.
“Here.” she says once more, grabs his hand and holds it onto the side of her belly.
“This is her head. She just turned around a few minutes ago.” Taylor says quietly and Adam just takes a deep breath. He could cry because of happiness. He can’t even explain how it’s possible that his heart skips a beat whenever he thinks about Lily even though she’s not in his bump but in Taylor’s. He can’t explain why he loves this little girl already so much when he can only feel her through Taylor’s skin sometimes. But he does. All he knows is that he does.
“Adam? Can we talk about something?” she asks then and moves a little bit out of his arms. He looks at her and how she moves in their big bathtub until she’s sitting in front of him. Now he can finally see her beautiful face again. He appreciates her natural beauty a lot. Especially when she’s sitting nakedly in their bathtub and looks at him with her bangs that are a little messy and her big eyes that simply look at him. She looks a bit tense, he can clearly see that.
“Sure. What’s wrong?” he asks gently and places his hands on her soft arms. She just looks at her hands and plays with the foam in between her fingers a little. He can’t help but smirk a little. This is her typical behavior when she’s about to talk about something uncomfortable with him.
“Babe..” he says and reminds her to talk. She looks at him and takes a breath.
“Ok there’s two things we need to talk about. The first thing..” she says and looks for words.
“Well, remember when I showed everyone Lily’s room yesterday?” she asks and Adams nods.
“Well, everyone loved it. Of course. But.. I don’t know. I mean, I know that it takes a lot of money to get all those high quality products when it comes to a baby. But I don’t know, I just…” she says as Adam interrupts her quietly.
“Babe, what are you talking about?” he asks, couldn’t quite understand what she tried to tell him.
“Well, your mom was really impressed.” she murmurs. Adam still doesn’t understand why she looks a little down while saying so.
“Oh god what did she say?!” he suddenly asks a little off. Taylor just shushes him with her hand on his scruff. The last thing she wants is him being angry about something his mom never said.
“No no, babe. She didn’t say anything! I just.. I just had a feeling and I want to ask you for your opinion.” she says. Adam still looks confused as hell at her.
“Ok?” he asks.
“Do you think we splash out too much money for our baby?” she then asks him straight out.
He looks at her for a few seconds and then sighs annoyed.
“Seriously, Tay. What did my mum say?” he asks again. It there’s one thing he really doesn’t want then it’s his mum making his heavily pregnant wife insecure about any decisions.
“No, Adam. She didn’t say anything. You know that. They.. they just were so impressed about everything.” she says obviously uncomfortable, still sitting naked in front of him.
“About what?” he asks, still doesn’t really get the essence of what this talk is all about.
“The size of the babies room. The beach window front. The bracelet.” she continues.
“The bracelet?”
“Yeah, the one you got me last week. With the little diamonds..” she explains. Adam simply looks at her and slowly starts to smirk. He understands now what all of this is about. Taylor always tries to maintain in balance between living a life of someone who made more than a hundred million dollars and someone who knows that money doesn’t grow on trees. He admires that about her a lot. It shows how grounded she is, how her parents raised her.
“Well, I wanted to give this diamond bracelet to my wife. That’s on me. Why are you uncomfortable about it?” he asks, looks at her. He slowly strokes a hair strand behind her ear that has just fallen off of her little braid.
“I’m not uncomfortable about it. I just.. I don’t want our families to think that we’re just two superstars who have totally lost their normal relation to money. I don’t want them to think that we splash out money and go crazy and raise our daughter like a little rich kid.” she says, clearly upset. He just stops her and strokes over her arms.
“Baby, why do you think they’d think that? Because you have renovated a room in this house beautifully? Or because you got all baby equipment just like you dreamed about? Don’t you think that’s what other mums do as well?”
