I’m making something with a preppy Rapunzel, runaway bride Merida (sort of but not exactly), quarter-life crisis Hiccup, and… Something with Jack. I haven’t really thought this through, so far I just like drawing the clothes uwu

Psssst. It’s an apartment AU


Merthur Party Day 6: Just The Beginning

Merlin thought it was just going to be another day of cooking, cleaning, occasional reading, surviving but not living… the usual.

He thought it was just going to be normal day and why do I even bother when –

Thud-thud-thud on the door. A muffled “MERlin!

Suddenly, he was alive again.

“Ugh MERlin what is this place, it’s a pigsty!”

“Shut up, PRAT. Just– Just let me hold you, please. Properly and no running off this time or I’ll- I’ll–”

“You are such a GIRL, Merlin. But I don’t fancy going anywhere anytime soon, you have my word on that.”