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Myers Briggs Test by Functions

Rank each of the following statements on a scale of 1 to 5 based on how well it describes you or your beliefs (1 being not at all and 5 being describes completely):

  1. It is unkind to unnecessarily offend others; people should filter what they say in order to avoid hurting those around them.
  2. I think most things have a deeper meaning than what is present on the surface. I spend a lot of time contemplating what individual events or statements mean or say about life as a whole.
  3. When working on a problem, I like working with my hands rather than theorizing, finding it helpful to be able to create and see the physical results of a project.
  4. I find it fun to intellectually reason through different theories or ideas, even if there is no logical application for this type of knowledge.
  5. Once I find something I like, I tend to stick with it loyally instead of trying out new options. I believe there’s no reason to change something that works well in the first place.
  6. When considering one topic or idea, my mind easily jumps to related stories and other connections. Often people find it difficult to follow my train of thought because my mind jumps from idea to idea.
  7. You should stay true to yourself and say what you believe without worrying about who will be upset by your words or actions.
  8. People should be able to back up their assertions with overt facts, data, and reasoning. These will reveal whether something is true and logical or false and illogical.
  9. Life is meant to be experienced first hand. I enjoy sensory experiences like sports/art/etc. and taking in the world as I experience it rather than living in my head.
  10. I prefer brainstorming various options and envisioning all the possible ways a project/event could go rather than committing to one idea and sticking with it.
  11. I feel like it is my responsibility to consider the moral and emotional wellbeing of those around me; I like to advise my friends on finding the right thing to do and I deeply care about their problems.
  12. I am often thinking about the future and events that are to come. I have a clear vision in my head of what I want things to be like, or what I think they will be like. This vision is clear and focused and I like to narrow down the ways the future could unfold to one.
  13. I almost always know how and why I am feeling a certain way in a situation. When presented with controversial topics, I can easily understand what my personal views are outside of the context of other people’s beliefs.
  14. I am energized by wit, word games, puzzles, riddles: anything that involves my inner sense of logic and reasoning. I like breaking concepts down in my head in order to understand them.
  15. I am skilled at taking charge of a group, impersonally organizing people and implementing a plan of action. I have assertive and organized qualities that make me a born leader.
  16. I often consider new situations in the light of my past experiences and memory. I think about what I learned from past situations and apply these to my current ones.
  17. I am very in tune with my environment: noticing any changes that occur, completing physical tasks easily, and having an eye for aesthetics.
  18. I am good at looking at a project or situation and recognizing the flaws or weaknesses and proposing a method that is more efficient.
  19. I don’t find it useful to share my emotions with others, and it doesn’t help me to understand my feelings to talk them over with a friend. I can best understand how I feel in a situation by spending time by myself processing my feelings.
  20. When I consider the future, I think about all the disparate ways a situation could unfold. I anticipate every different situation without worrying about which is the best or most accurate.
  21. I am good at noticing details: small visual cues or other characteristics of my environment, how I’m feeling internally, and particulars such as numbers or dates, and have a good memory where I store this information.
  22. I tend to think convergently. I will focus on one situation or project and analyze it, spending my time interpreting it from every possible angle in order to completely understand it.
  23. I like the idea of reaching harmony in a group, and tend to sense and consider what other people’s values and beliefs are before making a decision. I like those around me to be happy with the decisions that are made.
  24. I think external methods of organization (such as corporation hierarchies or governments) are a necessary way of maintaining efficiency and maximum productivity, and I like to see how I can fit my plans and logic into an overarching system such as these.
  25. I look at independent experiences or situations and try to condense them into greater, overarching truths.
  26. Once something has piqued my interest, I want to understand it completely: all the little details of its inner workings so I can fully decipher it.
  27. I have a good memory. I can easily remember and place faces, names, dates, etc. even from a long time ago.
  28. Even though I am a deeply emotional person, I recognize the fact that feelings and morals are generally illogical and created by the individual.
  29. I recognize that there are many “truths” in life, and none of them are absolute over the others. I appreciate each perspective for its own individual frame of mind and ideas.
  30. I find that talking over my feelings with a friend helps me to understand how I’m feeling, verbalizing my emotions and hearing feedback from someone I trust.
  31. I would consider myself a realistic person, good at recognizing what needs to be done in situations and actually implementing it.
  32. I understand new situations best by jumping into it myself. I learn by taking in the sights and sounds of a place and interacting with it in the moment.

