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Ugh, reason #5462 to hate SC Stefan was all gung ho to spend Elena's human life with her but cannot begin to comprehend spending HIS human life with Caroline? Basically I hate him and I need him to die quicker.

As quick as possible.


The past is always steeped in mystery and romance. Obscured from our sight by the fluttering veil of time, it keeps haunting us in our dreams and fantasies where we waltz in a fanciful ball gown, write memoires with a feather quill and ride down the cobbled street in a shaky carriage. Trying to hold on to these poetic times, we surround ourselves with antique items wondering who they used to belong to. The magic of old things sets the clock back and takes you back to the days they were made.

HOW THE FUCK did Awkward get 5 season and Faking It is the show being cancelled??? Awkward was done with the second season.. it such a boring show and Faking It has a lot of representation (i know they’re not perfect but the show got better this season) and it was different.. 

i guess the only storyline that sells is awkward/outcast white girl falls for popular white guy and everyting that has been done 5462 times before happens again..