This isnt anything like what i usually post but*sniffles*Thanks to you guys i have 800+ followers, you guys made me feel apart of something cause with out this blog I’d probably be bored somewhere. At first i was going to delete it cause i thought it was gonna flop but imgladd it didn’t and im sooooo happy about this

Let Them Have This

It’s almost midnight when Dex takes his last load of laundry out of the dryer.

He needed to run it three times and sat in a folding chair in the cold basement to make sure it didn’t start to smoke.

His sweatshirt is still a little damp but his socks and t-shirts are dry and that’s really all he can ask for.

He pats the top of the dryer in thanks for not catching fire and then gives it the finger for all the hell it’s caused him and hoists the laundry basket up on his hip.

They’re only a couple hundred dollars shy from getting a new one and at the rate Jack and Bitty are going….

“Sweetheart, honey.”

Bitty’s voice floats down the stairs and Dex takes them two at a time to get to the top.

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When new images or info are revealed about the next Star Wars movie, I know it’s only a matter of time until Michael Pasquale / @800lbproductions​ will have another incredibly kickass piece of artwork! With the fun reveal of Rey’s new hair-style from the toy packaging, plus confirmation that “The Last Jedi” is plural from the Spanish & French translations, it’s the first chance we’ve had to really visualize what she will look like in The Last Jedi!

So, here we are, 299 days until the next movie and let the fun begin!!!

823 Days until Episode IX

560 Days until the Han Solo Movie