Si: 5, 16, 21, 27
Se: 3, 9, 17, 32
Ni: 2, 12, 22, 25
Ne: 6, 10, 20, 29
Ti: 4, 14, 18, 26
Te: 8, 15, 24, 31
Fi: 7, 13, 19, 28
Fe: 1, 11, 23, 30

Then type yourself by looking at the functions of the different Myers Briggs types, picking which function orders you fit primarily based on your dominant, then auxiliary, and possibly tertiary functions as well (though usually not your inferior functions). 

John 8:56-59
Abraham, your father, was glad that he would see My day; then he saw it and was overjoyed.”

“Why, you’re not yet fifty years old,” the Judeans replied, “and you have seen Abraham?” Yeshua said to them, “Yes, indeed! Before Abraham was, I AM!” At this, they picked up stones to throw at Him; but Yeshua was hidden and left the Temple grounds.

The ancient Greek phrase for I AM is ego emi, which is the same term used in the Greek translation of the Old Testament in Jesus’ day to describe the Voice from the burning bush (Exodus 3).

In using the phrase I AM (John 8:248:5813:19) Jesus used a clear divine title belonging to Yahweh alone (Exodus 3:13-14Deuteronomy 32:39, Isaiah 43:10) and was interpreted as such by Jesus’ listeners (John 8:58-59).

The phrase harbours within itself the most authentic, the most audacious, and the most profound affirmation by Jesus of who He was.

The best proof of what Jesus meant by claiming to be the I AM is found by seeing the response of His listeners: They picked up stones to throw at Him. They wanted to stone Him for blasphemy, for claiming to be God.

The Jewish religious leaders, as blind as they were, they were quick to realize Jesus had just claimed to be God and wanted to kill Him for it. Even the blind Jewish leaders knew Jesus was claiming to be God, and yet there’s so many people that refuse to see Jesus is God and refuse to believe on the Holy Trinity. It just blows my mind.

Both Yeshua and YHWH are the great I AM, the one who was revealed to Moses. That wasn’t even the only time Jesus claimed to be God. Only in this chapter alone Jesus used ego emi (I AM) 3 times. There’s plenty of times in the Gospels we hear the Jesus is God, John 1 being the biggest one especially if you read the original text, yet so many people refuse to acknowledge it.

If the Pharisees and Sadducees and all these Jewish religious leaders realized that Jesus is claiming to be God, how much more blind are you if you don’t see that? People choose to blindly follow their ignorant and blasphemous beliefs rather than to pray for wisdom (James 1:5) and pick up the Bible for themselves and read it and have the Holy Spirit show them the truth.

The fact that Jesus mentioned Abraham in John 8 made me remember Genesis 22 which tell us “Abraham said, ‘God will provide for Himself the lamb.’” Abraham was absolutely right, because some 2,000 years later God Himself provided a lamb of sacrifice for Himself. Jesus is the lamb of God. Jesus is God Himself who died for the sins of this world.

Mark 14:62
“I AM,” said Jesus, “and all of you will see the Son of Man seated at the right hand of the Power and coming with the clouds of heaven.”

This verse is often overlooked if you are looking at a way to prove the Holy Trinity, but pay attention to its meanings and how it ties up the Old Testament. This is during His trial and when He is asked if He is the Messiah or not.

The Lord claims to be the great I AM from Exodus. He claims to be the Son of Man found in Daniel. He claims to be seated at the right hand of Power which is found in Psalm 110. And by the way, the expression the right hand of the Power is a circumlocution for referring to God. Such indirect references to God were common in 1st century Judaism out of reverence for the divine name. Once you understand its context we realize that Jesus is claiming without a shadow of doubt to be God during His trial.

What was the reaction of the high priest at the time for Jesus’ declarations here? The 2 following verses tell us exactly what happened: “Then the high priest tore his robes and said, 'Why do we still need witnesses? You have heard the blasphemy! What is your decision?' And they all condemned Him to be deserving of death.

Once again, as in John 8, the people were so mad because He was claiming to be God that they wanted to kill Him. But unlike John 8 which wasn’t His time to die yet, now it was, and He did die and THANK GOD He died so that, “If you confess with your mouth, 'Jesus is Lord,’ and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved” as Romans 10:9 tells us.

John 17:4-5
I have glorified You on the earth
by completing the work You gave Me to do.
Now, Father, glorify Me in Your presence
with that glory I had with You
before the world existed.

