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Check out  what the new The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild series amiibo can do! As  with the 30th Anniversary amiibo series, each amiibo will grant  you items and a treasure chest that will contain a prize!

Additionally, ALL amiibo will grant a random amount of meat or fish and others when used in-game! 

  • When scanned, Archer Link will grant you  randomly selected fish and meat, and you may also receive a useful bow or arrow!
  •  Rider Link will  give you randomly selected mushrooms, a weapon or perhaps an  item for your horses! 
  • Zelda  will call on randomly selected plants or even a shield!
  • The  Guardian amiibo, the first poseable amiibo, will reward you with a metal box including a useful item or maybe even “ancient parts.”  (You’ll have to wait for the game to find  out how to use them!)
  • The  Bokoblin amiibo will give you a variety of meat and maybe his favorite weapon.  

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