She sighs.
“I know that. But.. I don’t want to raise Lily like that.”
“Like what?”
“Like a millionaire’s daughter. I don’t want my daughter to run around L.A as a teenager with designer handbags, being arrogant as fuck and not knowing that people have to work for that kind of stuff.”
Adam just sighs. She clearly over exaggerates again.
“Do you think I want to spoil my kids? There’s no fucking way. I had to work my fucking ass off to be where I am today and so did you. This is part of who we are. And Lily will grow up with that knowledge. And making sure that our kids have exactly what they need is not a crime. That’s what all parents do for their kids. But instead of investing our money into designer handbags for a teenager, we will make sure that she.. I don’t know, goes to the best high school in this country. Gets the best education possible. I wanna splash out money for stuff like that.” he says and Taylor nods, lost in her thoughts.
“Babe where does all of this come from? Did Sophie make a rude comment?” he asks, knows his sister too well to not know that she can sometimes be a little moody.
Taylor shakes her head again.
“No, not at all. They were just so.. so impressed how you spoil me.” she says and a little smirk forms on her lips. She knows that this was exactly what he wanted to hear. He smiles and comes closer to kiss her.
“I love spoiling you.” he says and kisses her again. “You can’t ever stop me.” he adds and makes her laugh a little.
“Baby..?” she asks in between the kisses.
“There’s something else we need to talk about..” she says then. He pulls back.
“Oh boy, what else?” he laughs and she hits him playfully in the side.
“This is serious, Adam.” she says and he waits patiently for her to start talking.
“Ok, so.. I’ve been thinking a lot today about giving birth. And I talked with mom and Sophie about it a lot. And.. you know how scared I am.” she says, grabs his hand and intertwines their fingers. She really hopes that he’ll support this decision of hers.
“I know..?” he asks.
“Well.. the most important thing for me is that you are there with me. I just want us to be together in the delivery room. I need you more than ever there.” she says and he smiles and kisses her once more.
“I’ll be there babe. You know that.”
“Mhm.” she says and takes a deep breath. He looks at her confused. Is she seriously nervous to tell him something else?
“What?” he asks and she bites her lower lip.
“Promise me you won’t be mad. And please think about how fucking scared I am and that I need all the support I can get in this situation.” she says quickly. He doesn’t say anything because he didn’t get until now what she tried to say.
“I.. I think I want my mom to also be in the delivery room with us. I.. I know that Lily’s birth is going to be such an important moment for you and me and I promise you that we will have this moment. But.. I could really use someone in there who has gone through this already and whom I trust and who can also try to calm me. She won’t do anything, just sit in this room and..”
“Babe.” he interrupts her laughing. He has to admit, he was kinda scared what she’d tell him now. But even questioning her decision is totally irrelevant for him. He knows that Andrea is besides him the most important person for Taylor. He also had the thought the other day that having Andrea with them would might calm Taylor a little.
“This is totally fine with me. You are the one who has to push the baby out of her vagina and I think we need all the support we can get in this situation.” he says and Taylor just smiles and nods. She places her hands on his scruff again and pulls him in for a kiss again.
“Thank you. I was so terrified to ask you. I thought you’d might not want..”
“Tay, I want what’s best for you. Ok?” he interrupts her. Taylor just smiles shyly and nods. She feels Adam pressing a soft kiss onto her forehead.
“Let’s get out of the tub babe. I think Ashley and Kayla will come soon.” he says as Taylor looks at him in shock. She covers her mouth with her hand.
“Oh my god, I totally forgot.” she says. Adam, who has gotten out of the tub by now, just looks at her and smirks.
“God bless the pregnancy- brain.” he jokes and helps Taylor get out of the tub again. She wraps herself in the towel he just handed her and grants him a smirking look.
“Shut up.”

