100 followers yay!!!!


(Well this has been sitting in my drafts for a while……)


100 Follower Gifts!!! 

I cannot express how thankful I am to have all of you guys here! I never thought I would get this many followers- like ever. But here I am with 121 followers and they are still growing! I’m so excited and happy to see where this can take me. I have so much content coming up for you guys and I’m so excited! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

This wonderful sim is up for download on the gallery, just search “Aylin Hahn” or use my origin id which is kassadym. If you can’t find her always make sure you have the “include custom content” filter on! The CC will be under the cut! I, unfortunately, will not be linking the CC just because I gave me such a hard time last time with my lookbook, but I am putting the name of the item and who it’s by so you can also get her! If you use her tag me @simsarchive !! (also sorry for like the low-quality photos I don’t know what happened lol) 

I know I’m finally getting to this, I’ve had a lot of things going on these past few days but I’m not trying to make excuses. So better late than never. Love all of you guys! Thank you! Alsoooo there will be another gift coming later today!!!

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Blog rates for my 19k celebration:


  • gotta follow me 
  • reblog this post
  • send me an ask with your favorite SPN quote
  • this post must get at least 50 notes ;)


Blog rates format:

URL: | meh | nice | love it | dean’s pie |
Posts: | mostly reblogs | kinda dig it | guess I’m stalking you now | Sam’s smile |
Icon: | fandom | yum | wanna make out with them | Cas’s blue eyes |
Overall: | cool | me likey | low-key crushing on you | Crowley’s sass |
Following: | no | maybe | just now | long ago, love you |

 Also, because you’re so awesome, I’ll have an URL giveaway. You can have any of the following:

@mr-ketch @mick-davies

@deanwinsexster @sam-winsexster

@rebel-castiel @casifer @bitter-cas-girl

@true-form-castiel @smol-cas

Send me a message or ask if you want one 

And, as you guys asked for, some of my favorite blogs on tumblr

Follow forever under the cut:

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Reached 300 followers^^ <3

,Because I was so happy to reach such a milestone x3 *as a lonely social anxiety potato this is an amazing achievment haha*
I made a Birthday Page :D Anyone can be added just send me an ask with your date and so it’s not too dull send me your fav song :3 *everyone from the Fandom Family has been added automatically :D*

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Am also listing my forever follow list because these people deserve more love and follows :3 (some may not follow me but oh well such is life but that doesn’t mean I love them any less^^):

@sauron-is-a-pretty-girl, @undomielevenstar, @lemnxscata, @jonny-bernthals, @hokageandramen, @gotlembas, @fuck-yeah-middle-earth, @ungoliamt, @mockingjaykatniss2, @shiremaiden, @sherlsassy, @ladvsnow, @nature-and-starlight, @klngfili, @unofficial-hobbit-business, @thelastofoldvalyria, @ewoyn, @eowyyyn, @theleavesoflorien, @gryffinoir, @scarygritte, @anagraves, @ladymd, @remembertheshiremrfrodo, @gaaaaaaaaaandaaaaaaaaaalf, @lttleslytherin, @leeeeeeeeeegooooooooolaaaaaaaaas, @gendryxaryatrash, @virilome, @regalstormborn, @woodlandcrowns, @thewincheters, @jojenreet, @jojehn, @house-of-feanor, @lavenderdany, @miirkwoods, @mishacolins, @wlntrfell, @jonstavk, @avenger-and-proud, @aamosburton, @nzagul, @allpaintedincolors, @thesilverrqueen, @sillver-queen, @thorinobsessed, @thorin-thoughts, @lahnister, @dracomysunshinechild, @blackfyrres, @natthedwobbit, @motherofkittens94, @two-towers, @finrods, @arwens, @heartoferebor, @sindar-princeling, @lotrlorien, @eomer, @elvenkiing, @weareabunchofheathens, @l–o–t–r, @calmtolkienreader, @orlandobloom, @crispy-bacon-and-cheese, @princelinglegolas, @hedapowerclexa ,@leg0las-greenleaf, @batman-dc & @jrrtolkiens <3 there are more & I am sorry if i forgot to tag you o.o :/


AAA I can’t believe that I’ve got this many followers now!!