This is another great showing of Jesus’ claim to be God. This prayer could not come from Jesus if He were not Yahweh Himself, equal with the Father. In Isaiah 42:8 and Isaiah 48:11, Yahweh proclaims that He does not shares His glory with absolutely ANYONE. And if Jesus shared the glory with the Father even before the world existed, a glory Yahweh said He does not share with anyone, that means they are One in the same. Simply put, if the Father and Son share their glory, they must both be Yahweh.

John 10:30
ἐγὼ καὶ ὁ πατὴρ ἕν ἐσμεν.

If you were to translate the original text word by word the text would read, “i and the father one are” which would sound weird in English hence why it was translated as “The Father and I are one.” The phrase ἕν ἐσμεν (en esmen) is a significant assertion with trinitarian implications. ἕν is neuter, not masculine, so the assertion is not that Jesus and the Father are one person, but one “thing.” Identity of the two persons is not what is asserted, but essential unity (unity of essence).

This is an important statement regarding the deity of Jesus and the nature of the godhead. I and My Father refutes the “Jesus Only” doctrine. Are one refutes the teaching that Jesus isn’t God.

Opponents of the deity of Jesus say that the oneness Jesus had with the Father was only a unity of purpose and mission - even as a husband and wife or father and son may have a unity of purpose of mission, and still they are not the same person. This, however, misses the point. First, the Bible teaches that the Father and the Son are the same Person - they are one God, but distinct in Person. Second, it misses the most obvious point: that even true unity of purpose and mission between a husband and wife or father and son exist only because they are each equally and totally human. You can’t really speak of even a unity of purpose and mission between a human and a dog; isn’t the distance between God and man even greater? Even if the unity described by Jesus was merely a unity of purpose and mission (and it is more than that), even that would only be possible if the Father and Son were equally and totally God.

There’s so many other passages (John 1 being the most known) which show the Lord is God, but I wanted to talk about the ones that aren’t as popular as John 1 to show Him being One with the Father.

Once we come to the conclusion that Jesus is God, what are we to think about the Holy Spirit? Well, Jesus talked about the Holy Spirit:

John 14:16
And I will pray the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may abide with you forever

John 14:16 is one of the verses in the Bible that shows the underlying theme of the Trinity. God the Son prays to God the Father that He might send God the Holy Spirit to us.

The Helper in this verse translates the ancient Greek word “parakletos.” This means “a person summoned to one’s aid,” and may refer to an advisor, a legal defender, a mediator, or an intercessor.

The word “another” is the ancient Greek word “allen,” meaning “another of the same kind” not another of a different kind. Just as Jesus shows the nature of God the Father, so the Holy Spirit - being “another of the same kind” - will show the nature of Jesus.

Essentially, the Holy Spirit is sent to empower and help the believer live the Christian life. The greater work described in John 14:12-14 is impossible without the empowering described in John 14:15-18.

With so much evidence pointing to Jesus being God it’s hard to believe there’s so many people out there who believe Jesus is the Archangel Michael, or that Jesus is the brother of the devil, or that Jesus is just a prophet, or so many other blasphemous beliefs in regards to our Lord.

Jesus made Himself clear over and over again: He is God. You either believe Him to be God or you believe Him to be a madman, there is no middle ground.

a makeshift conversation between me and your old chat logs
  • me: So, how are you?
  • you: (20/6/14) I'm fine, thank you for asking sweetie ^.^
  • me: That's nice. It's been a long time. I didn't think I would still miss you, but here we are.
  • you: (4/5/16) Well, that's a bit unfortunate.
  • me: It is, isn't it? You'd think I could just stop and make things easier for myself.
  • you: (30/3/15) If you want. It's… awkward, if you get what I mean.
  • me: I wish I didn't. I wish I didn't feel so lonely, too. Say, would you let me ask you a question?
  • you: (24/8/13) go on?????
  • me: Do you love me?
  • you:
  • (but it was just me all along)
Theo Raeken (Prompts 8, 13, 24, & 36)

8-“make me!" 

To say you were surprised to see Theo was an understatement. It had been practically ten years since you last saw him and he still managed to make your blood boil. It took less than a second for his eyes to meet yours as he shot you a cock smirk, already making his way to the empty desk beside you.

 'So much for solitude!’ You mentally groaned burying your face in your hands. You let out a huffy breathe knowing each second that passed would bring him closer to your desk, when suddenly you had an idea. ‘Two can play at this game.’ Quickly you grabbed your bag and threw it across his chair, propping your feet on the empty desk beside and shooting a smirk in Theo’s direction. You knew he noticed by the challenging glare he was shooting you, sending a rush of confidence through you. Smiling slyly you thought back to how this whole feud had begun, long ago when he decided to tease you about your pigtails and you, in return, decided the proper response to such an event would be to punch him in the face. Unfortunately the schools administrator did not agree with your methods and you had been suspended for a few days. Looking back it seemed quite childish but, hey, you were infact a child back then! 