“Oh my god he is so precious.” Taylor says excitedly for probably the hundredth time and looks into the stroller that is standing in the middle of their living room. Everybody had dinner by now and Kayla, as well as Ashley and her baby boy have arrived in Los Angeles.
“Yeah, he is.” Ashley smiles from the table and looks at Taylor who’s standing in front of her baby with a huge bump. A funny picture.
Suddenly a very loud and clear babies cry fills the room. Taylor looks at Ashley who was just talking to Alison a few seconds ago.
“Should I .. should I take him out?” Taylor asks a little insecure and looks at Ashley again. She just smiles and nods.
“I think he’s just moody again.”
Taylor takes a deep breath and grabs the little baby to take him out of the stroller and press him against her chest.
“Hi baby..” she whispers and holds his head carefully. Everyone is looking at her now, still deepened into their conversations. Andrea smiles and grabs her phone to quietly take a picture.
“Aww, look at you, mummy.” Pamela smiles as well. Adam just watches the whole scenario. He smiles quietly to himself. Seeing her with a baby makes everything even more real to him.
“You better get used to that view.” Scott jokes who was just talking to Adam about his upcoming birthday over a glass of red wine, when the cries of little Brady interrupted them. He pats his back. Everyone laughs. Adam gets up as well and walks up to his wife who is quietly standing in front of the window with the little baby boy.
“Brady, look! Who’s coming there? It’s Adam.” she whispers to the little baby in her arms. He’s really calm now, seems to enjoy Taylor’s company.
Adam places his hand on her back and smiles at her.
“You two look like you’re having fun.” he says and watches how she stands right in front of the big window fronts, looking outside with the little baby boy while admiring the L.A. sunset. She looks so comfortable, so naturally with him. Slowly swaying back and forth and making sure the little man is pressed tightly onto her chest. The little babies feet are pressed against her big bump, that clearly in in the way. He places his hand on her shoulder right in front of him and presses a soft kiss onto her temple. She looks so natural without any make- up. She simply is nothing less than a beautiful masterpiece.
Taylor smiles and presses her nose into Brady’s chubby cheeks.
“We are. He is so cute. I can’t let him go.” she says dramatically. Adam laughs, still standing closely next to her.
“You two could trade baby’s in two weeks. Then you can keep him.”
She looks at him ironically.
“No way. Can’t ever let my baby girl go.” she mumbles and makes Adam laugh. He kisses her temple again for a second.
“I was joking, Tay.”
“I know.” she answers and looks at Adam again.
“Do you wanna hold him?” she asks and tries not to show her excitement.
“Sure.” he says boldly. Taylor hands him the tiny baby and Adam carefully holds him on his chest. This is the moment she’s been waiting the whole night for. She knew that seeing him with a baby would make everything even more real. But she never thought that he’d be so courageous to just hold him without any hesitation.
“Hi buddy.” Adam mumbles. Taylor just looks at him in awe. He sees her smirk and smiles.
“Looks good on you.” she says softly. He smiles. She walks back to the table.
“Guys look how cute those two are.” Taylor says and everybody smiles at Adam with the baby. Taylor quickly takes a photo with her phone as well.
“I honestly cannot believe how cute this is.” she mumbles and everybody smirks.
“That’s good practice Adam.” Sophie says proudly to see her brother carrying a baby. It looks really funny actually - a huge man with a tiny baby on his chest.
“How does it feel?” Andrea asks him with a smile on her face. She can’t believe that he will carry her first grandchild soon.
“Feels good.” he smiles a little insecure and sits down next to Scott and Taylor again with little Brady on his arm.
“Great job, babe!” Taylor says excitedly. She never would’ve thought that Adam would be so natural with a newborn. He carefully grabs his little head with one hand and holds him with the other to be able to look at Brady’s face.
“Hi mate. How are you?” he asks the little baby and makes everyone smirk. Taylor, who’s sitting next to him almost can’t contain her excitement to see her husband with a little baby. She has never been as excited about having a baby as she is right now.
Brady starts to smile at Adam. He laughs.
“Oh my god he loves you.” Ashley smiles and everyone looks at Adam and Brady in awe. Taylor places a hand on Adams hair and caresses him proudly.
“You just made a new friend, babe.” she says jokingly. Adam slowly hands him to Ashley.
“He knows what’s good.” Adam smirks and gets a kiss from Taylor. She then gets up again and slowly walks into the kitchen.
“Guys, are you ready for dessert?“ she suggests and receives a mixture of excitement from the kids and sated sighs from the rest of the table.
“I’ll help you, Sweetie.“ Andrea answers and slowly walks up into the kitchen as well. She finds her daughter standing in front of the kitchen table with her black skinny jeans and her black- and white striped top. Andrea just wanted to ask her something about the recipe when she notices how Taylor painfully holds her belly.
“Are you okay?“ she asks worried and walks up to Taylor. She just pulls a face with pain but nods slowly. She placed on hand on the counter in front of her and the other one on the downside of her belly.
“Yeah. She’s.. she’s kicking like crazy all day. Really hurts.“ she mumbles under pain. Andrea still looks at her concerned and places a hand on her bump.
“Oh my goodness. She’s a rip- killer.“ Andrea laughs, could clearly feel the strong kicks under her hand. She places her other hand on Taylor’s back to comfort her. She motions small circles with her hands on her back as well as her belly and smiles silently. That was until she looked at Taylor’s face again and determines how her daughter is still under immense pain.
“Still not better?“ she asks a little worried. Taylor doesn’t really answer, just holds herself in front of the counter and tries to get through the strong kicks. “Deep breaths, honey.“ Andrea says and Taylor does so. “Are you sure that those are just kicks, Taylor?“ Andrea whispers quietly so that the rest of the family won’t be aware of the current situation in the kitchen. All the laughter and noises from the living room seem far away from here. It’s a little more quiet which certainly is a good thing for Taylor right now.
“Yeah, I’ve.. I’ve had that already. It can get so intense sometimes.“ she says, still feels Andrea’s soothing motions on her belly and back and slowly relaxes.
“Are you sure? That looks a lot like a contraction to me, sweetheart.“ Andrea says slowly. Taylor takes a deep breath again. It seems to have gotten a little better. She stands up straight again and draws circles on her bump a few times.
“No, I can just feel her kicking like crazy. Sometimes she just lays upside down inside my belly and catches an ankle to kick that hurts as hell.“ she answers and takes a deep breath. Andrea does so as well and laughs.
“I was really worried for a second.“ she answers as Adam suddenly stands in front of them. He definitely felt a little buzzed after the third glass of red wine with Scott and was therefore just about to get some water in the kitchen. His jaw drops a little as he sees a pale version of Taylor standing there, taking deep breaths.
“Everything okay here?“ he asks and walks up to her.
“Yeah, the murder- kicks started again. But that’s it.“ she assures him exhaustedly. He just sighs relieved and kisses her head shortly.
“Sorry, babe.“ he says sympathetic.
“I’m okay.“ she says quickly, trying to convince herself and helps Andrea get the dessert for everyone.

