one thing that i love about the check please fandom is the open inclusive nature of it when it comes to collaborative work. like, in other fandoms that i’ve been in in the past people get really mad when people add on to their posts but here! here it’s encouraged! everything has more than one author! everyone is collaborating! people who are new to the fandom tag things “sorry i highjacked your post” but no! it’s the norm! and i legitimately find that beautiful. someone shares a headcanon, someone else writes a 100 word drabble, op ads another few lines, a third person keeps the thread going. it’s just, honestly the coolest.


i gotta save up money for my prom dress so im opening commissions for the first time!!


  • prices in CAD - payment by paypal or wepay ($1 CAD = $0.77 USD; $10 CAD = $7.74 USD)
  • colour is not currently available
  • approval stage: bust/headshot commissions - if you’d like, i’ll send you the rough sketch to see what you would want me to fix or change before i finish it :0 ! doodle + object commissions do not have this
  • a simple background [chair/blank/etc.] will not cost extra but if you want something more complex, it might because more details take more time :/
  • i will not draw any nsfw/problematic* art [*no pedophilia/etc. kinda stuff], but anything else is good
  • if you would like something other than what i offer, email me and i can see what i can do :o

email me ( with the following info:

  • type of commission [doodle/object/bust/headshot/other]
  • description of what you want [please include whether or not you want realism!]
  • ref image(s) [if you have these or want me to ref off of something - this is very helpful!]
  • any additional comments [if you are requesting a bust/headshot commission, please include whether or not you would like an approval stage!]

and if even if you aren’t going to commission, it would be helpful if you reblogged this post!! thanks ;_;