 "Its been too long baby doll.. Mind moving your things?” He approached, flashing the most charming smile. 

 "I actually would mind,“ you stated matter of factly before adding sweetly, "thanks for asking." 

 He looked at you a bemused twinkle in his eyes, "Now, princess, Im not here to start a fight I just need a seat and as you can see, all the other ones are taken. Can you move your things,” He stepped closer leaning over your desk so that your faces were mere inches apart, “please?" 

 Your heart was beating rapidly in your chest as you contemplated your options, you could always push him away and try to convince someone else to trade seats with him, or… 

 ”Make me“ you replied, your voice low and sultry, as you watched his cheeks flush and his body shoot back. He starred at you somewhat shocked and quite embarrassed by his reaction to your offer. You had caught him off guard. 

 "Mr. Raeken?! Mrs. (Y/L/N)?! Is there a problem?!” The teacher called from the front of the room. 

 "Uh uh..“ You panicked starring wide eyed at the teacher. You could smart off to other students all you wanted but you were deathly afraid of teachers, especially this one. You wanted to make a good impression and now you weren’t. Your eyes met Theo’s, the look on your face made him chuckle as he turned to the teacher, 

 "No sir I was just sitting down!” Theo smirked down at you. You sighed as you were forced to move your bag. Your previous anxiety replaced with the sinking feeling of defeat 

 "Teachers, always ruining all the fun.“ you mumbled as Theo laughed beside you. 

 "Don’t laugh! I nearly had you beat!” You whined quietly. 

 "Maybe next time babydoll!“ He winked before turning to the board. 

13-"Wanna bet?" 

You and the pack had decided to spend your Friday night at the new Pizza place down the street. It was quite a small facility located in the most vacant shopping plaza in beacon hills, which was notoriously labelled the place "all shops go to die”. In all the years you had lived in Beacon Hills not one successful shop ever sprouted in the Beta Woods Shopping Plaza. For example, there was the old gym whose equipment was so ancient and worn it was mostly held together by duct tape, the book store who hosted more termites than books, and of course Lady Marie’s psychic shop which was infamous for its false readings and cheap crystals. 

 Despite the shady location you all found the lack of people and the cool atmosphere to be quite refreshing. Plus, the opening sale promised a “pizza buffet” which would serve unlimited pizza for only 7 bucks a person. How could you possibly resist? 

 "I am so ready for this unlimited pizza you dont even know!“ Liam grinned rubbing his hands together before loading his plate with 6 slices of pizza.

 "Me too!” Theo remarked as he too filled his plate with so many pieces of pizza you didn’t understand how his plate wasnt shattered. Of course not close behind was Stiles and Scott who were practically drooling over the cheap food.

 You could hardly contain your smile as you heard Malia from the other side of the buffet table cry out, “Ive been waiting for this forever!" 

 When you looked over at her she was holding two very large plates of pizza already shoveling a slice into her mouth as she made her way to a table. You and Lydia looked at one another laughing admiringly at Malia. She sure was something else.

 2 hours later everyone had finished eating, except for Theo, who was still going strong after his 10th pizza. 'Man does this kid ever stop?' 

 "How can you even see straight after all those pizzas?!” You gawked as he scarfed down another slice.

 "Werewolf, remember?“ He smirked as his eyes briefly shone bright yellow, revealing his inner-wolf, to prove his point. 

 "Theo!” Scott warned. “This place may be somewhat vacant but we are still in public!" 

 You laughed as Theo just shrugged before announcing he was done with his food. 

 "Finally!” Stiles whined as you jumped out of your seats and made your way towards the exit. The pack said their goodbyes as you reached the parking lot; Stiles, Scott, Liam, and Malia squishing into Stiles Jeep as you and Theo headed towards his car. 

 You slide into the passenger seat as you heard Theo throwing himself into the drivers seat in exhaustion. “Im full” Theo groaned suddenly as you laughed at his stupidity. 

 "Maybe if you hadn’t eaten so much you wouldn’t be so full!“ He scowled over at you as your eyes gleamed in amusement. 

"Well maybe if you weren’t so beautiful I’d be able to think straight enough to serve up a good comeback!" 

 You gasped in shock before covering it with a forced chuckle, "haha thats funny Im not beautiful!" 