He wakes up and looks around the room disoriented. Everything is dark except for the light of Taylor’s night lamp.
He turns around slowly and sees her sitting upright on their bed. Both hands on her belly.
“What..what’s wrong?” he asks. She looks terrified. More than ever before.
“I.. I think I have contractions.” she mumbles. Her hands are shaking. He can clearly see that. After less than one second, he sits upright in front of her as well.
“Really? Oh my god.” he says, doesn’t really know what to do after being awake for less than a minute.
“I.. I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep and suddenly I felt this.. this incredibly strong pain in my belly. Just for a few seconds. Then it was over.” she says with a shaky voice. He can feel her fear. He smiles and kisses her forehead softly to reassure her.
“Did you have it again? Or just once?” he asks her.
“Just once.” she says terrified.
“Ok, let’s run you a warm bath and see what happens.” he says. Taylor nods. Adam smirks at her.
“Don’t be scared baby.” he whispers and kisses her lips.
“I try.” she says quickly. He gets up and starts to turn on the water. After a few seconds he gets back into the bedroom to wait for the water to fill up the whole tub. He sees Taylor sitting on the edge of the bed wearing nothing but his shirt and her slip. He can clearly see her on her face that she’s under immense pain as she holds onto her belly desperately.
“Is..are you…contraction?“ he mumbles concerned and panicked and knees down in front of her. She just nods. He can clearly see that she’s in a lot of pain.
“Deep breaths baby.” he says and places his hands over hers that are right on her belly.
“Fuck.” she mumbles and tries to breath calmly.
“You’re doing this so amazing.“ he says quietly, can only hear exhausted breaths and the running water from the bathroom.
“Over?“ he asks then as she literally collapses into his arms. He kisses her head, feels her shaking hands in his.
“If this is what giving birth feels like I wanna kill myself now.“ she sobs quietly. Adam’s heart breaks. He really hopes that she’ll calm down slowly.
“Don’t say that. Let’s wait. Maybe those are just preliminary contractions.“ he says calmly. She pulls back and nods. A little tear is running down her face. He wipes it away and kisses the spot on her cheek then.
“Do you know at what time you had your last contraction?“ he asks and gets up to take a note on his phone.
“I.. I think it was around 1.53 am.“ she says slowly, still holding her belly.
“What? That long ago? It’s 2.36. Babe, why didn’t you wake me right afterwards?“ he asks a little mad. She clearly feels that.
“I.. I first tried to fall asleep again. But.. I just got so scared all of the sudden so I..“
“Next time, I want you to wake me right away. Okay?“ he asks and takes a deep breath. She just nods, stares into nothing and sighs. Adam walks up to her and grabs her hand.
“C’mon now. Let’s get into the bathtub. If the next contraction comes in less than fourty minutes, it means that we’ll have to go to the hospital.“ he says excited and a little scared as well and they both enter the bathroom.
“Don’t say that. I’m about to have a panic attack.“ she mumbles and undresses quickly. He helps her get into the bathtub for the second time today and helps her lay back again. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath.
She hates nothing more than that.
“Is your bump still soft? Or hard?“ he asks, remembering what her gynecologist told him about contractions once. She presses onto her bump and looks at him in shock once more.
“Oh my god, it’s so hard. Adam, feel this.“ she says. He puts his hand into the water right onto her baby bump.
“Yeah, definitely.“ he mumbles. He takes a deep breath as well and closes his eyes for a second to calm himself. She looks at him and stays silent, only to part her lips  again. “Are you scared?“ she whispers into the night, breaking the nervous silence between them.
He opens his eyes again and looks deeply into hers. He then smirks a little and places his hand on her head. He strokes over her messed up but soft hair.
“Of course I am. I’m more excited though.“ he says. She nods. “Me, too.“ she sighs, her hand never leaving her belly.
None of the two knows what to say in this moment. Adam seems totally lost in his own thoughts while waiting for something to happen. So does Taylor.
“Remember when met for the first time in London.. when Ellie introduced us and you poured your scotch over my purse?“ Taylor suddenly asks him. He looks at her a little confused but laughs then as well.
“I do. Last one was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life though.“ he answers. She laughs too in memories of this unconfident but handsome man in a suit who made her laugh through the entire night.
“Who would’ve thought that buying me to a drink would lead to a marriage and a baby.“ she smiles silently to herself, knowing far too well whose quote she changed a little here. She looks at him. He smiles happier than ever and grabs her hand. He doesn’t say anything, simply kisses her hand for a few seconds.
“I’ll never forget this moment.“ he whispers then. She looks at him a little surprised but smiling as he starts talking again. He fixated one point on the wall with his eyes while holding onto her hand as close as possible. He’s usually not the type of man for big words. But right now, he seems as emotional and fragile as her.
“When you stood there with your green dress and your bangs flipped onto the side. And when we talked through the entire night, I was immediately so freaking much in love with you.“ he says quietly. She giggles, remembering this amazing moment.
“And when we broke up three years ago, I dreamed of this moment every single night.“ he adds.
She suddenly looks at him confused.
“What? I didn’t know that.“
He looks at her and grins. He gets closer to her and kisses her softly.
“That’s actually what told me deep down inside that you were so good for me. That having you in my life made everything better and that I would really have to change myself in order to ever have a chance with you again.“ he says.