So to thank all of you for choosing to follow me, I’m going to hold an art raffle!!!!

prizes and places will be listed below, but to sum it up there will be 10 places and 10 winners. 1 like = 1 entry and 1 reblog = 2 entries. Maximum 3 entries per blog and you MUST be following me (plz don’t unfollow right after the raffle either, stick around and find out if you like my stuff. :P

Love you guys soososososo much and thanks again for following me!!!

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daestopiaa  asked:

Heyy, I think I sent you an ask before, but I'm not sure if I made that public. I'm new here, just started my tumblr blog today. I LOVE YOUR BLOG and was hoping you could recommend some more b.a.p blogs to me. I'm a rose era baby, dae biased! I'm v excited for my tumblr experience goshh sorry if I seem awkward

HEY NEW FRIEND!!!! Yes I got the other message but it’s all gucci my love. Thank you so much for liking my blog ;;; I put way too much effort into it sometimes and it makes me really happy that people like it D: ANYWAYS B.A.P blogs you’re looking for!?!?!? well you came to the semi right place since I only follow B.A.P blogs lol ANYWAYS 

@kitty-dae @bap-time @matoki-project @daehyuns-uneven-buttcheeks @daehyunprotectionsquad @daehyuns-beautiful-golden-skin @hana-bunny @7n13bang @diamond4yamv @itsbap @bapquality @bapofficial @thediebutterfly @junhongiee @bangxster @daehyuns-noona @imstillstrongasbap @best-absolute-pabos @eotteokhaji-s @seren4moonjongup @siriuslyjongup @shut-thejongup @shut-the-jongup @himdaes @him-up @himchaans @himchaned @himchansflowerpants @y-ngguk @feelsogukk @yongguk-hell-chyeah @aegyo-chan @youngjaaes @younqjaesthetic @brainboxy @brainboxercheetos @jonqups @jongupssi @jongupism @daematos @daebonair @allbap @brbap @cheeji-cake @cheeji-burger @jion-a @bored-wayward-dragon  @dreamgukkie @dreamermoonchan @jacksons-voice @bangyxnggxk  @the-king-is-back @thisisourkingdom @acuteproficiency @soooldout @bapsujusechskies @faeriedustunicorn @b-124a-p-224 @b-ap @zelosexual @zelo @fluffyjae @fluffyzelo @mato-world @bbangception @daefsoul @daefluffs @bangdaeforlife @ab1004 @7tobap6

and for just strict like 100% B.A.P solid content I recommend following the nets 

@daenet @bapnet @yjaynet @matoki-network @kimhimnet @mjupnet @zelo-net @yongguk-net @bbangnet  :) 

OH ALSO WElcome to the fandom We’re all really loud and extra and love the boys so much and we’re all super friendly trust, also memes, we’re all memes .-. 


Thank you guys so much. I never thought so many people would love the work I create. Thank you I couldn’t have done it without your help. Especially people like @ironicken@allysaurusmeow , @kevbrinx , @yellowsplodge1 , @mister-penguin , and many more, i couldn’t have made without their help and support. Thank you guys so much and I can’t wait to make more comics for you guys. Also go check out some comics from some of those guys I just mentioned  they’re really good.

100 Follower Giveaway!!!

Well, it looks like I’ve got 100 wonderful followers now who apparently…

  • don’t mind reading my Sherlock headcanons or occasional fanfic/ficlet
  • don’t mind my endless gushing about Benedict and shameless, obsessive reblogging of nearly every photo, gif, video, screencap, fan art, drabble, ficlet, or fic rec list I’ve ever seen of the aforementioned man of perfection (the struggle is real, folks)
  • don’t mind the occasional appreciation for the BAMF cinnamon roll that is Martin Freeman
  • don’t mind my general dorkiness (or at least they hide it well)

So, in keeping with the spirit of my word of the year I am going to give away a little fun something to share some of my JOY with you fellow bloggers who delight me, surprise me, titillate me, and humble me on a daily basis. 

This is not about me getting more followers, in case you were wondering. Just trying to have a bit of fun, especially in this post-S4 world we’re now living in! 

The winner will receive one Sherlock The Mind Palace coloring adventure book by Mike Collins and one set of  Crayola 12 dual-ended colored pencils (with bonus sharpener- omg) with which to decorate your coloring book. I know you’ve been waiting your entire life for a prize such as this. Control yourself if you can.

I guess I should have rules???