 Your heart was beating a million miles an hour as you watched him his body shifting closer your own before he whispered, ”wanna bet?“ Before slowly pressing his lips to yours. 

 24-"draw me like one of your french boys" 

 It was no secret to anyone in Beacon Hills that you were an artist, and a good one no less. You could always be found crouching over your sketch book your hands dancing over the page before you, like a fast waltz perfectly capturing the world around you. Your hands were always covered in ashy grey powder from your pencils and small eraser shavings tucked into unusual slots in your clothing.

 In fact you were such a talented artist that a couple months ago a famous painter, Antoine Papel, had invited you to Paris to study with him. He had taught you many incredible tricks and forms, and you in turn -he said- inspired him and his artwork. "Young artists always make me feel so young again. They rekindle my love for the craft; theres nothing like watching young eyes grow wide with knowledge.” He had said. While you had been there you had drawn many french models, one of Antoine’s biggest beliefs was that nothing was more fluid for an artist than the human body, and nothing more beautiful either. And so as it goes many of the students around campus liked to joke that you had just gone away to draw a bunch of hot french guys. Not that you minded because it was partially true; you did get to draw a lot of hot guys who were in fact french. 

 Today was a particularly beautiful day as you sat outside sketching the giddy young couple having a picnic under a large weeping willow tree. You liked the way the sun poured down upon the girls golden curls and captured the fond look in his eyes as he reached for her hand. Perhaps it was quite cliche but in that moment it seemed like the sweetest gesture ever known to man kind. It had been an hour or so since the couple had left and you were still busily sketching away when you heard a low voice whisper in your ears, “Thats pretty good Y/N, is that supposed to be me and you?!” You could just hear the familiar smirk in his all too familiar voice. 

 "No Theo thats actually a couple that was here earlier.“ You huffed not even looking at him in between your gentle strokes. You hadn’t come this far drawing the picture just to mess up the detailing of her nose!

 "Aww why dont you ever draw me?” He whined pouting at you, only to realize you still hadn’t bothered to look up. Suddenly he sprawled across the table gently pulling the sketch book from your hand and posing as he whispered huskily, “draw me like one of your french boys

 36-"cocky are we?" 

"Look its nothing personal babe, its just.. I don’t see you that way.. You are my best friend Theo and have been for years, it would be weird to ever think of you romantically, ya know?!” You stated with a shrug, looking over at your best friend of 12 years. 

Theo had just confessed to liking you and wanting to go on a date and you hadn’t known what to say. Sure he’s hot, but he’s also your best friend! If your relationship fails then you lose it all! 

 He was silent for a moment before he looked at you with a smirk, his confidence still not feigning, “So does that mean you doubt I can make you fall for me or that you aren’t willing to give me the chance?" 

 You laughed completely dumbfounded by his confidence and question, "why does it matter?" 

 "Are you willing to at least give me the chance to prove myself to you?" 

 "What do you have in mind?” You giggled batting your eyes at him, genuinely starting to change your mind about the whole “not dating your best friend”. He had always been there for you and was really everything you always complain about wanting in a boy. 

 "One night is all I need to make you fall in love with me.“ 

 ”Cocky are we?“ 

 "Confident.” He corrected, “So is that a yes?”

 "Pick me up Saturday at 5, I will dress nice so heaven forbid don’t take me to see some stupid chick flick in hopes of getting some because I will smack you.“  

"Wouldn’t dream of it princess!”

So like… Can we please talk about why there are so many KHR seiyuus in Mushishi? Seriously.

Kokubun Yukari: Tsuna -> Biki (Ep. 2)

Inoue Suguru: Yamamoto -> Seijirou (Ep. 19)

Inamura Yuuna: Kyoko -> Hana (Ep. 13)

Matsuyama Takashi: Tsuyoshi -> Kourou’s Father (Ep. 7) Forever the dad

Suzuki Masami: Lal Mirch -> Isana (Ep. 22)

Akesaka Satomi: Chrome -> Nami (Ep. 8)

Sanpei Yuko: Fuuta -> Shinra (Ep. 1)

Maeda Takeshi: Lancia -> Kourou (Ep. 7) and some other people (Ep. 8, 9, 13, 24)

Uchiyama Kouki: Enma (His seiyuu for Vomic) -> Tatsu (2nd Season Ep. 4)

Nakagawa Akira: Shoichi’s Mother -> Biki’s Mother (Ep. 2) She’s Tsuna’s mom in this one

Ootani Miki: Hana -> Villagers (Ep. 23 and 24)