August 2017

“Wow, what’s all this?“ she asks confused, stands in front of his coffee table with a glass of wine and notices the huge stack of books.
“Oh, that.. uhh, yeah I just found this book and it was really interesting so I started reading another one and..“ he says cooking from the kitchen, a little insecure about the fact that she has found his books.
“The Success Principles - How to get from where you are to where you want to be..“ she reads, “The Happiness Advantage - The seven principles of positive psychology that fuel success..“ she continues. Adam doesn’t really reply as he places the two plates on the big marble table in the kitchen. He knows that there will definitely come one or another comment about his choice of literature this evening.
“Wow, that’s interesting to read.“ she comments, can’t really believe that he seems to have tackled himself for the first time since she knows him.
“Yeah, it’s.. well, it’s all a long story.“ he says. Taylor came closer into his kitchen again by now and sits down.
“Well, tell me.“ she says and smiles at him. He sits down in front of her as well as Taylor, who looks at the delicious plate of food in front of her.
“Wow, thanks for the food. I actually didn’t mean to invite myself to stay for dinner after recording, but..“
“I’m glad you did, Tay.“ he simply says. She smiles silently and then starts eating.
“Okay, I truly missed your skills of making a good chicken fajita in the last year.“ she says, enjoying his self made food as much as she did back then.
“A man needs at least one meal he can cook on his own to survive alone. That’s what my sister told me when I moved out.“ he jokes. She laughs a little.
“So tell me that long story, Adam.“ she says hesitantly after a few minutes of awkward silence. He looks into her deep blue eyes and sighs.
“Well..I..I usually don’t like talking about this because it’s so personal. But you are.. I mean, we…we know each other very well, so..“ he mumbles as Taylor starts laughing a little.
“Don’t tell me you’re a member of Scientology now.“ she says with a full mouth. Adam starts laughing, just like her.
“No worries. I.. I just started analyzing everything a lot since October, November last year.“
“Really? What?“ she asks happy to have a nice conversation with him and sips on her wine glass.
“What went wrong. How the woman I was sure to marry someday could ever leave me. I mean.. how I could ever become a person who..who looses his one great love. I just found that..that there had to be something fundamentally wrong and I didn’t understand for so long what the real reason was.“
“And.. and what was that?“ she says a little insecure after his words. He doesn’t look at her anymore, seems to be too ashamed to face her by now. He quietly eats his dinner as he starts talking again.
“My own dissatisfaction with myself, with my life and everything surrounding me.“ he says and then slowly looks at her. She seems a little speechless. His honest eyes make her knees go weak.
“I always tried to cover up my.. my deep insecurities and my lack of self- confidence with anger and jealousy and.. simply was a negative person most of the time. And I am sorry for that, Tay.“ he says, slowly looks into her beautiful face again. He can’t really read her face, keeps on talking anyway.
“Well, I.. I just got this book from my brother. It’s called ‚The Law of Success’ and I read it and.. well, one thing lead to another and so I just worked on myself a little and changed some small things. And the great thing is that.. I found that those small things are actually big things and so.. yeah. You know the end of the story.“ he says. She smiles a little surprised about his honestly.
“So that’s why your book is called ‚small things‘?“ she asks. She racked her brain over the title for weeks, still never felt emotionally able to read it. When the news got to her, Taylor was more than surprised. Him. The man who was never truly interested in literature and words as much as she was, wrote a book? She found some reviews on the internet, saying that this book truly is a life- changer. That ‚Adam Wiles‘ was ‚able to motivate people in starting all over, changing themselves and their way of living a passive life into living an active one‘. That he no longer hid behind Calvin Harris and that Adam Wiles himself was so much stronger and successful than he gave himself credit for in the last thirty- three years. This book simply is the story behind his success. When she heard about him donating money to charities (something he always admired her for doing but never got active himself when they were together), writing a book and then starting his own record- label, she knew that he had gotten to the point where she always wanted him to be - being the best version of himself. She always saw all that in him. The ability to work hard, to be smart and soft. To help himself by helping other people. His book does all that. She knows that, even though she never had the balls to read it. Maybe because she was too afraid to find herself in those lines. To read his point of view, that might crack up all her beautiful memories of when they were in love.
