Lets get real about the plethora of articles abt whether straight women belong in gay bars. First of all, there’s not like..a bouncer outside of every gay bar checking your ID to see if you’re straight or cis and then throwing you to the curb lmao. So if you feel the need to write an article arguing that you belong in a gay bar then you are not arguing for the right to enter a gay bar, to buy drinks there, to go dancing, to watch a drag show. You can do those things without anyone paying you any mind. What you are criticizing isn’t that you face any actual discrimination in LGBT spaces but that these spaces were never built to cater you. The cishet experience is being so used to a world built around you that people who experience homophobia & transphobia building their own spaces feels like a slight. You aren’t entitled to feeling like you belong in a space that was built for us to hide from people like you. Write a new think piece. 

The Witch Speaks

You may have noticed my blog getting rather political lately. I will not apologize for this. I believe that being a witch is political. As a witch, I believe in equality for all. And social justice is my creed. I will continue to be political and post things about racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. If this bothers you unfollow me.