Kawahara Yoshihisa: Glo Xinia -> Man (Ep. 4)

Yara Yuusaku: Timoteo (Vongola Ninth) -> Head Fisherman (2nd Season Ep. 2)

Iwasaki Masami: Iemitsu -> Man (Ep. 7)

Naitou Ryo: Ken -> A lot of people actually (Ep.  3, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 18, 23, 24, 26) 

and the most unbelievable of all…
Nakano Yuto: Levi -> Ginko (THE MAIN CHARACTER)

anonymous asked:

My nap turned into a sleep, but here are the questions I said I would send! 8, 13, 24

too relatable honestly

8: i’ll love you if… - 

just give me any type of affection and i’ll love you forever tbh

13: what you want to be when you get older - 

the dream is to make money off of music but other than that i can’t really think of anything… maybe something to do with chemistry? i honestly have no idea 

24: what you find attractive in men - 

now that i’m thinking about it it’s kind of hard to actually pinpoint what i like in guys? gotta be cute…. really i just despise the concept of gender and if the guy isn’t afraid to travel outside of their stereotypes it’s a huge turn on. kind of vague but yeh

jamcoptor  asked:

1, 4, 8, 12, 13, 23, 24, 26, 28, aaand 33

holy shiiit so many, thanks broo 8DD

1. Light sleeper- Mac

4. Has a dysfunctional family- I think Ricky and Mac’s families are tied XDD

8. Can kill you with a pencil- Alex

12. Wants to run away from everything- Selena

13. Knows random facts about everything- Totes Selena

23. Will laugh as they kill you- Jack for sure

24. Would bake a cake for a friend who is sad- rICKY WILL MAKE ALL THE HAPPINESS CAKES

26. Acts like they don’t care, but do- This is so Mac

28. Gets lost easily- Jazz

33. Can’t sleep without something special- ngl Mac sleeps with his bow

Prompts Page

Slowly going to get this updated.  Links will be added as we go along. 

Link to Prompts Tag


Week 1 (7-27-15)

Prompt 1: (AU or Canon Compliant) Kurt and/or Blaine as young children (preferably under 5).  For example, could possibly be a family story or the two of them meeting as young children.

Prompt 2: (AU or Canon Compliant)  Blaine and/or Kurt using cheesy pickup lines on the other.  For example, could be to seduce or being funny but can be whatever you’d like, wherever you like, whenever you like.

Prompt 3: (Canon Compliant) Time(s) Kurt and Blaine almost met, set anywhere before the ep. Never Been Kissed.  For example, could be a five times Klaine almost met, or focusing on one time they crossed paths before they met.


Week 2 (8-03-15)

Prompt 4: (AU) Long term housemates/roommates/neighbors finally figuring out they’re in love.

Prompt 5: (AU or Canon compliant)  Kurt and Blaine get caught making out by papa!Anderson.

Prompt 6: (Canon compliant)  Events leading up to or context around the “no hands south of the equator” rule.


Week 3 (8-10-15)

Prompt #7: (AU) Famous!Klaine. Either one or both Kurt and Blaine are famous.

Prompt #8: (AU or Canon compliant)  Five Times Kurt totally knows Blaine is staring at his ass (or vise versa) and uses it to his advantage.

Prompt #9: (Canon compliant)  The same story, but told from both characters’ point of view. For example, their first kiss or their first date or the first time, but told first completely from Kurt’s POV and then from Blaine’s.


Week 4 (8-17-15)

Prompt #10: (AU or Canon Compliant) Kurt and Blaine stranded in the airport because of the snow.  

Prompt #11: (AU or Canon Compliant) Kurt and/or Blaine have a bachelor party thrown for them (can be completely AU or thrown after they’re already married by their friends).  

Prompt #12: (Canon Compliant)  Development of Blaine and Burt’s relationship, canon adjacent exploration of how we get from the inauspicious start in Blame it on the Alcohol and Sexy (or earlier) to Glee Actually and All or Nothing (and beyond thru Dreams Come True).


Week 5 (8-24-15)

Prompt #13: (AU) Criminal/Cop (or any variation of the good boy/bad boy trope) Klaine.

Prompt #14: (AU or Canon Compliant)  Brittany has Blaine and Kurt as guests on Fondue For Two.

Prompt #15: (Canon Compliant) Elliott’s reaction/interaction with the boys during season 6.