“Yeah, exactly.“ he mumbles and looks at her. She simply smiles at him with this look in her eyes. This look he knows too well.
“And so I.. I started doing the things I really wanted to do my whole life. And it felt great.“ he laughs. She smiles again, tries to not stare at him too obviously. She can’t believe seeing him like this. It gives her chills. This happy, bright man in front of her with his chic white shirt and the smile on his face and especially in his eyes. She remembers seeing that smile in his eyes when they first started dating, back in 2015. It was then, when they realized how much they loved each other and things got complicated.
“You look happy, Adam.“ she says softly.
He smiles and nods.
“I am.“ he says quietly, looks at his wine glass. She has finished her dinner by now and so has he. None of the two really knows what to say.
“Your book was a huge success, huh?“ she asks then.
“Yeah, it’s amazing. I wrote it right after i had my own record label last year. You know, when things started rolling. And somehow this book gave me so many other ideas of what I could do with my life and..“ he looks at her. She looks at him so addictive. She simply is addictive. The look in her eyes makes him open up more and more.
“What ideas?“ she asks excited.
“Well, remember when I dreamed about opening my own gym someday?“ he says. She looks at him in disbelief.
“Oh my god. Did you..“
“Well, it’s still in the planning process. But I don’t want it to be a regular gym. I want it to be a place for personal- coaching. Mentally and physically. I want people to truly believe that they’ll grow stronger in there. And that doesn’t just include their muscles.“ he explains.
“Adam, that.. that sounds amazing. This.. I’m so proud of you.“ she says. Her last sentence truly touched him. He looks at her and she just shakes her head in disbelief. If she compared this man in front of her with her grumpy ex- boyfriend, she would truly think that those are two different people. She is so proud of him. Not just because of what he achieved - but because of what and who he became during the process.
“Gosh, Adam. I feel so guilty that I didn’t read your book until now. It’s just that.. to be honest, I was a little scared that..“
“No, no. That’s actually a good thing. Cause I still got a special copy for you.“ he smirks but feels his shaky hands. She looks at him confused but laughs.
“What? Wow!“ she says as he gets up to grab one copy of his book from the shelf in the living room.
“There you go.“ he smiles. She looks at the minimalistic cover. Small Things. And his name. Her little heart feels like exploding because she’s so proud.
He sits down again and looks at her smiling. She’s silent. He knows why. He takes a deep breath.
“This.. this will probably be the cheesiest thing ever. But.. I wanna use this chance to say sorry.“ he says then, chokes one time. She looks up at him in shock, really doesn’t know how to react now.
“I wanna say sorry for.. for not treating you like you deserved to. For not prioritizing you over everything else in my life. That’s what I should’ve done and I didn’t, so.. I wanna say sorry for that.“ he finishes.
She looks at him and takes a deep breath. She looks back at the book in her hands and then back into his beautiful face.
“It was worth it, Adam.“ she says, means more than just this book. And he knows that.
“Well, I’m gonna go downstairs to quickly make you a copy of the track we wrote today.“ he says to quickly end this conversation. When she came over into his studio this afternoon to work on a new song, just like friends do, he never expected things to get this personal. She just nods and watches the tall man disappear downstairs. She looks around. She can’t believe that he has changed so much in the most positive way possible. After praying for months and months that he would finally see what he does to her with this dark side he sometimes had inside of him, she never thought that it would come to this. That losing her would finally make him find his way. She looks at the copy and flicks through the book. He finds one of the last pages with the headline „Thank you“. Taylor starts reading his thanks to his friends and family. All those little stories make her laugh a little. She turns the page and her heart stops beating. That’s what he meant when he talked about his ‚special copy‘. The very last page.