  1. One like per person please. A reblog will count, too, but that is up to you if you want to share this post.
  2. It would be nice if you were one of the chosen 100 following me since this is a follower appreciation giveaway, but it’s okay if you’re not. You deserve love too, darn it.  
  3. I’ll use a random number generator on Monday, March 20th to choose the winner, winner, chicken dinner from the list of likes/reblogs.
  4. You must have asks or messages open for me to contact you if you win.
  5. You must be willing to provide me a mailing address so I can send your awesome, amazing, unbelievable prize to you. 
  6. You must be willing to forgive me if I screw up this giveaway since I’ve never done one before and past history has proven repeatedly I am a fantastic mistake-maker. 

Good luck and thanks for listening to my fan-girling since last October. I lurked for 2 years with a blank blog before I had the courage to make this one. I’m having a terrible amount of fun! I hope you are, too. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you  Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you  Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you  Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you  Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you  Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you  Thank you 

That’s about a 100 thank yous, one for each of you. Thank you for being here, Thank you for believing in me and thank you for being the best. 

Would literally not be here without you lol

@dust-bubbles @simfluence @starbrightsims @awkwardnoodlesimmerblog @thepapersim @harrybuts just to name a few, if you don’t follow them already it’s time to click that follow button (If I forgot to @ you plz don’t be mad I wasn’t gonna @ 111 people)



when i started this blog a couple months ago i just thought “ill post some stuff and hope that people follow me” but i never thought i’d get this far! i’ve met so many amazing people in the fandom and i love you all <3 thanks so much to my first followers @foxboy-lucien , @acourtofrosesandbooks, @lxntsov, @bbyshadowbat, and  @a-court-of-illyrian-warriors thank you so much for giving my pretty much empty blog w no followers a chance.

shoutout to all of my incredibly sweet friends (in no particular order ) - @illyricns, @cairstine, @runesandfaes, @iamthebonecarver, @autumn03, @fcyscnd, @feysandfeels, @feysandlover, @mydarlingwhitethorn, @lilyvbriscoe, @iamnesta, @towerofdawn, @cassians-wingspan, @nestarchron i love you guys!

thank you so much for following me!!

(Also s/o to all of my friends in the #tumblrfoodclub)


Congratulations to yatoqmi’s 100+ followers!

This a new blog. I started this blog ever since haijmechan was gone so I had to start from scratch…everything. But with my tumblr friends’ support and staff? I managed to make it a much more better one. So, thanks guys! Appreciate your help! ^.^v   

My lovely mutuals: 
@aizawashoutah @akutagawaas @atsushisnakajima @himiko-toga @itoshikis @kaiyochins @kijoomi @kishitan-iis @kmuiyato @kousseii @krshima @kunikidaz @kyoka-izumi @pamurabudabu @sajou-rihito @sasaeki @sasakishaises @t0ukas @theladystrikesagain @todorokih @v0ngola

I Need Your Help With Campaign Thing

So a friend and I are doing a DnD campaign set in like the 1920s~ and we’re trying to figure out what type of careers/jobs each Class and/or Background would have. There are many possibilities in each. We have a few but not an awful lot. Here is our list:

Barbarian: ?

Bard: Singers, Musicians, Dancers, Actors. Jazz was popular at the time and my character Thia is a Jazz Singer

Clerics: Doctors/Nurses, probably Church people

Druid: ?

Fighter: ? but I know there’s probably a lot

Monk: ?

Paladin: Police?

Ranger: ? but they’d be able to use guns…

Rogue: thieves, ?

Sorcerer: Magician, Mediums (this is what my other character, Enna, is), I’m sure there’s others

Warlock: Medium, probaby Magician too?

Wizard: Magician, probably medium too?


Entertainer: basically almost the same list as Bard…though there’s probably a whole lot more.

I’m not the DM so I can’t give a whole lot of the world information but my friend, who is the DM, likes to ask me for help since he’s kinda new to DMing and I figured there’s probably a lot smarter people in the world of DMing than me who could help in the RPG Family.


Im so glad that the katsudeku au that Ive been posting has made people like this blog!!!!! Im so exited to keep drawing more of this stuff and hope to get ASKs from my new followers!!!!!! THANKS A BUNCH FOR THE SUPPORT!!!!!!

MERCI POUR VOTRE AIDE!!!!! Si l'un de vous veut faire des demandes d'art, demandez-lui! Je suis tellement heureux que mon art de fan de Katsudeku apporte de nouvelles personnes à ce blog! Merci encore de soutenir mon art!!!