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Do you know how to make a post stay fixed in the tumblr or some theme that the post stays fixed

right click on the post you’re interested in

this will take you to some element inside of the post in the inspect window. start at the element that is selected and go up until you find the element that contains all of the post data (in most of my themes it’s article.entry)

now right click on the element and copy it

and then paste it right before {block:Posts} in your theme

now you have a pinned post, but it’s going to repeat on every subsequent page, which is probably not what you want. so we must hide it on subsequent pages using a combination of css and javascript:

first, add the class “pinned” to the post you just pasted into your theme. (the classes should now read, e.g., “entry pinned”)

then add this css:

.pinned:not(:first-of-type) { display:none; }

and this script: 

<script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.7.1/jquery.min.js"></script>
    if(location.pathname != '/') 

note: this script will also hide the pinned post on the customize page, but it will be there when you go to your url!

dear h,

I think I am in love with you.

I have never felt love like this before. I have never felt anything this complete. I think I am in love with you.

I definitely love you. I love all of the regular, basic, everyday things about you: your smile, your laugh, the way your eyes are two slightly different colors, your hair, your voice, the way you look at me.

but there are special things I love about you, too: the way you always say “hi” after we stop kissing as if we’re just meeting for the first time, the way you swing my arm whenever you hold my hand, all of the dumb fireworks jokes you make just to be able to put your arm around me, the way I can physically feel the way you are drawn to me whenever I kiss you and put my hand on your chest because I can feel your heart beating so fast that it feels like it could jump out of your chest but it’s alright because I am ready to catch it just in case because my darling, I am in love with you.

but there is a difference between loving someone and being in love with someone.

this feels like the difference.

I don’t know how to tell you that I might be in love with you. I keep getting frustrated because I don’t know how to put everything that I feel for you into words. you told me earlier that if you could put the way you feel about me into words you would be an incredible poet, but I think the truth is that there are no words that exist to describe it. if you could find the words for it, you wouldn’t be a poet, you’d be magical.

I think we are magical. I think we are something bigger than everything, and I think we are more than anything I understand, and I am in love with you, and I do not know how to tell you.

I am in love with you. and with the way you look at me with your one blue eye and one half-blue-half-greenish-yellow eye, I think you might love me too.

your eyes are two different colors, and when I look into them, I know that I am in love with you.


dear h,

I am in love with you.

things have changed since the day I first wrote you this letter. you told me you love me. you told me you’re in love with me. and you say it like it’s the most important thing you’ve ever said. like you are telling me a secret that is only for me but that you want everyone else to know about.

h, I have never felt happier than I am when I’m around you. you’re remarkable.

you are mine. I am yours. and I am in love with you.

when you touch me, I feel electric. please don’t ever stop. I never, ever, ever want to say goodbye. only goodnight. I will settle for nothing less.

goodnight. I love you.

sometimes, things change for the better.