Dear Taylor Alison Swift,

Who would have thought two years ago, that a drink at a bar with a girl at three in the morning would turn my life around like this?
People used to say that we were like can and pot. Perfectly made for each other. I like to believe that we were both pots, encountering and crashing each other all the way. Our relationship was never easy, though I have to admit that those fifteen months with you turned out to be the most important months of my entire life. Even though I never succeeded in showing you, I want you to know that at that time I could have never imagined someone else by my side than you, regardless of all pointless fights and tears of jealousy we spent.
I want to thank you for believing in me when I did the least. You stood by my side when my life steered into a dangerous direction and you still loved me. You never allowed me to waste my talents and you kicked my butt when necessary. Lastly, you walked away. Thank you for that, too. It takes a loss sometimes to realize what’s good and what isn’t. I know now that you were good. And I wanna thank you for that. It makes me proud to still call you a friend and I’m proud that we snatched up nevertheless. For everything that has been, and everything that will never be: Thanks for your unique personality, your inspiring bright attitude, your ability to make me laugh at any given time and your love.
I’ll always love you more than anything,


Adam Wiles.

Taylor closes the book. Tears are rolling over face and she tries to take deep breaths to calm herself again. Never in her entire life has she felt this feeling. The feeling that you found what you were looking for. That some things need time to grow and get into the right place. She places the book next to her empty plate and takes a deep breath again. She wipes her face and stands up to slowly make her way downstairs…

“And when you did, you made me the happiest person in the world.“ she smiles at him. His big hand is on her big belly again and she smiles at him. He gets closer and kisses her softly.
“I love you.“ he says into the kiss. She smiles.
“We love you, too.“ she answers. He kisses her again.
“How long has it been since the last contraction?“ she asks then after he has ended their kiss. He looks at his phone and smiles.
“Almost fifty minutes. I guess you really just had preliminary contractions, babe.“ he says. She nods a little relieved and takes a deep breath.
“I’m glad. Having the whole family in our house and delivering a baby would be too much at once.“ she sighs. He laughs.
“True.“ he says. “Tell Lily to stay in there at least until tomorrow.“ he laughs.
“I think she already listened to her dad.“ Taylor replies. “Let’s go back to bed.“ she says then but Adam stops her.
“No babe, I think you should still wait a few moments. Just to make sure.“ he says. She smirks. His overly protective side is annoying but extremely cute at the same time. She looks at his big teddy bear eyes and places a hand on his cheek, right over his scruff. He looks concerned and stricht at the same time. He really wants her to wait a little more to make sure those really were just preliminary contractions. Taylor rolls her eyes but nods.
“Fine.“ she says, lays back again.
Adam looks at her and quietly caresses her head again. She looks so natural, so beautiful. He comes closer and kisses her hair.
“I was so proud of how you handled those contractions, babe.“ he whispers. “If I would have been in this kind of pain, I had already started crying after the first one.“ he says to comfort her and make her feel better. She smiles.
“Let’s not tell anyone about the preliminaries tomorrow okay?“ she whispers. Adam nods.
“I don’t want everyone to worry too much.“ she says to him.
Adam nods.
“Me neither.“

I Don't Want To Live Forever - Part 2

When she was notified of someone being at the gates of her home, she was having a quiet evening just writing some music, having a cup of tea. She wasn’t expecting anyone, her plan was for the quiet to last the whole day but apparently the universe seemed to have a different idea for her because right when she saw who it was, she was a mess of nervousness.

She opened the door and there he was, standing a bit awkwardly at her footstep with a sheepish grin on his lips, hands on his pockets. Wearing a t-shirt that she suspected she had bought for him.

“Hi!” He cleared his throat. She smiled gently.

“I see you’re finally off the crutches now, huh?”

“Yeah, got rid of them yesterday.” He told her. “Would you mind if I come in?”

“Oh! Yeah, sure! Come in!” She stepped aside, chuckling lightly. Adam stepped inside and he noticed something different in the house, the pictures in which he was in had been replaced with her friends, he felt his chest tightening at the reminder that they had actually broken up, that they had moved on with their lives without each other. But he quickly snapped out of it, not wanting her to be uncomfortable.

“How are you? Is everything alright?” She questioned as they moved to the living room.

As if remembering just then the reason for his visit, Adam’s eyes widened. “Yeah, I just wanted to see you. I’m sorry I didn’t call or anything.”

Biting her lip, she tried not to look at his eyes. I just wanted to see you seemed like such a strange thing coming from the man that had broken her heart, the man whose heart she broke just a few weeks ago with nothing but the truth and irony of life. “Oh, it’s okay. I wasn’t doing much so it’s fine.” She shrugged and he nodded his head. “So they gave you the all clear on everything? You’re okay now?”

“Yes, everything is great. They said I recovered fast. It’s just my memory that is a bit messy. They said I may be able to get it back but there’s no way to know for sure and it may never happen.” He explained.

“Oh well, it’s better than nothing. Thank god it wasn’t worse than this.” Worst scenarios crossed Taylor’s mind for a moment and she refused to think about it. The thought of what could’ve happened left her little breathless. Because she still cared about him, you don’t just go from loving a person for a year to hating them. She could never hate him and that’s what she hated about this. It was easy to ignore when they didn’t talk, when they didn’t cross paths and when they agreed to just be friendly when they needed too but this…actually having him here was making her rethink a lot.

“Taylor, I’ve been trying to remember everything that happened, you know? Going over pictures and articles and stuff people tell me. I’ve been trying so hard but I can’t understand what I did, what we did. It’s so confusing.” He sighed.

“Adam…I don’t think I understand either and I remember it.” She smiled softly, placing her hand over his for a second that was far too short in Adam’s mind. “It’s okay. It’s in the past.”

His lips stretched into a smile as he looked at her. “Can I tell you a secret?”

Her brows furrowed and she chuckled. “Sure.”

“I lied. I didn’t come here just to see you.” He told her. “I came here because I have a proposition to make.”

“And what’s that?”

“Ten days is what took me to convince you to date me. So I want to ask for ten days to let me convince you again.” His words were so certain, he seemed so sure of this. “If after those ten days, I’ve made no progress then I’ll give up on you. I guess what I’m saying is that I want us to start over. Everything.”

“Adam, you can’t just do this. This past year has been hell for me, for us. I can’t risk getting hurt.”