Week 6 (8-31-15)

Prompt #16:  Reality TV AU - Kurt and Blaine meet or compete on The Apprentice, All-male The Bachelor, Survivor, The Amazing Race, Antiques Roadshow, Million Dollar Listing, Candid Camera, Great British Bake-Off. (Any reality TV show is fine.)

Prompt #17: (Author of the Week, Alianne’s choice)  Dalton-era Klaine as boyfriends, canon compliant or AU

Prompt #18: (SCB prompt) Anything related to the episode 2009.  (Kurt before he joins choir, Blaine as he just starts Dalton, etc)


Week 7 (9-7-15)

Prompt #19: AU: ten-year-old Kurt and Blaine are muggleborn wizards discovering their magic at school when they are bullied. Then they meet and realize they both have magic, without really knowing what is going on. (Or any variation on a Harry Potter theme.)

Prompt #20: (Author of the Week, Klaineitupanotch choice)  Trapped in an elevator.  Either canon compliant; Klaine stuck in an elevator post-Hurt Locker pt. 2 or AU Kurt and Blaine don’t really know each other and are just rival show choir leaders who get stuck in an elevator.

Prompt #21: (SCB prompt) Anything related to the episode Pilot (1x01).  (canon compliant)


Week 8 (9-14-15)

Prompt #22: (AU or Canon Compliant) Take any solo that either Blaine or Kurt sang - or any duet they did together - and write a fic based off of the title of the song.

Prompt #23: (Author of the Week, Miasswier’s choice) Kurt and Blaine decide to try something new (sexually) but it goes horribly, horribly wrong (like, hilarious wrong, not angsty wrong)

Prompt #24: (SCB prompt) Anything related to the episode Showmance (1x02).  (canon compliant)


Week 9 (9-21-15)

Prompt #25: (AU)  Ye Olde Times AU: how far back could Blaine and Kurt have met? And in what country? 1540 in China? 1800 in England? 1750 in the US? 1350 in Nigeria?

Prompt #26: (Author of the Week, Lilyvandersteen’s choice)  Arranged/secret/accidental marriage AUs.

Prompt #27: (SCB prompt)  Anything related to the episode Acafellas (1x03).  (canon compliant)


Week 10 (9-28-15)

Prompt #28: (AU)  Meeting at a wedding: ex–Blaine is getting married, Kurt is the florist. Or Kurt is getting married, Blaine is the wedding singer. Or Mercedes and Sam are getting married, Kurt and Blaine are the best men.

Prompt #29: (Author of the Week, Chriscolfuck’s choice) One or both of the boys is bisexual/biromantic.

Prompt #30: (SCB prompt)  Anything related to the episode Preggers (1x04).  (canon compliant)


Week 11 (10-5-15)

Prompt #31: (AU or Canon compliant)  Klaine babysitting and learning new things about each other because of the children.

Prompt #32: (Author of the Week, Likearumchocolatesouffle’s choice)  Kurt and Blaine are polyamorous. (One or both of them has another long-term romantic partner.) Preferably not focused on jealousy. :)

Prompt #33: (SCB prompt)  Anything related to the episode Rhodes Not Taken (1x05).  (canon compliant)


Week 12 (10-12-15)

Prompt #34: (AU) Fantasy based Klaine!

Prompt #35: (Author of the Week, Hazelandglasz’s choice)   Anything involving food porn–Canon compliant, with the boys cooking for each other or AU where they meet because of a cake or in a restaurant :)

Prompt #36: (SCB prompt)  Anything related to the episode Vitamin D (1x06).  (canon compliant)


Week 13 (10-19-15)

Prompt #37: (AU or Canon compliant) There is no way there wasn’t at least one non glee girl at McKinley (or “tadpole gay” for that matter) with a crush on Kurt. I want to know what they saw when they silently watched him. Or maybe it was a freshman with a crush on Blaine his senior year? Or a student with a crush on one of the “hot new teachers” in season 6?

Prompt #38: (Author of the Week, Inawickedlittletown’s choice)  Kurt and Blaine adopting children because those are always cute and fun.

Prompt #39: (SCB prompt)  Anything related to the episode Throwdown (1x07).  (canon compliant)


Week 14 (10-26-15)

Prompt #40: (AU or Canon compliant) HALLOWEEN!!! Bring out your scary stories, your supernatural stories, vampire, werewolves, ghosts, anything that’s appropriate for Halloween!!

Prompt #41: (Author of the Week, Queenofairandfire’s choice)   One of the boys has cold feet, and it’s beginning to bother the other one. So they buy them fuzzy socks to wear at bedtime.

