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I just love how much the b99 fandom loves Amy Santiago???? Like usually the fun lovable guy and nerdy rule following girl pairing the fandom obviously favors the guy but no one does that with Amy!!! we all love her and think she's the greatest human being ever invented and that's fabulous

honestly amy santiago is one of the greatest characters to exist in any medium ever bc she is the stereotypical nerd u see in all those 90′s high school movies except she has exactly none of those nerdy stereotypes if that makes any sense

like she shamelessly talks about all her dorky high school clubs and her nationally ranked trivia team (TRIVIA NEWTON JOHN ANYONE REMEMBER) and she probably would consider a night jammin’ on her planner in front of a rousing game of jeopardy on tv to be a Lit Friday Night but like. no one seriously makes fun of her for it. like yeah they poke fun at her a lot but no one ever takes it too far, no one ever makes her feel like she should be ashamed of liking all of those things

and like honestly the fact that jake is so endeared by all of it makes it that much better to see bc like omg he loves her so much and i love her so much and everYONE LOVES HER SO MUCH AMY SANTIAGO DESERVES THE WHOLE WORLD

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Is being an emt traumatic? Like one must see so many awful accidents. Do people get flashbacks, nightmares or PTSD? If so how would someone minimalize these?

Hey there nonny! I’m going to talk about EMS in general and then

Yes, EMS workers suffer rather ridiculous rates of PTSD, though it’s worth noting that not all EMS employees have it. PTSD development isn’t my area of expertise – talk to @scriptshrink​ and particularly @scripttraumasurvivors​ about that one. But I’ll share my thoughts and observations from 10 years in the service:

PTSD is a significant issue in EMS. I’m fortunate enough not to have it, but the job scars us all in different ways. Dead kids, horrendous accidents and more. That said, a lot of it is in how you see things. For me, I think what increases my resilience is that I understand that I’m there to help. The awful thing that happened has happened – not my fault. But I can help, or at least try to help, or give someone the dignity of a sheet over their body. It’s an emergency, but it’s not my emergency. And the sense of being able to do something really helps.

PTSD is a problem, but it isn’t as big of an issue as burnout in our community. Compassion fatigue is a real thing. The job can be shockingly abusive to those attempting to work it.

PTSD is real and people get it. EMS has a particularly macho culture, with phrases like “suck it up, buttercup” getting thrown around a LOT. So once someone starts to struggle, they can run into significant problems trying to get support from their group. 

What’s interesting is this: one on one, we do pretty well. My friend Kelly Grayson calls this his Nachos And Beer therapy: take the coworker out, one on one, and talk, and eat nachos, and drink beer, and try to come to terms with what they’ve experienced.

If you want to read some stories from some real-life responders about their experiences and trauma, check out http://codegreencampaign.org/category/stories/ .

Also, if you can, send a little money their way. Code Green Campaign is literally trying to get us to call a metaphorical code on our mental health, because responders commit suicide in pretty drastic numbers.

It’s changing, but the culture around mental illness in EMS has been “repress, repress, it’s for the best.”

That said, my personal mental health issues don’t stem from work so much as they do from my natural disposition: I get depressed easily and often, and I’ve battled suicidal ideation from the time I was 6 years old. EMS isn’t responsible for that. In fact, it’s helped give me a sense of purpose and a sense that I get to do positive things in the world, that my contributions (and therefor my life) matter.

A terrible form of validation, but it helps me.

As for character construction, you’re dealing  with a group of characters that have Seen Some Shit™. Consider some coping mechanisms, like:

  • Swearing loudly and often
  • Very, very, very dark humor. I have been such a filter for you guys, you would not believe.
  • Lots of drinking, dancing, and partying, in order to “feel alive”
  • Talking things out quietly in corners
  • Partners making each other playlists to brighten their days
  • Finding someone outside of work to talk to in order to ground your character

One other note: things seem to actually get slightly better as medics  progress in their careers. That’s not saying us old-timers are jaded fucks (though some are), but rather, we have a different perspective. We see things less personally. We trade the crushing weight of individual tragedies for the crushing weight of The Broken System and our years of  clawing at the walls being unable to change it. As I said, it’s burnout, not PTSD (for a great many of us; your characters’ mileage may vary).

Good luck with your story!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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It’s April 28th 2017

Here’s a good Dan song remix to listen to today: Make It Burn by Master Sword and Em-One

Here’s a good Grumps episode to watch today: Nancy Drew The White Wolf of Icicle Creek: Question Everything - Part 6

Here’s a cool Dan fact for you today: Dan used to own a Geocities website. He doesn’t remember the URL anymore though. 

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I know I'm probably overanalyzing but remember joe tweeted some emojis about the rest of the season one of them was a baby sooo 👀

OKAY I JUST DUG THROUGH 20+ PAGES OF MY SPOILERS TAG AND FOR WHATEVER REASON i cannot find that TWEET so if anyone reading this has it readily on hand i would be eternally grateful if u could add it to this as a reblog

honestly he kept it intentionally vague enough that it could go either way. like that could be a sign that amy gets pregnant before the end of the season or if could have just been a teaser that jake and amy are babysitting at some point it’s!! too ambiguous to really tell for sure!!!

ASASDFASIDUFH honestly if amy’s pregnant i’m going……….to die………….

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Can you write something where jake and Amy go to hook up in the evidence locker or closet or something and end up getting stuck and Amy is like !!!well shit!!! Cause she's claustrophobic

this is approximately .2% of what u asked for and for that i deeply apologize

It had been so far beyond stupid to let him talk her into this. She knew, she knew it would be a bad idea. And on any other day she would have the willpower to tell him no.

But the thing is, it isn’t any other day - it’s today. Today being the first time in over a week she’s properly seen him for longer than two minutes, the first time she’s been able to flash anything more than a tight smile as he passes her a cup of coffee on his way out the door. They’ve both been slammed, both working separate cases demanding odd hours from each of them; hers a kidnapping-turned-prostitution ring, his a massive cocaine bust that resulted in a solid 27 arrests ranging from buyers all the way up to distributors. She’d closed her case in the early hours of the morning, and he’d rolled in with that tell-tale exhausted-but-ecstatic grin on his face just a couple of hours later.

Jake didn’t actually seem all that against filling out the paperwork - a first for him, really, but it didn’t take long for Amy to discover his ulterior motives. It was all she could do to keep her eyes on her computer screen when his gaze was practically smoldering on the side of her face. She let it go on like that for too long, letting the heat build in her cheeks and her heart picking up a rather nervous tattoo, until her phone buzzed on her desk just as Jake pushed back from his. She unlocked the screen as he stood and walked away.

From: Jake <3
Help me w something in the supply closet

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