“I can assure you that I know what mistakes I made to lose you, Taylor and I know that I won’t make those same mistakes again. I can’t promise you it’ll work but if you give a chance to try, that’s all I’m asking. A chance. So please, let me try.” He begged, grabbing her hand. It was hard to say no to a face like that. But what he was saying was substantially insane and she should totally be against doing it but there was something about having someone handing out what you wanted for months right in front of you.

She didn’t speak for few seconds, turning to look at him. “Ten days. You have ten days.”

“Thank you.” He laughed, hugging her. She was surprised at the contact but soon relaxed under his touch, her arms wrapping around him before she pulled away not wanting to get caught up.

“So this starting over thing, how does it work?” She smiled.

“Well, Taylor Swift, would you go on a date with me?”

“Why are you freaking out over this?” Gigi laughed, laying sideways on Taylor’s bed as she came in and out of the closet pulling different outfits. “It’s not like you don’t know him. It’s not that hard, Taylor.”

Taylor groaned. “I know! But still, I’m just nervous about it all.” She came out of the closet wearing a black dress. “What do you think?”

“It’s perfect!” Gigi grinned at her.

She frowned, looking down at herself.

“What is it?” Gigi asked.

“This was one of his favorite dresses that I wore.” She mumbled, running her hands over the fabric.

“Babe, it’s okay.” Gigi stood up to hug her. “You’re gonna be fine. I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourself. It’s Adam. He did screw up big time but he’s a good guy and you know him in and out.”

Sighing, she grabbed her phone, checking if anyone had texted her, if Adam had texted her. Thankfully he hadn’t said anything which meant she still had time until he came to pick her up.

“Do you think I should’ve given him the chance? What if he remembers everything suddenly and then he hates me?”

“You’re overthinking it, Tay, honestly. This is good, I mean, you can just end up as friends but maybe it can work out this time. I know you still have feelings for him and I wanted to cut his balls off for a second there but you should give this a shot.”

Taking a sharp breath, she smiled softly. “Okay. It’s gonna be fine.”

Gigi smiled at her encouragingly and Taylor’s phone started ringing. Her eyes widened.

“Oh god.” She groaned and swiped it right, answering Adam’s call. “Hello?”

“Hey, Just letting you know I’ll be there in like ten minutes.” His voice came from the other side of the line.

“Okay, yeah, great!” She smiled nervously. “I’ll see you in a bit then.”

“Can’t wait.” He said before hanging up the phone.

“Isn’t this crazy? It’s crazy isn’t it? I made a mistake.” She muttered, running a hand through her hair.

“Okay, stop!” Gigi held her shoulders, looking into her eyes. “You need to breath, Taylor. You gave him a chance to get you back, which is super brace and I think that maybe if it doesn’t work out, you can get some closure on the Adam thing, which you and I both know you don’t have right now with everything that happened, okay?”

Taylor nodded and then smirked softly, looking at Gigi. “When did you get so wise?” Gigi laughed, shaking her head. “I need to get ready!”

Adam was driving the car, his hands gripping the steering wheel as he tried to calm himself down. He wasn’t even sure why he was so nervous, it suddenly felt like this was his first date ever with a girl. Perhaps it was the fact that this was Taylor or just the fact that he lost his memory and now the girl he loved, who he wanted a future with, had left him. Too many things had happened for his liking. How he managed to screw up so badly was beyond him, he kept wondering how on earth did he not fight for her to stay. He knew she had made mistakes but from he’d been told he was the biggest reason for their break up and he wanted to make sure that he would never make the same mistake twice.

He was driving through the familiar street that led to her house, telling himself it was going to be fine. That he could actually convince her to take him back.

Thinking back to the moment she told him what happened, he never knew losing her could hurt that much. He felt suffocated, his lungs collapsing as his heart broke into tiny pieces. It didn’t make sense. Everything people told him about, the articles he read about what he said, it just didn’t make sense. How he had hurt her, pushed her away like that. How it all went down, from the break up to Taylor and Tom, it was very confusing and the only thing he knew was that he needed to get her back.

‘I’m outside.’ The text message read as Taylor checked her phone. Taking a deep breath, she made her way out of the door quickly. Excited yet nervous about that night. She hoped she wasn’t making a mistake by doing this. This was Adam, the guy she was still sort of, very much in love with who didn’t remember anything about their break up, who was a completely different person than the guy she left, in a good way.

His car was parked in her driveway and she saw him wave before he exited the car, heading towards her with a grin on his face.

“You look absolutely beautiful.” He complimented her with a huge smile on his face. She giggled, walking towards him. He planted a kiss on her cheek. “Shall we get this whole date thing started?”

“Let’s do it.”

New York Surprises (Tayvin AU) Part 6


I just listened to Taylor as she rattled off loads of questions relating to Calvin…or I guess Adam. She suddenly went quiet and started to smile.

“So?” I asked gently, “What did that note say?”

“He gave me his number and said we should meet up…. and that he knows he has a lot of explaining to do….” Taylor said, slightly blushing but also looking distinctly puzzled.

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