Prompt #42: (SCB prompt)  Anything related to the episode Mash Up (1x08).  (canon compliant)


Week 15 (11-2-15)

Prompt #43: (AU or Canon compliant)  Any kind of soulmate fic where the persons name is written on their body

Prompt #44: (Author of the Week, Lurkdusoleil’s choice) Kurt or Blaine with a disability.

Prompt #45: (SCB prompt)  Anything related to the episode Wheels (1x09).  (canon compliant)


Week 16 (11-9-15)

Prompt #46: Crossovers! Any AU that crosses over with another TV show, movie, book, etc.

Prompt #47: (AU or Canon compliant) Kurt and/or Blaine as teachers

Prompt #48: (SCB prompt)  Anything related to the episode Ballad (1x10).  (canon compliant)


Week 17

Prompt #49: (AU or Canon Compliant) Diner Klaine; Klaine stories involving the Spotlight Diner, or any AU where one or the both of them work in a diner or a restaurant.    

Prompt #50: (Spotlight Author of the Week Khal-Blaine’s choice) Include a cat in your Klaine fic.

Prompt #51: (SCB prompt)  Anything related to the episode Hairography (1x11).  (canon compliant)


Week 18

Prompt #52: (AU or Canon Compliant) Dinner Party! In honor of American Thanksgiving being this week, let’s have all the dinner party stories.  (Doesn’t have to specifically involve Thanksgiving, but it can.)

Prompt #53: (AU or Canon Compliant) Winter theme—anything that relates to snow, ice skating, hot chocolate, cold, you pick.  :)

Prompt #54: (SCB prompt)  Anything related to the episode Mattress (1x12).  (canon compliant)


Week 19

Prompt #55: (AU or Canon Compliant)  New Years Resolutions! Making them, keeping them, or not keeping them! Anything you like!

Prompt #56: (SCB prompt)  Anything related to the episode Sectionals (1x13).

Prompt #57: (SCB prompt)  Anything related to the episode Hell-O (1x14).  (canon compliant)


Week 20

Prompt 58:  Mythology!Klaine – Kurt and Blaine as gods, demigods, or other mythological characters, or the two of them interacting with mythological characters. (Spotlight Author Nadiacreek’s prompt)

Prompt 59:  Re-imagine a fairy tale- Klaine-style. Any kind of fairy tale- classic, Disney, foreign, nursery rhyme… you name it. Just give it your twist and feature our favorite boys! (Spotlight Author Klainebowsanddramioneflies’s prompt)

Prompt 60: All the “Gay for you” stories! (Spotlight Author Seeroftodayandtomorrow’s prompt)


Week 21

Prompt 61:  Kurt and/or Blaine as single dads (Spotlight Author Andersonwalsh’s prompt)

Prompt 62:  Slytherin!Kurt is being bullied by his house-mates so he finds refuge in the Hufflepuff dorms, where Blaine is especially nice to him. (Spotlight Author Heartstringsduet’s prompt)

Vans Warped Tour 2016 has announced the first 10 bands to play this summer. They are :

3OH!3 7/21 - 7/31
Issues 6/24 - 8/13
Mayday Parade 6/24 - 8/13
Pepper 6/24 - 6/29, 7/1 - 7/22
Real Friends 6/24 - 8/13
Sleeping With Sirens 6/24 - 8/13
State Champs 6/24 - 8/13
The Maine 6/24 - 8/13
The Story So Far 6/24 - 8/13
Tonight Alive 6/24 - 8/13





GOOD CHARLOTTE (7/19-7/28)





SUM 41 (6/28-8/7)

THE SUMMER SET (7/30-8/13)




3OH!3 (7/21-7/31)



PEPPER (6/24-6/29, 7/1)








ATREYU (7/19-8/7)








VOLUMES (6/24-7/17)

















PROF (7/26-8/13)

















AVION ROE (6/24-7/21)

BAD SEED RISING (6/24-7/27)



CAPSIZE (7/17-8/13)



HAIL THE SUN (6/24-7/16)


MORE TO MONROE (7/28-8/13)







SILENT PLANET (6/24-7/17)


THE NEW LOW (7/19-8/13)




*Bands with no dates next to name are on full tour (6/24-8/13)

  1. B.A.P is included in “Music Bank Playback” which airs tomorrow (23/8) 
  2. “B.A.P Special” is going to be aired on MusicJapanTV on 24/8 KST 13:30-14:00
  3.  “HanChu” episode 149 & 150 with B.A.P is going to air on Home Drama Channel on 28/8 at KST26:00-27:30   

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